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July 27, 2013 @ 7:11 pm
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Glazer Says Bucs Heading In The Right Direction

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Just before the start of Saturday night's public practice at Raymond James stadium, Bucs co-chairman Bryan Glazer spoke with the media in attendance on the state of the team as the start of the 2013 season gets underway.
Bucs co-chairman Bryan Glazer spoke to the media just before Saturday night’s practice at Raymond James Stadium, addressing a number of subjects including ticket sales, the jobs general manager Mark Dominik and head coach Greg Schiano have done, and the optimism surrounding the 2013 season.

Opening Statement:
“We are very, very excited about the season this year,” Glazer said. “With all the additions to the team, you can see the fans reacting to it.

“I think you see it (excitement) through the whole community. People are very excited about the season and they see the offseason moves we made. And it is reflecting in the ticket sales we are doing. We have ways to go, but it is improving. So we are headed in the right direction.”

Describing why the Buccaneers have been active in free agency over the past two seasons:
“Nothing has changed,” Glazer said. “We have always said we want to build the core of the team through the draft. Then once we have the core, we will spend in free agents to bring us to the next level.

“Obviously we want to win. But there also has to be patience in how you do that. You have to put together the right football team that is going to win year in and year out. Not just win one year then fall back the next year. The team we have this year is built to continue to win for years to come.”

Glazer on the optimism surrounding the team, and if he sees similarities to the 1997 team:
“I think we are heading in the right direction,” Glazer said. “The team is heading in the right direction the community is very enthusiastic, the economy is getting better so everything is coming together at the right time.

“You feel it when are in the locker room and you look around at the players we have today. We have a tremendous core of young, young players. And it is exciting to me to see this. We have an offense that can keep up with anybody in the league. That has not been seen before in Tampa. And also on defense – the players on defense are growing at their positions. We have added great players and we have a very good football team that is headed in the right direction.”

On the job general manager Mark Dominik and Greg Schiano have done:
“It is never easy to make the transition from one team to the next, and Mark (Dominik) has done a very good job,” Glazer said. “One of his greatest strengths is working with our head coach and he works very close with Greg (Schiano) on all the decisions we make. And from moving on from the guys who aren’t “Buccaneer Men” on this football team.”

 Glazer on the acquisition of cornerback Darrelle Revis:
“It was the right place at the right time, Glazer said. “First of all you don’t have the opportunity to get a player that could be the best player of his generation at a position at a young age. But at the same time we had a young team that was ready to fit that position in. If this were three or four years ago, I don’t know if this was the right fit. But now we are ready for a player like Darelle Revis.”

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    I really do like the apparent direction of the team, & looking beyond the expected warts, loved the difference in which the Bucs put forth effort, tackled and scored in 2012. However, Horse raised the hair on the back of my neck when bringing up that increase. I was incensed w/ a 30+ % increase while the Bay area economy was in free-fall. I called the sales guy and got an unapologetic spiel on how the NFL was the hottest thing going..Bla Bla Bla. I didn't cancel my tickets that year, but don't expect me to move on from that. I'm still pissed. I'll now be attending games when I want to, and no longer have to try to sell (or give away) tickets when I can't make games. No more full-price preseason games in a 110 degree bowl. Beginning to crack a smile here. I do hope some of you folks are doing well enough these days to buy tickets and help rid the team of the blackouts though. IMO, this season has real potential and will be very interesting.
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    Mr. Incredible, Owlykat. I stand corrected. We have a great ownership that is providing the best that they can for the fans. I am sure that money has absolutely nothing to do with it. I am sorry that I brought up such a negative thought with the ownership; please forgive me. I shall speak of no such words in the future of our great ownership. They are a wonderful bunch of guys; I am sure that they must have made only a few dollars over these past years. I just don't know how they get by with such few dollars of profit being obtained; the world must be scary out there for them with purchasing the Bucs for a quarter billion and it's only worth a billion now. I am sure it bothers them that the Tampa Bay area doesn't want to pay for a retractable dome stadium for them and why the Tampa Bay area hasn't built them parking garages on the city land must be hurting them financially terribly. Tears of sadness are just rolling down my eyes thinking about how such a bad deal they got in purchasing the Bucs. Poor, poor Glazers; I'll pray for them.
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    Wow, Horse. you need a towel, you're dripping with so much sarcasm. But seriously, I do think the ownership is trying to put a winning product on the field. Even you must admit a winning franchise is worth more than a losing one. So that is a good step for me as a fan. I am not in Tampa, but every team I know of tries to get the taxpayer to pony up for Stadium costs. Just the way it is. Arizona is no different, as are other cities. Doesn't mean you can't voice your displeasure. But I don't think that makes the Glazers any worse than other NFL ownership.
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    I think the Glazers have done their best to make the Bucs winners. The problem is that they do not have an elite QB yet, and it looks like they need Bennett back too. The weak DBs have been replaced by a very strong group, though, and McCoy is picking up where he left off and with Spence we will be tough against the run and I like the addition of Hillis on Offense.
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    I don't know what more anyone wants from ownership at this point. I was as critical of the Glaziers as anyone during that 2007-2011 stretch but that's in the past now and they have seriously stepped up to their fiduciary obligations to the fans to spend money. This is going to be such a fun year. I hope fans come back out to the stadium to support their team. I'll be flying in from Los Angeles with the whole family at least once and maybe twice this season. Bring it Tampa.
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    I agree with the Owners that this team has definitely improved. I still don't feel that the Owners have done enough yet to bring the fans back to the stadium; on the other hand it might just be the sign that depending on sell outs in outdoor stadiums is a thing of the past. The Owners had a good thing going until 2007 when they determined to take more not less from the fans with the economy the way it was going. Just my opinion.
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