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August 8, 2013 @ 11:47 pm
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Most Impressive And Most Disappointing Vs. Ravens

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


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Which players helped their cause with a solid performance on Thursday night? How many may have earned themselves an early exit from training camp? Find out in PewterReport.com's Most Impressive and Most Disappointing weekly from Thursday night.
Most Impressive
The Buccaneers saw some flashes from several players Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens in their preseason opener. Although the final score did not matter, these players who impressed the most could have been key contributors for a victory.

Kicker Derek Dimke
Dimke, who is fighting to become Tampa Bay's replacement to Connor Barth, had a great night Thursday. He went 3-for-3 on field goals — including one in the rain in the second quarter and a 45-yarder in the third quarter — and added an extra point. The former Illinois star has had a decent camp thus far and it showed against the Ravens. 

Cornerback Johnthan Banks
Rookie Johnthan Banks was drafted in April to be a stable in the Buccaneers corner of the defense for the future. Banks showed his flashiness under the lights at Raymond James Stadium. He lead the team in tackles with five, including a text book hit on Baltimore's Bernard Pierce at the Ravens 11-yard line. In the second quarter Banks showed great pursuit on Baltimore quarterback Tyrod Taylor on a design quarterback roll out then two plays later, and he forced a fourth down after he met Ravens receiver Tandon Doss at the point of the pass arriving to break it up.

Running Back Brian Leonard
Not much was known about Brian Leonard when the Bucs signed him on April 1. After one preseason game, it's fair to say Leonard has good instincts. In the first quarter of the contest, on a third-and-7 from their own 36-yard line, Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman connected with wide receiver Kevin Ogletree for a 22-yard pass. But that play happened because Leonard picked up a blitzing Ravens cornerback, allowing Freeman to complete the play. He would follow that up with a 13-yard run and also punch in a three-yard touchdown in the second quarter.

Linebacker Lavonte David
Second-year linebacker Lavonte David picked up right where he left off last season — making tackles for loss. This time, he got into the backfield and sacked Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco for a 10-yard loss. Although he played a short period of time, David registered three tackles and was in the Baltimore backfield on several occasions.

Wide Receiver Kevin Ogletree
It's a logjam at the receiver position with several players fighting for the third wide receiver spot. Who started out his campaign on the right foot was 26-year old Kevin Ogletree. He lead all receivers with eight targets and five receptions. He also lead in receiving yards with 65. Ogletree showed some good quickness off the line and good moves during his routes to beat Ravens cornerbacks.

Most Disappointing
The score ended with Baltimore winning the contest 44-16. That certainly would be disappointing in itself but the preseason is for evaluating and not keeping score. However, the final score was a result of poor play and that will frustrate the coaching staff.

Defensive End Da'Quan Bowers
As in training camp, the Bucs gave a lot of looks to third-year defensive end Da'Quan Bowers at both right and left ends as well as on the interior part of the line. Unfortunately, he was hardly a factor throughout his time on the field. Bowers played the entire first half and registered two tackles, one solo. To his credit, he shed off a double team to make a stop before the half. But aside from that, Bowers never got anything going.

Wide Receiver Chris Owusu
Another guy fighting to get into that third receiver position is Chris Owusu. He did not fare too well on offense nor in special teams. He muffed a punt return which lead to the Ravens recovering it at the Tampa Bay 18-yard line which lead to a Baltimore touchdown. Later he mishandled a kickoff and was targeted seven times, but only catching only two passes.

Safety Keith Tandy
The inexperienced Keith Tandy had some difficulties Thursday night, primarily in the coverage department. Tandy had a ball placed perfectly over him in the middle of the field which he could have broken up if he looked back. He was also called for a 15-yard facemask penalty while a pass was in the air. Tandy also whiffed on a couple tackles, including on Bernard Pierce at the 10-yard line which ended in a touchdown for the Ravens.

Cornerback Rashaan Melvin
One who got good reviews as training camp progressed, had a bad night against the Ravens. The undrafted rookie registered just one tackle — on special teams. He would later get turned around in the end zone by Ravens' LaQuan Williams. Melvin had a tough time covering Baltimore's receivers the entire night.

Defensive Tackle Akeem Spence
There was a lot of optimism surrounding Spence by the coaching staff. That optimism was shot down, at least for one night after Thursday. He recorded one tackle, which was combined and he had several issues against the Baltimore offensive line. Consistently double-teamed, the rookie had issues creating penetration and was constantly pushed back. At times, he was taken out of a play completely.

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    After watching the game here's what stood out to me: - Johnathan Banks is Pro ready, he will be a major factor in our defense this year - Lavonte David is playing faster and more physical than ever, it seems to me that he has gained some strength this offseason- Pro bowl bound - Mike Glennon will be a starting QB in the nfl one day(nice pocket awareness), the only way he beats Freeman out is if we miss the playoffs this year - Our #2 RB is brian leonard without a doubt. He was a BEAST in pass protection and made some crafty plays - Our CB position looks to be more loaded with talent than we thought, L. Johnson + J.Banks + D.Gorrer will provide solid depth behind Revis. They played extremely well against Flacco and the 1st team. - LB Najeh Goode looks like he has come a long way from last year, hes much faster than i remember and looks like he could play a few snaps on Sundays. - LB A. Hayward is a GREAT backup LB, I wish we could find more ways to use him. He had a physical special teams punt tackle and played the read option flawlessly - RT D.Dotson may be better than D.Penn - S Cody Grimm needs to get cut, hes slow weak and does not tackle like he used to - Where was DE D.Bowers? i didnt see him make a play all game - WR K.Ogletree had a nice game in the slot, can he do it consistently? - Our 2nd and 3rd team units did not look impressive whatsoever. - Special teams will be our downfall this year if something doesnt change quickly
  • avatar

    We must remember Clayborn and McCoy didn't play so the attention they garner will definitely free bowers and spence up. I'm not worried at all about the DL bc on e at full strength I think they will be fine.
  • avatar

    Right on the mark, Gil! I could not agree more.
  • avatar

    It's the same concern for me and I know it's only one pre season game, but I am sure now that we still have a DL problem, Why do I say this? Many teams are going to the hurry up offense and are even speeding that up; what happens when we can't get more DL in the rotation on the field? I'm thinking that we might have to keep 9-10 DL for awhile and see who can really play and keep less LB's.
  • avatar

    All you "chicken little" types, there is plenty of room for fans amongst the other 31 teams in the NFL. It was the first preseason game and a bunch of camp meat made bad plays. Get over it! The 2002 Superbowl Bucs lost their 3rd preseason game against the Redskins 40-10. The 3rd game is usually the one with all the starters playing most of the game. What does that say about them? The year after they won the Superbowl they won all their preseason games and went on to a 7-9 record. I guess those guys just sucked, huh. Get real people. IT"S PRESEASON!!!!!!
  • avatar

    Also, how does Gorrer not make the most impressive list? I agree with Surferdudes that Wannstedt (sp?) should have been on the most disappointing list. It's too early to say whether he is a good ST coach or not, but for this game his units were horrible. Dimke saved his @$$ on a kickoff coverage, his punt returner muffed a punt and his punt protection was overrun. Finally, on Bowers I said before the game I wasn't expecting much out of the pass rush against the Super Bowl champs O-line. So far Bowers has replaced Bennett adequately...Bennett didn't get any sacks last preseason either. Bowers will be fine, he will generate at least 9.5 sacks this year.
  • avatar

    I agree with you on Gorrer. Debated on whether to include him on the list but, aside from his interception, Banks had a slight edge on the impact meter. But Gorrer definitely impressed in a way.
  • avatar

    Dimmmkeee! How 'bout my dawg with the TD saving tackle? That along with making all three of his field goals (one in the rain) should win him the kicking job. His kickoffs were really good also. I say we let him attempt an onside kick and see how he does with that.
  • avatar

    I think Spence did well giving his first NFL game. He's not there to mKe a ton of tackles he's there to eat up 2 blockers. As far as Tandy goes he had a bad game but to call for him to be cut is stupid. He proved his worth last preseason and has had a soild camp.
  • avatar

    Surfdudes, I agree. A dule threat QB would have been nice to draft. Speaking of which, Josh Johnson had a great game last night. He went 9-16 for 100yds and a TD. He also had 4 rushes for 64yds in limited play.
  • avatar

    Also put coaching on the disappointing list. What was Schiano thinking having Glennon dropping back in his own territory on third and long with time running out in the half? Did he think he'd throw an 80 yd T.D. pass? Instead he was sacked, which led to the blocked punt, and T.D.. Clock management was a problem for the rookie coach last year, looks like he hasn't learned from his past mistakes.
  • avatar

    If we're gonna give bums off the street a chance to play why not let the local kid Robert Marve have a shot instead of this bum Weber...guy has no business on an NFL field.
  • avatar

    Haven't watched the game yet, did listen on the radio. Seems like none of our D ends did anything in this game. Maybe we should 've brought in a vet like Osi in the off season. Did not hear Bowers, Means, or Gholsons name called out for a sack all night, and Clayborn is nursing another injury. Wannstat might be a great coach, but his unit lead to our demise last night. Tampa likes tall pocket passers, but the league is going the way of passers who can also run. Taylor killed us with his mobility last night. Watched some 49ers game last night, and Kapernick turned what would've been sacks into positive plays. I'm not down on Glennon, but wished the Bucs would've drafted a duel threat Q.B.. Everyone got a chance last night, let's use the rest of the preseason to hone the guys who will be making this team.
  • avatar

    Tandy and Grimm should have followed Lewis out the door at One Buc Place!!! And they need to cut #80 and #2!! I mean, he throw the ball right to that Ravens LB and there wasn't a Bucs player within 5 yards when he threw the ball!!!
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