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August 10, 2013 @ 4:37 pm
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Inside Bucs Training Camp 8-10

Written by Eric
Eric Dellaratta


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Bucs took the field on Saturday morning for their first practice since Thursday night's loss to the Ravens? What defensive lineman did his best J.J. Watt impression? How did the offensive and defensive lines look in one-on-one battles? Get these answers and more with the daily Inside Training Camp feature.
Very few clouds covered the fields at One Buc Place on Saturday, making on-field temperatures significantly warmer than usual, around 90 degrees. The team took to the practice fields for their last public practice at 10:10 a.m.

As usual, Tampa Bay opened up practice with some stretching and warm-ups before heading into a special teams and field goal session.

Kicker Derek Dimke attempted four field goals to start off the special teams session and nailed three of the kicks on the skinny field goal posts. Dimke’s final kick nicked left upright on its way through the posts.

Receiver Eric Page bobbled a punt at the beginning of practice, much to the chagrin of some fans in the audience.

The punters had a better day of practice on Saturday. Chas Henry and Michael Koenen only had a few errant kicks the whole practice.

The team broke up into position groups to run some individual drills following the special teams session.

Page continued his lackluster practice with a dropped pass during a route-running drill. The ball clanked off the former Toledo Rocket’s hands on a comeback route on the right sideline.

While the rest of the team worked on near field, the offensive and defensive lineman headed to the far field for a one-on-one pass-rushing session. Donald Penn caught Da’Quan Bowers out of position on an attempted edge-rush by the former Clemson Tiger. Bowers tried to run the arc right past the big offensive tackle, but Penn got his hands inside his pads and drove him to the ground, eliminating him from the play.

William Gholston used a wonderful swim move to disengage from right tackle Demar Dotson. The right tackle got a good initial punch, but Gholston used his hands well and got enough separation to execute a swim move on the big tackle.

A defensive lineman with one of the best motors on the squad is defensive end Markus White, who had a nice session of one-on-ones on Saturday. White worked his way around backup left tackle Jamon Meredith by using his always active hands and violent punch. He’s made a good impression this training camp.

Rookie Akeem Spence got excellent push on a rep against center Jeremy Zuttah. The fourth-round pick drove back Zuttah about three yards into the face of the simulated quarterback. When Spence is able to get leverage, he is a very difficult man to stop because of his excellent strength.

The team joined forces again on the near field to begin their first 11-on-11 session of the day.

Donald Penn’s nice practice continued with a pancake block on defensive end Adrian Clayborn on an early rep. Penn was fired up and gave Clayborn a stare down after the play concluded.

Vincent Jackson burned Rashaan Melvin on a straight go route on the right sideline. The pass was beautifully thrown by Josh Freeman, allowing Jackson to make an easy catch with no contention.

Rookie Mike Glennon made numerous impressive throws on Saturday, including a 30-yard strike to Tiquan Underwood, who was running a deep in on the play. Glennon later hit Underwood again on a deep flag route for a big gain for the offense.

The best play of the day came when rookie defensive end Steven Means picked off a pass thrown by Josh Freeman at the line of scrimmage. Means was engaged to a blocker but broke free, jumped into the air, and pulled down the ball with two hands. The play looked very similar to what J.J. Watt did in the 2011 AFC Wildcard game against the Bengals.

The team then headed over to the 20-yard line to begin some work in the redzone. Gerald McCoy got into the backfield and would have sacked Josh Freeman on a rep early on in the session. McCoy has had a dominant training camp and is poised for a monster 2013 season.

Dan Orlovsky might be a third-string quarterback, but he is still making an impact on the Buccaneers starting unit. The veteran was seen coaching up wide receiver Kevin Ogletree on route-running, following an incompletion during the red zone session.

The defensive made a big play near the end of the session when Cody Grimm picked off a Josh Freeman pass in the endzone. Safety Dashon Goldson made a great play to tip the ball in the air and Grimm was in the right place at the right time to make the interception.

Mike Glennon rifled in a touchdown pass to Tiquan Underwood for a touchdown in the back of the endzone. The two were definitely on the same page on Saturday, making numerous big connections.

A sack was recorded by linebacker Lavonte David, who came unblocked on a blitz from his outside linebacker position. Josh Freeman was the quarterback on that particular rep.

The last session of the day was the usual 11-on-11 two-minute drill, where the team tests out their skills in different game-like situations.
Leonard Johnson made a wonderful leaping play to knock away a pass from Vincent Jackson. The Josh Freeman pass was thrown to Jackson’s back shoulder, but Johnson flipped his head around in time to break up the pass. Another pass breakup was recorded when former West Virginia defensive back Keith Tandy slapped a ball away intended for tight end Tim Wright. The poorly thrown Mike Glennon pass was thrown behind the receiver, allowing Tandy to make the play.

The last notable play from Saturday’s practice came when veteran cornerback Mike Adams dropped an easy interception at the end of the session. Glennon made a poor decision and threw the ball directly at Adams, who was not expecting the pass to come in so quickly.

Josh Freeman went 6-for-16, after compiling his numbers from all of the teams 11-on-11 sessions on Saturday.

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    On Freeman: folks first off, stop comparing Josh to Brady...he's not Brady, and he doesn't need to be Brady to win us a championship (Flacco won last year when he finally was able to knock the INTs out of his game 11tds, 0 INTs in the playoffs - Free's game and Flacco's game have been similar outside of Flacco's playoff run last year...Free just needs to follow that example...not turn into Tom Brady). Second, Freeman was miles ahead of Glennon against the Ravens - Freeman had poise, made a variety of throws, and put the ball in spots where only his WRs could get it....that all equalled one out of two nice drives, no INTs...very Flacco-esque. Glennon was all over the map...he is years off still (if he'll ever have it)....there is no controversary in Tampa. Third, Freeman was 6 of 16 in practice - who cares...I too heard that Brady didn't have an incompletion in practice the other day...but how many of you recall his perforamnce against our very Bucs in last year's preseason game....down right awful....and it wasn't because our secondary and pass rush last year were so good...the point is this is preseason and practice...as long as Freeman is working out his kinks and doing what the coaches ask in practice, then it counts when the lights go on....Go BUCS!
  • avatar

    Watching NFL network the other day at Pat's camp. The reporter said it didn't matter who the receivers were the ball never hit the ground. Brady is so accurate. Then I watched the game against Philly, wow he hit every target putting the ball on guys in a way they had to catch it. That'll never be Freeman. Our best hope for him is maybe 58 percent completions, and please just make enough plays to win.
  • avatar

    You people do understand that incompletions beat interceptions right. If you haven't noticed our secondary is much better than it has been in years. Sometimes throwing the ball away is a good play.
  • avatar

    Josh was 6 of 16 and Revis wasn't even on the field. 'And this was only practice! At this point it is also easy to see why the Bucs are trying Teo on the left side. Bowers has been enept so far and if he doesn't snap out of it, when the real games start Teo will be your left DE. Gholston is getting better too. Finally Means has done something by knocking down a pass. He needs to be turning it on. White sounds good, too, so Bowers may not make this team at the rate he is going. You know the frustrating thing about Underwood is he sounds good in practice, but under the lights, Ogletree outshines him big time. Then Underwood may still use his speed to get open but drops the ball even when Josh gets streaky hot and hits him right in the hands, which is rare, and he drops it! I can't see either Glennon or Freeman trusting Tiquan in a game, no matter how good he practices.
  • avatar

    I agree with Caradoc and Ladyfan...my first thought when I read 6 out of 16 was "dam, you play against this defense almost every day and all you can manage is 6 out of 16??? (wonder when the last time was that Tom Brady put up those kind of numbers for one day of camp) And of course this is reading too much into it but Glennon's first pass as a pro went for 61 yards...And he seemed to keep pace with the speed of the game quite well from the get go, which I hope bodes well for his future...if Glennon becomes consistent as in consistently making good throws and decisions...you can hang it up mr. consistently inconsistent josh freeman....and I want freeman to succeed..but 6 out of 16 on the day??? C'mon Free...what's tht about...really??
  • avatar

    I would play the starters for at least a half in this next game. You can't work the cobb webs out on the practice field.
  • avatar

    6 of 16 passes? Oy veh. Josh is giving me migraines....
  • avatar

    I think this secondary is giving the offense fits. Good.
  • avatar

    It sounds from the earlier report like Lorig and Stocker practiced today. How did they look?
  • avatar

    Freeman seems to need a LOT of work. Maybe he should play the whole next game as he does not look like he has improved much from last year.
  • avatar

    I hope Markus White show something in a pre season game because the Bucs need a DE that is violent like Clayborn opposite of him. Bowers seems like a rotational 3rd down pass rushing DT. I still don't like the WR situation but Hagan is going to probably pull away if he can be more consistent in pre season games given his experience.
  • avatar

    A little live action seems to have benefited Glennon. Hopefully he continues to build on it.
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