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August 11, 2013 @ 1:50 am
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Johnson Calls Out Jackson To Be "That Guy"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Former Bucs receiver Keyshawn Johnson was in Tampa Saturday to film a segment for ESPN on new Bucs cornerback Darrelle Revis, and stopped by the media center to briefly chat with the writers. During the course of the conversation, Johnson shared some candid thoughts on wide receiver Vincent Jackson.
Hang out in the media center at One Buccaneer Place long enough and you never know who will walk through the door to chat with the local writers and newscasters.

Just this year Warren Sapp and Ronde Barber have both had impromptu sit down sessions with the media, talking candidly and freely about the state of the Bucs and other subjects.

On Saturday it was former Bucs wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson’s turn to share a few minutes of his thoughts.

Johnson has never been one to hold an opinion in – just ask Jon Gruden – and on Saturday, No. 19 was his usual brash and unfiltered self.

Johnson, who was in town to film a segment for ESPN on new Bucs cornerback Darrelle Revis, immediately raised eyebrows with his comments about wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

"As a player, I think he’s okay, I think he’s done a good job (and) I think he’s gotten the most out of his talent,” Johnson said as reported by Jenna Laine on sportstalkflorida.com. “I know he puts up good numbers and he’s averaging 19 yards a catch, but with a minute and thirty seconds to go, down by five (points), ‘I want you to take that shot, I need you to take that shot.’ If he can do that, then to me, (then) that’s when you become ‘that guy.’

“I don’t give a (expletive) about how many catches you’ve got, how many yards you’ve got. But when we’re down by five, I need to feed you. I need you to deliver. That’s what you need to be able to do. I need you to be that Andre Johnson when you cross into the end zone, there’s five seconds left on the clock.”

“It’s like when I played,” Johnson continued. “You know I was getting the ball, but when the (expletive) hit the fan, you knew I was getting it and you still couldn’t [stop it]. I think he has the size, (and) he has the ability. He’s not a guy who talks – that’s not his style – and if he could just take that shot, then it pushes him to that next phase of the game.”

Johnson was asked about Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman and if the franchise record-setter was the answer in Tampa Bay.

“He has to be,” Johnson said. “Who else are you going to get? Is he better than Teddy Bridgewater, right now? Is he better than Aaron Murray?  So when you start to look at that, is he better than the guy they drafted from NC State [Mike Glennon]? Probably so.”

Johnson also offered some advice to Freeman.

“He needs to put the screws to the Bucs, which means, ‘I’m going to throw for 5,000 yards, I’m going to get us to the playoffs, and now I’m going do what I need to do,” Johnson said. “It’s a good problem to have.

“You have no worries. Don’t panic; don’t think about injury. Just go out there, sprinkle a little bit out there, now put the screws to them. You see what I’m saying? Back them up into the corner, because he has the ability.”

Finally Johnson shared his thoughts on the reason he was in Tampa to begin with – Darrelle Revis.

“The secondary will probably be top three secondary in the whole league,” Johnson said. “If Darrelle (Revis) is on the field and he’s healthy. It’s a huge change from last year. They can probably play a little more man-to-man and feel good about it.”

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    Hell, I think who we got in a trade to get rid of him (Joey Galloway) was even better than KeyYawn!!
  • avatar

    Typical MeShawn self promotion. His over-hype machine is working as hard as ever. Always had the big mouth and couldn't back it up. I'm convinced he thinks he's a HOFer. He doesn't compare to V-Jax, who works hard, is a team leader, and produces - things MeShawn could only dream to have done. I wish Hardy would have been on the team then, I think he would have turn down MeShawn's volume from a 10 to a 4. Big thank you to Jon Gruden for ending this cancer to our team!
  • avatar

    Who the H@#$ is Key to call out VJ. He should keep picking on someone he can handle like The Beebs.
  • avatar

    I can't wait for week one vs the ny JETS.I hope its 24-0 in favor of the bucs. why not! Tampa has paid its due, what have the JETS done lately! GO BUCS
  • avatar

    Meshawn has zero credibility. He was cut midseason for being a cancer on the team. Now he gives advice? Please.
  • avatar

    V-Jax=class act and leader. KJ=egocentric D-bag. Think most can agree KJ is a hater. Unreal but would expect nothing less from KJ.
  • avatar

  • avatar

    Just curious.... when Meshawn was here, wasn't McCardell the go to receiver? every time a "big" td was needed, it seemed like McCardell and Jurevicius were the targets
  • avatar

    Boy do I hate me some Keyshawn Johnson. Where do I start with this one. I'll try and make this quick. In V. Jackson's only year with the team he did EXACTLY what Keyshawn said he hasn't done: Be "that guy" in the final seconds of the game in the endzone. The game I'm referring to is when the Bucs beat the Panthers in Carolina when Freeman hit V. Jackson in the back of the end zone through a very tight window. It took mental toughness on the part of Jackson and Freeman and that along with the rest of the plays Jackson made last year is what makes him a #1 WR. Keyshawn probably never saw that game or if he did, he's choosing to ignore it to make his own point...like all morons do who make debating things so frustrating.
  • avatar

    Key said that V-Jax is a good receiver but lacks that tough catch or big moment that elevates him to the next level and thats true. V-Jax may need this nudge to take his game to the next level and ultimately the Bucs. All of the elite receivers put their stamp on games and V-Jax doesnt always have that impact. Like or dislike Key but he's a champion and was the key acquisition on the offense that got us over the hump so he understands what it takes. A pissed off Vincent Jackson isn't necessarily a problem in my book, prove him wrong then! Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Stlbucsfan, Keyshawn didn't put us over the top. We acquired him before we ever won the Super Bowl. What got us over the hump offensively was getting J. Jurevicious (sp?) and K. McCardell.
  • avatar

    Keyshawn was the best receiver on that team by far. I think McCardell was a hell of a number 2 option and Joe was definitely a solid 3 but Keyshawn's presence helped free them up. Neither of those players were capable of being Thee Guy if they were called on as a number 1 for a full season.
  • avatar

    Not true Stlbucsfan. In the 2003 season McCardell was the #1 WR and put up nearly 1200 receiving yards and 8 TD's. We were a top 10 ranked offense that year and that was the same year Keyshawn was dogging it during the game, dropping easy completions and was eventually benched mid-season.
  • avatar

    Keenanl played 16 seasons compared to Keys 11 and they have virtually identical stats with McCardell having the slight in edge in recepstions/yards but Keyshawn having more TDs. That fact alone makes the case the Key was the better player. Now you can have a preference which nobody can debate but the numbers support Key being the better player.
  • avatar

    Jackson is 10 times "that guy" than Keyshawn ever was...
  • avatar

    Johnson was and still is all mouth. I'll take VJ over Johnson any day of the week. ESPN needs to check out thier analyst as having Johnson and Dilfer on the staff does not make them a very creditable sports network.
  • avatar

    Hey, thanks Key. I know that I give 2 (expletive) about your opinion. So just to clarify, he wasn't sat on the bench or dismissed from the team. Well, that's just great. Sure hope you keep your job as an analyst. It really helps me change the channel.
  • avatar

    Are you kidding me? Really? KJ comes here to talk about Revis, and spends most of his time trying to paint a picture for everyone to see why he WAS a better WR than VJax is, I mean the unbelievable ego and audacity of this guy! The minute the Bucs sign a thoroughbred wide receiver, who not only produces, but produces big-time, must really eat away at him like snake venom! One of the many differences is VJax plays like he's been there before, just another day at the office, meanwhile the ever (attention baiting ) Keyshawn Johnson would make a 10 to 15yrd pass (tops), and immediately get tackled to the ground, by a much smaller DB, would then pop up like he just scored a TD and make that first down chop in a way only HE could do, give-me-a-break! For the record, we are downright blessed to have a WR like Vjax, who not only is able to get past all the double teams, but always fought for the ball and would refuse to get tackled without the DB getting some kind of help, People-Vjax IS a bomb maker, KJ only caught one here in Tampa, ONE-and it was because the db slipped and fell, and even then, I think #19 pulled a "Rod Tidwell" 10 minute celebration afterward, yaaawwn! Vjax is simply a class act through and through, he devotes much of his time and money during and after the season to our military veterans, Keyshawn rarely was even IN Tampa, it just wasn't big enough for likes of the great Keyshawn Johnson like LA was, I mean what a pompous *censored* this guy was and still is! As for Vincent Jackson, thank you my man...for signing to play in Tampa, where we all LOVE you like no other receiver we've ever had, and pay that hasbeen/neverwas- POS MeShawn no mind, he obviously is extremely envious of everything you do and represent!
  • avatar

    I have seen V-Jax make all kinds of catches in clutch situations. He is "that guy" already and catches almost everything thrown his way. He fights for balls and has not problem getting hit. I don't know wht KJ is talking about. But V-Jax can't make Freeman throw the ball to him. Screaming and yelling is not his style and he is a consummate team player. He has to be himself not who KJ says he has to be. Freeman has all the tools to be the QB the BUCS need and more. The irony is, this year when everyone is screaming "He needs to step up his game," there will be less pressure on him to take over games because the team will be better. Freeman will be fine. Is there room for improvement? CERTAINLY! I don't mind KJ's comments. Consider the source. I like what he said about Revis and the DEF. I think he is right on. I hope the the offense does not go into a shell because they are relying so much on the DEF. Keep moving the chains, keep scoring points, even when you have the lead. A good DEF should give the offense confidence to use all the plays in the playbook and not go into hibernation with the lead.
  • avatar

    I didn't read the article...don't give a flying' bisquit what Meshon has to say!!!
  • avatar

    Yeah, you were "that guy". Catch 106 balls and only 1 TD in 2001! Catch a pass for a 1st down, fall down, and give the 1st down signal. Throw a jump ball to you in the end zone and you didn't fight for it! Big time receivers like Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Chris Carter, Tim Brown etc... came down with those. Hell, Mike Williams probably has made more circus catches in his 3yrs than you did in your 11yr career. The one thing that I'll give you is that you were a great blocking receiver, but only at best an above average receiver.
  • avatar

    Jackson is a consummate team guy. With Key, it was all about me. Great player, but ever the blowhard. Freeman needs to put the screws to the Bucs? Ha! That's a good one right there.
  • avatar

    owlykat, enough with this Tebo garbage. Do you really think he is an NFL quarterback? Cuz he's not. That experiment has tried and failed several times over. I'm not totally stoked on what I've seen out of Freeman yet, but let's be honest, it's only been 2 drives, and it was the PRESEASON! Practices go both ways, he's had some that were great, and some not so great. Can we please stop with the clamoring for Tim Tebow though. He is not the answer. Do you want to spend an entire season regressing? This isn't college, this isn't the Gators. This is the NFL, where Tim Tebow is not a quality quarterback. Did you see how awful his attempts were in his first preseason game? Why no judgement on him? Freeman needs to go out with some fire and do what everyone knows he is capable of, win football games.
  • avatar

    Meshawn is a lot like A-rod, they are both good at not going away. He's another reason why I don't watch the four-letter network.
  • avatar

    Jackson was and is "already that guy". Jackson is a team player; Johnson was a me player. The only thing the two have in common is that their last name starts with a "J". Johnson cost us two No. 1 draft picks and Jackson cost us no draft picks.
  • avatar

    This dude holds himself in high rearguards doesn't he? He wasn't even the Bucs WR when he was here it was Keenan !
  • avatar

    definition for rearguard (troops protecting rear: a portion of a military force on the move that is responsible for protecting against an attack from the rear) doesn't seem to fit here.
  • avatar

    I definitely am not a Johnson fan but his comments do make a lot of sense this time comparing Josh to the QB prospects in college. However there are experienced Pro QBs sitting on the Bench with better production than Josh. We didn't get to the Superbowl with a college QB we drafted. Tebo has better production and the backup QB for Baltimore looked tons better than any QB on our roster.
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