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August 12, 2013 @ 12:47 pm
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Inside Bucs Training Camp 8-12

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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On Monday, as they prepare for two days of workouts with the Patriots in New England, the Buccaneers took to the practice field in just shells. Who is leading the punt returner race? What defensive player continued to struggle on Monday? Get all the answers to these questions and more in this daily PewterReport.com feature.
The Buccaneers walked out onto the practice fields under bright blue skies and barely a hint of a breeze Monday morning for what will be one of the last training camp practices. The team normally goes to their season practice schedule following the second preseason game, which will take place Friday night in Foxboro against the New England Patriots.

The closed to the public practice began as all 13 have previously, with individual small groups before stretch period. Next came the special teams period with punt return, kickoff, punt team and field goal.

Eric Page was primary punt returner on Monday, with Michael Smith handling kickoffs. Head coach Greg Schiano talked about the muddied kick return duties and how things are looking presently.

“I'm not sure it is cleared up yet,” Schiano said. “Eric page is probably the leader right now but we’ll see. Smith did some good things and we know Owusu put it on the ground but that doesn't mean it's the end of the road either. We've all had our missteps so we'll just keep working through it, see where it ends. Now, that's the punt. The kick, really, I have a lot of guys out there that can do the kick job. And I don't mean to minimize the job but it comes down end over end. The other one, it's a spiral sometimes, it’s a knuckleball sometimes, it flip sand flops over, so. The kick returner, we’ll figure that out. It's the punt returner that gets my antennae up.”

Derek Dimke once again handled all the kicking duties as Lawrence Tynes continues to recover from a toe injury. Dimke has kicked well as of late, after a shaky start early in camp, and is poised to save the Buccaneers $800,000 by winning the job, unless Tynes can recover and get back on the field soon.

While warming up with the receivers, Mike Williams dropped a pass on an out route to the right sideline. Williams had several drops on Monday, but as always still came up with some acrobatic catches despite struggling with the easy throws somewhat.

While special teams were taking place, receivers Williams and Vincent Jackson along with receivers coach John Garrett worked in the northwest end zone. The group spent nearly every training camp practice getting in extra work during special teams time.

Garrett and an assistant would throw balls to the two receivers standing about 12 feet away some high, low, and off target. Garret would shout instructions and encouragement along way and at one point today, after a drop by Williams, Garrett reminded Williams, “It’s the last six inches! Concentrate!

During the early offense vs. defensive period, offensive guard Adam Smith was flagged for a false start early on in the session. On the very next play, the Buccaneers offense was flagged again for an illegal formation.

Star cornerback Darrelle Revis finally got some legitimate action when he took to the field for a redzone 7-on-7 session. It was obvious that Revis wasn’t going his hardest, but it was the fastest speed that he has run so far this training camp. Revis was beat for a touchdown by Vincent Jackson on a post route on a rep early on in the session. Jackson hauled in the very high Josh Freeman throw with ease and with little contention from Revis. Outside of that play, Revis didn’t have any other notable plays on Monday. Nonetheless, seeing Revis progressing should be an encouraging sign for Bucs fans and the organization.

 Schiano talked about Revis and the work he was able to get in on Monday.

"That’s good for him, you know, we plan on doing that just to get a little taste of it because he feels he can do it,” Schiano said. “We did it done there in the red area so it’s no 60-yard sprints or anything. So we’re just going to keep building, we’re not going to do anything against New England; he’ll work on the side like we’ve been doing, and then we’ll just keep going.”
While the rest of the team ran 7-on-7 sessions, the offensive and defensive lineman went to the far field to work on their stunts and assignments under the supervision of coaches Bob Bostad, Randy Melvin, and Bryan Cox.

Defensive end Da’Quan Bowers seemed to have a really hard time understanding and executing his assignments.

“We have to go upfield,” yelled a coach.

Bowers struggled to understand a concept being taught during this drill, frustrating teammate Adrian Clayborn.

“Come on man,” said Clayborn.

The former Clemson defensive end still couldn’t execute what the coaches were asking of him and a coach made another remark.

“Still too slow,” said the coach.

The first team unit spent a substantial amount of time working on their stunts and assignments, and it seemed like the player holding them back was Bowers. The coaching staff had something to say to him after nearly every rep.

Clayborn jumped offsides on a later rep, earning himself a gasser from one sideline to the other and back. Bowers also had to run later on in the session.

Defensive end Steven Means showed some nice quickness and acceleration on a rep and was praised by an assistant coach.

“That’s the take off I’m looking for,” exclaimed Bryan Cox.

PewterReport.com noticed that Bowers was primarily working with the second team unit on Monday, replaced in the starting lineup by Daniel T’eo-Nesheim at left defensive end.

The team got together for a brief 11-on-11 session with the first and second team going against each other. Cornerback Johnthan Banks broke up a pass intended for Jackson, who was running an in route on the play. The Josh Freeman pass hit Jackson right on the hands, but Banks made a nice play to knock the ball out.

Freeman threw a touchdown strike to Jackson on a post route from about 15 yards away from the endzone. The ball was perfectly placed by Freeman and left no availability for the defender to make a play.

Cornerback Deveron Carr was flagged for a pass interference call on a play targeting David Douglas on a deep route.

Adrian Clayborn had to ease up on Freeman during an early play during the two-minute drill. The third-year defensive end would have recorded a huge sack after getting into the backfield unblocked on a stunt.

Josh Freeman had some issues with overthrowing balls during this session. One of the passes looked like he was trying to get rid of the ball, but the other was a poor pass over the head of his receiver on the sideline. He went 4-for-7 on the drive.

A big catch was made by Jackson over the middle on a throw from Freeman with time expiring. The team ran up to spike the ball and got it off with just three seconds left.

Dimke came onto the field to attempt the game-winning field goal from about 40 yards away and drilled the kick on the skinny field goal posts.

On the first play for the second-team during the two-minute drills, linebacker Jonathan Casillas made a wonderful interception on quarterback Mike Glennon, who never saw the linebacker drop into zone coverage. Glennon was also sacked on the last play of Monday’s practice.

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  • avatar

    Owlycat, I always considered you a solid poster but this constant refrain about trading for Tebow has me wondering. One conclusion I have come to is that your general football knowledge is pretty solid but your understanding of QB play must be at the little league level. I was also a Tebow fan when he was in college but doubted he could be an NFL QB, however, I warned everybody not to doubt his determination. Now, however, he has shown he cannot play QB at the NFL level although he STILL has a chance to be a valuable player at another position.
  • avatar

    What, Freeman overthrowing an open receiver once again? No wonder Garret had Jackson and Williams practicing catching poorly thrown balls. That is a necessity with Josh, and if both were not acrobatic receivers, Josh would have had a much worse record last year! Can you just imagine what production and record we could have had last year with a consistently accurate passer! So great to hear Clayborn got back on the field this practice. If Bowers had just half as much heart and desire as Clayborn, he would already be a Buc Superstar DE, but it was Bennet who had those qualities and we foolishly let him go. Bowers showed great disrespect for Dom's trust in him by showing up overweight and slow and out of shape, but the biggest problem is mental. He displays the mediocre lack of urgency and desire just like what has shattered the career of Lewis, who just like Bowers, has the physique and potential that Bowers has. You will remember I said long ago that Teo was developing along the same track as Bennet, so it is doggone fortunate we did not cut him too at the same time we pulled the rug right out from under Bennet after all his heroic efforts last year and leading the Bucs in sacks. If Teo can get 9 sacks this year and Clayborn goes double digits and our DL gets more this year and David and the SLB get record numbers of sacks on blitzes, our Defense can still be awesome this year, even if Bowers is cut like Lewis, but that is a bunch of if's.
  • avatar

    Well FINALLY Josh made a great throw. If he can do that consistently that would be great news! I am not surprised to hear that Stocker was with the ones only briefly and then Crabtree was in his place. Shiano needs to ask his Buddy coaching New England, who likes to stock DEs in case any more are charged with murder, would be willing to trade a fourth or even a fifth round pick for Stocker's great potential. He is as bad a bust as Lewis to us. We need to unload him now so a TE with real potential can make the Bucs. However I must applaud New England for having the brilliance to pick up Tebo to compete for a QB position and will even create new plays for Tebo. Now if we could just trade Stocker for Tebo we would be on track for the Super Bowl because other than QB we have the talent, though we may have to ditch our DE line coach to develop it at that position!
  • avatar

    Guys not practicing this deep into training camp is not good. Don't mean to be piling on, but if ALL the "starters" do not start in preseason game #3, it's hard to see them in Game 1 being effective. We get off to a slow start and it will be a long season.
  • avatar

    So besides the interception and sack, Glennon did nothing?
  • avatar

    hey macabee: here's some fodder....the Nicks story says he bascially is never going to heal, so the trip to NE to play a few snaps is the least of his problems - for us the issue will be how good is Nicks playing on one good foot for the rest of his Bucs career? As for Joseph - yes rehab for a year - but I wouldn't play a guy coming off a horrific multiple ligament knee injury in the second preseason game either...he's going to take longer to come back but unlike Nicks it does seem he can come back. Bowers....well maybe he'll surprise us all and start playing well...it is only preseason and I've seen many a player stink in the preseason only to turn it on when it counts...let's hope that's Bowers. Now more concerns....Clayborn's groin pull, which was supposed to be a couple of days is now going on a week....I've seen guys with groin pulls that lasted months and kept recurring...DANGER DANGER...and in Gil's article it seems McCoy was a question mark for participation today...DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER...if something happens to him we're really sunk.
  • avatar

    I’m not that concerned about Bowers because I know he has talent. What we have here is young man who is being asked to step up and be the man and he is not in top physical shape to assume the lead role. What we may want to be more concerned about is whether he has the mental make-up to handle the challenge. Remember Bowers was hurt last year and was put on PUP before training camp started. When you’re on PUP the rules are you can‘t practice with the team in camp. When he did come back after the 6 game allowable timeframe, effectively the 8th game given the Bye and practice time before activation, he didn’t play bad. In fact he had 3 sacks but he only played in rotation.This is effectively his first camp under Shiano and he reported in at 288lbs – totally out of pass rush shape. Now he’s got the right guy to get him into playing shape and the apparent strategy is to play him into shape. A few more weeks in the ring of fire splitting time between DT and DE for a whole half, he will be in fighting shape. He will have also shown the grit to run the gauntlet and mentally survive the test. He admits as much in his last presser and holds no malice towards Schiano – a good sign. My opinion, he’ll be okay by the first game and in top form by the Bye.
  • avatar

    Danger! Danger! Will Robinson! Davin Joseph has been in rehab for a year now and can't/isn't making the trip to Boston to practice with the team leave alone play a few snaps as is Carl Nicks. Schiano says he is staying behind to work on strengthening issues and this is according to plan. The plan is making macabee nervous!!
  • avatar

    Hey Horse and anyone else wondering about what Bowers might be wondering: http://www.bucsnation.com/2013/8/10/4608612/steve-white-goes-off-on-buccaneers-defensive-line-stunt Bowers might be behind the 8bal some...but over exotic stunts were a staple of sheridan's play calling last year and when they were finally shelved, we got the most consistent defensive effort of the year albeit the last game of the season....Yoy don't make ur inside DT's run around 3 to 4 guys for a total of 10 to 12 steps when the QB is 3 to 5 steps right in front of you...I also saw sum of this against the Ravens and started rubbing my head....I don't care if the best defensive backs to ever play the game in their prime are in our backfield...when our defensive front is doing a ring around the rosie motion on their way to the qb, you can hang it up...As for Bowers, the kids still got the talent, but probably is feeling a little overwhelmed atm...something a seasoned vet like Mike Bennett could have helped him through and shared in the workload of in his hopefully first full and healthy season...but I guess 5 mil for one year ( what he's making in Seattle) was too steep for Dom....I've said this all along..letting Bennett walk has more potential than any other possibility to come back and bite us big and now it looks like those teeth might have just gotten alittle sharper.
  • avatar

    There was a report that Bowers was out of shape. I don't understand how all the so called experts said that he could have been the # 1 overall pick in the draft had it not been for his knee issue. Lookss like we got another Clemson DE that is just average at best. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  • avatar

    I am concerned about Josh and his 4 and 7 performances. We need him to be 7 and 7 in practice. This is where you build the good habits that turn into consistent play during the game. This 4 and 7 stuff is the old Josh not turning it up until crunch time. Josh, it is always crunch time. You never know which play will win or lost the game. 100% on every play and practice please.
  • avatar

    And how do we know that the incompletions aren't just good plays by the defense? I don't think any QB in the history of the league goes 100% completioes n in training camp. Boy the Glennonettes are really something else. Josh Freeman is the best QB we have had in years and maybe ever.
  • avatar

    Well, this is the first story I've read about Bowers all training camp that worries me. It's one thing to not get much pressure against Penn and Dotson, but is another for it to be the last day of training camp, Bowers has been healthy every day and he either physically or mentally can't execute defensive scheme assignments. Is this just a bad day or has he not been able to get this through OTA's, mini-camp and training camp? Also, we need a lot more information on Nick's toe. Will they give him some type of toe support on game days or will it be a shot? What percentage do they expect him to operate at on game day? Does this mean Dominik is on the phone trying to trade away all our CB's?
  • avatar

    The irony is a player virtually handed his starting job (Bowers) isn't performing up to par yet mor e proven players have competition for their jobs. I hope this is just over analyizing of Bowers but I havent seen many if any good reports. Hopefully Goldston flashes and creates some legit competition for Bowers bc he needs a push.
  • avatar

    Horse, I agree. I'm actually a Bowers fan and am rooting for him. But you are right! Something strange is up with him. He seems to say all the things he's supposed to say. He has all the tools necessary. But the drive to play for Tampa maybe? IDK. Hopefully he gets his act together. We need him to!
  • avatar

    Yes, let's all panic about Bowers due to half a preseason game and a subsequent, reportedly tough, practice. DE's make their $ by making a couple of flash plays a game, and I still believe he has that ability. He is our best hope at making that happen at LDE in '13, so I'm pulling for him. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Just telling myself to remember this is all preseason....Bowers...c'mon man! And now I read that Nicks says his toe injury has not healed and he spends every second compensating for it...how he stands, how we walks, how he plays....ughhhhh. Hey PR how about an update on Nicks, Joseph, Clayborn, Stocker injuries?
  • avatar

    What do you want to know? They all are practicing, some in limited action, but on the field.
  • avatar

    Dimke will be the new kicker. Bowers and T'eo will split time at LDE, T'eo being the starter in short time. Gholston will spell Clayborn at RDE. Nicks will not be you LG all year due to toe injury. He will be spelled and replaced by Carimi-Larsen...and the Bucs will move on from Nicks during or after next season.
  • avatar

    What is really going on with Bowers? Is he deliberately wanting to be traded; maybe to the Redskins? I am starting to get off his train because something is not right with him.
  • avatar

    Bowers. :/
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