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August 13, 2013 @ 9:34 pm
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Revis, Schiano Say Preseason Week 3 Return May Be Too Soon

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


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Many have questioned when All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis will play because of his surgically repaired knee. After Mark Dominik mentioned on Tuesday that Revis could see action next week, Revis and Schiano commented on the report.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't trade for Darrelle Revis to play him in the preseason. The initial thought process on how to handle the All-Pro cornerback was to ease him back into playing shape and have him ready for Week 1 of the regular season against his old team, the New York Jets.

PewterReport.com's Scott Reynolds wrote about the uncertainty surrounding Revis' readiness for the season opener in his most recent Fab 5 column after the four-time Pro Bowler said that the season opener was “too far” down the road to say whether or not he'll be ready. Reynolds emphasizes that Revis' importance for the first game of the season is not as important as having him ready for the other 15 games of 2013. But general manager Mark Dominik may have had other ideas.

Dominik told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio that the Bucs may want to get Revis on the field in Week 3 of preseason. Not Week 3 of the regular season. Next week.

While Dominik seems to be pushing the envelope on getting his newest defensive weapon on to the field as soon as possible, Revis made sure everyone knew that timetable may be too early.

“I’m going to still say it’s too soon,” Revis said. “I’m getting excited as well. I know Mark (Dominik) is and Coach (Greg) Schiano is as well, but it’s a process. It’s day-to-day. I did seven-on-seven (drills) yesterday, and it’s just (taking) precautions, but also just improving and trying to get back out there and be with my teammates.”

Revis has never gone into a season with as many question marks surrounding him as this offseason has brought him in his seven years. After tearing his ACL last September, he knew it would be a long and hard road to recovery. The Bucs training staff and front office has him on a schedule that has seen him progress with no setbacks. But while everything looks promising at the moment, he acknowledges that Dominik's words are based off of his work on the practice field to this point.

“The quotes that Mark (Dominik) said, it’s all predicated on my status every day, just going out here doing one-on-ones off to the side, just getting that pop back in my left leg and driving back to the ball on routes,” Revis said. “I think that’s the key and that’s where we’ve been seeing the improvement.”

Head coach Greg Schiano also touched on the subject Tuesday afternoon, but didn't seem to share Dominik's optimism on Revis playing in the preseason.

“That’s been the same conversation all along and I don’t know if he’s going to get any reps in the preseason,” Schiano said. “I think the reality is he is a veteran guy who knows what he can do – he’s coming off a knee injury, he’s never had that – so if we’re going to err at all, we’re going to err on the side of caution. He’s doing more and more, but you don’t want to put the cart before the horse on that thing. It’s just step by step. I’ve said, he doesn’t need to play in the preseason to play in the opening game, at least in my opinion.”

Both player and coach appear to be on the same page. That's not saying Dominik is being left out of the loop or he has his own plans for Revis, but Dominik's words were the team “may” want to get him out there. Basically implying to get him in a game to get a feel for it again.

However, Revis is a veteran and whether it is a coach, general manager, or an owner, a player knows his body best. He will slowly get more looks on the practice field and be involved in more drills — perhaps even contact drills in the coming weeks. For now, Revis remains hopeful and confident as the season gets closer and feels he'll be ready to go once his name is called.

“Yeah, I think I’ll be fine,” Revis said. “I think at the end of the day, you’ve got to go through the ACL process and the waiting and, ‘Hey, let’s do this; let’s do these drills; let’s do these exercises; let’s be patient; let’s not get on the field yet; let’s get on the field.’ I’ll be fine. Trust me, I’ll be fine.”
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    It seems to me playing Revis in preseason would boost ticket sales and fan morale just seeing our most expensive player out there on the field.
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    Playing Revis/not playing Revis during the Pre-Season is a double-edge sword. Our key aquistion to shore up the secondary does need real time,live reps to shake off the rust and evaluate his progress from ACL surgery is important-however, is it worth re- aggrevating his injury worth it for a pre-season game? He's too valuable of an assest to risk it. Let's take the RG3 approach and not play him at all ! He's a seasoned vet who can take the field week one fully healthy (hopfully) against "Gang Green", the over-exposed Jets and perform at the level we all know he's capable of. ACL injuries takes time and patience to return to full form. Remember, not every player with this type of injury can bounce back like Adrian Peterson; that's an unrealistic expectation- A.P. is the exeption to the rule. A.P. is a healing freak of nature and would be unfair to try to make that comparison between D. Revis & A.P. We should learn from losing a starter to pre-season play ie. Davin Joseph.
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    If the players are drinking the same coolaid I'm reading here (dissing the Jets) I think we will get it handed to us in Week 1.
  • avatar

    Horse is right guys...all tht matters is the 15 games after game one...and possibly risking aggravating an injury in pre-season is down right stupid....How much time and practice did Revis need to become acclamated and propely adjusted to the speed of the nfl when he was a rookie?? Hardly any. So how much "practice" do you guys think Revis the seasoned vet needs...the answer should be none for pre-season. Dominik would crap his pants if his pre-season game 3 remark turned into reality, only to see someone take a shot at Revis's knee in a game that doesn't even count. Think people...THINK!! Pre-season and the sanchez/smith experiment do not require Revis...games 2 and on DO!!!
  • avatar

    This is a tough one. I've gone back and forth on this but I got to go with the argument that Horse and 1bucfanjeff have made. Quite frankly I think Revis is healthy enough to play a game that counts tonight if need be. However, I don't think he would play particularly well based on not having played for so long. So to me there is no more risk of him getting injured if he played tonight than any other Buc, it's just a matter how much practice he needs to be the best in the league again. My answer to that would be...a little practice. But I do believe that practice needs to come against another team, not his own teammates who don't want to see him hurt. He needs snaps against players who would like to see him injured and out of the game and that can only happen in the preseason. I would say that he could get that in the 4th preseason game.
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    He should play in preseason week 3. The difference between preseason week 3 and jets week 1 is 15 days. 15. Physically speaking, is there REALLY going to be a significant "improvement" in his "healing" period? Uh, no. If he's "not ready" preseason week 3, then he's not ready period....and we're only talking a couple series to get the jitters out and build confidence. Also, if he plays preseason and you see something is not right, it gives you an opportunity to assess him, maybe put him on the 6-wk PUP and NOT cut somebody you might have otherwise cut assuming Revis was healthy. There are only advantages to him getting preseason reps, not disadvantages.
  • avatar

    We have to have Revis full throttle by the Saints game and that means he has to play in pre season and in the Jets game. Please fans do not forget the caliber of QB's we are going against this season. This is a tougher schedule than last year. Don't assume we will destroy the Jets without all our players playing at full throttle. No game is a give me.
  • avatar

    well said stlbucsfan....Jets game is Revis's preseason game...I like it!
  • avatar

    Playing Revis in the preseason is pointless as long as he gets live action in practice with plenty of contact drills he will be fine. The New York Jets with no Santanio Holmes will be all the preseason game he needs to get ready for the regular season. Now if we opened the season against ATL I might agree with Dom that getting him some action might be best but its Braylon Edwards and crew, Revis will be fine.
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    Revis is not a finesse player. Physicality and explosion are what make him what he was. I'd hate for him to get out there before he's ready and pick up bad habits or have to change the way he does things to compensate for a deficiency in his physical ability. Both physically and mentally, the best corner in the league needsto have what he expects to have when on the field or were not going to get the guy wwe're looking for and need.
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