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August 16, 2013 @ 11:08 pm
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Bucs Second Team Better in Loss to Patriots; Most Impressive List

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


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Which players made a case for themselves Friday night? Who performed better or worse than Week 1? Find out in Pewter Report's weekly Most Impressive from Friday night.
The Buccaneers practiced with the New England Patriots before playing each other Friday night in Gillette Stadium. It also seemed as if the Patriots knew every move the Bucs were going to make. But it is the preseason and PewterReport.com takes a look at who impressed the most on Friday night. 

1. Mike James
The University of Miami running back showed why he feels he feels he belongs in the NFL. Rookie Mike James took advantage of the extended looks he was given Friday night against New England. James carried the ball 15 times for 81 yards while registering three catches for 23 yards and scored Tampa Bay's two-point conversion. He had a great night picking up blitzes in pass protection and when his number was called, he ran with authority. Despite being a sixth-round draft pick James is making a bid to be the Bucs backup to Doug Martin. With games like Friday night the former Hurricane just may show enough to earn that honor.

2. Da'Quan Bowers
Defensive end Da'Quan Bowers had some issues doing anything last week against the Ravens reserves. Friday night, the third year player out of Clemson had a much better showing after starting the game on the bench. Bowers was seen bull-rushing the Patriots offensive tackles with no issues. He even manhandled a Patriots tight end to the ground. Although he did not show up on the stat sheet, Bowers forced the quarterback pocket to collapse consistently and that is one part of his game the coaching staff has been looking for from him.

3. Derek Dimke
Veteran kicker Lawrence Tynes is not helping himself by watching his competition, Derek Dimke, kick the ball through the uprights. After going 2-for-2 on the night, Dimke is now 5-for-5 this preseason on field goal attempts. He hit those field goals from 23 and 37 yards out while adding an extra point. The second year kicker is making a case to be Connor Barth's replacement in 2013.

4. Mike Glennon
Rookie quarterback Mike Glennon showed his poise in the pocket once again. Stepping up and making throws on a line, Glennon completed a 41-yarder to wide receiver Tiquan Underwood, a 13-yard touchdown to wide receiver Kevin Ogletree, and a back-shoulder throw to wide receiver David Douglas in the endzone for his second touchdown pass. He had one bad throw that resulted in an interception return for a touchdown by New England's Logan Ryan but overall, the N.C. State product stood tall in the pocket and let the plays develop. Glennon finished 12-of-22 for 121 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

5. Peyton Hillis
After running back Peyton Hillis started this week of practice on the exercise bikes, it was unclear whether the veteran running back would see action Friday night. Well, much like Mike James, he did well while sharing carries with James. Hillis made several tacklers miss on first contact and often times dragged defenders with him for some extra yardage. At times, Fox's color commentator Daryl Johnston compared him to Mike Alstott. Hillis finished the night with 18 carries for 73 yards.

Honorable mention: Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, despite only getting a handful of reps, did nothing to make Bucs coaches and fans think he isn't poised for a monster season in 2013... Kick returner Michael Smith is behind the eight ball and needed a great night to stay in the running for a roster spot. Friday night he did just that with a 63-yard kickoff return that will make cut down day even more difficult for the Bucs coaching staff.
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    I'm thinking maybe 6 RBs and 5 WRs on final roster. I think Martin, Lorig, Leonard, Hillis, James and Smith. Demps hasn't even gotten here yet, but Smith has a knack for Kick returns. Smith is valuable. Big strong backs like Leonard and Hillis are great to have around. James looks very good. Lorig is a beast. I look at the WRs and I see VJack, Williams and Ogletree and after that it's a toss up between Underwood, Hagan and Douglas for the remaining 2 slots. TEs: Crabtree, Noble and I guess Stocker. I'm glad Schiano is making the decisions and not me. I would have a hard time deciding.
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    Glennon looked good out there for his 2nd pre-season game. The ball definitely gets out quicker with him vs. Freeman at QB and he's got an arm.
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    I don't see how Spence did not make this list, on the second play he thew the center out of the way and almost got to Brady, and then later he sniffed out the screen play, and even on the Brady TD pass, he was in the face of Brady and was held and pulled down, if it wasn't for the hold he would have gotten to the QB.
  • avatar

    Orlovsky would have been superior to Glennon if he had been given an equal opportunity. His three for three speaks for itself during his only cameo appearance. And with the defense playing so badly, I would scrap Sheridan.
  • avatar

    Freeman is going to be on a short leash as Glennon is Schiano's man. He liked Glennon in high school and if the season goes south he will pull Freeman. Once he pulls Freeman that will be the end of the Freeman era.
  • avatar

    Most impressive? I didn't see anybody who was "impressive". I saw a couple of Bucs who were slightly above average...Smith, Ogletree, and Glennon, James, & Hillis. We had no real offense, no real defense, but special teams played better than last game.
  • avatar

    Glennon looks great so far. He is bound to make mistakes, but what is reassuring is his confidence. I am reminded by Gruden's comment about loving QB's who are "Ham and Eggers". The guy has all the measurables and a rocket laser arm. Also he is decisive! As the pocket collapses...he does this really cool thing: he gets rid of the ball! His errors will reduce as he adjusts to the speed of the NFL.
  • avatar

    In preseason and in general, the offense should have a massive advantage. They know where they are going and the defenders don't. Well that holds true for solid teams, not bad ones. Don't worry Bucs fans: When Freeman leaves after this year, he DEFINITELY won't go on to be a star somewhere else.
  • avatar

    Please cut Keith Tandy already!! He can't cover a snail and is always out of position!!!!
  • avatar

    Most disappointing for me was Freeman, pass rush, starting offensive line; other than that it was good. I didn't see Bowers do much to be acknowledged.
  • avatar

    I’m waiting to see our team on the field – the full complement of our starting offense and defense, then I will judge people. Until then, it just televised practice! Individually there were people trying to make the team and some of them did well!
  • avatar

    "It also seemed as if the Patriots knew every move the Bucs were going to make". You mean the Bucs got outcoached! You kiddin me!
  • avatar

    Bowers deserves some milk and cookies for not crapping his pants like last week...but it still wasn't good enough. I would have put Means or Gholston (whom was double teamed at one time in the game) over Bowers for game 2 as impressive IMVHO.
  • avatar

    Bowers really? He pushed the pocket but didn't get to the Q.B. against scrubs, let's give him a cookie. I haven't seen anything from Bowers yet that will keep opposing Q.B.'s up at night, but he has plenty of company, it looks like all our D lineman think a sack is what you put your jewelry in.
  • avatar

    I wouldn't have even put McCoy on the Honorable mention list after that poor pass rushing performance on the opening drive, but that's just me.
  • avatar

    I'm really impressed with the accuracy of Mike Glennon. He throws a beautiful ball into a very tight window consistently. He's still a rookie and i'm not making any kind of case that he's better than Josh right now, but I do see why we drafted him and he looks like a keeper who can develop into something special over time. He and Ryan Mallet are similar players but i'll take our guy over the long term.
  • avatar

    Mr Inc hit the nail on the head. Glennon's accuracy was impressive, while other than squeezing a couple of balls a game into tight spots, accuracy is a weakness for Josh. The Pats fans could tell us a thing or two about the benefits of having an accurate QB. Just one game against backups, but also with backups. Encouraging.
  • avatar

    Glad to see GMC got an honorable mention...he made the first tackle on defense by doing his usual blitzkrieg into the backfield to meet NE's running back. I'd also give as much playing time to Glennon as possible over the last two games. He definately seems like the kind of player that just keeps getting better the more reps he gets...not to mention the fact that he's most likely going to get the #2 QB spot over Orlowsky, so give him as much time thats left as possible.
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