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August 17, 2013 @ 2:56 pm
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Schiano Not Concerned With Offense So Far

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Friday night's game against the Patriots raised a lot of concern from those outside the organization on where the offense is heading. In his day-after game press conference, head coach Greg Schiano tried to provide some sense of optimism.
The loss to the Patriots Friday night had many questioning the physicality of the Buccaneers. Although it’s preseason, Tampa Bay looked as if they did not belong on the same field with New England. Missed tackles and losing individual battles at the line of scrimmage contributed greatly to that theory.

After reviewing the film, head coach Greg Schiano agrees that the individual matchups is where the game was lost.

“I think what we didn’t win was the one-on-one battles,” Schiano said. “I didn’t leave that game saying from a physicality standpoint – I didn’t think we got out-physicaled. And that’s a positive because they’re a very physical football team. They take pride in it as we do. There was a lot of good hitting going on that had a regular season feel to it. I know we got beat in some one-on-one battles in pass protection, but overall I think it was two teams that hit each other hard.”

The pass protection for the Buccaneers appeared to be non-existent at times. It wasn’t just the sacks given up, but several times quarterbacks Josh Freeman and Mike Glennon had to move around considerably as the pocket collapsed around them. But even with breakdowns in the offense, Schiano is not worried.

“Let’s see how we do. I’m not concerned because I believe in the guys that are there, and I just think some things have happened that didn’t allow us to do what we’re capable of doing,” Schiano said. “But those things can’t continue to happen; otherwise the result will be the same. You can’t judge anything by its intentions; you’ve got to judge it by its actions and results. But I’m not concerned, no. I believe that these guys are going to do it the way we expect.”

It would be fair to assume that part of the reason why the offense has struggled — in particular the first-team offense — is due to the absence of All-Pro guards Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph. But if you recall, the Bucs were without Nicks and Joseph for practically the entire season. 

Schiano touched on that misconception as he states their absence is not the reason why his offense is struggling.

“Well I don’t think that way because last year we didn’t have [Carl] Nicks and [Davin] Joseph for the majority of the year, Joseph the whole year and Nicks close to three quarters of the year we didn’t have him,” Schiano said. ‘That’s life in the NFL. No one is going to have a Pro Bowler stacked behind a Pro Bowler, that doesn’t work that way. So we have to get the job done. It’s going to be nice when we get them playing again, certainly that firms up the middle. It gives you the ability to help your tackles a little more. But we didn’t protect well those first two drives, and that can’t be. We’ll get it fixed, I’m confident that our guys will get it fixed and we’ll play better.”

On the bright side, Schiano gave high praises for his right tackle. Demar Dotson, who many perceive to be in danger of losing his starting job, has played and practiced exceptionally well to this point. Despite a less than stellar performance Friday night, Dotson got the backing of his coach as the team’s starting tackle.

“Demar Dotson is having a very good camp. He’s our starting right tackle,” Schiano “Gabe Carimi is learning the system and he’s getting better every day, but I think Demar didn’t play his best game (Friday) night, he’s ailing a little bit. He’s got a little thing going on with his leg. He’s going to be fine, it’s nothing big, but I think he’s pushing through that. But he’s performed very well, I think Demar is going to be really solid.”

The team’s performance Friday could be a result of a long and grueling process that is training camp. The work that gets put in starts getting to players physically and mentally that the purpose of why they are there gets lost in the madness of camp.

But as preseason is halfway through and training camp is over, the preparation for roster cut-downs and intense film review goes on. This week, the team will continue practicing and evaluating players who are fighting for roster spots and while the players have an opportunity to recharge a bit, the goal for the final two weeks has not changed.

“Now we’ve broke camp and they’re back living at their houses and that’s good, that’s where we need to be right now and now we’ve got to lock in and have a good week,” Schiano said. “There’s plenty to look at this tape and say this is what we need to improve on, and then we have plenty of practice time to improve on it. Hopefully we go out and continue to improve and play better football Saturday night. I’m looking forward to it.”
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    Game three. Three full quarters or three touchdowns, whichever comes first.
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    My concern is Mason Foster and his inability to get depth in the passing game. He seem lost as to if it is a pass or run. There are reads for that.Also, the way everyone is not worried about the Jets (an NFL team) I smell an upset.
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    Bill Sheridan is still the problem I see with the defense. I hope they are simply using these stunts in preseason to see what works and then in the regular season we do away with it. We negate the initial quickness and burst of our DL when they are looping and twisting OUT of the plays. If we see that nonsense week 1 I hope its his last week calling plays bc he obviously didnt learn from last year. We need our lineman using their quickness to create gaps and lanes for our safeties and LBs to blitz through and create pressure. Sheridan get it together! Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    I'm not at all concerned with the offense at this point since the starters have barely played and there's no way to judge on such a limited sample size. I am however seriously concerned about the defensive playcalling! I'm really hoping for cover 3 man with press corners outside and zone in the middle and deep similar to Seattle style. Please PR can you ask the coaching staff why they continue with the useless stunts and outrageous looping that gives the dline no chance at getting pressure? I'm ok with the occassional tex but why not let the dline have a chance to shoot their gaps? There's no pressure because of some of these truly ridiculous stunts that even sapp and aldon smith couldn't pull off. Is it sheridans obsession or schianos? Please ask schiano at the next press conference
  • avatar

    I agree buc1932 not even worried once all 11 starters are on the field opening day vs jets. I personally am however worried about the LOLB Watson . He is trying to start and has looked great when teams run the ball ,but other than looked useless. I mean he didn't just seem lost he was lost . He completely let the TEs go right past him to the middle of the field and stood his ground like he was suppose to be in a zone coverage. He should of followed that man to wherever he went on the field. I mean even on those dump routes to the halfback brady was throwing he still missed tackles . We need a guy who is going to make that tackle on opening day and I don't think he is ready. Surprisingly Hayward was worse I saw him try and rush brady and before the lineman even touched him he just slowed down and quit it was horrible on his part for effort. Bucs cant get better on defense if these guys are on the roster im sorry but we need smarter lbs .
  • avatar

    Under Gruden the Bucs never played their starters much for fear of injury. I remember one year when they opened at home against the Ravens, and got destroyed with Simms losing his spleen. They, the Bucs weren't ready to play that day, and I think Simms injury was a result of not playing much in the preseason. I had hoped that would change under Schiano. It hasn't, time will tell if we have the same results.
  • avatar

    Any way you rationalize it, we don't look good - on either side of the ball. Every team has the same amount of time to prepare, have the same concerns about injuries, etc. We just look horrible.
  • avatar

    Usually I am a Polyanna kind of fan. The BUCS can be down by 10 with three minutes left and the other team has the ball on our 10 yard line -- and I still think we can win. Not so Friday. I thought I was watching a pro team play a bunch of little girls. It was very disheartening to watch. If I was a BUCS Offensive lineman, I would be ashamed the way we got manhandled. Two games in and our starters are playing like amateurs. I understand that not all starters were playing, but the ones that were playing stunk. I am glad to see that there are other posters who still have faith in this offense, I am trying, but man it was brutal to watch.
  • avatar

    Well our starters this entire preseason has been the 2nd stringers almost ,but yes your right the 2nd team defense stunk vs the patriots 1st team defense and the Ravens .
  • avatar

    Thanks for the great article PR. It certainly addresses my concerns head on. I guess we just have to accept the coach's answers and should withhold our searing criticism until the games count. I personally agree with Horse...don't count on the injured pro bowlers (of yester-year) to make an impact early.
  • avatar

    I am not concerned either about our Offense; of course I had hoped the timing was better, but they really haven't played many of the starters so far in order to get that timing down. I hope they get the starters in this week. The pass rush my big concern. I do see the potential from some of the rookies, but that won't help much until later in the season. I am hoping that our Offense can score more than 35 points a game because that's what I think we will need to win in the first half of the season. I am no longer counting on Revis for the early part of the season; Nicks probably too.
  • avatar

    I was never planning on revis starting against his former team week 1 of the jets . It would be unkind for him to play vs his old team first game back after a serious injury and in their stadium too. Week 2 he starts vs the saints ,besides we don't need him vs the jets weak offense anyhow. The pass rush wont work because the stupid stunts. the d line is too slow for the stunts they are running. If your right horse about nicks then were screwed! The first 9 games he played freeman was looking good. After he went down Larsen stepped in at left guard and things got ugly really quick. We need those two pro bowl Guards starting week 1. I hope our Lbs are fast enough to stay with TEs and halfbacks . from what I have seen so far is they miss tackles trying to play catch up after they lost their assignment on the defense. Its not fair to the line or the secondary if your Linebackers get lost on defense in the middle of the field.
  • avatar

    My first inclination is to go all wise guy and say "you can't be concerned about something you don't have". That would be unfair and not only unfair, but wrong! We do have an offense and a good one - ranked 9th in the NFL last year. That offense has not changed, it has just not collectively been on the field this preseason. When a semblance of it opened in preseason, it was quickly replaced with the second and third team. I'm hoping that in the next game, we get to see a full contingent of the 1st team Offense and defense (sans Revis) work for a full half to get get timing and rhythm down. Frankly, I'm not worried now either, but I could get there real quick if we don't show up soon!
  • avatar

    Timing and rhythm!!!!! That's what I wanted to see vs NE. Thanks for putting it into the simplest of terms. To me, it looked as if NE had been practicing for weeks and Friday night was the first night of practice for Tampa Bay. Hopefully, timing and rhythm will be coming very soon.
  • avatar

    Why play the starters ? These guys have been playing football their entire lives , they do not need anything but practice and a weight room. These 2nd string defensive players are learning from top tier players (tom Brady)etc . Let the starters rest and teach from previous injuries & exp while the 2nd string get physical exp from the game itself. This way when regular season comes everyone is healthy and the backups are ready to step up when called upon. This also gives Schiano a better idea on who makes the team . He already knows who the starters were coming into camp. The back ups now that's a different story...
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