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August 19, 2013 @ 1:01 pm
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Bucs News To Know 8-19

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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What injury kept LG Carl Nicks out of Bucs practice on Monday? Is head coach Greg Schiano disappointed with DE Da'Quan Bowers? How much work did Tampa Bay CB Darrelle Revis do during Monday's practice? Get the answers in today's Bucs News To Know.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buccaneer Place on Monday, August 19:

Practice began at 9:30 a.m. under sunny skies with temperatures in the high 80’s at One Buccaneer Place. The players donned full pads for Monday’s practice, which was closed to the media after the first 30 minutes.

• Buccaneers left guard Carl Nicks has suffered a setback in his recovery as a blister on his foot became infected. Nicks did not practice on Monday and his situation will be monitored on a day-by-day basis.

“Carl [Carl Nicks], we had a setback with Carl,” Bucs head coach Greg Schiano said. “He did a great job up there against New England. He practiced, almost I guess the entire practice against New England, developed a blister, which not on his toe area, but on a different part of his foot, and hence that blister got infected. Now, we’re treating it like we do everything, and take it very seriously. It’s not something you mess around with, but it’s not your common injury, either.”

When asked about how Nicks got the blister and if it was because of his shoe, Schiano responded: “It’s all speculation. That foot is a little bit bigger than the other foot now with all the stuff that he’s been through so who knows if it’s the shoe or whatever? It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances, but you know, we’ll get it. He’s being treated the correct way.

“The next question is how long he’ll be [out]. I don’t know that. We’ve go to let the medicine run it’s course and see if we can’t get that thing straightened out. On a more positive not, Davin Joseph went all but two periods today in practice, which was certainly a big step up for him.”

• Schiano also said that Bucs cornerback Darrelle Revis continues to make strides in his rehab and took reps in live one-on-one drills.

“Darrelle Revis began to work in with the first defense in each period today,” Schiano said. “Again, we limit the reps. Today was a no-contact day for him. He was in there, but he didn’t have contact and it’s again another step along that progression. We’ll see how he is tomorrow and then we’ll progress from there.”

• Tampa Bay running back Doug Martin took a knee to the head in pass protection early against New England and left the game. The team said that Martin passed a concussion test, but the Bucs took precautions by not allowing him to receive contact in Monday’s practice.

“Doug Martin is doing well,” Schiano said. “He was out there today and practiced, but as a precaution we didn’t hit him. But he could’ve been if he wanted to – we just felt it wasn’t worth it right now. He did all of his work without getting touched, which was a little bit more like in season practice for him today.”

• Bucs running back Michael Smith was unable to get any carries in the second half because he suffered a toe injury after ripping off a 63-yard kickoff return against New England in the first quarter.

“As it turns out, Mike Smith got injured,” Schiano said. “He injured his toe so he couldn’t go. That’s why he didn’t get any carries in the second half so those other two guys got a bunch of carries and I thought it was great for them.”

Smith was seen hobbling around the locker room after the morning workout and it was unsure if he practiced on Monday.

• Bucs wide receiver Tiquan Underwood (knee) practiced on Monday, but wide receiver Chris Owusu (ankle) and cornerback Danny Gorrer (ankle) did not practice and are day-to-day.

• There were no roster moves announced on Monday by mid-afternoon.

• Daniel Te’o-Nesheim started in place of Da’Quan Bowers at defensive end, and received more playing time with the starters in Friday night’s game at New England. It remains to be seen if Te’o-Nesheim will remain the starter or if Bowers took steps towards reclaiming that position in practice on Monday.

“Da’Quan is embracing the opportunity, no doubt,” Bucs head coach Greg Schiano said. “I’m not frustrated. There are certain days where I’m disappointed that we didn’t do more, that we didn’t get it better. But he’s making progress and as long as he keeps making progress he’s going to be a great player. We just have to keep making progress. And I thought he actually did some things Friday night that we hadn’t seen him do. So I thought he played better. We just have to keep making progress with him and he will. This guy wants it badly and he’s willing to do what we ask. It’s just a matter of time.”

• Rookie Mike James and veteran Brian Leonard appear to have an edge over the most experienced running back on the team Peyton Hillis due to special teams. James and Leonard are heavily involved on special teams, whereas Hillis, who has been a starter in the NFL for many years, has very limited special teams experience or ability. That could sway the team’s decision when it comes to finding the two backup running backs behind starter Doug Martin.

“Peyton? That’s not his strength, no,” Schiano said. “We’ve tried to work him in there, but he’s never done it at any level. I shouldn’t say any level – maybe in high school he did it, but that’s not his strength.

“Certainly it would be better if he did play on every special team, but you know, I think that’s all the equation we have to work through and figure out what are our needs as a football team and that’s where you get into how many back do you keep and all that stuff, and that’s all down the road.”

• Bucs cornerback Darrelle Revis took a more active and involved role in Monday’s practice, and head coach Greg Schiano addressed whether or not the Pro Bowl defensive back may play in Saturday’s game at Miami.

“You know, if he wants to because he wants to do that, or if he wants to play in the Washington game for that matter, I’m fine with it, but I don’t need to see him do that,” Schiano said. “He actually has a season where he didn’t play in any preseason games for the Jets when he was holding out and went and played. What we need to make sure is when we do get him back playing that it’s not full-blown right out of the gate because he hasn’t trained to do that, so we’ll just have to be smart. But I think we’ve handled that well and just continue.

“So much of it, is Darelle’s feedback to us. He lets us know how he feels and then we adjust accordingly. I can tell you there’s nobody in the world that wants to play as much as Darelle Revis. I mean he wants to be out there and everything, so we need to continue to get that information and then continue to execute the plan with that information.”

Schiano doesn’t believe that Revis wants to play at Miami or in any of the preseason games.

“I don’t think he would want to play right now,” Schiano said. “He hasn’t done enough. But that’s why these 11 practices are crucial. And he and I, every step of the way, we’ve locked the plan, evaluated it, and lock it down again. And he’s right where we want him to be. And today I’m anxious to watch the tape and see how he played. But the goal is to up it little by little – only with positive feedback afterward. We’re not going to push it. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. This is a long-term relationship. It’s not at all costs to have him play in that first game. But that’s our plan.” – Bucs head coach Greg Schiano

• Schiano said that Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman got such a limited look in New England because of the amount of practice reps he took against the Patriots defense, and that he will receive the majority of playing time in Tampa Bay’s third preseason game at Miami.

“It was all by design,” Schiano said. “One of the advantages of working against New England was that I feel he got three days worth of snaps against another team and that’s one of the big advantages in my opinion. He has his two receivers back from last year. [Kevin] Ogletree is new. Tiquan [Underwood] is back, and I think they understand each other, they’ve got a good feel for each other and I didn’t feel like there was any need to push the envelop for that reason and it allows [Mike] Glennon and the other guys to get reps.

“Now, Josh [Josh Freeman] will play substantially more this week so I look at it as if he’s played two games, the New England practice, and then this game. The work we did against them on Tuesday and Wednesday and the secondary was pretty close to game speed and the pocket was closed and there was the feel of pressure. Now, you’re not going to get hit, so that’s the difference. But between you and I, Josh has never had an issue. He’s probably the best in the National Football League at standing in the pocket and keeping his vision down the field. If it were a different quarterback I’d feel, yes, he needs to get hit. But I’ve never been around a guy that stands in there as well and moves up in the pocket as well, and doesn’t let the rush get to him better than he, so that kind of fits all the reasoning why.”

“Better than what I thought he'd be. He showed some good things out there. It's good to have him out there and his presence on the football field. I think he's still getting better. He still has work to do. We're glad to have him out there. As far as Darrelle, it's more important that he gets out there, period. Of course we want him out there, but we want him to make sure he feels right, that he's confident and the staff is confident that with his injury he can be back out there with us. We'd love to have him out there but we understand where he is.” – Bucs free safety Dashon Goldson on how cornerback Darrelle Revis looked in practice on Monday.

The Bucs' practice schedule has not been disclosed to the media as of this report as Tampa Bay prepares for the team’s third preseason game at Miami on Saturday. All practices are closed to the public.

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  • avatar

    EEB is right.Freeman has been playing some nice football in the limited snaps we've seen. He can't catch the ball too. Morgan, i have no idea what you are talking about. How dare the Bucs try to tell you some of the lowest price tickets in the league before the season even starts? They should be drawn and quartered for trying to run their business. Geez!
  • avatar

    I consider the four pre-season games nothing more than a practice session for which we fans have to pay an admission charge. They should be used primarily to further evaluate the players in an effort to get down to the best 53 man roster and 8 man practice squad. But we fans continue to view them as real games when history has proven that there is no correlation between pre-season performances and the real games. I tend to focus on individual performances rather than team results because fact is our starting 22 have not been seen together yet. Freeman has been in on around a dozen plays yet some fans are up in arms about what they consider a poor performance. EastEndBoy's observations are correct. I don't want to be like some of these teams who lose players trying to win a televised practice session.
  • avatar

    Booger says the only way to make stunts work is by first developing a plan to shoot through the assigned gaps effectively so why are we not using these preseason games to become proficient at shooting the assigned gap!!! Rod marinelli had his d line experts at blowing up assigned gaps before they were allowed to stunt. I think this is why our dline can't pressure since its like taking calculus before geometry. If this is sheridans error we need to kick him out if its schianos directive someone needs to convince him he's putting the cart before the horse!
  • avatar

    Sorry meant schiano and Sheridan
  • avatar

    PR - Mark Cook or SR would you please ask shiano and Sullivan why we are running senseless stunts that loop excessive distances before the de or dt can even have a chance to rush the passer!!!!? Especially with quick 3 step drop offense we are never going to get pressure. Please at least give us fans the rational behind running them so often?
  • avatar

    Team is in trouble before the season even starts. Josh is playing like 2011 all over again.....this is depressing already. And the players were waiting to come back from injury is depressing as well. Starting to lose confidence in Schiano, Sullivan, Sheridan as well as Dominik. And the Bucs have the gall to contact me about renewing my 2014 season tickets before the first game of the 2013 season.
  • avatar

    What games were you watching Morgan? Freeman looked fine.
  • avatar

    C'mon....I want to see all of the toys on the field! Quit teasing us, I'm ready for the main course. The appetizers suck. Go Bucs.
  • avatar

    I am a little surprise that Nicks got this blister because you would think he already had a special fitted shoe. I am starting to wonder if Revis contract has something to do with all of this as Coach is surely dancing around the question that continually gets asked. I also thought he danced around Freeman's questions too. I'm glad to hear that Bower's is doing better.
  • avatar

    EastEndBoy you are on the money, Freeman taking care of the ball was my only concern. It was also very nice to hear Schiano come and say some positive things about him as he knows his job depends on how well he does. As far as Nicks and this blister I can remember last offseason where knees were blown out, achilles were torn, players were taking meds and getting suspended so if this is the only major injury/problem then im excited on that front as well.
  • avatar

    @pinkstob...I think the only team as frustrated by injuries right now as us is San Diego...have you seen many WRs they have lost this preseason....like if our starters were now Owusu and Underwood - ouch! Wonder how ATL is doing....any probowlers hurt over there.....BAU.
  • avatar

    Wow...Schiano was certainly in a good mood...he had kudos for players all the way around! Must have eaten his "Be a nice guy" cereal this morning! :-) Preseason certainly presents challenges...want to get players playing time so they won't be rusty...but don't want to get them hurt...want to see injured players get back on the field...but don't want them re-injured by playing them too early. Based on previous years' experience/history, I expect the offense to start VERY slow in the first game against the Jets. Hope they can then get it going enough to win. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    I'm glad to see the HC have such great specifics about what he likes about Freeman, Revis and Bowers. It means more coming from him and anybody else. As for the toe thing...unbelievable. That goes for Nicks and Smith. The steak of bad luck for us Bucs fans is absolutely unbelievable.
  • avatar

    Nicks....ughhhh....come on man....oh well, does this mean Zuttah back to Guard and Larsen back at Center? Also PR-guys, why is your pole now "How concerned are you about Freeman's preseason performances?"...his performances amount to 6-10 (60%) with a really nice crossing completion to Ogletree in game 1, and 2 beautiful deep passes to VJax (which he bobbled in game 1) and Ogletree (which he dropped in game 2) or he would be 8-10 (with two additional red-zone opportunities). I have also seem him be more mobile (slightly) and most importantly he has zero turnovers, despite some pathetic play by the OL. What does he have to do to prove that he's not the problem?
  • avatar

    EastEndBoy, I agree that Freeman not turning the ball over is huge. That very well could be all I care about once we get all the starters on the field.
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