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August 20, 2013 @ 12:19 pm
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Bucs News To Know 8-20

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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What ESPN report did head coach Greg Schiano dispute on Tuesday following practice? What injured Bucs are still sidelined? Get the answers to these questions and more in this daily feature, The Bucs News To Know from PewterReport.com.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buccaneer Place on Tuesday, August 20:


Practice began at 8:45 a.m. under sunny skies with temperatures in the high 80’s at One Buccaneer Place. The players donned full pads for Tuesday’s practice, which was closed to the media after the first 30 minutes.


• Buccaneers left guard Carl Nicks has suffered a setback in his recovery as a blister on his foot became infected. Nicks did not practice on Monday or Tuesday and his situation will be monitored on a day-by-day basis. Some reports say Nicks could be out as long as month.

Head coach Greg Schiano responded to another report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter that said the blister was on the same toe as the one injured and that was surgically repaired.

“I already told you guys that yesterday. I told you it was on a different part of the foot. … That’s more than I probably should tell you. Right, is that accurate? I shouldn’t be telling you on what body (part). Really, I could say, ‘It’s a body part. It’s a foot.’ But I told you that it’s not on the big toe. Asking me again, we haven’t had that yet since I’ve been here. I told you yesterday that it’s not on the toe, the surgically repaired toe.”

• Kicker Lawrence Tynes, signed just before camp after incumbent Connor Barth was lost for the season with an Achilles injury, is still not practicing, and Schiano said it is hurting the team.

“It’s having an impact on a lot of things,” Schiano said. “We have one kicker in camp, basically, for the entire camp. So he has been doing all the kicking. Now his leg is getting tired as well.”

Schiano also indicated that the Buccaneers may be bringing in some additional kicking help this week.

• Fullback Eric Lorig is also not practicing because of a foot injury, and that also is having an impact on personnel.

"We’ll have a lot of different combinations when we want to be two-back-, because you’re right,” Schiano said. “Right now Lorig is still in a boot. Spencer (Larsen) has not been full go. He’s had some issues. I think today he may have done more than he’s done in the last week. So we do it with tight ends, with (Brian) Leonard. Mike James has done some. But it’s certainly not ideal. It’s not what the plan was. We did want to work more tight ends in there, but that was going to be more of a strategic thing than a must-have to do, so that’s not a great situation right now.

• Bucs running back Michael Smith was unable to get any carries in the second half because he suffered a toe injury after ripping off a 63-yard kickoff return against New England in the first quarter. Smith was seen walking through the locker room with a boot on his foot.

• Bucs wide receiver Tiquan Underwood (knee) practiced on Tuesday, but wide receiver Chris Owusu (ankle) and cornerback Danny Gorrer (ankle) did not practice and are day-to-day. 


• The Buccaneers announced the signing of former Patriots Trevor Scott on Tuesday.

Scott (6-5, 260) comes to the Buccaneers after playing for the New England Patriots last season, where he recorded 14 tackles and 3.0 sacks. Scott spent the first four years of his career with the Oakland Raiders. The five-year veteran has played in 72 games, with 18 starts, totaling 111 tackles, 16.5 sacks, two forced fumbles and one pass defensed.

A native of Potsdam, New York, Scott played collegiately at the University at Buffalo. He entered the NFL as a sixth round selection (169th overall) of the Oakland Raiders in 2008.

• The Jeff Demps saga continues to play out, with very few certainties. On Tuesday Schiano appeared to not be concerned one way or the other.

“Supposedly, he’s coming, I don’t know,” Schiano said. “I don’t worry about guys who aren’t here. Guys that aren’t here, they can’t help us. He can’t help us win right now. So he’s not helping us get better right now. He’s running track somewhere. So if he’s going to do that, when he gets here, if he can help us win, he’ll be part of it. If he gets here, and he can’t help us win, he can go back and run track. We’re here to win games, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

• Schiano also responded to the criticism Freeman has received this preseason, both locally and even by some nationally.

“Different criticism other than the offseason?” Schiano said. “There is a new one today? I’m not even aware of that. That is how much I live in this bunker. One Buc Bunker. Nothing surprises me. Trust me. That goes with being the quarterback, the head coach. Probably the quarterback even more than the head coach is open to a lot of that. Nothing would surprise me. But the only thing he needs to know is the only people that really matter are his teammates, his coach and his owners and the management. Those are the only people that make the decisions around here. He just needs to keep going. And I think he has had a really good camp so far."

“Before, Freeman he was our leader, but now it's just like he's really taking control. You can hear him, ‘Listen we’re not doing that, we're doing this.’ You can hear it out there on the field. You can see his focus. I heard that someone had something not too nice to say about my quarterback and I'm not going to feed that crowd. I don't like it. If you can hear me I don't like it. I hope I don't see you.” Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy on critics of Josh Freeman

The Buccaneers will be back on the practice field Wednesday morning at 9:15 a.m. in preparation for Saturday night’s preseason matchup on the road against the Dolphins.

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    All I care about is that the Offense jells together and the DL puts pass pressure on the QB. If they can get it all resolved in a quarter or half; then fine. If they can't then, then I would play them in the third quarter and use who they are going against as a practice.
  • avatar

    Never liked Tarkenton as a player and don't think much of him as a commentator. Josh will need to prove himself one way or the other this season with his performance.
  • avatar

    Worst players so far ? Carimi , Remmers , Daniels, Smith , Larsen this group is all offensive lineman . next group, D LINE Everyone sucks clearly no pressure has been executed anywhere. We fans are still waiting after two weeks of training camp for our first sack OMG !!! Cornerbacks All actually look pretty good I saw Johnson get beat a couple times where he either got juked or slipped , but other than that did good. Linebackers - DAVID - Casillas = GARBAGE Watson got beat multiple times , goode got beat multiple times , Hayward missed tackles . Its weird because Watson can tackle and is fast but let his TE just run his route without following him. That's not allowed . When have you ever seen David just let the TE or running backs just run a route right past him . I mean it was his guy to cover on a pass coverage cover him. Instead Watson went to help the corner with his man & looked dumb. Its frustrating watching poor LB play even for a backup that you have high hopes for. TEs I was worried but after seeing Crabtree block and make Huge plays im not so worried. On the other hand Wright did good blocking as did noble . I also would like to add they all did well running routes and catching the pass. Rbs look good blocking for the QB & they all are doing very well in my standards not coaches or the medias lol. Wide receivers have looked decent ,but its hard for them to blow up when they aren't playing or if freeman is in cause he is always getting hit from the back ups. Kicker & punters looked great Return game looked perfect once coach got on that *censored* !!!
  • avatar

    Shiano is trying to keep up Josh's confidence. The proof is on the field. If Josh gets great production against Miami all the criticism will blow over. If he doesn't I think Shiano will still stick with him until the Jets game. But if Josh loses that one, the big critic will be Schiano! He will know, then, that Josh could cost him his job. I would expect him then, if we continue to see progress from Glennon--and he has been picking up the job very quickly--to put Glennon behind the first string line and let him show what he can do. I have been puzzled why Josh has fallen off his great production in 2010. However, I have a possible answer. I believe in 2010 Josh was not tasked with calling blocking schemes. However, ROM came up with the idea to let Josh come up with his own calls instead of the center. Josh has had problems ever since. I believe this year Zutah, our brightest OL we have, may be making those calls and looking for blitzes, and if yes, that may help Josh return to his 2010 form. Lets hope. I don't think Josh is that bright and he admitted adjusting to Schiano's system was a problem last year. Yet this is Gannon's first year and he is surprising Schiano with how fast he has grasped the new system. See my point?
  • avatar

    Well Buc Fans I see some bad news and I see some good news. But one thing for sure. The Defense will be better than last year. Remember Fans-The Buc's Defense will have toHOLD the other team Offensive firepower down so the Bucs offensive can get started-GO Bucs. I stay this prior to the season. I believe that if Tampa goes 8 & 8 or better then Tampa will get better as this year goes by. I think that If Bowers doesn't work out, then a young unknown defensive lineman will have to filled that vois, and draft a top DE in next year draft-GO Bucs this 67 yr old fan who grewup in Tampa and now lives in East Texas "STILL FOLLOWS MY BELOYED BUC'S. When I can come down to where I grew up at in Tampa i will be there-GO AGAIN BUCS.
  • avatar

    geotgehicks; born in Tampa General, raised in Clearwater. I'm 67 too. I still feel young. I like you love the Bucs.
  • avatar

    I agree with Pinkstob and Horse. For the league minimum of $5000 a week i'll go play fullback and I'll be 67 next month.
  • avatar

    pinkstob is absolutely right. The 89th and 90th players on the roster will not make or break the season, a kicker and FB should have been signed to keep things moving along.
  • avatar

    I listened to the Press Conference and I thought he was the same as usual, vague. I agree with Pinkstob. If you have 90 players in house, surely 60 of them are good enough to make the team? Lorig and Stocker are always nicked up so what's the big deal. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you can't get on the field it means nothing. I loved the coach reply about Demps. I think Demps has about a 1% chance of making this team.
  • avatar

    QB's get all the credit when the team wins and gets the blame when they lose. Thats why they get the big checks. All Freeman has to due is win, problem solved. As someone posted before McCoy should be concerned about the pass rush and see how to improve it. A total of five sacks seems to say he could use some fine tuning himself.
  • avatar

    Sounds like Shiano was a little feisty in his PC. I sensed a little bit of an attitude In his responses.
  • avatar

    I agree about staying focus on the pass rush concerns. Freeman is our QB; average that he may be, he can still get the job done. Maybe?
  • avatar

    I heard that someone had something not too nice to say about my quarterback and I'm not going to feed that crowd. I don't like it. If you can hear me I don't like it. I hope I don't see you.” -------------------------------------------------------------- He needs to be more worried about fixing that 2nd worst pass defense of all time rather than crying over criticism over a mediocre QB or making threats. Bottom line is, if you consistently lose, you disserve the criticism. Freeman's play hasent been good enough to avoid criticism.
  • avatar

    They should've signed Vonte Leach when he was available, a true fullback, and experienced vet. Lorig has been missing since training camp began, so how did he get hurt? As talented as Nicks is, he might end up being a free agent bust for the Bucs. Notice N.O.'s O line hasn't missed a beat without him. Time to cull the herd, get rid of the dead wood.
  • avatar

    This is meant to be a mild criticism and I don't know whether to direct it at Dominik or Schiano, but there's no excuse for not having enough FB's in camp to get real work done. None. Colleges produce a ton of FB's every year and only a 2-3 are drafted and a few more signed to undrafted free agent deals. Most teams have gone away from using a true FB so there should be even more available. Just sign any number of them needed to get the plays executed correctly for the other guys on the field. Any FB would do this for rent money. The same goes for another kicker to keep Dimke's leg fresh. Just sign any kicker available!
  • avatar

    Just more people to prove wrong, Josh.
  • avatar

    Yeah did you guys see the comments Fran Tarkenton made about Freeman? Yowzers!
  • avatar

    Much ado about nothing (Tarkenton). Ratings for Duemig. I like how they've completely ignored Theismann's positive comments today about Freeman. It's all about ratings.......
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