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August 20, 2013 @ 1:26 pm
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McCoy Comes To Freeman's Defense

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy spoke to the media during Tuesday's open locker room session and as always had a lot to say. McCoy commented on a number of subjects including the criticism that quarterback Josh Freeman has received lately.
Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has been noticeably quieter this training camp than in previous years. But on Tuesday, Tampa Bay’s defensive line leader held court during open locker room, and spoke on a number of subjects including what the preseason is for, his relationship with guard Davin Joseph and also took time to defend his quarterback Josh Freeman from the seemingly long list of critics, both locally and nationally.

“Preseason is, I have to be careful of how I say this because fans are fans and true fans, the definition is fanatic, and at any moment - they don't want anything to look bad,” McCoy said. “But for clarity for the fans who may see this or hear this, we use the preseason as a grading scale for certain things, not necessarily a game. It's a brush up on things. They're always like, ‘You didn't do this, you didn't do that.’ 

“Well there's a difference between now and a real week.  You don’t game plan for everything. There are certain situations where you do different stuff. That's not what preseason is for. It’s not to win the game it's to brush up on other stuff so that you're ready for the game.”

McCoy went on the explain further.

“You try to brush up on your technique,” McCoy said. “Coach always says use it to get ready for the season. Everybody needs training camp because everybody gets ready in different ways. A guy like Vincent Jackson, I don't think he's ever not ready. But a guy like me, I have to brush back up on my technique get my hands right, get my timing right with the pass rush give my moves down. When you see the things are starting to run smoothly that's when you kind of say, ‘Alright it's time to go there.’”
Tampa Bay’s No. 1 draft pick from 2010 also commented on his ability to flip a switch when he walks onto the practice field.

“People always used to make fun of me because they said, ‘You’re a Christian, you’re a nice guy; you can't be mean.’ I feel personally if you're playing for the Lord you should be the hardest working person on the team or definitely the field, and that's just what I try to be. That’s why I go nonstop in practice. I always tell the D-line, if you can't do it full speed during these drills at practice there's no way you're going to do when the lights come on.”

McCoy danced from subject to subject, but his eyes lit up when talking about his relationship with guard Davin Joseph.

“Davin is the man, I love going against Davin,” McCoy said. “Every time he took a rep I was there. If they said Gerald get out, I said no I'm not getting out because Davin is up. That's my partner. When it comes to getting prepared for the season that's just one thing we agreed upon. When we go, we go and that's kind of the mentality we have at Oklahoma.

“He's just been mentoring me since I got here staying on me. If he thinks I'm having a bad practice he’ll come up to me and say, ‘That's not good enough, pick it up.’ And that's what we do. We go at it that's why I couldn't wait for him to get back and when he got back he was looking for me. Every rep that Davin goes, I go out there, that's what we do. He's a very aggressive player. He's not dirty by any means but he's very aggressive and if you can handle it get off the field that's how it works.”
McCoy was asked about quarterback Josh Freeman and his impressions of how he looks this year compared to season’s past, while also sticking up for him.

“Before, Freeman he was our leader, but now it's just like he's really taking control," McCoy said. "You can hear him, ‘Listen we’re not doing that, we're doing this.’ You can hear it out there on the field; you can see his focus. I heard that someone had something not too nice to say about my quarterback and I'm not going to feed that crowd. I don't like it. If you can hear me I don't like it. I hope I don't see you.”
McCoy, who posted a career-high five sacks and earned a Pro Bowl berth last season, said being the quarterback automatically makes you an easier target of fan’s frustration and scrutiny from the media.

“Yeah, the thing is when you get named quarterback you automatically get thrown into the spotlight,” McCoy said. “If a quarterback messes up, everybody knows it. That's the way it is for any quarterback. That's why I gratefully respect them. If I mess up you'll only know if the ball goes in my gap. If the quarterback messes up everybody knows, so you have to respect those guys and I think it's an unfair target. He is a franchise quarterback but so what? There are a lot of players on the team. And the reason I think I'm so sensitive about it is because I got it for two years. They talked bad about me for two years. That's why I don't take it too well when they talk bad about my teammates.”

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  • avatar

    I like freeman and think he will have a great year. Heck I even have him on my fantasy team. I do think he performs better in a hurry up offense and wish they would run it more often. Go Bucs
  • avatar

    Let's watch some games that count before we throw Freeman under the bus. Last year he may have had his ups and downs, but it's another year that everyone can learn from. Some of the comments remind me of Jets fans chanting, "Tebow, Tebow." whenever Sanchez did something stupid (which was a lot). And also on Tarkenton, 1. How many championships has she won? 2. Her name's Fran. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Hall of Fame, three-time Super Bowl QB, league MVP - one of the first scrambling QBs -- he knows a thing or two about the position.
  • avatar

    Freeman's biggest problem since he has been in a Bucs uniform is ability to read defenses and not being able to find a secondary or third receiver. Watch most of the tape of him in previous years and he has a major tendency to lock into his primary receiver and never looking the safety off. As far as reading defenses, he might get better with time or not. I don't know why the coaching staff hasn't worked non stop with him in getting him to look at other receivers first, pump fake like Manning does before he throws to his primary receiver. All the defense has had to do is read his eyes and they know where the ball is going. Hopefully his passes this year are more accurate as his receivers seem to be getting the ball in places where they lose their stride in trying to catch the ball in running their routes. He will be the difference as to how successful this team is this year.
  • avatar

    Yeah I blamed Freeman on the collision with Martin. The linebacker was going to blitz, he didn't see it, he never pointed it out to his back, or lineman, he turned his back on it, and ran play action. Did you notice Brady directing traffic at the line of scrimmage? Heck, even the rookie Glennon did a better job of reading the defense. To all the Freeman supporters, he's got the worst Q.B. rating in our division. He's lost more games then he's won, I'm afraid Fran might be right, he keeps making the same mistakes over, and over, starting his fifth season. The reason Glennon is getting more reps in preseason is Schiano wants him to be ready in case Freeman doesn't take the next leap, and I don't think Schiano believes he will. For all those who point out Freeman's franchise records don't let that fool you. Tampa has been the most inept offensive football team in league history. Even in the Gruden years, coach knew he didn't need a lot of offense to win with the defense he had. He coached the offense to not take chances, or turn the ball over knowing 17 points would win most games. I'm going to keep my pie hole shut about Free. This year will tell us what we need to know, it's now or never for the kid. Please Josh, prove me wrong!
  • avatar

    Hey Mark or Scott, what are the chances that the Bucs go after Richard Marshall now that he has been released by the Dolphins?? He has a had a solid career up to this point and would be a great insurance policy if we have any injuries.
  • avatar

    Hey Mr. incredible-Loved your movie! Kids did too! As far as Freeman being a franchise QB, I think the term you are looking for is a lame duck franchise qb. If he gets hurt, he is guaranteed to be on the unemployment line. He must have a great season to be a Buc next year. This is NOT a promising start. He looks exactly the same as he does every year, even if Mccoy says he is more vocal or whatever.
  • avatar

    Hey BucWild02- Lay off the ripple. Can we all please get a grip and not run our franchise QB out of town just before he comes into his own. Keep in mind that he has to want to sign an extension here as well. If i'm Josh, I'm thinking maybe this town doesn't deserve my work ethic and commitment level. Fan Tarkington hasn't had anything worthwhile to say since he was tossed off of the That's Incredible TV show in 1983 for locking the Yogi Kudu in that Lucite box and throwing it in the swimming pool. Get a grip, Tampa.
  • avatar

    Simple misunderstanding: Early in his career, Raheem Morris told Freeman to "make fat stacks". Freeman thought he said to "take bad sacks". The rest is history.
  • avatar

    Citing a recent problem Publix has had with their bags, the head of the company contacted Freeman since he is an expert on sacks.
  • avatar

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1g22I_UvWg Tarkenton may go Happy Gilmore all over McCoy
  • avatar

    Freeman's favorite instrument? The sax.
  • avatar

    During practice, even the Bucs D-Line gets sacks on Freeman!
  • avatar

    Silver lining: You never get sacked holding onto the clipboard too long.
  • avatar

    While Mccoy was defending Freeman in the papers, Free just took another sack.
  • avatar

    You can't get better if you don't compete. Practice reps didn't stop Brady from getting work in vs. the Bucs in the preseason game. Why so gentle with Freeman? Heck, even both Mannings played a half in week 2. They are also without some starters on the OL. I'm sure Freeman is a really nice guy, but his game is garbage. He looks most comfortable with a clipboard in his hand and a ballcap on.
  • avatar

    I hope you all remember when many in the media and on the boards were calling McCoy a bust. He remembers it and is not happy that his friend is getting the same treatment. Only God knows the future. The media can only read old articles and view tapes from the past, but what they know about the future could be put in a Dixie Cup. Freeman will do just fine if he can get some help. That is the nature of football. Can't wait for the season to open.
  • avatar

    JiggyJoe-The media makes reasonable assessments based on past production, just like your boss does about you. It's not about the other pieces around Freeman. And please leave god in church. That has nothing to do with Freeman's inability to lead the team to the playoffs or throw accurate passes on time.
  • avatar

    I love what tampa bay own McCoy says about other players and he mean's it! I looked at QB Freemen-Remember fans looked at who Tampa play last week plus they played prior to their pre-season game.NE new what Tampa was doing because they played that week in practice.I think Tampa fans will see a more together football team this week. Considered its week three in Pre-season. One thing I want to bring up I don't care if the Man Revis don't play a single game. If he is ready against the jets that's all that matters. Let the backup's played-GO BUCS George Hicks class of 1964 from HB Plant.
  • avatar

    Tarkenton is 73 yrs old. What is McCoy going to do to this geriatric? Bold man.
  • avatar

    Of course it's Josh Freeman's fault. We fans could never blame anyone else. Couldn't it be that the play simply got messed up? Or do we just feel compelled to cast the old Laugh In "flying finger of fate" at whoever is behind center; unless it's the back-up? We fans love those guys with the baseball caps.
  • avatar

    JM2, I think you got it wrong there. The play called for play action, when Martin saw the linebacker was blitzing, he broke off the play to block the linebacker. Freeman went ahead with the play action, and they collided. Martin saw the play had no chance with a blitzing linebacker, and tried to get to him before he could get to Josh untouched. He read the defense better then the quarterback did.
  • avatar

    I am just saying that Mr. Freeman has to brush up a little harder on that technique, because what I saw looked pretty awful. Please bring it on Saturday so I can shut up. First play from scrimmage....runs into running back. C'mon, fifth year quarterback. Ronde Barber quote "Everyone knows Josh Freeman can't carry this team on his back" Hmmm. It is nice that everyone is defending Josh, it just doesn't look right to me.
  • avatar

    I think that collision with Martin, was on Martin. Freeman was dropping straight back as I recall. He didn't veer off to the side and hit Martin. I think Martin was in the wrong place.
  • avatar

    You got to respect a guy like McCoy. I've never been critical of the team's performance in terms of the final score but perhaps I won't be as critical on the individual performances either in the preseason. Perhaps. I can respect him saying it takes a while to fine tune his technique to be the McCoy we all know and love on Sundays. The total lack of game planning showed last week when the Patriots went to a hurry up and the defense was never ready. Hopefully McCoy can appreciate that us fans are also fine tuning and gearing up to be Bucs fans on Sundays by watching the preseason. When you don't live in Tampa friends and co-workers come up to you and ask you how the team and certain players are looking this year (this just happened this morning) you have to be able to speak intelligently.
  • avatar

    Pinkstob; good point.
  • avatar

    You tell 'em GMAC....can i assume that he voted "No big deal, he will be fine" to the PR poll....for the record, so did I.
  • avatar

    Love Mr. McCoy. Thanks for being a leader!
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