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August 21, 2013 @ 2:41 pm
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More Prepared Barron Ready To Bust Out For Bucs

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mark Barron was expected to make an instant difference in the Bucs secondary when he became the Bucs first overall pick in the 2012 draft. After getting familiar with the NFL his rookie season, Barron is ready to showcase his improvement as he moves to a role he perfected in college.
When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made safety Mark Barron the No. 7 overall pick of the 2012 draft, they knew what they would be getting from the Alabama product. After making his presence felt by laying a huge hit on Carolina wide receiver Steve Smith on opening day last season, Barron was somewhat quiet as 2012 went on.

But Barron will be in a more familiar role for 2013 as he will see more playing time from inside the tackle box — a part of the field Barron played in college. He has already practiced there throughout camp.

“Yeah, I have been doing some of that,” Barron said. “It’s something I’m comfortable with. I did it for three years at (Alabama) so you know I’m most definitely comfortable with it and I feel like it’s going to help this team so I’m most definitely looking forward to doing it.”

Barron recorded his only interception last season in Tampa Bay’s Week 6 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. He ended his rookie campaign with 88 tackles and 10 pass breakups.

The move to a more familiar role may make Barron’s stats jump up as he will be involved in more action close to the line of scrimmage. At the same time, the 23-year old Barron acknowledges 2013 will not be the same as 2012 as far as his position goes and because of that, he still has some learning to do. 

“I mean it’s some difference, but it’s actually not much for me,” Barron said. “At safety it is – but like I said I’m running at a new position – so you know I’m going in there and learning a whole new position. I have the safety thing down pat, but I’m still learning a new position.

“I mean it’s always good to get experience doing different things and I feel like that will help me be a more diverse player so that last year's experience that I had doing different things will most definitely help.”

In 2012, Barron was seen consistently alongside Ronde Barber as he learned the ropes. This year, Barber is not around to continue mentoring. But Barron is ready and he talks about the biggest lesson he took from last season.

“Preparation,” Barron said. “Preparation is key, you know it’s key in college too, but at the same time it’s a whole different level and in the NFL you’ve got those smart guys that have been doing this for years. I feel like that’s probably one of the biggest differences is preparation. The guys are way smarter at the next level so I feel like that’s something I learned from last year.”

Can his preparation translate to an improvement from last year?

“I think it varies and it depends on the person,” Barron said. “That can happen with some players, but other players it might be a bit different. Yeah, I most definitely feel like I’m better. I mean, I have a year of experience and you always get better with experience. You know how something is and it’s always better when you know something’s coming.”
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    I like the change in how Barron will be operating. Hopefully he will be able to compensate for the lack of ability of Mason Foster to cover passes in the middle of the field.
  • avatar

    Thanks for the clarification MC. I wasn't trying to throw anyone under the bus, I was just trying to understand the X's and O's within the article. It looked more like P's and Q's.
  • avatar

    Ditto - no knock on PR intended, you guys do a great job!
  • avatar

    I apologize for the confusion. it was not Mark's fault, but in the transcription that was done. Mark speaks quietly and the person transcribing couldn't hear as clear as needed. Again our fault, not his. Mark is very well versed and communicates his thought well – much better than was printed. I will make sure that a better job is done before it gets printed next time.
  • avatar

    @pinkstob...well said. Between Barron and Coach with his...well, ummm, it's sort of, ya know, he's got a thing, can't say much, things are good...not great...not bad...well kinda okay...I guess good - it's like speaking another totally incomprehensible language. I get the not wanting to give away secrets stuff, but do they speak to each other this way too...no wonder our QB gets confused and our prize DE doesn't know whether to stunt, rush, or sit down.
  • avatar

    @EastEndBoy - LOL
  • avatar

    Correct. Barron played more 'free safety' or center field last year, with Ronde handling the inside the box stuff. This year, Goldson will man CF, leaving Barron as more of our SS. Hope this means we get more big plays out of him.
  • avatar

    Iam glad they took Barron last year and that CB from Miss st this year.And can't wait until day one at week one that he will team up with the the SF product and Revis and Rookie cornerback will be on the field at the same time. I think the Defense will shine early, and the offensive side of the board will soon follow-GO BUCS
  • avatar

    Last year Barron had to cover more ground because Barber was helping the Corners; how soon we forget. Coach has said all along that Barron had a very good season and thought he played great as a rookie. I agree with the Coach. There is no question that we have a good DB situation and when Revis gets in the game it will even better. Once again, same ole story; It's about the Pass Rush! I am keeping my finger crossed that the DB's will make up for the Pass Rush. Go Bucs! "From potential to performance!".
  • avatar

    Glad Barron now will be playing where he did for three years with Bama, and he got a year to watch the master play that position in the NFL. I expect his production to soar this year.
  • avatar

    From what i understood he is learning a new position this year that is different from his role on the bucs last year, and that this new role also happens to be more similar to what he did at bama (as opposed, again, to last year)
  • avatar

    Most definitely pinkstob.
  • avatar

    I truly believe that Barron and David will be the leaders of this defense regardless of who is there. I believe Barron has enough pure talent and works hard enough to emerge as a top 5 safety in this league in the coming years. And David who really noone was expecting to be a big contributor has shown signs of dare I say it being the next Derrick Brooks. This being said I believe we will be competitors this year for the playoffs but we are a couple defensive lineman and a tight end away from being a team that could make a lot of noise!
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