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August 29, 2013 @ 10:43 pm
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Most Impressive And Most Disappointing Vs. Washington

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


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The preseason has come and gone and players who were fighting for roster spots will leave it up to the coaches to make the final decision. Pewter Report takes a look at who played well and who didn't against the Washington Redskins.
The final preseason game is over and the coaching staff will now revert to the film and begin laying out who will stay and who will go. But after a night that featured a less than stellar performance across the majority of all aspects of the game, the decisions will be that much tougher to make. 

With that said, we look at who impressed and disappointed against the Washington Redskins.

Most Impressive
The man who got extensive looks this preseason at returning kicks impressed Thursday night. Page saw three kickoff returns for 69 yards, including one he muffed in the end zone that turned into a 24 yard return. He also added one punt return for 16 yards. As a receiver, Page caught two passes for 25 yards. 

Linebacker Najee Goode has had a quiet preseason but made his name known against Washington. The former Mountaineer had six tackles and one pass deflection. Then, on the following play, Goode picked off former teammate at West Virginia quarterback Pat White and returned it 39-yards for a touchdown, the only Buccaneers touchdown.

Rookie defensive end William Gholston saw a lot of action Thursday night and it paid off. Gholston was in the Redskins backfield several times and was able to move aside tackles at will. As a result, Gholston finished with four total tackles, three were tackles for loss.

The former Florida Gator defended the defensive backfield during his reps under the lights Thursday pretty well. Ahmad Black recorded five tackles against the Redskins and if it were not for him, the score could have been a lot worse. 

The recently signed wide receiver made his debut in pewter tonight as Jordan Norwood was immediately plugged in as the kick returner to start the second half. Norwood returned a kick for 28 yards and showed his versatility by running the ball in the offense. Norwood also caught a pass for 25 yards in the third quarter.

Honorable Mention: DT Akeem Spence, LB Jonathan Casillas, K Rian Lindell

Most Disappointing
Rookie quarterback Mike Glennon looked like rookie Thursday night. He missed open receivers, and at times like tentative in the pocket, the complete opposite of how he has looked this preseason. Glennon finished 7-for-16 for 63 yards, one interception and one fumble. 

Veteran linebacker and 2012 special teams captain Adam Hayward did not have a good game. Several missed tackles resulted in big gains by Washington running backs. His performance on the night may have hindered any discussion of him starting at strongside linebacker.

Much like Glennon looking like a rookie, cornerback Johnthan Banks also played like one. On Washington's opening drive, former Buccaneers receiver Dezmon Briscoe converted on a 66-yard reception that saw Banks take a bad angle on the attempted tackle which lead to the huge. Another missed tackle on a bad angle in the second quarter resulted in Banks registering just one tackle on the night. 

Running back Mike James started the game poorly. On the Bucs first kickoff attempt, Eric Page would have gotten the ball down to inside the 5-yard line of the Redskins but a holding penalty by James erased that. The University of Miami product also had an issue picking up a blitzing linebacker that caused Glennon to get hit as he threw and missed Kevin Ogletree. He finished with 17 yards on four carries before coming down with an eye injury.

The offense was offensive Thursday night. Injuries mounted on that side of the ball – Tom Crabtree (ankle), Mike James (eye), Peyton Hillis  (ankle) in which the coaching staff had to dig deeper into the depth of the team which did not produce any results. For the night, the offense registered 10 first downs,146 yards, and just six points.

Dishonorable Mention: DE Steven Means, K Derek Dimke, S Cody Grimm
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    How could you not include the whole Bucs coaching staff as the number 1 most disappointing for that fiasco that somebody would be crazy to call a football game on our side of the ball.
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    @Buctow: I agree with your comments, although the Bucs usually play down to their competition & make rookie QBs like like all-pros. I expect the Bucs...especially the offense...to come out very sluggish against the Jets but still win a sloppy game. Then they are going to have to show continuous improvement if they are to have a successful season.
  • avatar

    All I know is that the Jets really are going to suck, we couldn't have a better first game. Sanchez was bad enough, but Gino is horrible, so if we win, there is some hope for the Bucs, but if we lose, then bring me my crying towel and I will have little hope for the rest of the year. No excuse will suffice for a loss.
  • avatar

    Preseason is preseason, but I agree with most of you this one was one of the worst. There seems to be a lot of questions envolving all phases of the game. The starting offense is non-existent, Freeman hasn't shown much, ditto on the D-line. We haven't seen the Revis impact yet and Nicks may not get on the field until after the bi-week. The only bright spot may be that our first game is with a team that is struggling. For those who think that Bennett may be an option, Seattle has several injuries on its D-line and he will probably start for them for at least the first 3 games. I have watched many teams loose 4 preseason games and have a great year. At this point we are undefeated. Go Bucs........
  • avatar

    Didn't see game vs. Skins, but the themes running through everyone's posts this am are all on point: Team energy and attitude - hard to fashion an identity when starters do not play: Preseason strategy - more than any Bucs team, this one seems to use these as expensive scrimmages: Rookies are still rookies - Glennon, Spence, Means, etc. may develop into good players in the years to come, but don't see a Doug Martin type impact from this group: Josh - Most of us are concerned, and we should be. Not so much that he's having a poor preseason, but that he had a bad year last year and so far this preseason he looks like the same guy. And agree with Horse and others who have said we need pass rush desperately and we put our money into the defensive backfield. But as of this moment we are tied for the lead in our division. With a full year under his belt, off-season planning, the draft, player moves, OTA's and training camp, this is really the first season we'll see how Schiano's philosophy and coaching style come together on Sunday's. Time to get 'er done!
  • avatar

    This is constructive criticism so don't say it's negative. After watching our starters not score one touchdown this pre season says a lot? Please come out fast with short crisp passes because you know everybody is going to blitz us. The real major concern is still the pass rush so it is now time for Revis to show up ready to go full blast and dominate the other teams best WR. Revis you had your chances to practice and to play in the pre season games and you chose not t,o so no excuses! We gave up a lot for Revis when it was clear that we needed pass rush help immediately. Goldston, Means, Spence will all be decent DL guys, but most not until next season. If Bennett is cut by Seattle I would bring him back to help.; I never thought I would say that. The GM, the Coach, the players have all talked that everything is good to the fans; now it's time to prove it. Go Bucs! Be the Team!
  • avatar

    The only hope I can offer is that there is some precedent for a team to play poorly in the preseason and go on to have a great regular season. The first year that J. Caldwell was the HC of the Colts his team went 14-0 to start the season before he began to rest his starters for the playoffs. That year they went 0-4 in the preseason. Now all we can do is wait to see how the story of our 2013 season will end.
  • avatar

    I agree with the thoughts of the preseason as a whole. The team just doesn't seem to have a lot going for them as far as momentum and attitude and confidence. I'm still not sure that the rough play of Glennon last night is enough for me to think the he can't be a good QB. Reading the recap of the game, it looks so much like a recap of game with our starting QB when he's having one of his bad nights. And Glennon's a rookie who has had a relatively decent preseason other than last night's game in which he was playing with quite a few new teammates. I'm hoping, like most of you, that Coach Schiano hits some switch to turn everyone on and up! I'm hoping Freeman plays like a player that just wants to make plays and not be a coach's pet. I hope Bowers proves the doubters wrong and show exactly why he was always a better option that Bennett. I'm hoping this team comes out in Game 1 and actually put it all on the line.
  • avatar

    While I long ago learned to pay little attention to pre-season games; I must say this 2013 version has been the most pathetic I have witnessed in 36 years. Lackluster would be an improvement. Of course none of us know the plan behind the scenes; (assuming there is one) but what we do see is a team that lacks cohesiveness and any semblance of swagger. The phrase "ho hum" seems appropriate to describe the general demeanor of the team. After Glennon struggled again last night I think those fans who are seeking Freeman's overthrow (no pun intended) can douse their torches. We've now seen each of our opponent's 3rd and 4th QB's look far more impressive than our signal callers. Hey Greg, time to turn on the switch! It's "Go Time" As an aside; the in-game experience sure isn't much fun when the Ravens and Redskin fans (who obviously live here) show up in droves as our little team resembles the Washington Generals being toyed with by the Globetrotters.
  • avatar

    scubog, your words, as usual are right on. Ira Kaufman essentially tweeted the same thing. Never has he seen a Buc team with so much disdain for the preseason. Maybe he's right and this is all just a big ruse and the Bucs will flip a switch and play like we all expect next week. I love the Bucs and promised not to snipe and complain, but remember my words and hold me accountable!
  • avatar

    One more thing. Did anyone watch Schiano's halftime interview? He was not a happy camper. That long face spoke volumes about how he felt about the performance of the team last night and over the past few weeks.
  • avatar

    Instead of calling it "Most Impressive", they should call it "Least Unimpressive". I just couldn't watch the whole thing. Seeing Glennon struggle was disappointing after a good preseason so far. I just hope the product we are seeing on the field this preseason improves dramatically next week against the Jets. I can't help but think the uninspiring performances we have seen by almost the entire team all 4 weeks of the preseason isn't attributed to coaching. I keep repeating to myself "it's only preseason, it's only preseason", but in the back of my mind I know a performance like we have seen this preseason isn't good whether its practice, preseason, regular season, or whatever.
  • avatar

    I think that I've lost hope for this team
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