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August 31, 2013 @ 10:29 pm
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Tynes Lashes Out At Bucs Organization

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs kicker Lawrence Tynes, who along with guard Carl Nicks, were recently diagnosed with MRSA. Both are receiving treatment, with Nicks appearing to be recovering while Tynes case is slow to respond. Tynes lashed out at the organization on Saturday for the way he feels he has been treated.
First Lawrence Tynes wife Amanda went to Twitter last week to voice her displeasure about her perceived treatment by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as her husband fights a MRSA infection. Now Tynes himself is speaking out, and the Bucs kicker who was placed on the non-football injury list recently, is just as angry.

"This whole thing is wrong," Tynes told FoxSports.com. "My biggest emphasis is I don't want this to happen to any current or future player. I'm going to fight this thing as long as I have to, because this team should not be allowed to do this to players.”

Tynes and guard Carl Nicks both were diagnosed with MRSA, a very serious staph infection, earlier this month while practicing in New England against the Patriots. Nicks, according to Bucs head coach Greg Schiano is responding well to treatment, but Tynes, who went to New York to see an infectious disease doctor, appears to be a long way from recovery.

Tynes wife Amanda tweeted a picture of Tynes hooked to a PICC line, receiving intravenous antibiotics last week saying, “I hear my husband is responding "well" to treatment. LOL! He's NOT responding at all yet. This is our #bucslife.”

After Nicks and Tynes were diagnosed with MRSA the Buccaneers had their facility sterilized twice by an outside company specializing in cases like this. So far no other cases have been discovered. It was never officially confirmed that Tynes and Nicks contracted the serious staph infection at One Buc Place, however most, including Tynes, have little doubt.

Placing Tynes on the non-football injury list didn’t sit well with the former Giants kicker, partly because his non-football injury status will not allow this to count as an accrued season toward his retirement pension.

"If I drop a 45-pound plate on my foot while lifting weights in the weight room at the facility, it's IR,'' Tynes said "So I just don't understand how my situation is any different. I went to work, I kicked, I practiced, I cold-tubbed, I hot-tubbed, I showered for all those days there. I come up with MRSA, and it's a non-football injury? They're basically trying to exonerate themselves of this, and I'm not going to allow it to happen."

According to Tynes, the Buccaneers have agreed to pay his $840,000 salary this upcoming season. While Tynes outcome and prognosis is unknown, the odds of Tynes ever playing for the Buccaneers again– healthy or not – is slim to none.

 You can bet this is far from the last that will be heard about the situation. It is hard to imagine this case not ending in some sort of litigation, something the Buccaneers would like to avoid, but appears to be the path that is unavoidable.

Last modified on Saturday, 31 August 2013 23:40

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    absurd and pathetic ! as a doc. who treats tons of workers comp. injuries, many people try to blame infections on their workplace. how do we know tynes isn't the one who brought this into the facility and gave it to nicks ? or they both got it somewhere else.
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    Larry - You had an infected toenail when you reported to camp. You kicked and made it worse. You got injured outside the line of duty and the MRSA infection compounded the problem. As a professional football player, you assume the risk of injury. It's like living next to a golf course - you can't sue for a broken window if golf ball gets sliced off the tee. Take your $840,000 and be happy. Stop having your wife bash the BUCS.
  • avatar

    Tynes is going to lose this fight. The maximum he'd get in retirement benefits from 1 year is about $200,000-250,000. If he fights it and the Buc's pull his $840,000 salary even if he wins a grievance suit he's lost far more money since the Buc's will cut him. He should just shut up and smile all the way to the bank.
  • avatar

    We might want to resist the temptation to pile on here, at least until he recovers. Though he's probably going to be fine, it can be life threatening. The constant overuse of antibiotics is leading to a very serious situation. I hope that none of us ever goes to, or takes a loved one to a hospital/clinic for a minor procedure and comes out with one the antibiotic-resistant "Super Bugs". Death is a real possibility...!
  • avatar

    Tynes stop being such a pu**y. You were only here for 3 or 4 weeks and never kicked in a game. You are being paid by the team to sit on your a$$. If I were BUCS management I would tell him he won't get his salary now, for him being a cry baby. Man up, tell your wife to give you your balls back, and stop crying to the media. Most people live paycheck to paycheck, and you have been blessed with the ability to make millions, so no one feels bad for you.
  • avatar

    If he's getting his $840,000 salary anyway, what's the problem? So this ONE season doesn't go towards your retirement pension? It's called saving and investing well. How many of us would love to have just 1/4 of his salary for this season alone? You best be assured that he's earned several millions of dollars over his career. Quit whining and being a typical, greedy athlete.
  • avatar

    It's a shame that this happened to Tynes. But for his wife to lash out like that in public, it's totally unacceptable. I guess that is the reality in today's social media world of Twitter and the like. I hope Tynes makes a full recovery, but to blame the Bucs is BS. It was a bad break, and the Bucs didn't do anything; fate is more to blame. Move on, bad stuff sometimes happen.
  • avatar

    Quit crying and suck it up as your wife has already made you look bad. There is no crying in football and maybe you are to blame for Nicks being out, so then he should sue you. $840,000.00 to sit home and do nothing...Maybe you are mad because now you have to listen to your wife for a whole year...
  • avatar

    Did we expect anything other than whining from a KICKER?! :-)
  • avatar

    Tynes is the least of the Bucs' worries right now.
  • avatar

    You are ABSOLUTELY correct!!!
  • avatar

    This guy is a little b***ch, that picture of him holding his IV bag on his couch says it all. I feel bad he got the infection, but he was a Buc for about five minutes, and is going to be paid his full salary for the year. He's been in the league more years then most players could dream of, so his pension won't be much less missing one year. The Bucs were more then fair with you Larry, if you need more money, tell that mouth piece of a wife of yours to get a job!
  • avatar

    $840,000? That's when I have to stop feeling bad for the guy. Move on because obviously you never really were a Buccaneer. The bitter whining will get you little pity here. Get well and stay very, very wealthy......sheesh.
  • avatar

    I don't know Macabee and Scubog, this is pissing me off more than it seems to be bothering you guys. I think Tynes is being way to whiny in this case. If I have this straight, both Tynes and Nick got MRSA. They both got treatment from the Bucs, only Tynes went home while Nicks stayed in Tampa. Tynes didn't get better, Nicks did. Tynes probably was pissed he got MRSA in the first place and didn't want to hang around while getting treatment. That was his risk so now it's his problem. If he had stayed in Tampa, they probably would have put him on IR to reward his good faith. He didn't, so the Bucs were like, "Oh, you want to be punk about it? Okay, we can play that way too." In the end, he still gets a his full year's salary for doing nothing. The Bucs have been more than fair and I hope Tynes never plays in the NFL again. Can we please not bring anymore of these whiny @$$ ex-Giants players here anymore (D. Ward, L. Tynes).
  • avatar

    Couldn't have said it better macabee. There was no guarantee Tynes would even have made the team. He should go retire, cash the checks and have a nice rest of his Buclife.
  • avatar

    come on Lawrence, I was with you at first wishing you a full recovery and a continued career in football. I still do wish you a full recovery. But anybody who has a whisper of legal knowledge can see what you're trying to do. On the advice of your lawyer if you can get the Bucs to put you on IR, it is a prima facie acknowledgment that you suffered a work-related injury and is grounds to established a cause of action that you contracted MERSA in a Buccaneer-managed facility where they either had prior knowledge of its existence or was negligent in maintaining a safe workplace. The Bucs have lawyers too and has already shown good faith by paying your full 2013 salary when it has no obligation to do so. There is precedence here in Jurevicius v. Browns where an out of court settlement was made similar to the steps the Bucs have already taken regarding your 2013 contract. Get well soon, take your wife on vacation and tell her to let the lawyers handle this!
  • avatar

    The question is weather the infection came from the Hospital during treatment or did it come form the facility. I know that at the VA Hospital they test all new patients for MRSA (Q tip swabbed inside the nose) upon arrival and upon leaving. Or, did he get it from Nicks or ?
  • avatar

    Wow to me it seams that the Bucs offer is more then fair. $840,000 that you don't have to work for because you got a infection in your foot. In the working mans world you lose both feet and your lucky to get half that !
  • avatar

    Death in most companies is worth less than that...
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