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September 2, 2013 @ 3:05 pm
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Bucs Locker Room Buzz 9-2

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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What did DE Adrian Clayborn say about the Bucs' lack of a pass rush the past two seasons? Will Johnthan Banks start at cornerback vs. the Jets? What did RT Demar Dotson have to say about the mistakes in preseason? Find out in the new feature Bucs Locker Room Buzz.
Clayborn Eager To Forget About His Last Regular Season Game
Bucs defensive end Adrian Clayborn’s last meaningful NFL play ended with him being carted off the field at Texas Stadium in Week 3. For Clayborn, next Sunday can’t come soon enough.

“It is very exciting to finally be back in game week and getting to prepare for an opponent,” Clayborn said. “We got in a little bit of gameplan today, so it is all bring back memories. I am excited for it. Good memories. All except the last game I played in last year (Dallas).”

Clayborn’s recovery was the fastest of the four main injured Bucs (Clayborn, RG Davin Joseph, CB Darrelle Revis and LG Carl Nicks) and as a result, the former Hawkeye played extensively through the preseason, more than the other three combined. Seeing exhibition action was good for the former first-rounder.

“That’s what the preseason’s for, to kind of knock those jitters out,” Clayborn said. “Now I’m just ready to play in a real game that counts.”
With the addition of Revis at cornerback and Dashon Goldson at safety, many are expecting a turnaround season from the defense, including Clayborn.

 “I hope so,” Clayborn said. “We will see on Sunday. I mean we are going to have all our pieces (together) finally. And it should be good. We will see.”

With just 27 sacks in 2012, and 26 in 2011, Clayborn knows getting to the quarterback is a huge priority and something that his unit is being counted on for.

“That’s not really an option,” Clayborn said. “We have to get the pass rush going. The coaches expect it of us, and we expect it of ourselves, so we’re ready to go.”

Banks Coy On Starting Assignment
The official depth chart won’t be released until Tuesday, and even if he knows, rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks wasn’t letting the cat out of the bag to reporters on Monday.

“I’m just going to play my role, whatever Coach [Greg Schiano] wants me to do that’s going to be my role,” Banks said. “I just want to help this team win, that’s it. Whatever I can do to help this team win that’s what I’m willing to do.”
If Banks is the starting corner come Sunday afternoon in New York, he knows he will be tested early and often.

“I’m a rookie, and I’ve got [Darrelle] Revis on the other side, so me or L.J. [cornerback Leonard Johnson] will have our work cut out for us. Whoever the other corner besides Revis is, we are all prepared. We get paid to do this, we’ve just got to go out there and hold up.”
Banks knows that Revis will garner much of the attention on Sunday from a media standpoint, and that is just fine with the rookie from Mississippi State.

“The spotlight is always on him,” Banks said. “Just go out and play my role. [Revis] is a pro, he knows how to handle that stuff, I haven’t seen anything faze him yet. I’m pretty excited just to watch him go out and compete and do what he [does].”

Dotson Ready To Put On His Hard Hat
Offensive linemen in the NFL have always been known as the get-dirty, play-nasty unit fighting in the trenches with little fanfare. Bucs starting right tackle Demar Dotson is ready to get to work – against a real opponent and in games that matter – and show the fans how good his unit can be.

“It is real work now,” Dotson said. “The preseason is over with and it is time to get your mindset on what’s real. Because we have got 16, one-game schedules and we can’t afford the mental mistake we had in the preseason. It is time to work.

“The Jets have a good defense and Rex (Ryan) is going to call up all kind of stuff s we have to be prepared for what they bring.”

Count Dotson as one of many of the Bucs players who are happy to see the preseason come to an end. Dotson also told Bucs fans to be patient.

“It is the preseason, so you are going to have mistakes,” Dotson said. “That is what gets you ready for the season. That is why you play four preseason games. I mean we have been working on it and correcting it. And I know when fans see stuff (like that) they panic. That is why they are fans. We are not pushing the panic button around here. We are taking our time and we will work hard all week and we are going to be ready to go.”
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  • avatar

    @Morgan I can tell you are a "glass half empty" kind of guy. Very pessimistic. This Tampa team is loaded with talent. Let them play some games before you declare the sky is falling.
  • avatar

    Scott Fujita is a bum! if this locker room wasn't getting along there would be ALOT more surprise cuts happening and that didn't happen. There weren't any players dismissed this year for not being "Buccaneer Men ". That seems to be the tell tale sign of someone not buying in.
  • avatar

    What does it say about a team's roster when the GM/HC change about 20% of thte roster in only the last couple of months before the season starts with free agent pickups? Kind of like playing poker and asking the dealer for 2-3 more cards because your hand stinks. Smells desperate.
  • avatar

    I can tell you are a "glass half empty" kind of guy. Very pessimistic. This Tampa team is loaded with talent. Let them play some games before you declare the sky is falling.
  • avatar

    Horse says that he's happy that the payers are buying into Schiano's coaching......how does he know this to be absolutely true?----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Former NFL linebacker Scott Fujita says his sources from the Schiano locker room have painted a picture troublesome to Bucs fans. “Here’s my concern about the Buccaneers. I’ve talked to enough guys who have spent time in that locker room who have raised questions about the head coach,’ Fujita said. “The sense I get sometimes, is that players aren’t buying in. And if you don’t have buy-in in this league, you don’t have a shot.”
  • avatar

    I am extremely happy that the Jets will be our first victims. A real football game to get the kinks out against an opponent that is like McNeese State vs Alabama. It is a should win and therefore a must win game, yes the Jets are professionals as well, but I can't think of a better first game this year to build some confidence. We won't have to be perfect and can still pull it out. Obviously we still have to win the game and the Bucs must take it seriously with a full effort, but I love the odds (and if we don't win, I will totally freak out). Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    We want the Buc's to lose the opening game just like the year they won the SB!
  • avatar

    That is just ridiculous. What team do you root for?
  • avatar

    LET THE FOOTBALL BEGIN! GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • avatar

    The only thing that stinks here is some of the "fans". I like the fact that the Bucs keep making moves to improve the roster. This team definitely needed more than the last two drafts to become competitive. They're not settling for bad fits for our starters, and the recent moves are for depth. That's the way great teams are built. It should also be noted that some of our castoffs made other rosters.
  • avatar

    All good points excal78, but.... I agree 100 % does not matter preseason record. What does matter is the way the starters played. Was there continuity among QB and Receivers? Did QB look comfortable and poised? Did Offensive and defensive lines play well and as a team?Matt Ryan did not struggle and throw less than 50% completion. I'm not overly concerned or being negative, but I can say it's hard to believe the way our starters played in preseason they will magically come out week 1 and light it up? Hopefully having Reevis out there and healthy will help. Hope our D line can actually get some pressure and McCoy and Claiborne aren't the only ones who can apply it. Lot of unanswered questions. More so than the other teams in our division. One thing also that concernes me is the way teams killed Foster in pass coverage. I think we will run the ball well no matter if Nicks is ready or not. Just hope Freeman doesn't have another 2 game slide where he throws 6 or 7 picks again. Go Buc's.
  • avatar

    See the Falcon's preseason for how the starter played and where they went. Any possible preseason thing you can devise the Falcon's have busted. I'd love to say there is a correlation between preseason the the regular season but there isn't. The only safe assumption is don't make assumptions. :)
  • avatar

    The Falcon's went 0-4 in preseason yet they are the favorite to win the division. It seems no one cares what happens in preseason but fans. The good thing is no team that's went 0-4 in preseason as ever won the SB and no team has repeated as division champs in the NFC South so the deck is stacked against the Falcon's this season. FYI: The Falcon's were 1-3 last preseason before going 13-3 and winning the NFC South title. The preseason before that they were 0-4 before going 10-6 and earning a wild-card berth. Preseason is a joke just ask Falcons coach Mike Smith! I hope you enjoy that Morgan & owlykat!
  • avatar

    Can't compare the two franchises. Falcons were a few plays away from the Super Bowl while the Bucs are a bottom dweller for the last several seasons. The Falcons know what they have, Bucs don't. Okay, forget the record, look at the performance. Did you see the top QBs showing that they haven't missed a beat since last season while Freeman looks like Freeman during the last half of the 2012 season. That should concern every Buc fan.
  • avatar

    The best part about this past pre-season is that only Crabtree got injured and it's nothing season-ending. Our play was certainly nothing special. Glad it's over.
  • avatar

    Idk if anyone has realized this but clayborn has yet to play a full season with GERRALD MCCOY yet. If scott gets the start next to mccoy spence and clayborn i might be a little excited to see what they can do together. Then again it would require less Stunts & more straight edge rush from coach sheridan . Either way D line might suddenly not be an issue anymore . Defense in general might not be an issue anymore just depends on coaching . I think mccoy and clayborn should tell coach schiano to boot sheridan to the curb if they keep stunting.
  • avatar

    Pre-season does not equal the regular season. Only an idiot would want to see starters go full tilt, with real risk of season ending injury in meaningless games. Plenty of examples of successful teams not winning pre-season games. Not surprised to see this mentality - considering its source...
  • avatar

    Morgan, I could not have said it better. If the Bucs were just coasting during the Preseason then they did not get quality reps and will not be as prepared as those teams who took it seriously. Frankly, I think it is just trying to justify why the Bucs looked worse this preseason than usual. The Bucs all had quality players pushing them this year more so than previous seasons so I find it hard to believe they didn't try very hard in preseason. They better watch out because the Jets won three preseason games and they got great reps!
  • avatar

    The attitude is already different and you can tell that they're ready to play football. Go Bucs! Be the Team!
  • avatar

    “It is real work now,” Dotson said. “The preseason is over with and it is time to get your mindset on what’s real. Because we have got 16, one-game schedules and we can’t afford the mental mistake we had in the preseason. It is time to work. Concerned about this - you play like you practice, and if you sucked during your practice, you'll likewise suck when it counts. Disappointed that the team didn't seem to take its preseason games as serious as the better teams seemed to take them. This team was in no position to take the preseason games lightly.
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