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September 4, 2013 @ 5:35 pm
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Sullivan Not Losing Sleep Over Poor Preseason Results

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan has completed his first full offseason and second training camp with the Buccaneers. In his second season, Sullivan explains his confidence in both quarterback Josh Freeman and the offense and why the preseason shouldn't be an indicator of success or failure.
Many are still skeptical about how the offense will perform in 2013.

On the minds of several fans and media pundits are the inconsistencies at the quarterback position from 2012 that is mixed with the lack of reps Josh Freeman saw during the preseason. But even with all that, those inside the walls of One Buc Place are confident that the Buccaneers signal caller is the right guy for the job.

Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan is one of them.

"I see a young man that is far more comfortable in what we're trying to do,” Sullivan said. “Albeit, some of the results that we all saw in the preseason weren't what any of us would've wanted, but I think when we look at where we were in terms of when the games have counted, some of the good that we have seen - and again, when you talk about preseason, there's certain things that, schematically, you want to keep under wraps. At times, you're trying to evaluate personnel and isolate certain individuals, so you're not really playing it to the full hilt, so to speak, that you would [in] a regular season game.

"I've seen what he's done in games last year, seen what he's done throughout the spring and the summer and training camp and, with a lot of cumulative reps, how he's developed and continued to grow and do a lot of good things. So I share coach's [Head Coach Greg Schiano]'s confidence in him, and [I'm] excited for him to get this opportunity to go out against a great opponent and see what he's made of.”

Freeman isn’t alone. The entire offense has been under fire for posting unsatisfactory numbers as they head into the regular season. However, the difference between preseason and regular season is night and day. The coaching staff knows what they have just by watching practice and with that, gain confidence in the unit’s potential for their 2013 campaign.

Sullivan touched on that confidence Wednesday afternoon.

"Confident is a word you'd say, 'How can you be confident?" Sulivan said. "Did you see the same preseason games I saw?' I know there's no question the level of the execution and some of the - you can go across the board,” Sullivan said. “I can't emphasize it enough, the objective of a preseason, and the preparation that goes into those specific games and the amount of practice time and rust and just the whole process that takes place. The process that takes place, for us as an organization, from the end of that game up until we kick the ball off on Sunday is certainly different than the process that we had leading up to the Ravens game or the New England game, when we're up there practicing against those guys, or, down the line, Miami and Washington, so [it's] certainly disappointing. If I had my choice, would I have loved for us to have just lit it up and just been outstanding and, 'Okay, first team, ten plays, touchdown. You guys are out,' yeah. I'm a competitor, who wouldn't?

"But the objectives and the things that we wanted to accomplish, I feel good about where we're at. I feel confident that we're better than we were when training camp started, and I'm really excited about going out and playing these games for real and being able to get this season started."

Many are saying this could be a “make it” or “break it” year for head coach Greg Schiano and/or general manager Mark Dominik. Hopes are riding high on the offense’s production this season, going as far as saying it needs to improve. Well last season, Tampa Bay was a Top 10 offense under the offensive playcalling of Sullivan. So if the Bucs offense needs to improve, does that mean they need to improve to, perhaps, a Top 5 offense?

If the coaching staff is confident, it sure sounds like it could turn into a reality.
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    I wouldn't expect a coach on ANY team to be less than optimistic this time of year. I like Coach Sully & think the offense will be at least as good as last year (especially if Freeman is more consistent). It's Sheridan and his defense that I'm most worried about (especially his inexplicable stunting of DL on quick 3-step passing plays).
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    The time for speculation is over, we get to see the real deal Sunday. I think they will be fine, although if they did start the game with a 10 play drive for a touchdown, it would make me feel a whole lot better.
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    Morgan what about that 40-9 thumping the Pats took? Brady went 16-24 185 1 int.
  • avatar

    I'd die from shock if Freeman went 16-24, 185 yds in a short stint during a preseason game. Those are pretty decent numbers, wouldn't you agree?
  • avatar

    Iam agree with him and I would love to have the bucs start off 4 &0 and the BYE week, and rest of the division will be shock. GO BUCS NYJETS-12-TAMPA bAY bUCS 27. rEVIS WILL INTERCEPTED THE BALL AT LEAST 3 TIMES, AND mARTIN AND Jackson WILL HAVE AT LEAST 1 TD EACJ.go bucs
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    The Falcon's purposely sucked the last 3 years and still made the playoffs. If people panic over preseason they don't understand football. That said the Buc's needed to go 4-0 for ticket sales help. I get to see every game with Sunday Ticket though. :)
  • avatar

    Losing games and sucking are two different things - teams like the Falcons lose, but their starters who play a few series of downs beat the team across from them.
  • avatar

    Didn't see Manning Brees or Brady purposely suck during August.
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    The Falcon's purposely sucked the last 3 years and still made the playoffs. If people panic over preseason they don't understand football.
  • avatar

    that's because they had better players at almost every position on the field
  • avatar

    If the "objective" was to go out there and play poorly to fake them all out, then I would say mission accomplished.
  • avatar

    Or they could all be on their way out.
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