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September 4, 2013 @ 7:08 pm
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Revis Sharing His Knowledge of Jets With His DB Teammates

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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It has been almost one year since Bucs CB Darrelle Revis has played a meaningful down of football. That all changes Sunday. Revis spoke to the media on Wednesday and shared his thoughts on his return, former coach Rex Ryan and what he can do to help his current teammates.
Since the NFL schedule came out late last April, one game has intrigued most Bucs fans more than any other.

Not just because it signals the opening of the season, but instead because former Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis will travel back to face the team who drafted him, squabbled with him and then eventually decided they could live without him, trading him to the Buccaneers just prior to last April’s NFL Draft.

On Wednesday, while standing at the podium in the media room at One Buc Place, Revis told reporters that it isn’t about him versus the Jets.

“It’s finally here (and) I’m excited, man,” Revis said. “I’m not just excited about me getting back out there, but just this team. We’ve worked hard in training camp and we’re ready. We’re ready for this season.”

Playing his former team is motivation undoubtedly, but Revis said on Wednesday he hasn’t really thought about what his emotions will be as he runs out of the tunnel on Sunday.

“I really don’t know, I’m really not trying to think about that right now, because that would be something in the moment, at that time, in those seconds, in those minutes,” Revis said. So I really don’t know. As of right know I’m trying to get prepared. Trying to sit here and study there offenses – it’s a totally new offense from what we had previously when I was there. I just got to study everything and get this offense down.”

Having played in New York over the last six seasons definitely helps getting the Jets offense down, and Revis hasn’t been shy to share his insight with his fellow defensive back teammates.

“They have Steven Hill, who’s a deep threat,” Revis said. “I’m sure they’re going to get him deep. They have [wide receiver Jeremy] Kerley, he’s a gadget guy – he was a quarterback back in his college days a little bit in high school. I know [wide receiver] Santonio [Holmes]; I don’t know if he’s up or not. I know these guys, I played against them every day in practice. I got a bunch of tips, I got a bunch of tips on those guys; and the good thing about it, I’ve been sharing them with our secondary. Telling [cornerback] Leonard [Johnson] tips about these guys, telling [cornerback] Johnthan Banks, telling [safety] Dashon [Goldson] about it and [safety] Mark [Barron] as well. I think we will come in, in this game really comfortable, we really will, just from the experience I had there and knowing these guys.”
While Revis feels he may have a competitive edge, he also knows Jets had coach Rex Ryan will throw everything he has at the Buccaneers.

“I know Rex very well and I know he’s going to play hard-nosed football; he’s an aggressive coach,” Revis said. “He’s going to let it rip Sunday no matter who’s across from him, and that’s fine. He’s a competitor, I’m a competitor. I think the biggest thing is me just going out there and playing. The thing is, I don’t know how many reps I’m going to get, but I got to make sure the reps I do get when I go out there and play [are] on point.”

On Sunday, at MetLife Stadium, and all of the hype, expectations and question marks will begin to finally be answered over the course of three hours. For Bucs fans – and Revis – Sunday can’t come soon enough.

Last modified on Wednesday, 04 September 2013 19:18

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  • avatar

    For gods sake! Its the jets.Revise or no Revise.We will win
  • avatar

    @76Buc: MOST of us Bucs fans have major worries about EVERY game, so don't feel alone. If we can just get some semblance of rush from our D-line in this game, we'll be just fine.
  • avatar

    Major worries about this game.
  • avatar

    The sooner we all realize that this coaching staff uses the preseason to evaluate young players and avoid injuries to key starters, the quicker this type of discussion will stop. We had the same comments last year about preseason and we ended up with a top 10 offence. Isn't that better evidence of the quality of our starters than a few practice snaps?? Add some D, and we'll be fine. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    I couldn't agree more, nmkinley!
  • avatar

    I will be watching in East Texas on Direct TV GO BUCS-How about 10 & 6 and a little luck- GO BUCS & GEORGE HICKS WILL BE FOLLOWING THEM.
  • avatar

    They need Revis every game period. In life you need to take risks to get the big rewards. If we want a 4-12 season then Revis can take his time. If you want a 10-6 season we needed him now.
  • avatar

    And Horse I don't think we gave up alot for Revis..I mean look at his replacement on the Jets...the pick that the so called experts where saying was our best bet if we couldn't land Revis...is he even starting?? regardless of whether he is, his own HC already proclaimed that he'll never be like Revis...geesh what a vote of confidence from ur boss...Besides..it's his first week back and as I believe you've stated urself, why risk him against the Jets when we'll CLEARLY need him more the following week against brees and the saints..
  • avatar

    Buc4life79, the point I was trying to make was that for over two weeks Schianio has hinted that Revis is cleared and ready to play some football, but it is Revis decision as to when he will actually play. The problem that I see is like when a soldier gets wounded, and they are bandaged up and sent back to the battle, and stars questioning their fortitude; someone needs to tell them to bet back in the battle because you are needed; that would be the Coach.
  • avatar

    Bellicheck had Ty Law...Schiano has Revis...I hope the super bowl winning results are the same.
  • avatar

    Well I am surprised that Revis is talking about a certain amount of reps only! What's with that? Why didn't he play a few plays in Game 3 & 4; Schiano hinted and hinted about it, but he really had no say so as to when Revis would play. One thing I know for sure; Revis you better play good because we gave up a lot for you!
  • avatar

    Anyone really surprised to hear this?
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