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September 9, 2013 @ 9:50 am
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Sunday's Bucs-Saints Game Will Be Televised Locally

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers home opener with the Saints will be shown on local television this week the team announced on Thursday. In 2012 only two of eight regular season home games were broadcast locally.
Coming off a season opening disaster at New York last week, and with negative headlines all over the place this week, Buccaneer fans finally got a bit of good news on Thursday when the team announced that enough tickets were sold to lift Sunday’s blackout.

The 4 p.m. contest with the interdivisional rival New Orleans Saints will be show locally, broadcast by WTVT-Fox 13.

Sunday’s game will mark just the third Bucs home game to be seen locally since last season, when the Saints were also in town. December's Eagles game was also seen locally after reaching the ticket sold threshold. Going back to the beginning of the 2011 season, 19 of the previous 23 home games have been blacked out locally.

The Buccaneers once again this year took the 85 percent deal offered by the league that allows home games to be televised if 85 percent of the general admission seats are sold 72 hours prior to kickoff.

Last week there were no blackouts in the NFL although the San Diego Chargers were granted a 24-hour extension for their Monday night game with the Houston Texans.

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  • avatar

    Thanks to the WHODAT nation!
  • avatar

    half the stadium will be WhoDats
  • avatar

    Owlykat: It's TEBO.........W. There is no chance in the world that this team or any other NFL team is going to bring in Reverend Tim. He needs to find another career path. One lucky pass does not make a QB.
  • avatar

    My focus is on the coaching; now everybody can see what is or is not.
  • avatar

    Go Bucs! Maybe 50/50 freeman will have a great week after his awful week last week.
  • avatar

    TBO.com says it's blacked out. chanel 8 says NOT blacked out. GREAT!
  • avatar

    The header says ....Bucs-Saints game will be televised locally....that's good news isn't it....an yet we still need to fill replies with Freeman trash.....check the rest of the boards the trash is building up everywhere....seems less depressing to sit in on local funerals...
  • avatar

    This is Awesome for Bucs fans. Been along time. Now we got to back it up with a win! GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    We will win this one! GO BUCS!
  • avatar

    Me and my boys will be at this game yelling our heads off like we are at every home opener. I'm glad it's sold out because if we win everyone will see it and it would put out a lot of fires that have combusted amongst the media and fans. Hear me out but I actually feel better about this game than I did Jets game. I felt like we could only lose that game. If we won we lost because we only beat the Jets so who cares. If we lost then we really lost bad but a loss is a loss. This week it's the opposite. If lose it was expected by almost everyone and we're already at rock bottom after losing to the Jets so we can't feel any worse. If we win...WE WON! There will be blood in the water, a feeding frenzy by the media and this time it will be the Saints that will be the main course!
  • avatar

    All of this "news" on Freeman inclines me to suspect that he may be having trouble dealing with the pressure and is resorting to unhealthy activities, which are exacerbating his problems and leading the coach to lose faith in him, as his dependability is now questionable.
  • avatar

    No blackout SWEET!
  • avatar

    After finding out that Freeman didn't even show up for the Buc's group picture this year and was way late for a football camp he was putting on and said he had had car trouble, I am beginning to think there is more wrong with Freeman than just having to put up with Schiano's Coaching. It certainly squares with how erratic and befuddled Freeman has appeared for a long time on the football field and his resultant poor production. There is no sign he is coming out of his fog either. I believe our Offensive Line will play better this week, Doogie will run better especially with a FB blocking for him this time as I recently suggested, and the Defensive Line should play better, and I believe Revis will be back to his form too, but I also agree with Schiano that if there is not better passing this week, we are not going to win this game. I think Freeman is crumbling under the pressure that is compounding with Schiano trying to blame the Jet's loss on him. So while I am happy more fans will get to see this game, at the same time I am sad they will see another close loss by the Bucs! We need Tebo here fast!!
  • avatar

    Good to know that I'll again be surrounded by opponent fans at a home game. Almost better when the games are blacked out and only a smattering of Bucs fans are in attendance.
  • avatar

    How big is the storm getting around this game....if anything bad happens the whole Buc community is now watching....we better win this one or next week's fire storm will be unbareable...
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