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September 11, 2013 @ 5:00 pm
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Schiano: Reports Of Captain Vote Manipulation "100 Percent False"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Despite wide-spread reports of a players-only meeting this week, sources told PewterReport.com a meeting was in fact held, but took place last week prior to Sunday's Jets game. PewterReport.com was also told the legitimacy of QB Josh Freeman not being named a team captain was not a topic of the meeting.
Last week when it was announced who the 2013 Buccaneers team captains were, quarterback Josh Freeman’s name was surprisingly absent.

The Bucs roster – without input from the coaching staff – named wide receiver Vincent Jackson and guard Davin Joseph as offensive team captains for the upcoming season, but not Freeman, who has been a team captain on offense since the 2010 season. The revelation that Freeman was not chosen by his teammates immediately raised some red flags.

On Wednesday a report by ProFootballTalk.com stated the Buccaneers had called a players-only meeting, and one of the reasons was to discuss about the legitimacy of the vote, indicating some may have felt the vote was manipulated by the coaching staff.

Tampa Bay Times beat writer Rick Stroud on Wednesday afternoon spoke to head coach Greg Schiano, who disputed the reports.

"The players vote, (and) the votes are tabulated by me,'' Schiano told Stroud.

Stroud asked Schiano to confirm that Freeman was not elected.

"That's what I said, yeah,'' Schiano said. "I know there's a story out there. It's 100 percent false.''

Sources also told PewterReport.com that there was no players-only meeting at One Buccaneer Place this week following the 18-17 loss to the New York Jets, however there was one prior to Sunday’s game, but the topic discussed had nothing to do with the vote on the captains.

Last week, Schiano addressed the situation about Freeman not being elected a team captain.

"I know one thing, Josh is going to lead," Schiano said. "Josh is a leader. So I'm not concerned about that. If you look the last two years, Davin didn't play last year. So when we voted, Davin was out for the year and the year before Vincent wasn't on the team. So those two guys are strong leaders and it just so happens Josh is on a team with other strong leaders. But I wouldn't read to that that Josh isn't a leader. To a man, I think every offensive player will tell you, 'we follow No. 5.' I think it's a good thing. I guess it all depends how you look at it. I'm fine with it."

PewterReport.com will continue to follow the story and update it as warranted.
Last modified on Wednesday, 11 September 2013 17:20

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    Enough of the Tebow talk already. He and I are of eternal kindred spirit -- but he just is not the answer. What we really need is for these "men" to man up and earn their bloated pay check(they know who they are).
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    This is getting fugly. Only one week into the season, oh my...
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    Schiano, as much as he micromanages, should have never put himself in the predicament with the team captain voting. That's what assistants are for. Really stupid move - and now I have my doubts about his veracity.
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    All I know is that something's wrong and it's affecting the product on the field, which is when I start caring. Unfortunately we probably won't know most of the details until a year or two from now. When players and coaches have moved on and are free to speak their mind. I would much rather have players or coaches getting in trouble with the law than whatever is going on at One Buc Place, because trouble with the law never seems to translate to the product on Sundays. Even if someone is suspended that's just a few games and they come back hungry. This is going to linger and reduce our ability to win all year.
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    his mentor had spygate...he has votegate....guess he felt left out.
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    Players only meetings are for losing teams. Not a good sign... Winning teams do not have players only meetings that make the press.
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    Team is in turmoil. Embarrassed last week in the Big Apple. Call your bookie and bet the house on New Orleans. Thank me later.
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    I don't know if there's anything to this or not. The first thing that should be done is to determine if a players-only meeting was actually held and why was it called. It doesn't matter if the vote was manipulated or not. If the players believed something was afoul and felt a need to come together and talk about it, Schiano has already received a no confidence vote. It means they don't trust him whether he did anything or not. Not a good sign for a team already struggling to pull it together. I'm going to give Schiano the benefit of the doubt and believe he has more integrity than that. However, the mere fact that something like this could occur casts a dark shadow over One Buc Place.
  • avatar

    Florida is well known for their problems with vote counting !
  • avatar

    so basically new coach, qb, and gm next year. this sucks. penn overrated, freeman I cant say but after so many starts hell has to be at least close to 48 that's four seasons, he sucks compared to a lot of nfl qbs
  • avatar

    Well Schiano did spend some time in Chicago where there is history of some questionable voting practices. Does he really care who says "heads"?
  • avatar

    Bucs have a snitch in the locker room. Second season in a row that Florio has a mole reporting things that are happening behind the scenes - most of the time it has been critical of Coach Schiano. Who's the culprit? I think it's Penn. That fatass was all pouty on the sidelines when Vjax (team captain by the way) told him to block better.
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    Well I don't understand why the media put more into what really went down last Sunday.Well fans the hit late in the game it was a big mistake-but the team has to start someplace. I see other teams do more hitting than Tampa does. It was a loss period.Now I hope1. Freeman wakes up and does better communication.Right Now Lets bring in Tee Bo and prepared the Rookie for the job,UNLESS FREEMAN WAKES UP. LETS SAINTS WALK THE PLANK.GO BUCS
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