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September 15, 2013 @ 10:31 am
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Report: Freeman Seeking Trade From Buccaneers?

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The swirling winds of trouble surrounding the Buccaneers franchise continued Sunday morning with a new report that Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman may soon demand a trade before the October deadline. Call to Freeman's representatives were not returned.
Quarterbacks sleeping late and missing meetings. Head coaches rigging team captain votes. A highly contagious, penicillin-resistant bacteria floating around a building. Power struggles in management. Oh and did we mention the starting quarterback reportedly set to demand a trade?

No, this isn’t a new sports-based reality television series, or sensationalistic novel set to hit shelves soon, but instead is the reported state of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the last two weeks.

Sunday morning Buccaneers fans woke up to a report by CBSSports.com writer Jason La Canfora who wrote, “Freeman is likely to ask for a (trade) deal ahead of next month's trade deadline.”

La Canfora went on to write, “Furthermore, several executives on other clubs believe Schiano's refusal to ever really endorse Freeman is an attempt to undermine general manager Mark Dominik, who drafted Freeman in the first round prior to Schiano's arrival from Rutgers and who has also worked diligently to add talent to that roster in recent years. Many around the league believe Schiano would like to have full roster control as well, viewing Freeman – who threw for over 4,000 yards and nearly 30 touchdowns last year – as a pawn in a would-be power struggle.”

If the latest report proves to be true, Tampa Bay’s high-anticipated 2013 season is on the verge of unraveling. But as many have pointed out, winning cures almost everything.

The Buccaneers can go a long way in quelling the rumors and controversies with a win against their NFC South rival New Orleans Saints Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.
One a side note, PewterReport.com does want to point out reports last week that the Buccaneers organization may have been behind the leak of Freeman missing the Bucs team photo are completely false. PewterReport.com received the information on the team photo days prior to any reports of the captain’s vote potentially being rigged. And a source, who actually saw the votes, confirmed to PewterReport.com that the votes were in no way manipulated.

Calls to Freeman’s agents were not returned to PewterReport.com Sunday morning, but we will continue to monitor and update the situation.

Last modified on Thursday, 03 October 2013 14:41

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    @Bucwild02: Where should we go for Freeman's replacement? Surely Glennon has not impressed you that much?
  • avatar

    If the Bucs can get a case of beer and a bag of stale peanuts for Freeman, I say take the deal!
  • avatar

    Gary Shelton and Tom Jones are hyping this rumor. Freeman and coach Schiano are denying it. Some fans are wanting it. Others think it's just flat out ridiculous. I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, It's good to see improvements in some really key areas. I would like to see Ogletree get going to increase the amount of targets for Freeman. I would like our hard hitting secondary hit the right "strike zone." A pattern diciplinded tight end would be golden. Come on guys!! Go Bucs!!
  • avatar

    Don,t you think that Freeman is the kind of young man that, Raheem realized , needed his ego fluffed a little. His best times where when Free heard things like, "It's all about #5". Schiano says things like" I like competition at every position". Not reassuring to Freeman. Vinny Testeverde had the same issues, I think,that Freeman is having right now. The news media is not helping Freeman with all there speculation and rumors. Its time for a coach to bring out the best in his players. Its also time for Freeman to put his big boy pants on and produce in this what have you done for me lately league. Good luck to both Freeman and Schiano. Hope you both figure it out quickly! Because after you both are gone We Bucs Fans will still be here!
  • avatar

    if we have the choice of schiano or dominick, i'll take domininick if we have the choice between schiano or freeman, i'll take freeman schiano doesn't seem to have what it takes to keep things positive. far too many penalties, disorganization, infighting.... that points to the head coach. it seems like a cluster truck already, and it's just game 2. we almost had kelly. go bucs.
  • avatar

    simple soulution: Trade Freeman, fire the Shianomik demon (we lost a pick for next years draft because a trade; so lets get one back - Free should be worth a 3rd - or even more, dont you think?)
  • avatar

    This is a complete mess. The coach must go. He is trying to hide his undermining through Freeman's faults. He stinks as a coach.
  • avatar

    i agree.
  • avatar

    Did anyone actually read LaCanfora's story. It nowhere states that his assertion is backed up by any source, confidential or otherwise. The sources his cites pertain to the perception of Schiano around the NFL and by the Bucs' players in general, not relating to Josh seeking a trade. To me, LaCanfora looked at the mess that has become the Bucs, specifically the relationship between Freeman and Schiano, and stated that, " ...a trade request by Freeman is one of few options available to the youngster." While that may be true, it doesn't mean that Josh will seek a trade or that the Bucs would try to trade him midseason. It is simply another example of the media throwing gas on the fire. I think the Glazers place more value on Dominik than Schiano. If it came down to them firing Schiano or trading Freeman mid-season, my bet is that they fire Schiano. Keep in mind that there are several coaches on the staff who are qualified to step in as an interim head coach. If they trade Freeman, what does that say to Revis, Goldson, Martin, McCoy, Jackson, Williams, Nicks, Joseph and all the other vets on the team about this season? They would be giving up before the bye week.
  • avatar

    Retinadoc: I couldn't agree more. Additionally, the sources used by the writer are executives on other teams. Wouldn't it be natural for them to support the executive (Dom) on the Bucs by saying the coach may be undermining the executive?
  • avatar

    They need to get rid of Schiano and give Josh a coach who cares! He will never be given a chance with Schiano! I believe he is a terrible coach! He is poorly prepared to his team and players! It the players could really talk I think they would man up and say they have no confidence in the coach! I think Mark is in a hard place right now. The Glaiser's should realize their mistake and get rid of the coach before the team goes down, down and the season is lost!
  • avatar

    Irresponsible reporting by PR.com to extend rumors - no where was it reported #5 asked for a trade - stop making sh,t up
  • avatar

    As I've been saying for several yrs, Dom & Hickey have been at the scene of the crime for far too long now. Te Glazers have been distracted by their billion $ soccer bet causing them to starve the Bucs' roster and lose the most talented coach they've ever had (admittedly a low bar to clear) but, finally, time is up. Free has pot'l physically but lacks both the intellect and intense focus req'd to win consistently in the NFL. The data points we've seen since drafting him are all lining up - he doesn't have the head nor the heart for it. As if it's Schiano's fault for not wanting to commit to him - who would? Could he go on to have a couple surprising seasons on a more complete team with a more experienced head coach? Sure, but we have neither of those.
  • avatar

    Curious this story comes out 3 hours before game time. Even more curious is that Freeman's agent is refusing to comment on the story. Jason LaCanfora is no hack. He is a credible and respected NFL reporter. There is something going out here that is going to catch fire. I find it interesting that Mark Dominik has conveniently or consciously been absent the last week or so. Usually I don't care to listen to Freeman's press conferences, but I'll be waiting with bated breath to hear his after game presser today!
  • avatar

    to all you people who believe josh is the answer look at the facts he has never been good or a consistent winner college or nfl. he sucks just because you like him personally or he was a first round pick the eye in the sky doesn't lie he has one good game three bad, it will suck but its about time to move on and no glennon is not the answer
  • avatar

    I cannot believe that Coach Schiano rigged the vote. PewterReport confirms this; this is on Josh. I'm a Josh Freeman fan; it's probably hard for most Bucs fans here to believe that I'm a lot like him personality wise, but I think Josh is freaking out on Glennon competition.
  • avatar

    Thank you mr incredible! Dom needs to stay and if anyone needs to go its schiano. This team can still keep it together with or without him so he either needs to adapt and work on his own game management and schemes or get his a$$ out of here. I really hope they can rally around eachother and win today! Block the outside out and FOCUS
  • avatar

    Not buying this Mark. This team has been built to win now. If Freeman is gone this is a 5-11 season.
  • avatar

    Games aren't won or lost in the media. They're won on the football field.
  • avatar

    Josh Freeman just made this the biggest start of his Bucs career. A win can silence this and refocus the team, a loss would turn this into a mess. Go Bucs we need a win!
  • avatar

    He has everything needed to succeed, including multiple opportunities. Just one thing lacking, maturity.
  • avatar

    My goodness. What a freakin' mess. Can't we all just keep this crap turned down and play some games to see how good this team is before we unilaterally blow it up? Reality television at One Buc. Hard to watch and really hard to want to support. Let's also point out that the last time we had a coach on a power trip trying to undermine our GM, we ran the best GM we ever had out of town (Richie McKay) and set up Gruden with a rubber stamp GM as an autocrat. That was a disaster. We CANNOT let Schiano have total say on personnel. Please tell me the Glaziers have learned this lesson already.
  • avatar

    At what point does Freeman take responsibility for his position. I am tired of all the Freeman talk. This year EVERYOEN said it all rests on #5. Well, if he is missing meetings, still making dumb mistakes, shows no fire or care for his job, start someone else. It CAN'T get worse I agree. Give another QB a good RB, a pro bowl WR, and GREAT #2 wr, and see what they can do. The D looks like it's coming around, what do you have to loose.
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