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September 15, 2013 @ 9:36 pm
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Freeman Denies Trade Report; Schiano Takes Blame For Loss

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Following Sunday's loss to the New Orleans Saints, quarterback Josh Freeman spoke about a report earlier Sunday that said the Bucs QB would likely request a trade. Head coach Greg Schiano denied knowledge of the report and also took the blame for the 16-14 defeat on Sunday.
Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman flatly denied a report from early Sunday saying he may ask for a trade before the October deadline.

“No not at all,” Freeman said. “That the first I heard of it, literally was 10 seconds ago, right before I walked in here. Without a doubt I am a Buccaneer and am continuing to prepare and try and go out every week and give my team a chance to win the game.”

Freeman was also asked if possibly the trade demand story could have originated from someone inside his camp.

“Not that I have… if it is going on I need a camp then because there is nothing I’ve heard,” Freeman said.

Head coach Greg Schiano also refuted the report.

It's new to me," Schiano said. "We haven't had any conversations along those lines."

While a trade may not be happening, Freeman’s grip on the starting position could be slipping if he and the offense continue to struggle. Schiano was asked about Freeman continuing to be the Bucs starting quarterback next week and beyond and didn’t give the most overwhelming vote of confidence.

(Hesitating) I see no reason why he shouldn't be,” Schiano said. “I mean I have to evaluate the tape. This is kind of out of left field a little bit. I'm not even thinking about that.”

Schiano went on to assume part of the blame for the woeful offense and the passing game in particular.

"I'm going to have to look at the tape to see what's going on,” Schiano said. “It's just not the quarterback. It's squarely on me. I'm the head football coach and when we're not doing things offensively that we're capable of doing - mostly in the pass game. I thought we ran the ball very well today. Doug (Martin) and the line, I thought it was a good effort that way. We have to look at what we're doing coaching wise, what we're doing execution wise. Again it falls on me. Doesn't fall on anybody else. It's my job to make sure we get it prepared and executed on game day and certainly we didn't do that today.”

Freeman has yet to complete 50 percent of his passes this season including the preseason (36-of-79, 45.6 percent). Freeman said that must improve.

“Well it is interesting because it is really hard to say exactly what it is,” Freeman said. “We have taken our shots (downfield). We have played two man (coverage) teams off the bat and that tends to lower it a bit but you wouldn’t expect it to be below 50 percent. We are just going to continue to see exactly what it is, pinpoint it whether it is accuracy whether it is finding a way to throw different routes. I don’t know what it is going to be but I know we will find out what it is and definitely raise that.”

While Freeman is struggling, so far there doesn’t appear to be any division among the locker room, although center Jeremy Zuttah had a brief heated moment late in the game.

“I can’t do that kind of thing,” Zuttah said. “It doesn’t help us. It doesn’t help us move the ball. It doesn’t help us get points. That’s on me and I won’t do that again.”

Zuttah said the Buccaneers players need to rally around their quarterback.

“We need to continue to do a better job around him,” Zuttah said. “We have to protect better and there are balls that need to be caught. It’s not all on Josh. It’s the whole offense. It’s 11 guys and we have to rally around him.”

The road ahead doesn’t get any easier for Schiano, Freeman and the rest of the Bucs, with a trip to New England to face the Patriots on the slate next Sunday.

This team is a resilient team,” Schiano said. “Their head coach is a resilient guy; he's tough. We're fight our way right off it. But I understand that there will be a huge contingent that makes it difficult for us to do that but it doesn't matter. These guys are tight, they'll stick together, they'll work together, we'll work at it. We have a great challenge next week playing a good team coming off a little bit extra rest and it doesn't matter. (We have) got to get ready and go up to New England and find a way.”


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    Just face it this QB has lost every year college and pros but you think he going to turn around and start winning? He is not a bad guy and can throw that ball. But winning as a QB is a lot more mind over matter you have to feel comfortable controlling the game. They show up early, watch film, talk to everybody and be the voice of the team. He who controls the game wins . Winners always have to be in control... Always!!!
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    Mark, If your not biased against Freeman then why don't you mention all the dropped passes that Freeman delivered that were dropped. Vincent Jackson dropped two 3rd and long passes that were right in his hands. Both would have been first downs. Ogletree dropped a perfect pass. Doug Martin dropped at least 2 passes. I did not count them all, but I bet there had to be at least 12 dropped passes in the first two games. That is not Freemans fault. Josh has been very accurate the first 2 games. Go back and watch the games again like I did. If Josh was playing bad I would call for his head too, but lets not blame te wrong guys. I think the game was lost when on 3rd and 6 (our last offensive play) we ran the ball. What a boneheaded call.
  • avatar

    there were some drops and the receiving corps (WR TE) arent very good, but Freeman is just awful in that offensive sheme. maybe, if he gets enough weapons and they sheme around his talents AND we have great defense, then he could be a super bowl QB.. other than that, he is simply not good enough. a very very good back up ala Rex Grossman
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    Freeman is not the answer and never should have been the answer. He was drafted by Dominik and Raheem Morris. The only reason his draft stock rose that year was because he is a good athlete and has good size for the Qb position. Morris and Dominik did not make very good personal decisions together and so far it seems Dominik and Schiano want to win and are starting to gather some good players to compete. I think Schiano should stay because he coaches a physical game and seems to have made some good decisions with Dominik. They drafted Martin, David, and Barron and brought in Pro Bowl players (V Jax, Nicks, Revis, Goldson). When they are healthy they are good, even though they hurt themselves with stupid penalties (false starts and delay of game's). Those penalties go on Schiano and the whole offense, not just Freeman and Schiano. I do have to say since Freeman has been the starter, there have been reports that he is a very hard worker, but he isn't that smart. If this is the case he should have never been the starter. Its obvious that in the NFL, you have to have a very intelligent Qb. Their offense is limited to simple routes because of Freeman. The last few years all they run are fades, flys, curls, and slants. This goes on the offensive line too, but good Qb's today get the ball out in 2 seconds or fewer. Sorry if this comment is a little lengthy, but the Bucs are getting some very good players thanks to Schiano and Dominik. I believe they should be here moving forward and they should just work hard this year and get a Qb in the draft. This draft is deep at Qb, depending on who declares. I hope the Bucs continue to win, but Freeman isn't the answer and neither is Glennon, so I see nothing wrong in already looking forward to the draft.
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    HORSE- In that case you will not be able to respond to future postings...I doubt that. You may have bought into articles/ reports that quite frankly are garbage. Unless you are immature and abandoning your team because you are not getting what you want. Either way, STOP and come back to being yourself and don't let all this drama get to you!
  • avatar

    Hey Mark Cook, Here is a story for you. Josh Freeman is going to demand to be the quarterback, the head coach and head cheerleader next week. Go ahead and print it as fact without checking if it true or not. Because that is your new style. You printed 2 totally false stories this week. Shame on you, and you call yourself a journalist. You owe a huge apology to everyone that read that trash. I am also sick of you trying to create controversy between Josh and Schiano even when there is none. Here is an example from this article. "Schiano was asked about Freeman continuing to be the Bucs starting quarterback next week and beyond and didn’t give the most overwhelming vote of confidence. (Hesitating) I see no reason why he shouldn't be,” Schiano said. “I mean I have to evaluate the tape. This is kind of out of left field a little bit. I'm not even thinking about that.” He said he is not even thinking about benching Freeman. How do you come to the conclusion that Josh might not be the starter next week and beyond. Come on Mark, your better than this. I have enjoyed your web site for many years, but lately you suck.
  • avatar

    Kenlola sorry you feel that way. Which two stories are you saying were false? If you are referencing the report from this morning, I don't know, nor you, if it is true. I reported what a report said. That is in fact my job. I didn't make any conclusions other than to report what turned out to become a national story. Sorry if you disagree. And to say I didn't fact check? That is not true. I called two reps from Freeman's camp this morning BEFORE publishing the story and neither answered my call. After Freeman disputed it, I called AGAIN and this time spoke to someone who refused to comment. So draw your own conclusions. As far as the example you gave, Schiano said, I have to evaluate the tape. Doubtful Harbaugh would answer the question that way if asked about his quarterback's performance tonight against the Seahawks. What he said was he hadn't even begun to think about it yet. To me, and perhaps I am wrong, if there are zero doubts, you would not say, I have to evaluate the tape. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Freeman's leash is not very long with the way he has played the last two games. Sorry you feel I suck.
  • avatar

    QB, GM, HC need to be replaced. All Dominik has realy accomplished, was getting big names (and very good players) for big bucks to play for Tampa. Every bonehead can throw money arround to get some players. But he cant evaluate a good coach, cant draft well, doesn´t pull the trigger when needed..... Freeman and the Shianomik demon need to get replaced NOW, now GoBucs! Dom could save his job by firing Shiano now...
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    It is coaching. This is not about freeman. Our best receiver was dropping balls all night, and when he wasn't he was falling down. There was a big improvement this week on both sides of the ball. There are still way too many penalties, but the defense showed up big time. Martin ran well, and looks to be back on track. Our offensive scheme simply isn't very good. Freeman has no TE to throw to, or to block, and a defense simply needs to stop jax and Williams. If Martin can continue to play like today, and our defense continues to improve this season is not lost. Keep heart bucs fans. We may not be super bowl bound, but we are going to have a good team.
  • avatar

    I didn't watch the game and don't plan to until we have a new head coach and another quarterback. I refuse to let a HC and QB alter my life. I have better things to do in my life. I have given up on Schiano and Freeman; I hope my actions will convince the Glazers that it's already time to make a change. This is a mess and it is not going to get any better until a change is made.
  • avatar

    Im glad you feel that way.
  • avatar

    Horse, I understand your feelings, as I couldn't get myself to watch the last quarter. It was all just too horrific. I was excited when Freeman actually ran the ball once. Maybe he can convince Schiano to let him roll out and option more. There is also some additional hope, as the defense was pretty good, except at the very end. Do like I do, watch as much as you can stomach, then turn it off. Maybe it will get better. I hope so. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    @horse: i wish you would be the owner of the Bucs.. dead on
  • avatar

    I think we all know at this point that it's time to move on from freeman. I've tried to be positive and supportive because I want to see him succeed but today was flat out embarrassing. I know people are going to say that he gave us the lead and the defense blew it again. Well the defense was on the field the entire day harassing Brees and Freeman couldnt muster a drive the entire game until the last one. Of course most teams have quarterbacks where you can do a pass call in that situation and end the game but the coaches and me Have no faith that he would have done the job.I'm not saying that Glennon is ready , but we must do something. He appears to be regressing each game. Also I am sick of the bad calls against us. That Clayborne sack and fumble was a horrible call. The nfl should Apologize for the Bullsh@t flags that kill us week in and week out. I knew we would loose that game when we missed the field goal. Im disgrunted because I think the defense played their asses off and the offense did nothing time and time again. I say bye bye Freeman and on to something else. Signed one disgruntled fan
  • avatar

    I'm still not giving up on the Bucs. They played their hearts out yesterday. I can't believe guys can't line up right and commit such stupid penalties. Overall, the defense played lights out & Foster's INT for a TD was one of the greatest plays I've ever seen. But IF the Bucs lose it's next 2 games, I'm sure they'll move on to Glennon after the bye week. BTW, in Orlando I've been watching this QB Blake Bortles from the University of Central Florida. Hope the Bucs give him a look for next year.
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