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September 15, 2013 @ 10:05 pm
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Bucs' Five Keys To Victory Vs Saints - Revisited

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Did the Bucs avoid costly penalties? Did the coaching staff put the players in position to win the game? How did the Bucs defense do against New Orleans' All-Pro quarterback? Here are Week 2's Keys To Victory against the Saints revisited.
The now 0-2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers are already facing an uphill climb to start the season. After dropping their home opener to the New Orleans Saints in heartbreaking fashion for the second straight week, the Bucs will go to New England and face the Patriots next Sunday.

Before every game each week beat writer Gil Arcia comes out with his Five Keys To Victory then after the game takes a look at how the team fared in meeting the objectives. The following is an analysis on how Tampa Bay did against the keys to victory as well as grades. 

Key 1. “Perfect practice makes perfect.” 
Illegal procedure penalties. Second straight week of questionable playcalling. Once again the coaching staff let the team down in crucial downs and crucial moments of the game. And once again, the team had opportunities to put the game out of reach, offensively.

“It's disappointing and again it falls on me. It's my job to make sure that our staff and our players understand those procedural things and I am not getting it done so I'm going to get it done,” Schiano said regarding the penalties.

The Buccaneers field goal unit was called on to the field and make it a four-point game and force the Saints high profile offense to march down the field with no timeouts. It was fourth down with three yards to go from the New Orleans 29 yard line. Could the Bucs have attempted a play to get the three yards and end the game? Could they have pinned the Saints deep into their own territory? Head coach Greg Schiano felt that his options were limited.

“The only decision is if you go for it on fourth- and-three or do you kick the field goal,” Schiano said after the game. 

The staff also called a prevent coverage for the defense to run on the Saints game winning drive that throughout the game it was pressure that was working for Tampa Bay.

Key 2. A Slight Breeze Is Expected 
The Buccaneers' secondary was going to attempt to make Saints quarterback's afternoon one to forget. For the most part, the defense was doing enough to keep Brees from beating them through the air.

Brees finished the night 26-for-4 for 322 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. The defense pressured the Saints All-Pro quarterback into feeling uncomfortable several times in the pocket and disguised their defense enough to force him into those two interceptions. Tampa Bay even got to Brees four times. 

But all that gets overshadowed by the Saints final drive where they marched 54 yards on five plays with no timeouts to get them well within field goal range for kicker Garrett Hartley.
Grade: C

Key 3. The Four Stuntmen 
They stunted, but not as much as last week. The Bucs' defensive front was consistently on the New Orleans backfield causing disruption and making it a tough afternoon for the Saints offensive line.

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and defensive end Adrian Clayborn both got to Brees. McCoy also recorded a tackle for loss.

Outside of Clayborn and McCoy, the line held up enough to hold the Saints to just 75 yards rushing and got to Brees several times after getting rid of the ball. However, that same pressure was not there for the Bucs on the Saints final drive.

Key 4. The Little Engine That Can
Darren Sproles was not a major factor in the Saints offense Thursday afternoon. 

On special teams, Sproles returned one punt for -2 yards. On kickoff return, he had two touchbacks and one return for 23 yards. 

Offensively, Sproles registered 36 yards on six receptions and 26 yards on seven rushing attempts. Bucs linebacker Lavonte David even overpowered Sproles for a sack on Brees that made it seem as if New Orleans' versatile running back had no business being out there on pass protection.
Key 5. Distractions Can Be Motivation 
The Buccaneers defense came out with fire. Throughout the game, they looked like they had something to prove and looked like they used this week's speculation and controversy as motivation. The offense and coaching staff, not so much.

Overall the Bucs dropped to 0-2 and now face a potential 0-3 start to the season after next week. Tampa Bay, outside of their defense, looked flat and never seemed to have gotten a rhythm going. When running back Doug Martin got something going, the drive would stall for whatever reason. When they had the Saints, on their heels, Josh Freeman threw an interception as he stared down Vincent Jackson downfield.

Bottom line, there was no motivation used to beat a Saints team, a divisional opponent who they let hang around.
Last modified on Monday, 16 September 2013 07:27

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    I'm moving off the Freeman bandwagon after more than 4 years of inconsistency. However, he still has only 2 REAL weapons (Jackson & Williams) to throw to,although neither have much speed. When other teams have at least one & usually 2 TEs & a good 3rd receiver, the Bucs have none of those...that's the GM's fault (who threw in all the marbles to get Revis instead).
  • avatar

    @warren: good to see, that some people seem to understand - the GM has to take a big chunk of the blame too. Thats why there are 3 major heads to roll, if the Tampa bay Buccaneers want to get back on track... at least Demps could be a good target next season... could
  • avatar

    @Goodpeople: I used to be a Freeman fan. But you should watch Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater, Alabama's A. J. McCarron, UCF's Blake Bortles just to name a few who could step in right away and do better than Freenan.
  • avatar

    Would love to know how many times in the past 2 seasons we have given up leads in the last minute by running Prevent Coverage. So far its 2 this season. I don't understand why they keep running it... Does Bill call the Defense in the last couple minutes?
  • avatar

    I agree that the passing game - of which Freeman is a major part - has been a big let down. But the WR's have to catch the ball, stay on their feet, and get open. That being said, Freeman was either coached to or chose to only look at VJ on most of the passing downs, which was frustrating. Most of the other WR's had single coverage for most of the game, but they obviously don't have the trust of the offence (coach or QB) for them to call their numbers in key situations. Hard to win with only one RB and one WR in the gameplan....
  • avatar

    You are grading the team down based on the result, which is not a good way to spot what is wrong and what is right. The defense play superbly and the secondary deserves a better grade than C. The team was clearly motivated. The entire team played aggressively. The Offense looked NFL capable is not good. Questions: Where is Mike Williams? Mike Williams needs to be involved in the offense. We have to be more than Freeman to Jackson in the passing game. While I was disappointed by the loss, I took some optimism from the spirit of play and effort.
  • avatar

    @ all: dont get me wrong. there are lots of things to like about our roster/coaching staff, but it wont become a playoff bound team from a few good pieces. The whole package is (still) garbage.
  • avatar

    Here are some keys for a successful future: dont resing Freeman, and fire the Shianomik demon (Shiano+Dominik). the truth is we were in rebuilding mode. We didnt finish the rebuilding, but opted to go "win now". With that, we lost 2 high draft picks - needed to get young KEY puzzle pieces for a successful future. Instead(since end of last season), while having way too many holes/lack of talent, we get us a CB, who is realy good, but wont take us anywhere. Instead, we loose the option to build through draft,nor FAgency (cap space). Well done, "Rockstar" dom the don. So for the bucs to get relevant again, the next couple of years, especially the next 12 months will be very interesting. PeweterReport should be aware of these FACTS. I could see that on the horizon.... You guys should be experts (at least have more knowledge of what was going on, all offseason long, instead you guys also hyped up the Revis trade..). So again, lets start a campaign: we don´t need Freeman or the Shianomik demon!! Go Bucs! (can Pewter Report call out the Glazers? they have to do sth. about this mess, and the fans want a clean up - we dont want to be that extreme irrelevant - just give us a legimate FO, then the Glazers can lay back again and watch Soccer :) )
  • avatar

    "Takes a sack"? Carimi can't handle the defender and allows him to breaks free while Freeman is standing in the pocket, looking down field attempting to pass for the only sack of the game and in Buc world that's the QB's fault? You can Blame # 5 for a lot of things but that's not one of them. I suppose Brees took his four sacks, threw two interceptions and fumbled because we all know Brees sucks.
  • avatar

    Bottom line, we need a more consistent quarterback who doesn't take sacks ( fumble no less) and throw picks,( another high ball over the middle staring down his receiver) at the worst possible times.
  • avatar

    Bottom line, there is no quaterback there or in the next year for draft or FA. Dont you get it If we let Freeman walk we might as well wait till like 3 years before this team gets to the playoffs or successful season. Please tell me who is out there that is better than Freeman? If you say Tebow i might shoot myself lol. I like Freeman, i think he can still get it done, they just gotta let him be him and let him call the plays. whats happening is we are getting these dumb@$$ penalties that results in change of possessions and negating yards. Wake up SCHIANO!
  • avatar

    @Goodpeople: inused to be a Freeman. But you should watch Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater, Alabama's A. J. McCarron, UCF's Blake Bortles just to name a few who could step in right away and do better than Freenan.
  • avatar

    @warren: exactly. do you guys think of a traditonal McCarron style QB or do you tend to a more mobile one, ala wilson/kaepernick?
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