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September 16, 2013 @ 8:41 am
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Report: NFL Is Considering Suspending Goldson - UPDATED

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers acquired safety Dashon Goldson this past offseason to help make a difference in their secondary with his physical play. Well, the league may have seen enough as his physical play has lead to personal foul calls and now faces a possible suspension.
The bad news continues pour in for the Buccaneers in any way possible.

For the second straight week, Tampa Bay safety Dashon Goldson has been flagged for a personal foul penalty for a helmet-to-helmet hit on a receiver. After Sunday's game against the Saints, the league office may have seen enough from the All-Pro safety after his hit on Saints' running back Darren Sproles.

ESPN's Adam Schefter has reported Monday morning on Twitter that Goldson is looking at a possible suspension:

“NFL is considering suspending Bucs S Dashon Goldson for Sunday's helmet-to-helmet hit as well as his hit history. Since 2010, Bucs S Dashon Goldson has 15 personal fouls, more than any NFL player. The one Sunday might be tipping point.”

Last week, Goldson revealed he was fined for his hit on Jets' tight end Jeff Cumberland. The hit resulted in Cumberland getting stitches on his chin. The amount of the fine was $30,000.

Goldson is no stranger to getting fined by the league. In his career, he has totaled $107,000 in fines from the league office. After last week's game, Schiano hinted that the team's physical nature would not change and it showed Sunday.

“We’re going to try to aim for the strike zone, which is what we talk about all the time,” Schiano said after Week 1. “We have videos that we show and we’re just going to have to try to be better at it. But again, I want us flying around the way we flew around yesterday because that was as hard a hitting a Bucs defense as has been here in a long time. So we’re going to keep doing it, we just have to keep doing it within the framework.” 

After Sunday's game against the Saints, Schiano addressed those same penalties with a different tone.

“We just need to keep working on the strikezone,” Schiano said. “Make sure we're hitting where it's legal. You don't get to practice that because you don't hit live during the week so you just have to emphasize it. We'll continue to emphasize it. But our guys are playing very hard. I've been through stretches like this and it kinds of balances out usually. So hopefully that'll occur.”

Attempts to get further information from the league office have been unsuccessful. PewterReport.com will continue to monitor this story and update the situation as it develops.

UPDATE 9:54am
NFC Football Communications Director Randall Liu has informed PewterReport.com that no decisions have been made regarding any Week 2 plays.

UPDATE 6:33pm
Liu has confirmed Goldson has been suspended for one game without pay. 

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport is reporting Goldson will be appealing.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport is reporting Goldson has won his appeal. The safety will not be suspended and will be able to play Week 3 against the Patriots in New England. 

It is being reported Goldson has been fined $100,000 for his hit on Darren Sproles Sunday.
Last modified on Wednesday, 18 September 2013 09:55

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  • avatar

    With these new rules designed to reduce injuries and not allowing the defenders to breathe on receivers, we are heading toward 400+ yards of passing and 50+ points by each team every game (sounds like arena football). That said, the GM needs to obtain the best QB possible who can carry the team on his back (does that sound like Freeman?) and the best WRs & TEs possible (does that sound like our 3rd WR & TEs?) Good GMs knew this was coming...what did ours think?
  • avatar

    @s ubog/@ pomer1eau: i like your thinking
  • avatar

    As with most things in everyday life, the driving force behind things that often make little sense is fear of the lawyers. A few old time NFL players muster up enough consciousness to see the billion dollar industry paying millions for what they used to do for relative chump change and say, "I got to get me some of that." Of course somebody with money has to be blamed for the players' plight. The lawyers tell him the NFL didn't warn the dumba$$ that he might get hurt by playing. It's the Johnny Carson, "I did not know that" argument. So the NFL recognizes they need to show grave concern to limit their perceived negligence and the $$ liability that might go with it and go completely overboard. There just needs to be some common sense by the officials when choosing to throw a flag or not. Just because two players' helmets touch doesn't mean the defender was taking a head shot. Just because a QB takes a dive after being touched going out of bounds and his teammates mimic throwing a flag doesn't mean the defender intended to send him flying. Ahmad Blacks' late hit was totally unnecessary and deserved a flag; but when Goldson hits hard with his shoulder. It's not a head butt. Maybe the NFL should adopt a another slogan to make players aware. "Don't be a Butt Head" Goldson could be the poster boy with Darrelle Revis. Here it comes.......Revis and Butt Head.
  • avatar

    BucWild is right. The league is no longer about individual teams outside of the eight marquee franchises; fantasy drives over two-thirds of the Internet traffic. Defenses only get points in most leagues for sacks and interceptions; fewer passes broken up and more passes thrown make everyone more money. Never forget that at both the college and pro level that is what it's all about. Is he suspended for the Pats game? Because speaking of the marquee franchises, that would just be way too convenient.
  • avatar

    Mr Goodell, I have been a vocal supporter of yours, for example cleaning up the thugs in New Orleans. But talk about hypocrisy - Suh, SUH, SUH!!!!!!!! As an aside, you are asking too much of the refs - they cannot tell the difference between a shoulder hit near the helmet and a helmet to helmet hit on the QB, it happens too quickly yet you are drilling into them the need to throw flags. If you insist on doing so, you need to make the call reviewable. You are exceeding the limits of the refs on the field to make the calls, that is why you have challenges in the first place. Sad, really, as I want the players to be protected as much or more than anybody, but you are making a mockery of the game. Not just saying that as a fan of a team that lost due to penalties - a close friend and Saints fan felt exactly the same way about the exaggerated/inaccurate calls. Roger - Boooooooooooooooo.
  • avatar

    So Coach, where did you get this past experience in helmet to helmet contact being that this was implemented this season?
  • avatar

    Another rumor out there is Revis is not happy with scheme. What else is new!
  • avatar

    Like I said on another post " Big hits are OBSOLETE in the NEW NFL". Tackle football is obsolete like the dinosaur!
  • avatar

    Why fight it? The league only wants offense. They got a memo that offense sells tickets. They probably used the Bucs as a prime example of teams that can't sell tickets b/c they have bad offenses. They want lots of scoring with the occasional good defensive stop. Dominant defenses that punish players for running right down the middle of the defense are a thing of the past. You just have to let them have the play if the pass is accurate. No physical play allowed. As a huge fan of defense and de-cleating slobberknockers, it stinks.
  • avatar

    This could be the start of something very bad for the NFL in my opinion. If the league keeps suspending players for these kind of hits there will be a lot of disappointment going around. The players already know its a dangerous game so why not make them sign a waiver before each season stating they know the potential dangers of playing and will not sue the league for any injuries that take place during the game or future injuries that were a result of game play. Maybe its a little crazy but I dont like what this game is turning into. There has to be a way.
  • avatar

    I saw much worse hits than Goldson's (and Clayborn's for that matter) yesterday that did not draw a flag and one or two that likely won't draw a fine. Goldson's hit on Sproles deserved a flag, but a suspension for the two fouls in a row? C'mon, Suh doesn't get suspended for his groin kick incident last year or his low blow in the opener this year only 'likely to be suspended for his next incident' and Goldson gets this? Can't wait to see what sort of fine they are going to give Clayborn for his perfectly legal hit on Brees while the NFL likely gives Merriweather, Ryans and several players in the Frisco/Seattle game a pass.
  • avatar

  • avatar

    No one who loves Football is okay with todays rules. But we could change that. Imagine: By the end this season, Bucs fans organize themselves (power of internet) to completely boykott the next season (Television and Stadium attendance) >> media will notice, fans of other teams will notice i could imagine them, to join us. NFL will loose money and within the following 8-9 months, we would get our brand of AmericanFootball back. Players, entering the league should get a "warning football is dangerous meeting" - and with that the PlayerAssoc. should be happy and dont have the option suing the league. The minimum paycheck, of every player should be much higher, and there should also be a maximum paycheck limit. Because the NFL is just part of economics, theres the same issues as all over the world: Rich getting richer - the poor make even less.. (im aware of rookie wage scale and stuff, but if a practice squad player breaks his neck and bills are coming - it´s "real life game over". but also without freak injurys, they should be able to live a life thats worth it)
  • avatar

    So Goldson may get suspended and we get to replace him with Ahmad Black #43 who had the most outrageously blatant and stupid penalty I've seen in quite sometime. Sheesh!
  • avatar

    Im really not far from finding another pasttime and football is in my blood.The nfl and im not capitolizing it anymore,has become a league of babies.The players dont want to practice hard aanymore and they dont want to be hit hard. This is not the football that I played growing up ,its becoming powderpuff league.Im not spending my money to watch some overpaid girls play two hand touch.
  • avatar

    This is not the NFL that I have been a fan of for over fourty years. It's a flag football leaague formed by Goodell. The NFL and PLAYERS have ruined this great game!
  • avatar

    So Suh can intentionally hurt someone for only a small fine but Goldson gets suspended? Got it, thanks Goodell. Makes a world of sense.
  • avatar

    I agree that Goldson needs to adjust. The rules today are enough to make John Lynch happy he's out of the league and Jack Tatum roll over in Oakland. No need to resist, it's the way of the league whether we like it or not. As for as a possible suspension, he can delay any action by appealing the suspension and it may take weeks to determine whether the suspension stands or just increased fines as in the case of Ed Reed. Clayborn should take notice too or he'll be getting a Wednesday FedEx delivery.
  • avatar

    I hate the rule changes in the NFL but it is what it is. The one beef I do have is one that I have yet to see anyone address. With these rule changes come the adjustments in the coaching of offensive players. Any good OC will now tell their ball carriers to lower their heads before impact to heighten the chances of drawing a 15 yard penalty. I've seen it happen already this season. The rules committee should adjust the penalties to account for this. Do it like facemasks. 15 yard personal foul for leading with the head and head hunting and 5 yards for incidental contact. Just a thought.
  • avatar

    If you want to blame something for the recent rule changes, blame the $765m law suit that was filed against the league by past players for concussion issues. That's the reason why the league has to cover itself versus player safety issues. It's just CYA 101.
  • avatar

    1 post today from EEB...1) 6 personal foul penalties in two games...I hear all of those who say it will be intimidating for WRs...didn't seem to bother Graham or Colston (last catch right up the middle)...but it did contribute nearly half of our penalty yards in both games, extending opponent drives, and at least in major part contributing to two big Ls. 2) It's pretty clear that our coach has strengths and weaknesses like everybody else...strength seemed to be cleaning out the overly lax Rah culture (that's done now), weakness seems to be everything else (especially refusal to learn from the mistakes of past games - repeating penaltygate again this week; losing on the last drive of a game for the 5th time in 15 games...learn how to close out a game coach). 3) just to add to how strongly I feel that Schiano has to go (and quickly)...his big idea to close out this game on offense was to run out the clock (a strategy that has failed us as far back as the opening game last year) and leave our kicker (who has never been better than 50% on long kicks) to try a 47 yarder...and then when he missed, to put us in prevent defense with a wide open middle of the field (a strategy that failed us 100% of times he has tried it - e.g., Skins, Eagles, Jets, Saintsx2)...is this being "prepared"?, is this an NFL-calibre coach? 4) Dom has to go too - while he has done some good things (more than Schiano for sure), several mistakes rest at his feet including a) Leonard Johnson as a starting CB (burned again yesterday), b) selecting Barron (who for every nice play - like the 4th quarter defense on Graham - makes a totally boneheaded one - like the Saints TD blown coverage) instead of Keuchley (who many many at the time rated higher, was still a position of need, and is a guy who will end up the HoF), c) every draft other than 2012 all the way back to 2001 where the only players of consequence he drafted are McCoy, Joseph, Zuttah (barely of consequence), Foster (maybe) and Mike Williams d) no TE of any ability on our roster, and e) a very sub-par third WR....not to mention a line-up as thin as the Spring ice in Toronto. 5) where is Derek Dimke???? 6) Freeman - is he great...no, do his stats suffer weekly from terrible drops...yes, does he have the tools...yes, does he make way too many mistakes....clearly, is he the reason we lost either game this year....I just don't see it that way...yes he could have done more to carry us to victory, but he did get us in the lead with seconds remaining in both games...and that's got to count for something. 7) does this feel like about 2000 all over again to anyone else...we have a great defense and our offense can't score more than 14 points - most of which tend to come by Derrick Brooks (I mean Mason Foster) returning INTs....how did we finally turn that corner again...
  • avatar

    EEB - nice to have you back after you went nearly radio silent as Josh built on his first four yrs as a Buc and a miserable preseason by continuing to demonstrate he is not qualified to be an NFL starter. 3.) Schiano ran the ball because he was petrified at the thought of putting the game in the hands of 'I refuse to look at more than half the field Freeman' (I see it every home game from the stands, where along with the people sitting around me I see him ignore half of the field virtually every single snap). 6.) Yes he does have the tools - agreed, the physical tools, but you apparently don't have any appreciation for the mental aspect of succeeding as a QB in the NFL. 'He did get us the lead with seconds remaining...and that's got to count for something' you say. I say that hitting a couple of ins/slants (ie, where he can 'see'the throw all the way) or throwing balls up for grabs and hoping VJax can outleap his coverage is NOT WORTH ANYTHING. in a 16 game season his inaccuracy, lack of commitment, lack of leadership and lack of intellect will prevent him from ever being more than a journeyman QB for the remainder of his career. If you can't see it, you are watching a different game than the rest of us. Ridiculous!!
  • avatar

    I wouldn't argue with a suspension of Goldson, given his history. It would be hard for the team, but he doesn't seem to be changing his ways. That being said, I thought the A Black hit was much worse / blatent. It also made me sick to see him celebrate after it and his teammates giving him five. That's not good football.
  • avatar

    He celebrated because Jimmy Graham, though he played a great game, continued to provoke with his first down salute -every time! I mean, be a pro, act like you've done it a thousand times, I hate players that do that, I hated it when Keyshawn used to do it, you're just asking for karma to come pay you a visit, Graham was lucky to walk away from that!
  • avatar

    I'm a long time NFL fans who is very disappointed in the way the game is changing. It's being ruined and it's sad. Hell, the Bucs would be 2-0 with a top defense if they played exactly the way they do just a few years ago, maybe even last year. Now it's touch football and you're playing another opponent AND the freaking refs. AWFUL!
  • avatar

    I knew it was only a matter of time, before the league would suspend Goldson. It is a damn shame, NFL is becoming a league of pu**ies. just put flags on them, and get it over with. SMDH
  • avatar

    I really, really love Goldson and the way he plays, but he deserves to get suspended at this point. I was floored that he didn't get suspended last week. He's not listening to the league, Schiano or anybody about changing where he hits receivers. It doesn't even look like he's trying to adjust. He's got plenty of money, so losing playing time and stats may be the only thing that gets his attention. It will be for the good of the team down the road. I do want to add that it's not lost on me that now that he's a Buc they want to suspend him. It's also not lost on me that they want to do it before we play the Patriots. We can't hurt the big ticket items in the NFL now can we?
  • avatar

    Such Bull. The Jets hit shouldn't have even drawn a fine.
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