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September 16, 2013 @ 3:49 pm
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Penalties Continue To Plague Schiano And The Bucs

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Teams can say they are a couple plays away from being undefeated. In the Buccaneers case, they say there are penalties that have prevented them from being 2-0. On Monday, head coach Greg Schiano addressed those penalty concerns in his day-after-game press conference.
Two penalties that were called on the Buccaneers in the first two weeks of the season stand in their way of a 2-0 record. However, reality is that they are 0-2 and those penalties exist. 

Speaking to the media Monday, head coach Greg Schiano addressed those penalties and the talks that have been swirling about the team being undisciplined under his watch.

"Well, quite frankly I don't pay a lot of attention to what others say,・Schiano said. "I judge myself, this team, this staff and then I meet with people that have a role in this organization that is above mine and I'm frustrated and it's not a cliche' I'm frustrated by 26 penalties called against the Bucs in two games. I believe we should go three or four games with 26 penalties. That hasn't been the case with us, though. Because it is now, what's changed? That's what I have to get fixed. I don't think it's going to be an ongoing problem. I don't. It will get fixed. We have a good football team. And we'll win."

Penalties have negated scores offensively and have extended drives for the opposition. On Sunday, a procedural penalty on the Bucs offense erased a deep Vincent Jackson touchdown in the third quarter. That caused a lot of frustration for Coach Schiano and reiterates that if the penalty is called, it is what it is.

“It doesn't matter if I agree, they called them,” Schiano said. “We have to make sure that we are in compliance with the rule. If it's called, it's a penalty.

“It is frustrating for both the players and the coaches. I'm certain we'll get it fixed but unfortunately it hurt us yesterday again.”

Last week, Schiano stated they would work on getting better at hitting players in the strikezone that is deemed appropriate by the NFL. But Week 2 presented virtually the same exact penalties called twice on the Buccaneers as they were called in Week 1 — personal fouls for hitting defenseless players and helmet-to-helmet contact.

“Really doesn't matter. As I tell the guys whether you think it's a penalty or not it's called so it's a penalty,” Schiano said. “And that's really the issue. If something is going to be called we have to avoid it because it's hurting the football team. On the same token, I want our guys to play hard and I don't think anybody is trying to intentionally do that so we have to be more and more aware of that situation and make sure we avoid that and know as much as we can.

“We need to lower it (the strikezone). Whether it's drastically or we just need to make sure to do it in the legal strikezone so we avoid the penalties but just make it legal.”

Due to penalties and fines in Dashon Goldson's career, the NFL may be suspending the All-Pro safety. But even with the possibility of a suspension, Schiano does not have any regrets for bringing him over in free agency and states he is not concerned with Goldson's level of play. (UPDATE: Goldson has in fact been suspended, as confirmed by PewterReport.com)

“When we made the decision to bring Dashon here that was not a concern,” Schiano said. “Was I aware that he was a big hitter? Yes. It's not a concern now; I mean there is a concern he may get suspended but Dashon is trying to do the right thing (when looking at the Jets hit). He just has to lower his target point. Sometimes the point moves while you're going to hit so that means you have to go even lower still. He certainly is trying. It's not one of those 'Oh I don't care I'm just going to do it' I mean he's very aware and trying.”

The Buccaneers will once again try to work on getting rid of those penalties caused by their own errors in hopes of turning things around for Week 3 when they face the Patriots in New England.
Last modified on Monday, 16 September 2013 18:43

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    Schiano has no idea how to fix these penalties. If he did he would have fixed them last week. I expect to get 2-3 penalties a week. False starts in loud stadiums, excessive celebrations, that sort of thing.
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    Schiano is too stubborn to learn and change,strenght isn't being feared and in control. Its making the correct decisions and adjustments to remain in control. Bill Parcells would have had Revis manned up on JG or Colston and would have known that the seem to Colston is Brees favorite route.As I said before Johson and Banks can't handle Grahm or Colston nor White ,Gonzo and Jones. This lies on Dom for thinking it would and Coaching staff for not manning up Revis during crunch time .... WOW !!! Makes no Sense !! 16 mil and hes on there rookie #4 receiver Wow !!! Johson did play better than I thought he may, but he isn't covering any of these guys consitantly. If Goodell were the President or commissioner of a Boxing Sanction,UFC,Pride etc how long would it take him to ruin the sport.Goodell you were sued for covering up the concussions for years, not for having physical play in the league.. Now you are allowing performance enhancers which is the main cause of the concussions and injurys,cut this crap and maybe we can have the game back.This is different than Selig because Injurys are resulting from it . Great Job Roger !!
  • avatar

    Hey PR - why has nobody quizzed Schiano on this "some penalties" is a good place to be....i.e., 26 penalties in 3 or 4 games means getting 6-9 per game...that sounds like !@#$% to me...how about 0 per game...where is the proof/data that "some penalties" is a good thing?
  • avatar

    EastEndBoy the penalties last week were often bad. I like the physical play though. Black's hit was cheap and dirty but all Goldson's were borderline both weeks imo. Goldson's getting a rep so he needs to lay off the borderline and just take out guys knees like the rest of the league is doing. As for the O's penalties this week, i firmly believe that was ref bias. Dotson was lined up far closer to the LOS the the Saints LT. And the call on the WR was BS. He was as close to the line as the Guards and the corner wasn't even showing bump and run (which is when they normally tend to only make that call).
  • avatar

    NFL football is doing a great injustice to the game itself. Very disappointing to see bang bang judgement calls determine game results as much as the opponents on the field. The game yesterday was extremely exciting, especially without *censored* like Morgan there to see it. The crowd rightfully expressed it's disgust with so many calls going against a defense playing it's heart out. Yeah, yeah, clean up the game, put those flags in the back pockets and be done with it.
  • avatar

    @bucwild...if you want to blame Freeman for that penalty (why, I have no idea), the only thing he could maybe have done - assuming he could tell from his vantage point that Dotson wasn't on the line - was to call time out...telling Dotson to move is just a false start.
  • avatar

    Dotson looked to clearly be on the line IMO. That was a BS bad call. And the WR looked lined up properly on the replay as well.
  • avatar

    the NFL is a dinosaur...this is not the game I grew to love, in fact, im starting to despise it... the college game is much more fair, with regards to "intent". Fk Goodell and the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • avatar

    $265,000 weekly pay forfeited by Goldson with his suspension- noticed him winking/smiling after getting penalized......something isn't right w/ Goldson. He must have jarred a few screws loose in his own head w/ those illegal hits.
  • avatar

    And Suh is fined $100K for gang warfare on the field? Goodell that is indefensible.
  • avatar

    It's true that penalties extended 2 opponents drives 3 times and that led to points for the Jets and Saints. It is also true that a procedural error cost the Bucs a TD. Lets look closer though. Lavonte David's shove occured while the QB was in bounds, but heading out. 50/50 call. It wasn't violent or excessive. Goldson's hit was with his shoulder and his helmet but at the angle he was approaching from, the only other thing he could do was destroy the players knees. or do nothing. I thought it was a good hit and I am not being a homer. On the procedural penalty that took the TD off the board, I have two things. One-Freeman should have barked at the player to line up right. Two-they are lucky it wasn't intercepted in the first place. The pass was an underthrown jump ball. If that is Freeman's strategy and Jackson's great strength, then why not do it 15 times per game???
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    Big hitters are obsolete in the NEW NFL, like the dinosaur.
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