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September 18, 2013 @ 3:34 pm
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Bucs News To Know 9-18: Revis, Goldson Speaks; Black Fined

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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What players were limited in participation on Wednesday? Which other Bucs DB was fined for an illegal hit? What did a number of players have to say about the recent rash of media reports? Get these answers and more in toda'ys Bucs News To Know.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buccaneer Place on Wednesday, September 18:


• Practice began at 11:45 a.m. under partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the low 90’s at One Buccaneer Place. The players were in full pads for the two-hour workout.


• Head coach Greg Schiano divulged that defensive tackle Derek Landri has an MCL injury and will miss significant time.

“Derek is hurt,” Schiano said. “[Derrick] has an MCL; he’s going to be out for a little bit. He’ll be back. He has been getting a lot of snaps, but he won’t be for a while now.”

• The Carl Nicks watch continued again, but Schiano said the Bucs All-Pro guard is getting closer to returning to game action.

“Too early to make that declaration,” Schiano said. “But it was good to see him in pads, it’s been a while. Now we’ll wake up tomorrow with hopefully hearts, hope he responds well, just have to wait and see.”

• The Bucs released their injury report Wednesday afternoon with the following players listed: CB Michael Adams (knee) OL Gabe Carimi(illness) both did not participate. DE Adrian Clayborn (hip), TE Tom Crabtree (ankle), LB Mason Foster (toe), CB Rashaan Melvin (hamstring), G Carl Nicks (toe) and TE Luke Stocker (hip) all were limited on Wednesday.

• The Buccaneers did not announce any roster moves on Wednesday.

• Safety Ahmad Black added his name to the list of lockers that have received FedEx packages from the league in the last two weeks.

Black was fined $21,000 for his hit on New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham during Sunday’s 16-14 loss.

Black joined Dashon Goldson who has now donated $130,000 to various NFL charities with fines assessed so far this season. Linebacker Lavonte David was fined $7875 for a late hit on Jets QB Geno Smith and Adrian Clayborn sent out cryptic tweets on Tuesday indicated he was also fined.

• Over the last 10 days a number of reports have been circulating about several topics but many dealing with internal strife inside the locker room

Earlier in the week report surfaces that cornerback Darrelle Revis was unhappy he was not playing more man coverage and also not pleased with Schiano’s coaching style.

Revis spoke to the media on Wednesday and it was no big deal.

“I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page,” Revis said. “Those things in the paper do get out, rumors here and there, I just wanted to make sure ... I wanted to talk to him personally. To say, ‘Hey, just to let you know, I don’t know if you know or if you believe it or not, just to make sure he saw me, it's a tough time for this team, we’re 0-2, and we don’t want any distractions, so we want to focus and prepare for the team at hand each week.”

Schiano also said that there was no big issue and really wasn’t even necessary for Revis to seek him out.

“That was very brief, and very nice of him to come up,” Schiano said. “It wasn’t necessary. There’s a lot of stuff floating around I guess, and he said, ‘Coach I just want to set it straight.’ It was good to see him, but really not necessary. I told him ‘I love coaching here, (he said) I love playing here, let’s go’. It was good that he came up, it wasn’t requested, it was on him.”

Bucs offensive tackle Donald Penn said the reports are overblown and without merit.

“I think [the media] is building all the drama,” Penn said. “We’re good inside these walls. There’s no drama. Everybody’s getting along well. We lost two close ones and [the media] is trying to throw the kitchen sink at us. We lost two close ones. We should be 2-0, but we’re not. That’s the fact of it. We’ve got to get better. There’s no drama. I think everybody is making up stuff trying to bring us down.”

Receiver Mike Williams also was critical of the reports and the motives behind them.

“It seems like everybody’s talking and [reports are that] everybody’s down and this player [wants to be traded],” Williams said. “We try to get it out the window and in order for us to do that we have to win. If we win you won’t hear all the talking and a lot of this stuff goes out the window. If we want it to shut up we’ve got to win.”

“We don’t really question [where the rumors are coming from]. We look at it as you guys looking into the story. You guys (the media) are just going out and doing your job, I guess.”

“We have to stop hurting ourselves. We can’t blame it on the refs. We have to do different things to stop hurting ourselves. We had a lot of penalties the last two weeks. We have to cut down on that. As an offense we have to sustain drives longer. Every opportunity we have we can’t let it slide by. We have to make it more comfortable for Free out there and build on the running game.” – Donald Penn on the Bucs 0-2 start

The Buccaneers return to the practice field on Thursday at 11:55 a.m. as they continue their preparation for Sunday’s road trip to New England to face the Patriots.


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  • avatar

    Mark. PR is always seeking to bring us close to breaking news concerning our team. However, the rumors seem to attract most of the members here...it juices their pallets. What about giving us more about what the players are saying about the "High Profile" rumors.
  • avatar

    Well said Mr. Penn.
  • avatar

    Confusing??? Didn't Revis tweet that he was unhappy with too much zone - not sure how that's the media making anything up. Hasn't Schiano been the one to give these cryptic answers to reporters' questions all yaer long including saying "Josh is the starter next week...but I'll have to review the tape"...what does the last bit mean? - media conspiracy???...maybe but these guys aren't exactly helping themselves...now the Freeman wanting a trade thing sounds like a totally fallacy - so that may well be media hype. But isn't the real point here not the Revis tweet, or the Schiano-isms, or the Freeman trade no story...but rather the fact that coach is making awful decision after awful decision and that's what is upsetting about being 0-2...and leading to the website fireschiano.com....
  • avatar

    EastEndBoy; be careful here because some fans will take that as very negative rather than information to think about.
  • avatar

    indeed Horse...and just for full disclosure I have nothing to do with the website fireschiano.com....just saw that it was up and running...and sort of hilarious.
  • avatar

    This statement says it all………….“I think [the media] is building all the drama,” Penn said. “We’re good inside these walls. There’s no drama. Everybody’s getting along well. We lost two close ones and [the media] is trying to throw the kitchen sink at us. We lost two close ones. We should be 2-0, but we’re not. That’s the fact of it. We’ve got to get better. There’s no drama. I think everybody is making up stuff trying to bring us down.”………..I always believed that where there is smoke there is fire but not in this case. Media (all media) have become the National Enquirer of the NFL. They have no facts just speculation and unfortunately this magazine is falling into that trap also, which is a shame because I used to enjoy reading it.
  • avatar

    @Warren- You commented on last article to me and owlykat that the "word" is Revis is unhappy not playing man...etc. Now this report came out. Who's "word" are you talking about? I refuse to buy in to all this speculation, "word", rumor, blah, blah, blah, without some sort of substance to it. All of us know, winning cures all this crap..players upset,, coached upset, and fans upset, not the right time to believe speculations without merit. Horse- glad to see you come back!! Go Bucs!!
  • avatar

    @Dbuc63: Both ESPN & NFL Network reported that the conversation was about too much zone & that Revis wants to cover the best receiver in man to man. I don't know where they get their information from or whether it's strictly their opinion...any more than you know why Revis was covering Stills rather than Colston on the last drive of last week's game.
  • avatar

  • avatar

    I'm for a win. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    We have intelligent players that have good athletic ability but we must play under control and then we will start winning. The defense played great except for busted coverage and the penalties. Go beat N.E.
  • avatar

    Good to hear! It's as I've thought all along, the media making up drama to sell stories. Thing is, the solution is winning. tough game in New England coming up but I don't think there's a team out there the Bucs can't play with. Well, playing in Seattle maybe.....LOL
  • avatar

    ***** I actually felt better after Sunday because I see a DEFENSE starting to emerge. I was also glad to see some of the attention put on Schiano and his coaching staff this week. Many local fans plus the media had been "piling on" Josh in the previous week. Now we will see what kind of a team our "brain trust" is. If all all of the staff and all of the players can pull together we can still have a good season! ***** Maybe next spring we will be looking for final pieces of the puzzle (Such as a quality TE!!) and we can see a real chance at a super bowl run in the near future instead of it coming who knows when. *****
  • avatar

    I'm happy to read what the players are saying and how they are feeling. Go Bucs!!
  • avatar

    Media likes to create turmoil...especially now..if we were 2-0 everybody would be happy...well most.
  • avatar

    Circle the wagons, boys. Make it a case of us against the world - good way to build camaraderie and team work. Play for the guy next to you.
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