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September 22, 2013 @ 4:52 pm
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Bucs' Five Keys To Victory At Patriots - Revisited

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Did Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman lead his team to victory? Did the tight ends finally show up for the struggling offense? Were the linebackers a bright spot again? Here are Week 3's Keys To Victory revisited
Tampa Bay has fallen to 0-3 and that record was achieved by a total team effort this time around.

The Bucs will now face a tough uphill climb for the rest of the season. Although it’s still early into the schedule, the Buccaneers on Sunday did not show any signs of turning things around anytime soon.

Before every game each week beat writer Gil Arcia comes out with his Five Keys To Victory then after the game takes a look at how the team fared in meeting the objectives. The following is an analysis on how Tampa Bay did against the keys to victory as well as grades.

Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman started 6-for-11 in the first quarter after hitting receivers on some nice, high-percentage passing plays. Although he was sacked on a play at the start of the game, he tucked it in and attempted to run out of trouble. But that was about all we saw that was positive. 

Freeman started looking hesitant throughout the rest of the game. Receivers also did not help him out by dropping passes but at the same time had some passes thrown behind them, including two deep passes to running back Doug Martin down the left sidelines that came on first and second downs. 

On a third-and-5 in the third quarter, following a Tom Brady interception by Mark Barron, Freeman threw slightly behind wide receiver Eric Page who was crossing the middle of the field inside five yards of the first down marker. New England corner Logan Ryan, who was beat by Page, trailed the speedy receiver and was able to make the tackle due to the throw. If it was on point and Freeman actually lead Page, the first down could have been picked up and keep the drive alive.

Freeman’s final numbers — 19-for-41 for 236 yards and one interception — could be defended by saying his receivers didn’t help him out. But if that’s said, his three “soft completions” where the Patriots were playing prevent at the end of the game have to be taken into consideration if we are speaking hypothetically. Remove those and the drops, he would be 16-for-31 for 169 yards and the interception. Those are not numbers a team needs from their starting quarterback to lead them to victory.
Grade: D-

The Bucs offense started out with a false start call on All-Pro guard on the opening drive ended up pushing the team back to second-and-15. The Bucs could not convert on that series and it resulted in a missed opportunity for points, as kicker Rian Lindell missed a 38-yard field goal.

Later, in the fourth quarter, center Jeremy Zuttah was flagged for holding on a second-and-3 which put the Bucs back 10 yards. That would eventually result in a failed fourth-down conversion attempt three plays later.

Overall the Bucs did limit their penalties on Sunday (four for 48 yards), but the ones committed at crucial moments hurt the team.
Grade: C

The Buccaneers brought the pressure early on in the game and forced Tom Brady into some bad throws. Defensive end Adrian Clayborn, linebackers Lavonte David and safety Mark Barron teamed up for a first quarter sack and Akeem Spence all got to Brady, while the rest of the unit provided enough pressure to rattle the quarterback.

Unfortunately, the defense went to more zone coverage and became less aggressive which allowed the New England offense to march up and down the field the rest of the game. Although the Bucs totaled three sacks and six total hits on Brady, it wasn’t enough to stop the Patriots offense.
Grade: D

Tampa Bay appeared to have their tight ends involved in the gameplan early in the game. However, three yards on two catches shows that the Buccaneers still do not have a threat at the position. 

With Luke Stocker and Tom Crabtree injured and back in Tampa, Nate Byham and Tim Wright each combined for a catch. Wright missed a golden opportunity in the corner of the endzone in the first quarter when a Josh Freeman pass went right though his hands. Once again, a poor showing from the tight ends did not provide many receiving options for the offense, especially after Vincent Jackson left the game due to a rib injury.
Grade: F

Lavonte David and Mason Foster accounted for a combined 17 tackles Sunday. The third, Dekoda Watson, was nowhere to be heard of Sunday. A lot of it has to do with the personnel packages that had to be used, but outside of the tackles, the unit was beaten often in the passing game.

A few missed tackles also resulted in some extra yardage by the Patriots’ running backs who accounted for 156 yards on the ground. Former Buccaneer LeGarrette Blount ran for 65 of those yards.

Two tackles for loss and two quarterback hits, including David’s half sack, are overshadowed by the unit’s overall performance.
Grade: C
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    There are eight former Pro Bowl players and a few budding stars on the roster. The defense is clearly improved from last season; but the offensive ineptitude is dragging them down and quickly destroying their morale. A mere 23 points was insurmountable. The offense was ranked 9th last season and now has it's two Pro Bowl guards back in the line-up. It should be even better. Yet it can only muster a measly 7 points against the weak Saints defense and 3 points against a so-so Patriots team. Hey Coach, when you look at the tape to determine what is wrong, make sure you take peruse the sideline and coach's booth. That's where the culprit lies.
  • avatar

    The bottom line is we got the second hand reject college coach because Chip Kelly got the midnight call from a former coach who's now a TV commentator to warn him what it was like to work for the Glazers. So Kelly begged out and we got the 2nd fiddle coach from the NJ swamp. Freeman used to be more than serviceable. I am not happy with him either right now, but what i see is something akin to a race horse that's been ruined by the overuse of the whip. I suspect Josh will flourish elsewhere and i, for one, will be happy for him. I'm afraid Schiano's act is wearing very thin and is really 1 loss away from worn out. These clowns just don't know what they are doing to get world class players ready to perform. I really like Dominic. He has made a number of terrific moves over the last few years. But he also picked this bozo as a coach and thus...
  • avatar

    @gg: Wish I could TOTALLY agree with you that the problem is ONLY coaching...& to a large extent that's true, but you suggest trading Freeman which I agree with at this point...if he is even tradeable now. If you recall, we were supposed to get some competition for him this year & the GM didn't...not to mention that adding better players at TE, DE, & in addition WR...which the GM didn't do, likely would have trumped poor coaching to this point, IMO, the Bucs would be 2 -1 now. Bottom line is the statistical chances of the Bucs making the playoffs from an 0 - 3 record are 0...So somebody has to go...coach, GM, QB, or all three.
  • avatar

    @warren: congratulations, thats exactly why HC GM and QB aren´t worth keeping. they are making poor jobs.
  • avatar

    You posters need to look at the big problem with this team and it is the freaking COACHING!!!!! You can talk all you want about the d line and the trade for Revis, but our defensive coach "AKA" Schiano is the idiot!!! We blitzed with 1 or 2 extra guys in the first quarter and we had Brady hurried and firing quickly and missing or getting sacked. Then, mysteriously we went to our usual 4 man front and Brady had all day throwing the ball. Schiano scared to let his players play and playing like the conservative coach he is. SECONDLY AND MOST IMPORTANT!! The offense was suppose to be the strength of this team and it has fizzled because of your franchise quarterback #1 and your equally conservative offensive coordinator #2!! You have the players on that side of the ball to be putting up at least 21 pts. a game and you can barely score 7. Make a trade for whatever you can get for Freeman when the bye week comes and then put Glennon in there for the rest of the year. He probably will struggle too but look at him and see if there is anything that warrants keeping him for next year. If not, draft a qb who is accurate and has a brain who can read defenses. And then get some coaches here who can take advantage of the talent that is on this team even though there are holes to fill. This team is a disgrace, especially the offensive side of the team , that looks like a good college defense would stymie them and beat them. Glaziers, do something before you have 10,000 fans in your stadium for every home game.
  • avatar

    I think all the complaining about bringing in Revis and his cap number is uncalled for, this defense is the only watchable part of this team at this point (pretty exciting and promising). The offense is totally inept , which I think comes primarily from our one read QB and poor offensive coordinator. I still love this damn team though.
  • avatar

    Man does it ever suck being a fan of this team. What an embarrassment of an organization.. Getting my brown paper bag to put over my head, ready for next week. #No-Hope #Yuccs #FIRE Schiano NOW
  • avatar

    @kingbuc34: As a loyal Buc fan since 1976 & former season ticket holder, I feel for you. When the Bucs lose on Sunday, I feel sick & grumpy 'till Wednesday. All we can do is remember the great SuperBowl win & hope that happens again...in our lifetime. Regardless, although I criticize the heck out of our team, I'll always be loyal to it. Good news: things can't be as bad as losing our first 26 games...can it?!
  • avatar

    @ Warren, yea I feel pretty sick to my stomach damn near all week long. Its so frustrating to watch a team that you love with so much talent,just go down the drain. I've been a Bucs fan since 1991, & each year that goes by I lose more & more hope.This ball club needs a major overhaul & it needs it like 5 seasons ago.
  • avatar

    @horse: yeah, thats a nice short summary. and tell me: is it true, that the bucs are lacking talent at several positions? (TE, Slot-WR, DT, DE, CB, O-line(?), QB, even Safety ahmad black looks not so good to me). So maybe we werent finished with rebuilding. with that in mind - was it wise to spend so much cap space and send away a high draft pick (and boy we gonna pick high) just for one player? Just because, the bucs "could" have reached the playoffs? that "win now" stuff just killed all the progression from the rebuilding. Thats why we "weren´t a good team". that and the fact that we got "totally out coached". so who´s got to take the blame. Who signed those players, coached them, got us to win now mode, etc etc. HC and GM. and freeman is simply "not so good".thats why not one of them deserves a paycheck over 500.000 a year. thats why they gotta go. The sooner, the better. Trade Freeman, get rid of the Shianomik demon, GoBucs!!
  • avatar

    @louden: I'm with you.
  • avatar

    louden; I for one was strongly against the Revis trade because we still needed a DE and DT and TE. I don't agree with you about the Safety and slot receiver. The pass rush from the DL is still a problem. I have seen enough of Freeman last year to realize that he needs to go to another team that want to listen to his potential at 25 years old. For me Freeman plays like a 35 year old QB who can't run or pass consistently. I just want something average from him, that's all. He's got one more last chance against the Cardinals who are not a good team. If he stinks and the Coach doesn't take him out then both need to be fired at the break.
  • avatar

    @warren: that makes me a little happy, thats cool. i hope commentators on this site get this straight, so that the writers of this site will get it, and then finally someone at OneBucPlace gets the word of the fans. Happy to have fellow BucsFans with same opinion on topics @Horse: so we basically agree; that the rebuilding process was still in process, but the bucs opted, as stated by their own GM, to go "win now" and it backfired (so far). @all: Means and Gholston(?) - i mean the DE from DraftDay, they both do at least look like they could become good DE, but will need time ala Benett.. and one more about drafting: when you go "all in - win now" why the heck are you going to draft a guy, that likely/hopefully wont have to play and will clearly need some years to develope in the 3rd round? especially if there are other players who could have an immediate inpact (on a positon of need- like DT for example). Banks also.. like i said: he will give up a lot of plays in front of him (he doesn´t break off fast enough on the ball). Not saying he is a bad player (in fact i think/hope he will be a good one), but in "win now"mode, you should get guys, who will have an impact on the field right away.. Banks pick is to early to judge - but Glennon pick is/was plain awful. he didnt throw his WR open in college, why should he now. okay - at least he is physically gifted and a great athlete.. oh, no, that was Josh Johnson.... we should bring him back!! colin kaepernick in black - GREAT!!!
  • avatar

    Demote/Fire McNulty. That's the #1 key to victory.
  • avatar

    and Bucs defense isn´t that good (as the media wants us to believe either, at least coaching wise, thats for sure). Little pressure - you know how the most successful teams do it? with at least 5 man on the line and one of them could back off to coverage, at least 4 should rush. but normally at least 5 - why - because matchups problems. QB has to get the ball out quickly or he gets big time PRESSURE. but- like i said all offseason long: "win now mode" was/is the biggest mistake of the GM HC OWNER crew. and because this team isnt ready and isnt playing to Freemans strengh, Josh is looking like a very lousy QB. Truth is Freeman can at least be decent. he playing awful because of the HC. i for one - wouldn´t be happy with Feeman as the QB next year- Freeman should be a carreer back up. HC GM QB - they all have to go. BucsGo.
  • avatar

    We were not good as a team and were totally out coached!
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