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September 23, 2013 @ 3:58 pm
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Schiano Says Freeman Is Still His Starter

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Head coach Greg Schiano addressed the media Monday afternoon in his weekly day-after-game press conference. He addressed the offensive concerns as well as the status of quarterback Josh Freeman as the starter as he was visibly upset with yesterday's performance on the field.
After staying behind in Boston to care for his ailing father, and then finally arriving back into Tampa early Monday morning, head coach Greg Schiano wasn’t in the brightest of moods when he took to the podium Monday afternoon at One Buccaneers Place.
And of course being in charge of a winless football team that suffered a rash of injuries in their 23-3 loss to the Patriots on Sunday doesn’t help.
Schiano was quick and deliberate with his answers about the problems his team now faces. Mistakes on the field is one of those problems.

“I think it’s spread all around,” Schiano said. “We have some new guys and some returning guys and everybody is making their share I go back to doing a better job of communicating and holding people accountable and that’s the foundation of what we do. We’re not doing a good enough job starting with me. We (have to) do better.”

Another problem Schiano and the team faces is a struggling offense. Tampa Bay’s head coach points to the details that the unit has had difficulty with and was more evident for him after watching the film.

“There are schematic issues that we have to be more precise with,” Schiano said. “We left way too much on the table there. If we do our jobs we’ll score a lot of points. Just in general offensive details.”

Schiano was also asked on several occasions about the play of Josh Freeman. With the quarterback situation still a question mark, Schiano is not thinking about changing his signal caller anytime soon. He also pointed that there is plenty of blame to go around on the offense. 

“Josh is our starter, that’s where we are,” Schiano said. “He’s done some good things and he’s done some things that he’d like to change and that we’d like to change. It’s the whole offensive unit, we need to be more precise, we need to coach more precisely, its’ everybody involved.

“He (Freeman) understands what we are trying to do with our offense. I think when he is in our pocket and comfortable delivering the ball is when things break down a little bit, it hasn’t been as good as it’s been before and it will be again, one of his strengths is extending plays. But again, when you have variables where we’re not sharp enough on the details, it’s hard to be the trigger man when some things aren’t going the way they are supposed to.”

As Schiano touched on the positives of his quarterback, he was asked about Freeman’s 4-for-19 performance inside the 40-yard line.

“That’s a very good question,” Schiano said. “It is a good question because we are working like crazy to figure that out. But again, in that zone, the extended red, the fringe and the red, we had plenty of opportunities. We made some mistakes. And you have to give credit to New England. They defended. So when you make a mistake and they defend it’s a double whammy.”

Scoring three points in the third loss in a row will raise questions about the offensive coordinator. Not for Schiano. He stands by the Buccaneers offense and offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan.

“I have the utmost confidence in Mike and the offensive staff,” Schiano said. “We all need to do better, but the utmost confidence.

“Again, the run game, although it was not as good as it was the week before, it very easily could have been. You don’t live in the world of woulda, coulda, shoulda, but there was opportunities there. Had we not gotten into a have to throw it game it would have been. Had we taken care of those opportunities early in the game, when we had 14 plays in their territory early in the game. Now I’m not going to say I’m the eternal optimist and that would be 21 points but it shouldn’t equal three points either. Somewhere in between and you have a chance to be in a tight football game where you’re running the ball more and there’s whatever it was, close to 90-something rushing, and now it’s 130 because you were given more opportunities and then you pop one and now it’s 180. And that’s exactly what they did. They popped one when they were in a position to run out the clock and so we lost that battle, the rushing battle and that was a critical battle in the keys to victory, we didn’t win that battle.”

The Buccaneers head into what they refer as the “fourth season” on the schedule and begin preparing for the Arizona Cardinals. Still, entering the fourth week of the 2013 season, there are many concerns for this Bucs team. With so much talent and so much that could have been done to build off of last season, the first quarter of the season can already be chalked up as a disappointment.  Schiano, although he said he’s not the eternal optimist, he looks at the situation with the glass half full saying that they will eventually right the ship.

“Nothing surprises me in this game, ever,” Schiano said. “Disappointed yes, Not discouraged. We’ll get it.”
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    @warren: you got a very valid point, with Shiano just being 2nd (emergency) plan. If Dominik would have got his man in Chip Kelly, we should have been very proud our GM. But is that enough to safe his job? thats the biggest question for the Glazers for the next 5 months.. As of now, besides of going for Chip and getting this former Seahawk scout (what is his name?) and generally being good with cap managing, he has done very little. And to be exact: the last years we had plenty of cap space - that means so far we haven´t realy seen what Dom is able to do with cap managing. As of right now however: Bucs (despite what some fans say), are lacking talent for a SuperBowl run and haven´t a good cap situation and lost a very important draft pick (remeber new rookie scale? that means: cheap top level talent - lost with that trade -). Conclussion: Dom has to go - with HC and QB. And bucs dont have to re-build after that - like someone already said: find the right guys fine tuning what we already got and maybe we are in the playoffs next year (at least we could/should be in 2 years from now). GoGlazers make it happen, GoBucs, dont mind about lost season - we need a good high pick next draft anyway!!
  • avatar

    @surfer: You are right on dude! I'd love to know what Dom's telling the Glasers to try & convince them that none of this mess is his fault...does he blame Rah for convincing him to draft Freeman...does he remind them Schiano was the 2nd choice after Chip Kelly ditched out?
  • avatar

    I think I just found one of the underlying problems with Schiano. He's comfortable with a tight football game at the end where he thinks he can run out the clock. This guy is simply not playing to win the game, he's playing not to lose the game. Stop trying to control EVERYTHING including the clock. I like Jiggyjoe's idea. Hey guys, first team to 50 points gets a bus ride with Sweat Pea...minus the champagne of course.
  • avatar

    Tick, tick, tick, tick....
  • avatar

    Hey PR, I've been meaning to ask: Where is your server? Auckland? Accra?reykjavik?
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    Short and intermediate passes might work -- except you need good TEs and a QB who can fake looking long. Freeman consistently stares down his intended receiver. He doesn't know how to read progressions and never will IMO. After seeing the entire offensive coaching staff huddled up in week 2, staring like deer in the headlights, I have no faith in the offensive coaches. After seeing Revis playing zone and not man coverage, I have no faith in the defensive staff. WHAT A FRIGGING MESS!!! Let's go with Glennon now. Absolutely no reason not to. This season is already toast.
  • avatar

    Dom focused his free agent big money on a corner, and safety. Elway spent his money on a real Q.B.. Reid went out and got Smith. Look who knows what they're doing, and who don't. If we would've paid A Smith what we're paying Revis, we'd be 2-1, maybe 3-0. The problem is we've been pretending we drafted a franchise Q.B. 5 years ago, but the truth hurts, we didn't. Give the Jets credit, the new G.M. who use to work for Dom realized Sanchez wasn't the answer, and drafted someone to really compete with him. Geno Smith has shot life into that Jet team, they're 2-1, and beat us with a rookie Q.B. getting his first start, and a x Buc T.E. cast off. Look who knows what they're doing, and who don't.
  • avatar

    Schiano is out the door unless the team turns it around and nothing about his track record or the teams declining performance would suggest that. Freeman is essentially auditioning for other teams in the league as I think we have had enough of the roller coaster and are ready to give the franchise the jolt of energy a new QB brings. Get Rivers in FA, Clowney in the draft, a solid TE and a coach (Lovie or Dungy) and we will be back. The Glazers have invested too much money in this team to allow these results, change will be coming so let Schiano sink his ship however he sees fit! Go Bucs and Bye Greg!
  • avatar

    @jiggyjoe: i think youre right on with "coach(es) need to make Freeman look good". BUT @mot of fans: i agree, that Freeman simply isn´t good enough. He could have had better games, if coaches using him right, but still: he is lacking QB-skills. Some folks said, that they believed in Freeman, but now they see, that he is not that good - for me - same goes for coach Shiano. He may not be the worst coach ever, but hey c´mon, he still says Lindell is the kicker, i realy mean: C´MON!! he is terrible, that rooki-e K Dimke could kick over 50 yards (and hit). He even tackled.. what else, is he supposed to do?! This, and stuff like the Glennon pick, coupled with in-game-(non-)adjustments (and if they adjust, they take away what was working; like the 5 man pass rush against NE) - that all just gives me the feeling: Coach and QB (and GM no doubt) arent good enough. Hell, they all arent worth their paychecks at all! GoGlazers, give us real profesionals at these positions, thats all you gotta do, before focusing on soccer again - no one would be sad or mad at you, GoBucs!
  • avatar

    Love the Ricky Ricardo quote Surferdudes. I use that one myself. I'm sure the Glazer boys are methodically studying their options. These are the guys who fired two respected coaches coming off of winning seasons because they sensed things weren't going as well as they expected. Schiano has to know he's gone as soon as Bryan and Joel conclude that this season of infectious diseases is terminal.
  • avatar

    Thank You Charlesescott and Afrika...but you can bet good money that unless Freeman's performance dwindles to the point of playing like a rookie, a QB change will not come until after week 8....everyone needs to remember that Dominik is tied to Freeman and that it was Schiano that wanted competition at the Qb spot to ensure top notch play, behind the scenes you can be sure that Dominik squashed that idea and told Schiano that Freeman is the captain of this ship until he rams it into an iceberg...5 years into ur NFL career, and the most glaring trait you have shown is your consistent inconsistency coupled with subpar accuracy....other QB's with names like Joey Harrington, Akili Smith, Ryan Lief, (insert ur favorite QB wash-out name here) all had people that would not call them for what they were and that was back-up QB material at best...it happens all the time, yet because of the tendency of today's politically correct society, people wil not call a duck a duck...or in this case, Freeman a lame duck. And I have always wanted Free to succeed, but we're all able to look over his established body of work now and if we're not being biased or lying to ourselves, we should all remember what Simeon Rice's favorite line was..."It is what it is." Well folks, Freeman is what he is...has always been and always will be..and for well over half the QB's that come into this league, the story is the same for them as well. That's why you tend to never see a QB like Bree's, Brady, or Manning not finish their careers with the teams that drafted them...because they're SO hard to find.
  • avatar

    @charlesescott1...AMEN BROTHER !!!!
  • avatar

    I understand losing last weekend. Losing to the Jets was bad luck and poor execution. The Saints got lucky and we need a new kicker if we can find one. Now, you have had your bad luck and bad execution. You got beat by Tom Brady...OK, you and most of the other teams. Now you need to win. As they say, good teams find ways to win. You are a good team. Why are you losing? The coaching staff needs to set a goal. Playing good enough to win is not a goal that this team seems to manage. We need to score 50 points. We are not going to stop until we score 50 points. How do we score 50 points? Pass the ball. How do you expect to run when there is 8 or more in the box? Take what they give you. Coach, YOU need to make Freeman look good. You can make plays that make him look good. Improve his percentage. You can do that. Make him feel good and he will play good. A coach is a TEACHER. Be his teacher, not his boss and he will win.
  • avatar

    Josh Freeman has the worst QBR in the league...BY FAR! No one else is even close. And his completion pct is 45%. Josh Freeman needs to go! He's killing this team.
  • avatar

    All those drop passes against NE, one in the end zone sure hurts a QB rating, doesn't it.
  • avatar

    What I've seen in the first half of the NE game.I could see a difference in what Tampa did. They s9imple gave up. After they missed a fg when it was 4th down they went for it instead of going for the fg's again. Tampa had a chance to beat NE early, and they open up the chance late in the 1st half. Its time to change QB and get the rookie GF kicker back.PERIOD>
  • avatar

    I don't believe we have any choice at this point, but to expect that all the players try harder and especially the coaching. It's not how many hours you put into the work, but the focus as to where improvement is needed. It's tough for many people to admit that they have to do better when they may not see it themselves. Go Bucs! Try harder!
  • avatar

    @surfer: I suspect Dom is in England (or wherever the Glasers are) saying to them:"Geez, I picked the BEST players, it must be the coaching!". :-)
  • avatar

    Wow, I hope he has better answers for the Glazers then he has for the reporters. Speaking of Frick. and Frack, are they hiding in a closet somewhere with Dominic? It would be nice to hear what they have to say about how the season's going. I know it's not yet groundhog day, but shouldn't Dom crawl out of the hole he's hiding in, and try to explain what's going on with this play off team he put together? I mean after every loss Schiano faces the angry masses a lone. Come on Dom, make an appearance, as Ricky would always say to Lucy, "you got a lotta splaining to do".
  • avatar

    Sticking with Freeman? I guess Freeman is the captain who will go down with his ship. Schiano has a GUARANTEED 15 million dollar contract for the next 3.75 years. Freeman doesn't. Riding out the storm seems to be his plan.
  • avatar

    Oh brother. We have 13 more "seasons" of this? Well, I am sure the coach feels like it's been 3 seasons worth of strife after these first three -ahem- games or seasons or whatever you want to call them.
  • avatar

    I have at least one criticism for the offensive coordinator. I will guess what play you will run on first down for the next game. Run. If I can guess it.... guess what? Try to surprise someone.
  • avatar

    This team was not ready to play at the start of the season. Schiano sounds a little like Raheem Morris. Shoulda, coulda, woulda and we will get it right. Hurry up coach there is only 13 games left.
  • avatar

    Not into the bashing...all offensive players need to step up and play!!
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