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September 24, 2013 @ 3:41 pm
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Bucs Waive TE Noble

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

From the Buccaneers communications department:


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced today that they waived tight end Danny Noble.

Noble was promoted off the practice squad after running back Peyton Hillis was released last week. He was active for the Patriots game Sunday but did not see any action if any. 

If Noble clears waivers, the Bucs can re-sign him and most likely be placed back on the practice squad.

The move clears up a roster spot on the 53-man roster.

Last modified on Tuesday, 24 September 2013 16:22

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    Meh! With the passing philosophy we have we only need two receivers that have 18ft verticle leaps. We Don't need slants nor well thought out screen plays. No imagination nor creativity in our passing game at all.
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    If Noble ever wanted to peruse comedy he could use his time as a Buc for starters. I would laugh.
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    Buc 76 yeah we could use Gruden, but how about Jay, instead of John? He's done a great job in Cinn with Dalton, and was a very good head coach, and player for years in the arena league.
  • avatar

    Owlykat: "Pet # 19 from Rutgers?" Of course you mean # 81 Tim Wright and not #19 Mike Williams. Danny Noble was on the Practice Squad and no one complained. He is brought up to the active roster purely due to injury, didn't make a play and now he's "our best TE prospect." Says who? He was not released "to make room for Crabtree." Crabtree is already on the roster. At least you didn't bring up "you know who" and suggest he could play QB, RB, TE and serve as team chaplain.
  • avatar

    Danny Noble. Goes unused. Runs good routes. Gets open. Has good hands. Clearly he doesn't belong with our other TEs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks again Mark Dominik for addressing TE in the offseason. And thank you Dominik for making it possible with all our NFL Free Agent moves to once again since Jan 27th 2003 for helping assure us Bucs fans can wake up everyday and think, "Oh no! We suck again! " :-)
  • avatar

    We are thin at TE so lets cut another..that's rich...hopefully we can find a FA TE that can do something...
  • avatar

    Schiano should have cut his pet, number 19, who dropped a catchable pass in the end zone, but he is from Rutgers, and gets favoritism no matter how badly he plays, and the best TE prospect we need to develop is cut to make room for Crabtree. It's the Schiano way, and it drives me up the wall! He deserves to get fired right after his next loss this Sunday. He has had a string of losses and if you include the games at the end of last season he is 1 - 8. That was plenty enough to get ROM fired. The Glazers need to have their plan in place so their interim Coaches they appoint can have the break to right the ship. It needs to be done or they will lose their fan base. I have given my suggestions on how to do it in a recent posts as have other posters given their good inputs too. It is also needed to keep our talented players here so they don't jump ship in free agency. Hope the Glazers are reading this. They deserve much better too.
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    we have finally arrived at a point where i really have little interest in using my season tickets. hope is lost, Josh sucks, schiano is a micromanaging moron. I guess you cant blame the glazer's as no quality coach was interested in coming to Tampa. (why was that ?) , did they not think the owners would put up money for good players ? Or is it too small a market with a team with no "tradition".
  • avatar

    @pinkstob... i think it's schiano. who's initiating all the moves... i dont blame them for tinkering, but i do think schiano is way over his head.
  • avatar

  • avatar

    Probably making room for a kicker.
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    @buccaneerNW: Name calling? O. K., perhaps you know these posters personally? Fine to disagree, & I'm with you on that. Criticize other posts if you like...but name calling? Really?
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    Well, if this were just about a difference of opinion, then name calling would indeed be inappropriate, but I feel OK about calling people morons for doing moronic things... and making negative commentary about bottom of the roster transactions is moronic. Teams often have churn at the bottom of the roster, for a variety of reasons. This isn't even disputable. So yeah, the name suits the behavior.
  • avatar

    Idiots making an issue about bottom-of-the-roster maneuvering? Jeez, the play on the field is bad enough, now you morons want to pick on inconsequential roster moves? Get a grip.
  • avatar

    This would be the perfect time to bring Gruden back,all his old players are retired now so he will do great.
  • avatar

    Do you guys ever get the feeling that the bucs make the simplest things look hard.
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    Seriously guys, this is starting to become laughable. This is a ship with no rudder. I am literally starting to get angry over this Keystone Kop movie. There is serious money that has been spent to make this team a winner. As fans we deserve better!
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    He came, He saw, He did not conquer!
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    Anyone's guess....
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    I guess Dominik is hoping less is more?
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