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September 26, 2013 @ 12:08 pm
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Remaining Tampa Bay Home Games Will Be Broadcast Locally

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs fans who aren't able to attend home games got some good news on Thursday when Tampa Bay announced the remaining home games would be broadcast locally.
Bucs fans looking for a ray of light in a season filled with disappointments early on got some good news Thursday when the Buccaneers announced the remaining seven home games will be shown locally.

In a statement released on their website the organization said, The Buccaneers are projected to surpass the NFL’s threshold of 85% tickets sold for the majority of the team’s remaining seven home games. By reaching the 85% mark, the team ensures that all games will be available on local television.

“In appreciation for the loyal support of our fans throughout the Tampa Bay area, we have committed to televise the remaining seven home games of the 2013 season,” said Buccaneers Co-Chairman Bryan Glazer.

Limited numbers of tickets in most price categories remain available for all games and may be purchased on the team’s website www.Buccaneers.com.

Previously 19 of the last 24 regular season home games had been blacked out in the Tampa Bay area.

The Buccaneers face the Arizona Cardinals at 1 p.m. on Sunday before having their bye week. Tampa Bay welcomes the Eagles the following week to Raymond James Stadium.

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    Glasers: Thank you for this good deed. This was a quality move and most appreciated. In the long run, it makes perfect sense b/c many fans who are unable to attend for whatever reason will now see the Bucs on TV rather than potentially finding another team to root for (out of sight, out of mind). Hopefully, that will equate to more future merchandise sales & increased revenues.
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    Since I've never missed a home game I'm glad the fans who are unable or unwilling to attend the games will get to watch our local team. I've long believed that this NFL policy did more to increase fan apathy than encourage them to buy tickets. Around here, those folks tend to revert back to their former "home" team. Good move Glazers!
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    Well, worst case its awful and we end up with a quality QB through the draft and will have a lot of talent on the roster still for Cowher (or whomever) to coach. I agree, folks who had called the Glazers cheap were dead wrong, they seem genuinely committed to winning (they can coach and/or throw/catch passes).
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    Glazers get an A+. If glennan turns out to be a star, it will pay dividends. If he ends up being horrible, schiano and our new QB will be looking for work next year.
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    The Glazers have my full respect. They've opened their wallets wide to buy this team quality talent and we have as many pro bowlers on this team as they did for the Super Bowl team, I believe. They also hired Schiano when they still had to pay off the contract for Jon Gruden. Perhaps to get Coach Schiano more organized they have paid for 20 assistant coaches for him, too, but it hasn't helped because that is just more coaches for him to micromanage. Also, they didn't get their money's worth since Schiano hired friends of his, such as McNulty, who were not the quality coaches the Bucs used to have before Schiano. In order for the Glazers to pledge all the games at home will be televised I believe they will have to buy as many tickets as it takes to get to 85 percent, which in itself is quite a gift to the long suffering Buc's Fans. My sincere Thank You to the Glazers. They deserved far better for all they have spent and I hope they have a plan to make some sweeping changes after the next loss this Sunday.
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    Lets hope this was coach Shianos plan all along.It sure seems like it,how would you like to have josh as your QB and watch him telegraph all his passes then overthrow and underthrow the pass.
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    Hmmm! Crystal ball sez, "We need our whole fan base. Everyone of them!"
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    Thank you Glazers. I would love for my grandchildren to get inspired to be Buc fans and purchase Buc tickets in the future; this will help.
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    Good to know... glad they'll be on TV but I'll be at the game. Can't wait to see what Glennon can do. Not expecting much, hoping to be surprised. Reviewed the scouting reports (walter football) last night on Freeman and Glennon, eerily similar. All a Bucs fan can do is hope for the best.
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    after considering a number of high quality smart-alec responses, I'll instead say....quality move by the Glazers, well done! I wonder if they have offered Schiano the chance to watch the game at home too...badda-boom!
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