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September 26, 2013 @ 2:59 pm
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Bucs News To Know 9-26: Revis On QBs; No More Blackouts

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Bucs practiced for the second day with rookie Mike Glennon under center with the first team, and Freeman relegated to backup status. Freeman was once again unavailable to the media on Thursday. Below is a run down of all that happened at One Bucs on Wednesday in the daily News To Know.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buccaneer Place on Thursday September 26:


• The Buccaneers practice began at 11:45 under gray cloudy skies. A stiff breeze was blowing as the players went through a two-hour workout with Mike Glennon under center after being established as the Bucs new starting QB on Wednesday by head coach Greg Schiano.

• Two important offensive weapons were once again held out of practice after suffering injuries in last Sunday’s loss to New England. Both Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson were held out of Thursday’s practice.

If Williams and Jackson are unable to go Sunday against the Cardinals new starting QB Mike Glennon will be throwing to Kevin Ogletree, Eric Page and even newcomer Russell Shepard.

Schiano talked about Page’s performance so far as a Buccaneer receiver.

“I saw some good things,” Schiano said. “He’s getting better every day he’s made a constant improvement which is what he needs to do as a rookie, he’s getting better.”

• TE Tom Crabtree was limited in practice once again as he continues to rehab from a high ankle sprain suffered in the final preseason game against the Redskins. Gabe Carimi (illness), Derek Landri (knee) and Michael Adams(knee) all were held out Thursday. DR Gary Gibson was also limited after suffering a back injury at New England.

DT Gerald McCoy(ankle) was a full participant on Thursday.

• The Buccaneers didn’t make any roster moves on Thursday despite still having an open roster spot after the waiving of tight end Danny Nobles earlier in the week.

• The buzz around One Buccaneer Place was still the benching of Josh Freeman on Wednesday however Schiano wanted no part of the discussion.

“Yesterday I spent the entire time on Mike, and Josh and the whole quarterback change,” Schiano said. “Today I’m going to stick to Arizona, Bucs. [Josh] practiced today, he did his job, and I’ll leave it at that.”

Cornerback Darrelle Revis was available to the media and did comment on the quarterback situation.

“We’ve got to do what we’ve got to do on defense,” Revis said. “Let’s just play great defense and be physical and aggressive. We can’t control who starts on offense and who doesn’t. That’s coach Schiano’s job. He made a big move, and we’ve got to support Josh as well as support Mike in doing the job.
“I tell you what, the sky’s the limit for anybody. We’re supporting Mike, and we’re behind him. That’s coach’s call, and we’ve got to support him. We can’t look at it as anything negative, because something can come out of this outcome. Speaking on rookie quarterbacks, (Russell) Wilson, Andrew Luck and RG3 – those guys played great. We’re confident. We’re confident in what we’re doing, and we need to stick behind Mike.”

• Much has been made of the perception and some reality to the Bucs playing a lot of zone coverage, even to the point of allegedly frustrating Revis. PewterReport.com asked defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan about how the staff goes about determining their coverage schemes.

We try to have balance,” Sheridan said. “We self scout just like the offenses do and we try not to get too lopsided in any schematic thing, whether it’s man or zone or two-deep or single-high. We try to have a balance so that when you’re getting prepared for us you can’t say, hey, they’re always going to be in this or in this down and distance they’re going to play these kind of defenses. We try to prevent that.

“So I appreciate their concern but in our minds we don’t want to do anything all the time. That would be too easy to exploit and attack so we try to have a balance and keep them guessing and disguise what we’re doing.”

• And finally with the black cloud surrounding the franchise as of late, the Buccaneers organization provided some good news for fans unable to attend the games. Tampa Bay announced that the remaining home games in 2013 will be show locally.

In a press release Wednesday Tampa Bay said they anticipate the all remaining games will exceed or be very close to the 85 percent threshold and the games that do not meet it, the team will do what they have to in order to get the games on television.

Buccaneers Co-Chairman Bryan Glazer released a statement about ticket sales.

“In appreciation for the loyal support of our fans throughout the Tampa Bay area, we have committed to televise the remaining seven home games of the 2013 season,” said Glazer. 

“Your quarterback has to walk different than everybody else in the locker room. We can talk about some of the greats – Peyton Manning comes to work with a certain mind-set. I’m sure Tom Brady does as well. I know they’re future Hall of Famers and all-stars, but for a young quarterback, you’ve just got to help him and surround him and make sure he’s comfortable so he can build his confidence and play great.” – Revis on what he wants to see from rookie Mike Glennon

The Buccaneers will be back on the practice field Friday at 10:50 a.m. as they put final touches on their game plan for Sunday’s 1 p.m. matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.

Last modified on Thursday, 26 September 2013 15:31

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    That's one crappy strategy Sherridan and Schiano. Reminds me of a saying I've heard here in Florida. "If you don't like the weather, wait 15-30 minutes." So if an offensive coordinator doesn't like what you're doing to his team offensively because it's working, all has to do is a wait a series or two and Sherridan will adjust to something the opposing offense can find success with. This is exactly what happened in the game against the Patriots after we went away from blitzing and man coverage in the first quarter.
  • avatar

    Kodiak: There are only 52 on the roster right now. I thought Noble would return to the Practice Squad but the team added WR Dan Buckner instead. Perhaps Noble's status is in limbo until the injuries to the receiving corps and TE's are known for this week. I suspect Chris Owusu may be brought up to the 53 for this week if Jackson can't go or Noble will be signed if Crabtree is still out. Owlykat: Didn't you understand what the coach said? We only play zone sometimes to mix it up like all teams. I suspect most of us have no idea what scheme the defense is in on any given play.
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    So we have the best press corner in the NFL but good ole Sherman is going to waste Revis's talent playing zone. No wonder we are 0-3! Now you can understand why I say both Schiano and Sherman both need to walk the plank after our next loss this Sunday. And dense Schiano doesn't want to admitt his foolishness not taking Dimke cost the Bucs a win against the Saints so he is going to refuse to bring in Dimke now. It was obvious that Dimke made more field goals in a row than his competition but once again Schiano picked the player who did not produce as well. At least he is consistent; he did the same foolishness last year when he kept Parker although his production in preseason last year was awful, only to see Parker play so awful in games he finally had to cut him. Of course Schiano at the same time will always explain to the media that he always will make the choice that is the best one for the Bucs but as you can see that is a bold face lie. Schiano will pick whoever is his pet no matter what his production has been. That is why he is starting Glennon after he bombed in his game with the Redskins instead of playing the veteran QB on his roster that had the best completion ratio this preseason and last one too. Schiano has treated him shabby too by not giving him the same reps as Glennon in the preseason and then making the rookie the third string QB. No, he is going to put Glennon into this game before he has developed properly. Then when Glennon loses and gets beat up by a good pressing Arizona Defense, he then will be worthless with his confidence shattered. And watch Sunday, Schiano won't admitt his mistake and won't pull him early when he isn't producing either. He'll leave him in there all game just like he did with Doogie in the first game when it was obvious Doogie was getting poor yardage directly as a result of Schiano not playing him more than a couple series in the preseason. Shiano is a real piece of work and has to GO!!! Butch Davis can make our defense one of the best in the NFL in a New York minute, and our Special Teams Coach knows how to be a Head Coach in the NFL and would be an instant upgrade over Schiano. Sullivan was one of the top QB Coaches in the NFL and needs to be tasked with that job as well as calling plays for the Offense. Keep Bostad too who is outstanding, and let a bunch of Shiano's pet coaches go with him. 20 coaches is excessive and a waste of money.
  • avatar

    I thought Noble was cut to make room for Demps? Their roster has 53 players on it currently. You forget they added Spencer Larsen again.
  • avatar

    I can't believe we did not bring Dimke back. Schiano does not trust Lindell over 35 yds. I guess we will score a lot of TD's.
  • avatar

    Revis needs to be in a man defense and so does mark barron lavonte David and Dekota Watson . I think the team can hang . Man in man defense its what revis and the fans want so why not switch it for at least one game . See what happens
  • avatar

    On Revis. If I had 1 million dollars wired to my bank account every Sunday following a game, I would say anything the coach wanted me to say. I would clsose by saying that I also think the coach is a very handsome guy, and I will kiss his ring if he wants me too!
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    It sounds like the Glazers bought the remaining tickets, just a guess. Will be nice being at the game with a good HOME crowd. If I was the DC I would have Revis in Fitzgeralds pocket all game. Get the most for your money. Why would we have the best CB in the league and put him in zone most of the time? When we traded for Revis Schiano said he needed a great press corner to make his D work. Well whats the problem?
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    REALLY hope Mike Williams and VJ can return in time for the game. I'd like to see Glennon have the support of as many starters on Sunday as possible though it may be wise to hold them until after the bye. Stilll.............
  • avatar

    Would be nice to have another "Trench War" type game since the Cards defense is rumored to be stout against the run. Our O-line could use the rep and the workout. Go Bucs!!
  • avatar

    Thanks Mark; good up date. On Sherman's comments, umm... okay???? On Revis comments, yeah that makes sense. Okay Sully, I guess it's run, run, run? Do you think maybe the cardinals are thinking that's what you will be doing with a new rookie QB?
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