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September 26, 2013 @ 10:13 pm
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Freeman Breaks His Silence On Benching

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Tampa Bay QB Josh Freeman has been a no-show during the daily open locker room period at One Buc since it was announced early Wednesday that he was being benched in favor of rookie Mike Glennon. Freeman finally spoke out to ESPN on Thursday night.
Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman who was benched in favor of rookie Mike Glennon earlier this week, has declined to speak to the local media at One Buccaneer Place both Wednesday and Thursday.

Late Thursday Freeman broke his two-day silence and sat down with ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

Freeman talked about the benching.

“The situation is pretty standard, you know,” Freeman said. “They can make a change at quarterback, They can make a change at any position, but…”

Anderson asked Freeman how his teammates feel about it.

“I don’t know, I really can’t say,” Freeman said. “A lot of it has just been asking me if I am okay. A few guys are like, well I don’t know and … but I can't say that it is my job to try to sway votes of who thinks I should start or who doesn’t. My job is to – my new role with the team – is to be second string quarterback.”

Anderson then asked Freeman if he would ask for a trade.

“Well there has been a lot of talk of this, there was talk of this before there was talk of this. If that makes sense? But, you know, I don’t know how this thing is going to end up, I don’t know… A lot of people don’t understand is, as a player you don’t really have much say in a trade. But all I know is I am just going to continue to work. That’s really all I can do”

The rest of the Freeman interview will be broadcast Sunday on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown at 10 a.m.

Last modified on Thursday, 26 September 2013 22:52

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  • avatar

    This is a scheme league, this scheme did not fit Freeman, a smart coach would have played to Freeman strenghts not his weakness. A smart Qb would at least try and change, to people that cant meet in the middle both get divorced, I mean fired. hahaha and there it is. Schiano dumster fire
  • avatar

    Wahh, Waahh, I'm going to ESPN and spilling my guts. It's funny how the national media is picking up on this as a major story. Our QB situation is being treated like it was the benching of Montana. Good grief, it's only Freeman!
  • avatar

    No matter where he goes I don't believe Freeman will become an elite QB. He is not smart enough and is not passionate enough. However, he can produce a lot better than he has for inflexible Schiano who expects his players to adapt to his play schemes and never would adapt his schemes to his personnel, as the best NFL Coaches do. Any players who don't fit get dumped or traded for peanuts.
  • avatar

    Horse you must be thinking of Trent differ. Now that was an underachiever. Freeman unfortunately was cursed with lame offensive schemes, from OF coordinators who are not NFL caliber. Freeman gave it his all and prepared for every game as a consummate pro. In the right scheme he will excell. Remember Steve young ? He sucked in Tampa too.
  • avatar

    This quarterback problem started long ago , when the coach stated that Josh was not his OB, of choice a blind man could have the trouble , instead of making the change the first game everybody went around lying about he our quarterback. We have lost 3 games because of BS , how Mike is smart qb and does what he was told, then why did it take 3 games for them to fine out that Josh was dumb and did not follow orders that is exactly what they said. Mike is smart and he follow orders and he bright. All I will say do act like Josh was a dumb person now that you have made change for what best for the team.
  • avatar

    Nice guy, but coaches protected him too much as a football player. I honestly don't think he has feelings one way or the other pertaining to football. I would call him a propped up underachiever through out his football career. He really just wants to chill. He doesn't have any issues with getting the remaining 6.8 million this year. Any team that takes him are making a mistake. Josh good luck in your future and move on from football and be happy. Your real life is somewhere else; start it now. It's a wonderful world out there.
  • avatar

    I think Freeman found out the hard way that you can only play for one team!
  • avatar

    Totally agree. The difference between the greats and Freeman is that sense of urgency on the field. Look at the way Peyton and Brady play with fire throughout the game. They have the capacity to stay at the level that Josh only when absolutely needing to pushes himself. I've always said that Josh needed to make every drive count in his own head. I get that he tries to play "smart" not wanting to lose the game for his team but come on bud!! Where's the confidence and will to win?? Apparently Glennon has that. We will see.
  • avatar

    In the interview he had with espn was the first time it looked like he actually gave a shite. Its sad it took a benching and a coach to say you are not the best chance at qb to win a game on sunday. He never had to earn a damn thing here he was drafted and anointed the franchise savior immediately. That clearly was not the best way to go about it, also we should have brought in a vet he could have learned from. You cant say he didnt go about his business unprofessionally. But to me he never seemed to care until about 3 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. personally I think if he had Phillip Rivers attitude on sundays he would have been one of the best he is just way too laid back.
  • avatar

    "I don't know" either...... That was IMO, kind of strange. Did he say somewhere else he thought he was still a starting QB? Sounded resigned to me, almost relieved. Well, time to move on to Mike Glennon. I will type that people blaming coaches or receivers for Josh's poor play are off base. Accountability, you know? I do hope, as many others do, that Josh finds what he's looking for. I can't help but like the kid. Oh yeah....on to Glennon.
  • avatar

    Someone will pick him up and try to fix him. Physical ability is too scarce. But highly likely to be a chronic underachiever. If you had Glennon's head in Free's body you would have a slightly more agile version of Big Ben up in Pittsburgh. Glennon can bulk up. Free...
  • avatar

    Ouch! Give Glennon a chance. The guy hasn't even played a game yet and you're saying he's got the brain of big Ben?? Kidding of course but I'm hoping Glennon I'd smarter than Roethlisberger...
  • avatar

    Seat 26 - As a professional There is a huge difference between saying the right things and DOING the right things. Having watched Freeman's mechanics and decision making get worse over the years, one can only conclude that his actions haven't matched his words.
  • avatar

    Why can't he speak like a normal person let alone a quarterback?
  • avatar

    how can you not go to the other guy. I think he should give those poor under privileged kids their money back 149 bucs .
  • avatar

    Patriots? How many starters have we given them for nothing ? Freeman needs to be on a team with an offensive coordinator that is competent.
  • avatar

    yeah seat tom he will wake and know how to read ds and not look at one receiver, run for first downs, make line and play changes at scrimmage, not happening loser in college I know, high school I heard and 5 years in nfl I seen if you watch football at all he sucks yeah he has talent so do 2 million other guys not playing nfl, you need brains, plus when you look good in Kansas everyone overates you ask dorthy
  • avatar

    Freeman is a class act. This guy has shown complete professionalism from the first day he came here. Before he was the starter, during and now that his career is about to make a big change. He is going to have a long career in the NFL. He simply needs to be with an offensive team that knows how to use his unique talents. Good luck Josh. It has been a pleasure watching you play in Tampa. You gave us some very exciting games.
  • avatar

    what would those unique talents be??
  • avatar

    Maybe Bellichek will be kind enough to take Josh off our hands. I'm sure he will make a FAIR offer. RIGHT !!!!!
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