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September 27, 2013 @ 5:21 pm
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Schiano Still Facing Questions Regarding Freeman

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Head coach Greg Schiano doesn't want to talk about Josh freeman. He let the media know that on Friday. But questions remain regarding the active status of the former Buccaneer captain and how the team has handled the adversity. Schiano faced those questions head-on.
In less than 48 hours, the Buccaneers will play host to the Arizona Cardinals with rookie Mike Glennon as the new starting quarterback. Preparation immediately started for the game with the rookie getting his first official reps as a starter on Wednesday. It was then revealed by head coach Greg Schiano that quarterback Josh Freeman was going to be the team’s backup to Glennon. On Friday, Schiano hinted that the five-year veteran and former team captain may be inactive for Sunday’s game.

Visibly irritated with the attention that the benching of Freeman has gotten, Schiano stated that a decision on that has not officially been made.

"I feel like this has been a focus all week,” Schiano said. “I'm not going to go there. 90 minutes before the game, I'm going to name who our active 46 players are, the guys that are up and we're going to play. I'm locked in now and our team is locked in. I'm done discussing all that other stuff. Let's go win a game. That's our goal and that's what I'm locked in on." 

While he says he may be locked in for this weekend’s games, the team has had to deal with the media circus as well. However, Schiano says they have all handled it well and ready to go.

"That's what we do, that's what professionals do,” Schiano said. “There's always going to be noise out there, you have to push the noise out of your brain and you've got to do your job. I would be kidding you if I said there hasn't been anything that I had to do this week that I normally wouldn't have to do. As I often think, you can't make that time up. If you have a job to do and you have to do it in that allotted time, when you're called away by other things, whatever they may be, well now you have to figure out. You either sleep less or you delegate more. There are always those things that are up. But it's not always just something like this week, there a tons of things that come up in a year. You've just got to figure it out and whoever handles it best usually finds a way to win, with all other things being equal, obviously."

Part of dealing with adversity is the team moving forward with the change. Several players were asked about the change at quarterback and many responded with the same answers along the lines of them not being against the move and appear to be ready to move forward with Glennon as their new signal caller. Main reason for that is the commitment and preparation the rookie has demonstrated to this point.

"When you guys talked to him the other day, I think he made mention of he played in a pro-style offense for five years,” Schiano said. “[Former North Carolina State offensive coordinator] Dana Bible is an excellent coach - I've coached against Dana a number of times over the years - and [former North Carolina State Head] Coach [Tom] O'Brien is an excellent coach. Certainly, Mike's benefitted from his experience at North Carolina State, without a doubt. Again, when you come from a football family and all that stuff [it helps]. Mike stood up here - I watched his press conference - He stood up here and he made the statement 'I've been dreaming of this my whole life' and 'I've been preparing for this my whole life.' This guy is a football junkie and this is what he loves to do, so I'm excited for him. Now you've got to go do it."

Don’t expect any difference in offensive scheme just because Glennon is in there. Schiano said they will stick to doing what makes them who they are.

"We'll be balanced. It doesn't matter who we're going against, we're going to run the football, it's who we are,” Schiano said. “We'll be balanced with [the] pass and I'm totally confident in our pass game with [quarterback] Mike [Glennon]. I think it's going to be, run our deal, handle those three front guys, for sure, and those two inside backers for sure. And [the Cardinals have] that corner out there, No. 21 [Patrick Peterson], who's a pretty special player. There's enough - there's a lot of, I should say - threats out there that need to be handled, concern-wise. There will be some new guys in there but there's a heck of a lot of seasoned, grizzled vets."

The Cardinals’ defense will undoubtedly make it difficult for the Bucs offense especially since they will be gamplanning to go up against a rookie quarterback. However, the quarterback change can prove to be beneficial for Tampa Bay in terms of the team rallying around their new leader. 

For now, everything points to that very thing happening. They just hope it translates on to the field on Sunday.

Last modified on Friday, 27 September 2013 17:51

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  • avatar

    @mbutler592. LMAO, NJ wouldn't take Him BACK!!!!!!
  • avatar

    Schiano and his goon squad should leave ASAP !!!!!!! No clue not even a little one.
  • avatar

    Send the fake, wanna be toughguy punk BACK TO JERSEY!!!
  • avatar

    Yeah, they'll probably win this Sunday's LOSERBOWL at home.. Big Deal.. Oh yeah, I wanna thank my Dad for making me a Bucs fan at age 5... Except for 4 years of greatness it's been 30+ years of shame, disappointment and agony! Were all just some weird, remote control breaking, gluttons for punishment. From DeBerg, Young, Vinny, Chandler, Erickson, Dilfer, Sims, Garcia to Freeman, just another chapter in the historic saga of the MOST dysfunctional franchise in football. But boy, those 4-5 years of being a contender and a winner were GLORIOUS!!
  • avatar

    "Don’t expect any difference in offensive scheme just because Glennon is in there. Schiano said they will stick to doing what makes them who they are." then that makes them losers.
  • avatar

    In a way it should be good that Glennon is in there in respect to the running game; they will have to make a serious commitment to it. Ground and pound and then let Glennon throw for 4 yards or less for first downs. Let's face it, the Bucs chances of winning is in pounding the ball and creating havoc on defense, old "Buc Ball". Here's to a new era of Buc Ball!
  • avatar

    I hope this comes back to haunt the Bucs, the same way cutting Doug Williams and Steve Young did! Schiano never liked Freeman, maybe it's his haircut who knows? The Bucs have alot more problems than the quarterback! IT'S A BUCS LIFE! (life of torture and misery!)
  • avatar

    sorry for that book of post. One quick one here: the are 3 options only: a) get Shiano into the scouting department, another HC; b) Get some/a great offensive mind(s) into his Coaching staff, one who understand modern AmericanFootball; c) Fire Shiano.. ------- of course Sully and the whole staff have to get evaluated in the coming games, because, now that they got their will(Freeman away), maybe they will start to play for real... Neverless: shiano could have got Freeman away in offseason and what he did is not acceptable (breaking Free in halfs) - only thing to he can do to safe is sorry face- wining. but it will cost draft posi..
  • avatar

    in a time, when 400 yard games by QB´s happen frequently, Shiano the one and only tries to go run first. okay.. We are living in a time, where spreading the defense out - making them defend the whole f´ing field - taking advantage of speed on offense and youre personal (including QB) makes you successful - Shiano relys on contested one-on-one (50-50) throws. AHA, good strategy.. Of course we need some balance, but the run should complement the pass and not dominate it (we dont even have a great o-line that could dominate all game/season long - Shoving people around at will i mean). Bostad can orchestrate one hell of a run game, but if people fill the box.. how about roll outs? QB running himself? Quick passes GETTING PEOPLE OUT IN SPACE. We could have there sth. with Jeff Demps, but if our Offensive Coord. and/or HC cant get him in playmaking positions.. Short: Sheme is on Offense is horrible, just take a look at what SEAN PAYTON is doing... Or a Manning/Brady-Welker combo. EAGLES.. damn, if DOM the Don just got us ChipKelly.. instead of that bonehead HC.. He can evaluate talent pretty damn good i gues, but it wont help us win games without a functional sheme. Ruining Freemans value.. there he did a great job. playing to his players strengh? not so.. Lindell still K instead of Dimke? What is that all about?? i cant understand it. Lets hope they get it straight - now that Shiano got what he wanted (Freeman out). Bad is: if we win too much, it was all for nothing (draft postiton). I hope the players will loose on purpose, just to get Shiano out - just like he did with Freeman (i am not defending Freeman, but coach clearly did no effort in helping him - that means - in WINNING with bucs).
  • avatar

    by not playing to Freemans strengths, we could even not evaluate his playing.. if Josh is worth keeping or not - Shiano seems not to be worth keeping so far.. (outside of drafting just bad decissions).
  • avatar

    I would love to be back on the bandwagon who knows maybe stubborn Shiano will actually change his coaching style to suit pro athletes, maybe there will be (gasp) in game adjustments. Maybe glennon will shock the league like Wilson, kap etc. there's just too many ifs and not enough evidence. Fire the stupid Rutgers contingent (not zuttah) and those ifs will become more likely's. This debacle is not on the glazers I'm so impressed with their dedication this year and they deserve some serious love after the years of bashing. I also believe in Dom but lets leave the coaching hires to the glazers (dungy and Gruden).
  • avatar

    Scubog, Freeman has been on the edge of that cliff the last four years. Having to earn that new contract on the field instead of hitting the draft lottery was to much for him. Freeman was handed his starting job since he's been drafted, he never competed for it. The pressure of stepping up, and earning something was the push that sent him over the edge.
  • avatar

    OK Owlykat, please pay attention this one last time. # 85 is Kevin Ogletree NOT "Overstreet." And your favorite college QB is spelled T-E-B-O (wait for it) W. Schiano has cast his fate with his hand-picked QB as much as Mark Dominik may have with Freeman. The puzzling thing to me is why #5 fell off a cliff midway through the 2012 season.
  • avatar

    The winless count down (or up) begins, 0-4........
  • avatar

    I watched Glennon get flustered trying to pass against 3rd string Washington DBs, and we know likely those DBs didn't even make their team so any Polyannas left following Schiano's circus who believe that suddenly Glennon will be calm and collected and Glennon is just going to pick apart the Cardinal's veteran first string DBs, while dodging their veteran DEs and blitzes almost every down, and disguised defenses, while throwing to worthless Overstreet and unproven backup, Shepherd, are deluding yourselves! Since Shiano has no use for a mobile QB, which is why he would turn up his nose to coaching Tebo, and kept Freeman on a short leash in the pocket, he can enjoy watching as his immobile stick QB gets made the laughing stock of the NFL Sunday just as Schiano's dreams of being a winning NFL Coach also go up in smoke. That is exactly what he deserves for the way he has shattered the dreams of Buc fans this year expecting to see this very talented team go to the playoffs this year. I hope the wrath of the Glazers will be swift and decisive without inflicting even more pain seeing any more of Shiano's losing games with Sherman's defective end of game losing defenses, if he is ever again lucky enough to get that close. After this loss Sunday we will have been tortured enough.
  • avatar

    BucWild02: Not to be an a-hole, but those are terrible questions. If any real reporter asked those questions outside of a fluff piece, they would be laughed out of the room. If anything, they should be asking tougher questions, like: Why do you think the completion percentage has been so low this year? How long will it take you to acclimate to the pro game? How do you plan on improving your game from the preseason? As far as jumping on the bandwagon after his 72% completion, 325 yard passing, 3 TD game....are you related to him? I wish the young man all the luck in the world and will be rooting for him, but he'll be lucky to get 250 yards, 2 TDs, and complete 50% of his passes with the WR scrubs we're running out there this week.
  • avatar

    Hey Pewter Reporters: What about asking Glennon some non dramatic questions, like: What NFL QB or QB's do you study? What keys are most important in your preparation? Who's your favorite QB growing up? How excited are you to have Vince Jackson, Mike Williams, and Kevin Ogletree to throw to? What are your production expectations with this offense? What's the best game you've ever seen a QB play? How about some supportive questions for the new guy instead of questions about Freeman or replacing Freeman or will he live up to the high bar that Freeman set, yada yada yada.
  • avatar

    Yeah, or where he likes his sacks to come from. Or how well he can take a hit!
  • avatar

    Glennon will throw 24 of 33 for 325 and 3 TD's. All you haters will be right back on the bandwagon. You will be saying things like, "I sure am glad coach made a change and went with Glennon". Arizona 17 - Tampa Bay 31
  • avatar

    I hope so! but even if, it's Arizona at home. I would expect an elite College quarterback to do decent against the 28th ranked pass rush. The Bucs will run the ball alot and put him in short passing situations. Schianos' career is attached to Glennon doing well. All I"m saying, Arizona at home is not a true test.
  • avatar

    This has all become one big Soap Opera. ##SIGH##
  • avatar

    Warm up the bus! Warm up the bus! Warm up the bus!....your time is just about out Schiano....
  • avatar

    There is a lot that can be said about Schiano - how he is handling the Freeman situation and the relationship he is creating with the media, but why bother. From now on, I'm just going to count wins and losses. My opinion - better win!
  • avatar

    I think "circus media" is because we are 0-3 and Coach there are many questions yet to be asked and answered, and the media is lucky if you give them 12 minutes of your time to them in a press conference. Coach be happy that I am not in the Press because the first question I would ask is what year is this and if we are watching a Back to the Future Movie. Okay Coach so we are a running team? We better get more than 150 yards if we want to win this game since you told the Cardinals what we are and what we are going to do.
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