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September 28, 2013 @ 10:34 am
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Bucs' Five Keys To Victory Vs. Cardinals

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
What does rookie quarterback Mike Glennon have to do to put Tampa Bay in position to win? How should the staff gameplan against the Arizona Cardinals to finally get in the win column? Pewterreport.com lists five keys to victory that could improve their record to 1-3.
After a drama-filled week at One Buc Place, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will finally play some football Sunday afternoon against the Arizona Cardinals. Looking to move to 1-3 before the bye week, the Bucs turn to their third-round rookie quarterback Mike Glennon to get back on the winning track.

The following keys to victory could result in the Buccaneers escaping New England with a win.

Key 1. Glennon Doesn’t Have To Be Dynamite
After cornerback Darrelle Revis jokingly made a Napoleon Dynamite reference when talking about Mike Glennon this past week, it was evident that perhaps the majority of the locker room has embraced the change. With that said, if the rookie’s teammates do their jobs, Glennon could come out of Week 4 just fine.

For Glennon, he just needs to do what he knows how to do and that’s scan the field looking for his best option on the play. He doesn’t need to “wow” anyone, just manage the game. He’ll make mistakes but as long as he makes smart decisions and knows when to throw it away or not take a sack, he should put the Bucs in position to win.

Key 2. Hit The Ground Running
Running back Doug Martin has rushed for 297 yards so far this season. What better way than to help the rookie out by running early and often and wear down the Cardinals defense who will be limited due to injuries. 

Arizona holds the third-ranked rush defense allowing just over 73 yards per game. Martin is the second-best rusher in the NFL through the first three weeks. The Bucs should not only use Martin but also get Brian Leonard and Mike James into the mix. Changing it up may help break down that tough Cardinals defense.

Key 3. Limit Palmer
Veteran quarterback Carson Palmer was almost a Buccaneer this past offseason. Instead, he will be facing them.

The 33-year old Palmer has thrown for three touchdowns and four interceptions in his first three games as a Cardinal. Many say he looks like is old self back when he was a two-time Pro Bowler with the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Aside from that, the Bucs can’t let history repeat itself. Last season against Tampa Bay he threw for 414 yards and four touchdowns. Granted the Bucs defense has played much better against the pass than in 2012, but have said Palmer is due to break out any moment. The Buccaneers hope this week is not the case.

Key 4. Pitt Style Reunion
Cornerback Darrelle Revis and Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald both attended the University of Pittsburgh but at different times in their lives. They met each other on a recruiting trip Revis was on before entering college, not knowing they would headline a couple games in their professional careers.

Sunday will be the third time both go head to head. In the first meeting, Revis — then with the Jets — was on the field at the same time Fitzgerald caught eight passes for 122 yards. Their second meeting was in the 2012 Pro Bowl where Fitzgerald caught a touchdown pass over Revis.

The last time Fitzgerald was in Raymond James Stadium was Super Bowl XLIII and he caught seven passes for 127 yards and two touchdowns. Although he may not be matched up on him every snap, Revis will look to limit the All-Pro receiver’s threat on the field.

Key 5. Get The Gameplan Right
Many will suggest that the Buccaneers will limit the offense because of Mike Glennon so that he can succeed. But according to Greg Schiano they won’t. And quite frankly, they don’t have to.

Although the scheme and play calling has been questionable at times, the majority of pass plays called were high percentage routes run by receivers in which Josh Freeman could not hit and ones the staff feels Glennon can. Hence the reason why Schiano stated they have no intentions on changing the offense.

What they do have to do is make it more balanced than last week. While the Cardinals defense has been great against the run they can not abandon it. Doing so will make for a rough afternoon not just for Glennon but for the entire team as well.

PewterReport.com Predictions
Gil Arcia (0-3): Cardinals 24, Buccaneers 13
Mark Cook (1-2): Buccaneers 17, Cardinals 16
Scott Reynolds (2-1): Cardinals 20, Buccaneers 13
Last modified on Sunday, 29 September 2013 07:34

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    It´s Shianos shemes, with the same problems like at Rutgers. Blame the Sully if you want, in the end it is still all on Shiano. Just like Scott Reynolds made it clear this week; in that one article.. He is pointing on the obvious FACTS, Shiano lacks HC-skills. Maybe good talent evaluater, but not HC. @buc1932: now thats what i call a key to victory/success.
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    I am getting seriously pumped up! Can't wait for kickoff! @scubog-love your keys! "Rally round the bean pole!" Glennon needs to let it fly today! There is limited scouting on the man. Run out of max protect. That will throw the az d off. Press the corners and rush that passer!
  • avatar

    Scubog...you should have been paid for your write in. )
  • avatar

    I am for a hope and a prayer out there for our coaching staff. If they can't get this game then we are done and they should be too. Bucs 16 Cardinals 13. If it is not a low scoring game we are in trouble because of Sullivan's demeanor to run, run, run.
  • avatar

    Perhaps these keys would have worked against New England VT Bucs. Here are Scubog's Keys to Victory: Key # 1: "Rally Around the Bean Pole" Mike Glennon can't beat the Cardinals by himself. His team mates need to elevate their game and support the youngster to give us a chance. Key # 2: "Don't be Down in the Dumps, be Up with the Demps" Let's use this new weapon in our arsenal for at least a few plays. Can you say wheel route? Key # 3: Free at Last" Don't play into the Cardinals strengths by trying to limit Glennon's involvement by running too much. Open up the playbook and let it fly. Key # 4: "Bye Bye Birdie" We should be talented enough to beat the red birds. We Bucs fans have had it rough these past 10 games all the way back to last season. Can we at least go into the Bye week with a victory to give us some hope? If not, more people over there will be joining Josh Freeman on the party bus out of town. Key # 5: "Land Ahoy" On just what island in the distance will this sinking pirate ship weigh anchor? Will it be Arizona's Desert Island? Can we get a glimpse of Revis Island? It sure has been Adventure Island so far this season. The coaching staff seems to have no clue where they are so it might be Gilligan's Island. Let's hope Mike Glennon doesn't feel the weight of King Kong on his shoulders from Skull Island. I know this much, if the Bucs lose this game things are going to erupt on the volcanic island known as One Buc Palace.
  • avatar

    scubog; that was great!
  • avatar

    Bucs lose 13 _ 27. Glennon throw 3 interceptions, 1 td. Revis gets an interception, McCoy gets 2 sacks. Martin gets 65 yds.
  • avatar

    and EEB's keys to victory (a bit more blunt given I'm not the professional reporter): 1) get out of the way Coach - no micromanaging; 2) keep the "strategery" to yourself coach - no gimmicks, no prevent D leaving the middle of the field open, no running in to 8-9 man boxes, no head games with the QB; 3) Revis island....enough said; 4) coaches need to coach and keep this team from quitting; 5) say some prayers Mike.....
  • avatar

    Gil, Are you just copying and pasting the Bucs 5 keys to victory every week? I ask cause of this error in the beginning of your column "The following keys to victory could result in the Buccaneers escaping New England with a win." Not a biggie but thought it was funny that it says New England.
  • avatar

    bucs 34, cardinals 13 offense explodes cause err don't have our qb staring down his 1st read and freezing if he's covered. Glennon 3td's 2int's 400 yards! go bucs!!
  • avatar

    I feel the same as you ayron54. I think the Bucs will put up some points finally.
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