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October 1, 2013 @ 2:50 pm
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Bucs News To Know 10-1: Schiano Denies Leaking Freeman Info

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The soap opera surrounding the Buccaneers hasn't slowed down, in fact the allegations and unanswered questions have even gained steam over the last 24 hours. Find out what head coach Greg Schiano had to say about things, along with the NFLPA's DeMaurice Smith who was in town on Tuesday.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place On Tuesday October 1:

The Bucs went through what head coach Greg Schiano called a “jog-through” practice. The players were in just shorts and jerseys for the 12:25 p.m. hour-long practice.


• The Buccaneers announced that tight end Nate Byham was placed on injured reserve. Byham suffered a leg injury in Sunday’s 13-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.


• In a bit of a surprise move the Buccaneers cut wide receiver Kevin Olgetree and safety Ahmad Black.

On Tuesday Schiano talked about the decision.

“Just, like every move we make, we just thought that was best for the team at the time and (general manager) Mark (Dominik) and I discussed it at length. We have a time here with the bye-week where we have an opportunity to kind of regroup a little bit. Some personnel moves, some schematic moves, there will be a couple things that we can work through.”

• Tampa Bay promoted wide receiver Chris Owusu to the active roster and also placed tight end Nate Byham on injured reserve.

• WR Dan Bucker was also released from the practice squad on Tuesday, and although not confirmed by the Buccaneers, Tiquan Underwood is set to rejoin the team. Staff members were seen unpacking Underwood's belongings and hung his No. 11 jersey up in the locker formerly occupied by Black.

The Josh Freeman/Greg Schiano story continued to be the topic of the day at One Buc Place on Tuesday with the latest report that came out on Monday evening that Freeman was in the NFL’s Stage I Drug Program. The report from ESPN said that Freeman had a exemption from the league to take a substance that is on the banned list.

Late Monday night Freeman responded to the report and explained his side of things, while also indicating that the confidential information leak may have come from the Buccaneers themselves.

"Let me be very clear. I have NEVER tested positive for any illegal drugs or related substances. Further, I have agreed to take, and have PASSED 46 NFL-regulated drug tests over the last year and a half.

“Since that time, I have taken and passed all 46 drug tests I’ve been given, which test for every drug and banned substance imaginable. I agreed to allow such testing to be done at my workplace (team facility) because I spend all of my time there and I have nothing whatsoever to hide or be embarrassed about.

"Unfortunately, it appears that some people who may have noticed the testing at my workplace have made hurtful and incorrect assumptions and chosen to disseminate inaccurate and very disturbing information. It is a shame that when times have gotten tough, people have chosen to attack the character of others, rather than supporting each other. I remain dedicated and focused to being the best quarterback I can be and to help a team win a championship."

Schiano was asked by the media on Tuesday if he was the one who has shared the information about Freeman and denied it saying, “Absolutely not.”

Schiano also ways he isn’t pleased that the information was made public.

“Well I can’t speak to the first issue (ADHD medication). I really don’t want to get into what Josh’s thoughts are on how things got out. I know what I’ve done and I am 100 percent comfortable with my behavior. 100 percent.”

• NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith had his annual scheduled visit with the Buccaneers players on Tuesday then met briefly with the local media.

Smith said the NFLPA has filed a grievance against the Bucs for kicker Lawrence Tynes who contracted MRSA during training camp. Tynes was upset with his roster designation that will prevent him from accruing a year of service towards his retirement.

Smith also said the union will be looking into allegations that the leaks of personal and confidential information was leaked to the press by someone inside the Bucs organization. Smith said if "we have concerns the rules have been intentionally broken, no one will be exempt from the consequences."

• And finally Gabe Carimi spoke with the media for the first time in over two weeks and explained his absence was due to contracting mononucleosis. Carimi said he has lost a significant amount of weight, but is on the mend.


“I examine every play, and our staff does every play, for its effectiveness. We’ll always examine each play – should we still be running it? Should we not still be running it? As I mentioned on my radio show last night, I do leave it up to the players, because I’m not naïve that that’s a controversial thing. But if our players feel we have a chance to win, they want to win. Last time I checked, that’s what we’re getting paid to do – go win. We’ll play 60 minutes, and it’s an organized play. People know it’s coming, and that was really the gist of it.”- Schiano on the controversial kneel down play

The Buccaneers will practice Wednesday before taking four days off per the CBA (collective bargaining agreement) for the bye week. Tampa Bay will be back Monday with a regular work schedule as they begin preparations for

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  • avatar

    Bucs Fans denie Greg as HC
  • avatar

    This team is still getting pulled through the mud - sweet ..mud by none other than HC G.Shiano. How long do the Bucs (players especially and everyone related to this "organization") still have to suffer from him... There needs to be an end to it. Like - right now-.. What the hell why is he still HC?!
  • avatar

    You know when it rains it pours. I feel sorry for the bucs organization. Something got to give. Let our young rookie qb growup this year and be the no#1 qb in 2014. and also draft a top 4 qb to back him up when he's ready. I am hoping that if the coach doesn't last the season bring in def special team coach who's coach in the NFL for 2014. We might as well let the GM goes also, Infact clean house, and start next year. GO BUCS
  • avatar

    I believe you Schiano - but then again I have an IQ in the low double digits.
  • avatar

    My wife is a teacher and knows all about ADHD. She says those who suffer from it, including adults, are not able to focus all the time. Its focus, lose focus, struggle to focus again. So no wonder with five years of experience Freeman would sometimes not even notice open wide receivers running free, had a bad tendency to focus on one receiver and didn't look off his targets like elite QBs all do, would inexplicably over throw receivers. My wife says a person may be extremely bright but you are not able to tell when they are ADHD. It is very sad and I am afraid now that that cat is out of the bag, we are not going to get much of anything for him. I like the analysis Daddy Jax did for us, and that thought instantly had occurred to me as well when I heard Adderall mentioned. I bet that is why Schiano wanted to get rid of him. When that became clear to Freeman, I think that drove him to the bars and party scene, because we heard none of those reports back in 2010 did we? I am wondering now if Freeman didn't check into a Rehab Center to get control of his excessive drinking, which hasn't been good for his production either. I feel sorry for Freeman now; but I feel nothing but contempt for Schiano and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. PLEASE FIRE THE CLOWN QUICK.
  • avatar

    Greg Schiano seems so interested in his "my way or the highway" mentality that he's lost sight of the overall goal, which is winning. What he fails to realize is that although the Parcells and Belichecks' of the world have their way of doing things, the also dont have a problem taking on players that dont necessarily walk their walk if it makes the team better. Had he swallowed his pride we could have Talib and Revis at corner and couldve used our 2nd round pick on more weapons for Freeman but Talib wasnt "his" type of player. Rather than taking the time to develop Blount who was a very productive player in the league he has replaced him with backs like Hillis, Leonard and James yet none have sniffed the field. There's no issue with doing things your way but when you haven't accomplished anything then "you're way" should be more flexible until you prove it can win at this level. A few above average seasons in the Big East does not give you the right to walk in an NFL locker room unwilling to change yet with no REAL accomplishments to back you up. He tells us every week that he's going to get it right well nothing from his two years in Tampa would suggest he's any closer to winning now than he was when he became HC. Whenever I can sit around and actually miss Greg Olsen's play calling its a problem. Fire this guy already!
  • avatar

    @stlbucsfan....yes...and LOL, we have sunk below the Olsen era....ouch!
  • avatar

    How can a coach who daily seems to lose more of his credibility maintain control and respect in the locker room?how can a teams GM not see how damaging this media circus is to an already damaged franchise?How do the Glazers expect this team to return to the Super Bowl if they continue to allow their team to be managed in such a manner?this team sucks..there are some great players wasting good years of their lives and wearing down their bodies for this crap?there are fans who have continued to believe but are rewarded with gut punches and wasted Sundays..maybe daddy Malcolm needs to put his boys on a timeout and make some definitive moves to fix this damn team..
  • avatar

    Lane Kipin is available:) I would love to hear what Father Dungy has to say about this, but he is too classy to comment.
  • avatar

    I wonder if TE Nate Byham got injured after Schiano had him play out of position as a FB like he did to our projected starter. Carimi said he had mono mixed with a "bacterial infection". I smell another One Buc Cover Up. As far as Schiano, he may not have told Mort about Freemans ADHD, but I wouldnt be surprised if he told the radio station, the day after he benched him. That was the first thing that was brought up on their show when that news broke. I'm sure Schiano was trying to paint a negative picture of Freeman to justify his asinine move to bench him before a very winnable game.
  • avatar

    Nobody knows who leaked the info. Saying it's Schiano because he lost games is redicilous. Im not trying to defend Schiano but you people just don't know. I doubt he has so little character or class. I was a huge Freeman supporter but most of this drama started because of Freeman. How many times has a starting QB not been selected captain by his teammates and hasn't really improved in his 4th full season,2nd with Schiano, in a contract year,gets benched and than runs straight to ESPN to cry about getting benched instead of manning up and acting like a professional and help the next QB on the sideline,be a team player, keep your mouth shut (no matter whats going on) collect your $8 Mill and go to whatever team that wants you next year.Most of this BS would have never happened if he didn't run to ESPN. I bet it was one of his teammates or some other lower staff personal that got pissed and said something (which they probably regret saying now). Alex Smith didn't run to ESPN and do a Special about why he got benched a couple days after being benched when Jim Harbaugh started Kaepernick or any other half way decent QB has ever done that. That's the former leader of this team. What leader does that? And there's an awful lot of local rumors around about Freeman partying, theyt talk about it on the radio everyday. There's still more out there that we don't know and if Freeman would have manned up in the first place the only thing there would be to talk about is losses and finding a better coach.
  • avatar

    Good points!!
  • avatar

    Can we get Morris back?
  • avatar

    I am surprised that no one is thinking about Freeman's adderall script to Aqib Talib's and Eric Wright's suspension.Where do you think they got the adderall? It seems like Talib and Wright told Schiano where they got it and Schiano has been trying to get rid of Freeman ever since.
  • avatar

    Losing hurts locker room morale. Treating grown up players as college kids hurts locker room morale. Not buying into the coach's words AND actions hurts locker room morale, divides players, and affects player performance. Treating a former starting QB with disdain creates division and distrust. Getting adverse national publicity where several analysts call the organization "a train wreck", " total disaster" and "chaos" leaves the fans devastated and frustrated. All of this leaves the organization rudderless and totally ineffective. Only drastic changes by well-qualified administrators and managers can move such an organization in the right direction in the future.
  • avatar

    Oh 76bucsfan46, how I wish that would happen. I have lived in the Baltimore area my entire life (except for my college years in Clearwater), and remember the days of the Ravens' dominate defense under Rex Ryan. Jon Gruden is my favorite coach of all-time, but he never had a superstar QB even though Gruden is a QB guru. It would be awesome to imagine Ryan as D-Coordinator, Gruden as HC and O-Coordinator, with Freeman still on the team. Maybe with a new coach, Freeman would be willing to stick around. Imagine what Gruden could do with the skill set Freeman offers. Oh well, time to wake up from my dream land. :(
  • avatar

    ADHD medications? They include Adderall (mixed amphetamine salts ). Remember some guy named Aquib Taliib. They quantify the results, but the drug metabolites clear relatively quickly. They will hype you up. That could explain his "happy-feet" and "deer in the headlights" look. They also cause weight loss. Any relationship to Freeman's new svelte look? Ritalin? Similar affects.
  • avatar

    What a mess right now, but a mess that can get cleaned with some wins.
  • avatar

    What a disgrace to the fans who have been dedicated to this team. All the excitement in the off season of a winning team on the bounce back up. Who in their right mind would sign here in the future? I agree Josh had a chance to do everything in his ability to become a better quarterback as well as a leader. To this point he has not proved to his coaches his determination. I have no problem with the benching but the way he is being treated is not called for. As for Josh I wish him well and good luck and hopefully he gets another chance with an organization with the class that I used to believe the Buccaneers had. As for the fans (myself included) I hope This team can find a way to hold it together and win a few games with dignity. Very frustrating to be a fan as I'm sure it is to be any player linked to this organization right now. Excuse my rant but very frustrated having to read and hear all negative about the organization I have vested in for the last 2 decades.
  • avatar

    When Rex Ryan gets fired at end of the year we need to snag him and reunite him with his guy revis.Also bring back gruden to be head coach and offensive coordinator.
  • avatar

    Mono? How the hell did Carimi contract mono? To quote Lombardi, "What the hell's going on out there!"
  • avatar

    @pinkstob....it's all hookers and booze and drugs and firetrucks!!!!!!!
  • avatar

    Fire this clown and send his circus back to collage.Mark Dominik your still liked in buc land but the longer this goes on the more your name is going to be involved so for godsake promote Wonstadt or Davis now.
  • avatar

    How can you trust anything Schiano says anymore? At the same time, I would guess that someone around the practice facility saw the testing going on, jumped to an erroneous conclusion and leaked the information. Whether they did it intentionally and if it can be proven is the question. Who knows and I'm tired of it already, but the bottom line is that this season is crap.
  • avatar

    buctebow, I thought the exact same thing reading this article... "Yeah right. How can I trust and believe Schiano with ANYTHING he says?"
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