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October 2, 2013 @ 3:01 pm
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Bucs News To Know 10-2: Penn Fires Off At The Media

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers welcomed back a familiar face on Wednesday in Tiquan Underwood, quarterback Mike Glennon talked about Josh Freeman, and offensive tackle Donald Penn hammered reporters about his perceived handling of the Freeman situation. Get the latest in this edition of the Bucs News To Know.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place on Wednesday October 1:

While the calendar may say October, the temperatures outside of One Buc Place on Wednesday still screamed August. The Buccaneers were greeted by temps in the upper 80’s when they set foot on the field for their 10:55 a.m. practice.

• The Buccaneers are desperate for tight end production and help may be on the way with Tom Crabtree slowly getting back to being near ready to play his first regular season snap as a Buccaneer. Crabtree was injured in the Bucs final preseason game against the Redskins and has been hobbled with a high ankle sprain ever since.

Head coach Greg Schiano updated the status of Crabtree on Wednesday.

“He’s coming along,” Schiano said. “Slower than we’d all like, but he’s getting better.”

With Nate Byham and Luke Stocker being placed on injured reserve, and Danny Nobles waived last month, the Bucs need Crabtree back as soon as possible. As of Wednesday Crabtree and Tim Wright are the only two tight ends on the active roster. On Wednesday the Bucs announced the signing of TE Matt Veldman to the practice squad. Veldman (6-7, 255) spent last season in Jacksonville and played collegiately at North Dakota State.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially announced Wednesday that they have signed wide receiver Tiquan Underwood.

Underwood (6-1, 183), in his fifth season, played for Tampa Bay last year, posting career highs in games played (14), games started (3), receptions (28), yards (425) and touchdowns (2). Underwood also spent this past offseason with the Buccaneers before being released during the team’s final cuts.

The team also announced the signing of TE Matt Veldman to the practice squad. Veldman (6-7, 255). He will wear No. 87.

• Donald Penn was at his locker on Wednesday following practice and wasn’t in a particularly good mood. On Tuesday Penn joined SiriusXM for an interview and made some statements concerning quarterback Josh Freeman’ situation.

“It’s just real tough. I feel bad for Josh being put in this situation,” Penn said. “You know, the stuff that came out yesterday and stuff like that, it’s like they’re really trying to bring him down and Josh is a great guy. Josh is a very humble spirit. He’s a very good guy. He’s a very good person and he really cares about him teammates and cares about his team.”

Penn was asked on Wednesday who the “they” were he was referencing in the SirusXM interview.

"Y’all, the media, the media, the media, the media, y’all,” Penn said.“OK, but y’all are trying to find every way to try to tarnish his character and make him seem like he’s not a good guy, like he’s not a good person and this is all his fault. That’s y’all reporting the stuff. It’s y’all. So don’t try to switch it up like it’s not y’all. It’s y’all. The media is y’all. It’s y’all, the media.”

Penn continued to share his frustration.

“Man, are we going to talk about the Bucs and football?” Penn said. “This Freeman stuff, it’s like – are we going to talk about the Bucs, do you want to know about what we need to do going against Philly or anything about that, because this Freeman stuff is getting old. Like I said, y’all media are trying to bring it down. Y’all are still talking about it. How long has it been? It’s over. Y’all are still talking about it. Ain’t nothing we can do about it now. So why are you guys still talking about it? That’s what I mean about y’all – the media – are trying to bring him down. It’s still an issue. It’s still a big thing. I’m tired of talking about it.”

Although Penn, Schiano and others in the organization would like it to become a non-issue, as long as Freeman is still a Buccaneer, the chances of things dying down are slim to none.

• Tampa Bay welcomed back a familiar face – and hairstyle – as Tiquan Underwood was once again wearing his No. 11 jersey and sporting his hi-top fade in the locker room following practice on Wednesday.

Underwood was one of the final roster cuts back in late August but has been staying in shape, hoping for a phone call.

“As a professional all you can do is stay ready,” Underwood said. “No matter if Tampa was the team, or any other team you just have to stay in shape, stay on top of your game and when you get that opportunity, get off and run with it.”

While he had some discussions with other teams since his release in August, Underwood said coming back to Tampa Bay was the best case scenario for him.

“I think it’s always a good thing for a player to go back to a team that he knows,” Underwood said. “You don’t have to go back to the playbook, you don’t have to go somewhere new and learn. We’re all professionals, so if I went somewhere new, I would have to do what I had to do, and study and learn it. Coming here is a perfect situation. Knowing the offense, knowing the offensive coordinator, the coach, and head coach obviously.  I’m going to try to take full advantage of this.”

“Josh has been great. He’s been so supportive. Been nothing but a great teammate to me and I really respect him for that. I can’t say what he’s going through, but I imagine it’s a tough time, I know it would be for me. But he’s been a great teammate, he’s been there for me and his attitude toward me has not changed.” – Mike Glennon on his relationship with Josh Freeman since the benching
The players will now have four days off, with several going back home to get away from football. The coaching staff will take some time off but not four days. Schiano told the media that the staff will get an early jump on prepping for the Eagles who come to town a week from Sunday.

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  • avatar

    @Scubog: Well said"from Franchise to not being worth a roster spot" - Shianomik demon.. from 27 TD 4000 YDS to not being worth a 7th rounder ... pulling Buccaneers-Football through the mud... There´s no fresh new-re-start as long as the HC/GM combo still exists. now that Josh is a Freeman, FIRE THE SHIANOMIK DEMON!!
  • avatar

    DBuc63: I don't know if Schiano orchestrated the drug accusations, captaincy vote, QB competition or leaks to the media about tardiness. But I do think he has had an agenda to insert Glennon as his chosen one since he orchestrated him being drafted in the first place. Why else retain three QB's when most teams keep just two? So he can jettison the "competition" greasing the skids for #8. This has been his plan all along. Who knows why? I have supported every coach and every QB until they prove unworthy. Schiano has now proven to me to be completely out of control. How do you go through an entire off season and three games (2 of which were wins if not for coaching decisions and defensive lapse) and suddenly determine that the QB previously regarded as the "franchise" is no longer even capable of being in the mix? Even the Jets didn't go that far. Being a Buccaneer fan has often been a difficult task but this is starting to reach epic status. I know this, there are 12 games remaining. If this fiasco continues, Schiano will be joining Josh Freeman on the street. Guess who gets a new NFL gig first. Tick tick tick.
  • avatar

    Amazing. We don't even get a trade ? The guy gets 4000 yrs and 27 td's and he is not even worth a 7th round pick ? Meanwhile we have a QB that looks really not ready. Does anyone else get the feeling this organization is crumbling ? How many losses should we expect? Rumors, innuendo, this is sad and it appears that what ever improvements that were made in the last two yrs is wasted. Man, I need a drink.
  • avatar

    Aside from who said what, who spilled the beans, who lied about what, the fact is that it can't be any fun being a Bucs player right now. Penn's interview is an example of that. And those of you who have worked for an employer/boss you either didn't trust, or disagreed with, or you felt didn't treat you right know how miserable that can be. It affects overall performance of the organization, no matter how much the employees (players) are paid. Look at the Rays how Madden (& virtually every other great coach/manager) is flexiible with his system according to the type of players he has...not "this is how we do things, and if you don't like it, you're gone." Madden achieves the respect of his players, makes it FUN...and has success. He still has some rules, but the players understand them, and by mutual trust, the players comply. Schiano hasn't been able to adapt from the college game to the pro game.
  • avatar

    There was a lot of good publicity for Josh Freeman in this media article. I don't live in Tampa or Florida and have never understood the hate relationship Tampa has with Josh Freeman. I think Pewter Report has not portrayed Freeman in a bad light. I thought they were over-embracing of Schiano last year. But that honeymoon is long over. So my impressions are still very positive towards Freeman. Maybe coming out of Kansas State helps that a little bit here, but I have really not disagreed with a lot of what Pewter Report has reported on Freeman versus what I see on the tv each Sunday.
  • avatar

    arizonsjoe; there is very little hate out there as it is all about Freeman not performing.
  • avatar

    Schiano did NOT orchestrate this Freeman debacle. ALWAYS look in terms of business and more specifically MONEY/VALUE. If Schiano would have have done this he would have been fired already. Freeman has lost ALL trade VALUE and the bucs have LOST money as a result. I'm surprised you think it is Schiano scubog. We'll probably never really know but I think it was either another team looking into Freeman or some other personnel/ player that has access to the locker room and saw Freeman do his frequent testing which if the count is correct, is an awful lot in the past 2 years. This is definitely a black mark on the NFL as this is absolutely telling the rest of the players there is no confidentiality anymore.
  • avatar

    Penn has been worse blocking this year on passing downs. Maybe he is over stressed or just slowing down with age. If Carimi could improve his pass blocking we could switch our RT to replace Penn and start Carimi at RT. Penn could spell each of them. I noticed Zutah was given a rest during some of the second half against Arizona. It is a good idea so it probably wasn't Schiano's idea. He often even makes Doogie stay in there on third downs and wears him out. Schiano fixes nothing. He is overdue at the unemployment line!
  • avatar

    @DanishBucsfan: Im with you, cant hold it back: FIRE SHIANO already!! damn shame of a HC. @Scubog/macabee: yes, and i wonder if Penn realy means the media..or if he wants the media to keep building it up until even the last person will understand: There needs sth. to be done: THE HC TO BE FIRED, to be exact. He isn´t the future of the Bucs and thats why it´s better to fire him as soon as possible, before he can make even more damage to this team.. SHIANO IS HORRIBLE, good riddance....GoBucs
  • avatar

    Sorry it has already been said a lot but I just need to say it: Fire Schiano now!!!!!! He is a disgrace.
  • avatar

    As usual, well said Macabee. Big # 70 blames "y'all" for this Josh Freeman saga created inside the walls of One Buc Palace and, in my opinion, orchestrated by Schiano; but sits there spewing away as people paid to do so, record his every word. Here's a better idea Donald. Just tell those who listen and regurgitate what they hear, the virtues of # 5 and leave it at that. Saying over and over "y'all are to blame" made you the story.
  • avatar

    Maybe Josh is losing trade value behind all the crap that's being slung. But, he's still got guaranteed money on the table. Drive a millionaire college graduate towards an alternate career path why Don't cha?
  • avatar

    Don't blame the media. Our founding fathers designed it into our system to keep a check on the balance of power. It is a protected institution. That is why it is called the Fourth Estate. Good or bad, it is what it is. Always has been, always will be. Don't want press, stay out of the news. Don't want anybody to know what you said, stay away from microphones. Don't want to be investigated, don't do anything wrong. If you give a dance (Schiano), you gotta pay the band! Nuff said!
  • avatar

    @macabee - I agree, expect for the one about if you don't want to be investigated, don't do anything wrong. Plenty of people have been investigated by the media that haven't done anything wrong.
  • avatar

    Trust me, until the Buccaneers go on a winning streak this media bashing is not going to stop. If the Buccaneers cut Josh an hour ago it would be all about Schiano ruining him to the point if his having no value. It's so damn tiresome and boorish but it sells to dullards obviously. Personally I look at it as a commentary on today's desperate society. Too many people with lives that are unsatisfactory putting everything down emotionally in a sports team playing one day a week. When that team losses there's bloody HELL to pay. I'm surprised some jackass hasn't physically attacked a player or Coach. It's freaking SICK and the GD media loves every second of it. But win some games? Peace.....for the time being.
  • avatar

    "the GD media loves every second of it." Bold Claim Garv if you are referring to most of the local guys. And completely 100% not true.
  • avatar

    I agree with Donald Penn. Much of the media is downright sadistic. I can't believe there are that many hacks making a living in the media. Pewter Report not included of course. I hope they find out where the leak of Freeman's medical records came from. As far as I'm concerned this is criminal in nature and should be punished as such. Whoever did this actually sabotaged the Bucs chances of getting anything for Freeman in a trade. So we are talking a real genius here.
  • avatar

    tourman, I think the Glazers were in LA for the groundbreaking for the new stadium. LOL!!!!!
  • avatar

    I see that we picked up that 4th Safety. I take it that somebody else will be released because we need another TE; two is not enough.
  • avatar

    What ever happened to David Thomas who played with the Saints last year? he was a decent TE. What about contacting the Broncos about Tamme or Dressen. With the emergence of Jullian Thomas and their 3 WR sets, these guys are deactivated every week. As for the media, I think Penn is on to something. The experts are digging for every nugget of gossip these days so they can 1 up each other. They are taking a page right from the playbook of American Network News. Hype a talking point and force it to become an issue. Glazer is perhaps the worst. Every show he's on, he has be holding his cellphone so he can show that he's ready for all breaking news, and forces the conversation to his stories. Saw Foxsports Football Daily when he reported that the Bucs were sabotaging Freeman by making it look like he was missing more meetings. Then he started trying to prompt Ronde into going full "Tiki" and spilling what he knew about the situation. Thank god, Ronde didn't take the bait.
  • avatar

    Great to hear that Tiquan's back although he should never have been cut to begin with along with derrick hagan, but how about Mark Barron!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? What's going on with his hamstring injury?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • avatar

    Lets just win a game. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Are the Glazers,on Vacation?? Or they just don't care about what's going on, with this (our) Team?????
  • avatar

    The Glazers weren't in their suite for the Cards game I noticed. Good question, Where are they?
  • avatar

    Penn has it.right media wants a story something they can continue to run. It comes down to lets get back to football if I.wanted drama ill rent a movie.
  • avatar

    Hey y'all, somebody should tell Penn that Schiano isn't part of the media....
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