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October 3, 2013 @ 7:18 am
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Report Says Freeman Keeps Piling Up Fines

Written by Mark
Josh Freeman has totaled $35,000 in fines according to reports
Josh Freeman has totaled $35,000 in fines according to reports Cliff Welch/PR


Mark Cook


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The Josh Freeman/Greg Schiano circus continues to be the No. 1 topic surrounding the Buccaneers this week, and new information that came out late Wednesday won't help the hoopla die down anytime soon.
While the debate continue about who is to blame in the Josh Freeman/Greg Schiano rift at One Buc Place, new reports came out late Wednesday that Freeman has amassed five fines totaling $35,000 so far this season for various reasons.

In a report by SI.com reporter Jim Trotter, it was revealed twice the Bucs fined Freeman in the last month, including once in the last week, for conduct detrimental to the team. The violations include missing at least a team meeting and participating in an unauthorized media interview with ESPN last week.

Sources said Freeman plans to appeal the fines and the fines sets up a potential scenario in which Tampa Bay can suspend Freeman without pay according to SI.com.

Late Wednesday evening Tampa Tribune Bucs beat writer Roy Cummings tweeted, “The Josh Freeman saga continues. Freeman fined $35,000 since opening day for five violations of team rules including two on opening day.”

Cummings added via Twitter, “Freeman missed team meal and was late for team bus on opening day. Other three fines were levied this past Mon. for violations last week. Bucs coach Greg Schiano only issued Freeman a warning after he missed the team photo shoot on Sept. 30 and reduced first two fines, and NFL CBA calls for Freeman's first two infractions to total fines of more than $12,000 but Coach Schiano reduced fine total to $4,000.”

Freeman was benched in favor of rookie Mike Glennon last week and the Bucs have made it clear they have moved on from their former 2009 No. 1 draft pick. Freeman was scheduled to be the No. 2 QB according to Schiano last week, but was demoted to third string and forced to watch the team’s last home game against the Cardinals from a suite for inactive players.

On Tuesday Schiano told the media that he doesn’t think the problems with Freeman are having any effect on the team.

 “I think we have a strong locker room,” Schiano said. “How can I tell you if there’s any one percent effect on the team? I don’t sense that. I think we have a football team that’s very angry with how we started the season, and we’re trying to get it rectified. That’s what this week is.”

Other players in the locker room continue to say the Freeman situation is not a distraction but on Wednesday offensive tackles Donald Penn’s outburst says differently.

“Man, are we going to talk about the Bucs and football?" Penn said. "This Freeman stuff, it’s like – are we going to talk about the Bucs, do you want to know about what we need to do going against Philly or anything about that, because this Freeman stuff is getting old. Like I said, y’all media are trying to bring it down. Y’all are still talking about it. How long has it been? It’s over. Y’all are still talking about it. Ain’t nothing we can do about it now. So why are you guys still talking about it? That’s what I mean about y’all – the media – are trying to bring him down. It’s still an issue. It’s still a big thing. I’m tired of talking about it.”

What once was a season full of optimism from fans and management has turned into a national embarrassment with no end in sight. The Buccaneers have their bye-week this Sunday and with the players scheduled off for four days, chances are the front office will be furiously working to find an option to finally end the Josh Freeman era in Tampa Bay completely via trade or even an outright release.


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  • avatar

    Are You Happy Now Schiano You JackAss ????????
  • avatar

    If shiano would have to pay for every bad/stupid decission he would have been fined more than the Glazers have to pay him.. He would actually have to pay, to remain HC..
  • avatar

    Misses team meal, team bus on opening day along with the team photo among other things? Yeah, this kid mentally checked out a while ago and it showed on the field.. Glad this circus is over!
  • avatar

    Relieved this is all over. I used to laugh at the Jets and all the drama they had going on last year. And now we have all that drama. Coaching staff has the next game after the bye week to show that it was just one player and not the coaching schemes. Unless those predictable offensive play calls improve then I'm afraid this season is lost. Just don't understand how the Glazers can be happy with the team at this point. There is no way they expected 0-4!
  • avatar

    All part of the grand Schiano plan macabee. I've supported every coach in team history until they reach a point where I can no longer justify their employment with my beloved team. This scheme for Schiano to insert his chosen "savior" to the detriment of the team and its' fans is mind boggling. I don't think that Glennon showed Peyton, or even Eli, Manning-like ability in the off season, training camp, pre-season games, running the scout team or his debut against the Cardinals that made me think he is a future star to the point we rid ourselves of a guy who for all but 4 games last season resembled one. Maybe there are things we don't know about # 5 but I saw nothing about # 8 to send Freeman packing with the likes of #25, #27 and #82 who seem to have recovered from Schiano's wrath.
  • avatar

    Been With this team from day 1. The thing that gets me is josh was in the same position as falco. Play your *censored* off and get a $1oo million plus contract! Who here could not get motivated for that kind of cash? This dude played like he did NOT want a contract anywhere. He looks worse every game out.How can you do that? The drugs he says he is on have affects just the opposite of what he does. None of all of this makes any seance!
  • avatar

    About the missed meeting, Josh says he was told to go to the training room and stay there. Then they fine him for missing the meeting. Shiano has lost the team and is now video taping the players to make sure no one is laughing or having a good time during games. Tell Joe Maddon of the Rays that having a good time is bad. And now he has coaches in the locker room which is normally not the case to make sure no one is saying anything that might be against Shiano or for Josh. I have never been so embarrassed to be a Bucs fan before. I wore a bucs t-shirt to the mall yesterday and I have never gotten so many comments before in my life, unfortunatly they were all bad comments. Fire Shiano and beg Josh to come back.
  • avatar

    Well here I am again George Hicks, a long time buc follower ever since Tampa came into the league. Several things should happen1.trade Josh Freeman, his time is over in Tampa Bay. The GM made the right decision not to give Freeman a contact. I think they can get another Veteran QB who can come in and compete for the backup job this year. I think there are a couple of QB coming out that can compete for the staring job next year, and also get a TE in the Top 3 rounds. I feel that Revis draft choice could be a high pick for NYJ next year. But don't panic Tampa Bay Fans. Tampa Bay Defense is in the top three in the Nfl. Its just trying to get the offensive crank up. This young QB will Improved. I believe if He had started from Day One there is a chance Tampa could be 2 &2 or better. Don't Walk THE PLANK., I won't. But if the higher individuals with the Bucs think Our Present Head Coach, They will make the move down the road. Iam looking forward to seeing Next week Tampa I believe isn't it Atlanta 1 & 3. SO FANS THERE IS A CHANCE TAMPA IS NOT AS BAD AS EVERYONE THINK! I THINK IT WAS THE VETERAN QB WHO HAS PROBLEMS. GO BUCS HOW ABOUT SOME IMPUT GUYS AND GALS!
  • avatar

    @macabee: I'm afraid you may be right on this one. $6 million left on Freeman's contract may be the motivation for at least some of what's happening. If you are right, and we add in the remaining amounts on the contracts of Schiano and Dom could also be a reason these guys might survive all of this chaos.
  • avatar

    I think that is the team's strategy at this point - they want to get something in return for Freeman. Thus, they must weigh the draft picks they could get via trde versus a comp pick if he leaves as a FA. I assume we get nothing if we cut him, so that would be a short-sighted move of last resort.
  • avatar

    This Fine stuff is trivial and it is all about the money and we all know why. I am on Freeman's side on this one; cut the guy, pay him his money if nobody picks him up and move on. My guess is that some team will have discussions with Freeman's Agent and they will agree on a new contract 2-3 games before the end of this season and sign him. I don't get it? Just let the guy go and let him find a new team. The sooner the better for both parties. Again I wish Josh the best and I hope he can still have a successful career. Lets stay focus on getting this win with the Eagles.
  • avatar

    @horse....I personally think the Gruden plan is a better option...send Freeman home for the rest of the year, then let him sign as a FA elsewhere in the offseason and we get a compensatory draft pick (the level depends on things like his numbers this year but also the fact he was a former 1st rounder)....possibly an end 4th round pick....if we cut him we get nothing....and if we hang on through this year we also get the option that some team becomes desperate in the next few weeks and offers us something better than a 4th round pick.
  • avatar

    EastEndBoy; that's a great idea; I forgot about the compensatory draft pick.
  • avatar

    That's what I have been saying since this whole thing started. Why would we cut him now and get nothing if we could just wait it out and get a compensatory pick when he doesn't resign next year? Mark - Could you please explain how the compensatory picks work.
  • avatar

    Fined for missing a team meal?! What's the fine for missing the team $#!t held everyday at 3:30p? Does everyone get an assigned stall and a timer? Yeah Macabee you hit the nail on the head.
  • avatar

    Headline could read: Schiano supports Freeman by reducing his fines! or Freeman misses team meal and team bus on opening day after missing team photo! The odd thing is before the season everyone said if Freeman doesn't lead Bucs to playoffs Bucs should not resign him. OK, after first three games Bucs are effectively out of the playoffs, so what did people expect? Benching your franchise quarterback is always a tough process, so get over it. And why does everyone assume the leak of Josh's drug situation is Schiano with absolutely no proof. Schiano has no motivation to reduce Josh's trade value or make Josh a martyr. Probably was a player or someone not associated with th team. And how does Chris Mortenson get off with a free pass when he divulged someone's confidential information without even speaiing to Josh beforehand? Let's stop and think guys.
  • avatar

    @crayhopper...without wishing to appear like I have any objection to your opinion...I just wanted to interject that Schiano does actually have huge motivation to make Josh look like a basketcase (reduced trade value and all), because 1) the only way he gets to put HIS guy in at QB unquestioned, is if Freeman fell off the wagon so hard that he can play the "I had no choice, it was best for the team" card; and 2) he needs desperately to be able to deflect the blame for what's happening on Sundays - and if he can get everyone talking about how cancerous Freeman has been it keeps people from talking about the awful display of coaching that we have seen....and 2b) gives him ammunition to negotiate with the Glazers to save his job for one more year without the basketcase Freeman to distract from his excellent football plan. One more mid round draft pick means nothing to him, but a scapegoat...now that's gold!
  • avatar

    Well, so much for the Tampa Bay Times... They've gone to paid subscribers commenting after years of being in that forum... Thanks, but no thanks. I'll take my "e" here. The Bucs are making a big mistake dumping Josh Freeman and keeping Schiano. Schiano dumped Winslow, Talib and Blount and they are all doing pretty well with other teams. I expect the same thing to happen with Freeman. The next ex-Buc QB to move on and find success elsewhere. Ray Perk... I mean Greg Schiano needs to go. e
  • avatar

    here! here! Daniel.....EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!! How can the Glazers let this side show circus bonanza continue to embarass them...let alone the franchise, the fans, the players, the league.....stand up and be a man Glazer...do something about this mess!...in case you need a hint FIRE SCHIANO now!
  • avatar

    Ok, I see where this is going. Remember the old Human Resources requirement to document any time a corrective action meeting is held and place the documentation in the employee's folder. There is a key word here folks and it's "conduct detrimental to the team". This is no longer about improving the employee, this is about 6 million dollars - the amount owed Freeman on his guaranteed contract. If the Bucs are not able to trade Freeman and they have to cut him, they would like to suspend Freeman without pay for conduct detrimental to the team. In order for them to do this and have it stand before the NFL front office and the NFLPA, they need to have ironclad documentation. Any time you want to peel the skin off the onion, just "follow the money"!
  • avatar

    Agree completely macabee. Question for me is, is this an unattended consequence or ...deliberate exit strategy. One of you posters put the definition on insanity on the board about a week ago. EastEnd Boy and others..enough all ready. We know you want Schiano fired. Writing the same damn thing over and over is NOT going to give YOU and different Result!! Please stop it already and move on.
  • avatar

    What is really sad here is you have to wonder if all this stuff "leaking" out of One Buc is siimply a way for the Bucs to eventually release Freeman and not owe him any money. If they can't trade him for any value do what Gruden did with Keshawn and just deactivate him and tell him to stay at home until the contract is up. This stinks of Buc's management being cheap and REAKS of Schiano being petty.
  • avatar

    @danielandrews: me too. For me it´s clear that Buccaneers need to clean house and No. 1 thing to do is to get rid of the cancer ; which is without a single doubt and couldn´t be clearer: the person who acts to be a HC..- its a damn shame. And the media does it share by reporting all over Freeman, istead of putting all the blame where it belongs: Shiano. Multiple times we heard "..not all the blame goes on the QB".. surely its on the so called HC
  • avatar

    Players get fined all the time for missing meetings, being late, and etc. Im sure he's not the only player to be finded this season by the team. But personally I feel Freeman is at fault for this. If you know people are out to get you why give them a reason. You kill them with kindness do everything the right way. But missing more meetings and doing things you know are against team rules... you get no sympathy from me
  • avatar

    I'm so tired of this. For the first time in probably 2 decades, I'm completely embarrassed and on some level uninterested in the Bucs. And it has almost nothing to do with the product on the field.
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