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October 7, 2013 @ 3:16 pm
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Bucs News To Know 10-7: Bucs Add QB; Begin Eagles Prep

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


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The Bucs were back at One Buccaneer Place after their bye week. Players were more relaxed in the locker room and head coach Greg Schiano still faced a question on former quarterback Josh Freeman. Below is a run down of all that happened at One Bucs on Monday in the daily News To Know.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place on Monday October 7:

It was a day full of clouds, wind, and rain with temperatures in the low 80’s outside of One Buc Place on Monday as the Buccaneers took to the practice fields. Practice started around noon and lasted about an hour as the team would be forced to end practice early due to inclement weather.

• Buccaneers tight end Tom Crabtree was back at practice today and had a bigger involvement with the team. 

• Safety Mark Barron, who is recovering from a hamstring injury, also practiced today.

“He practiced well today, so yeah,” head coach Greg Schiano said when asked if Barron is recovering. “We’ll see how tomorrow is, but I hope we’re past that.”

• Defensive tackle Derek Landri has been battling a knee injury but was out there Monday and is expected to return Wednesday. Cornerback Michael Adams was limited and the staff is unsure if they will be getting him back out on the field or not

The Buccaneers added quarterback Jordan Rodgers to the practice squad. He was an undrafted free agent out of Vanderbilt who was signed then cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars this summer and is the brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Schiano talked about having more than two quarterbacks in the building.

"Good blood lines, number one, right? His brother has done some things in this league. But he's his own man. Since college, [general manager] Mark [Dominik] and I have both had our eye on him. There's something about him. He's a competitor. He's not the biggest guy. He's just a fiery guy who's a baller. When we had him out at the workout, we weren't ready to do anything, but he caught our eye. He fits in our building. He's a ball guy, he loves it. [He's] a grinder, likes to study, likes to be around football, likes to be around the locker room, and we're looking for as many of those guys as we can put in this building."

The Bucs also added depth at safety with the addition of Kelcie McCray off of waivers from Miami. He appeared in all four games for the Dolphins but did not register a stat.

• It was the day after the bye week but the remnants of Josh Freeman’s release was still circulating One Buc. Head coach Greg Schiano fielded a question regarding his former starting quarterback.

“He’s moved to another team,” Schiano said. “I guess the best way to summarize it for us is that we’ve moved on. That’s kind of how I feel. We’ve moved on and it’s time to go.”

 • Bye week evaluation was also on the minds of many. Schiano touched what he and the coaches did during the bye week.

"It was good. Now the players will have off tomorrow again, so we'll have some more time to kind of finalize the game plan for Philly [Philadelphia Eagles] and then get at it on Wednesday, but today was kind of a bonus day, which was good,” Schiano said. “The evaluation stuff I think we've looked at a bunch of things, both as a staff and with our players. I think some things have come to light or have to come to a head and some things we need to adjust. You always use this time to add a few things that you didn't quite get to if there's something that's come up since you broke camp. It's been a good period, good time, and now we have to finalize this game plan."

"We're just going to make sure that we pick everything apart. Like you said, it can be overwhelming, but at the same time, there are certain things that we can pick up. We're going to try to defend certain ways, as far as our game plan and just make sure that we are on top of our game. There's a lot of weapons back there, starting with [quarterback] Michael Vick. [Running back LeSean] McCoy [is] definitely another weapon, and their run game is something serious, so we're just going to definitely have to make sure that we be on our P's and Q's and make sure we tackle." – Linebacker Dekoda Watson on preparing for the Eagles.
The players will have their normal Tuesday off before heading back on Wednesday and begin more preparation for the Eagles.
Last modified on Monday, 07 October 2013 16:40

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    Bunch of bandwagon Buc fans will be pushing each other out the way to get on the bandwagon when the team wins. They'll be telling everyone that they supported the team through thick and thin.
  • avatar

    @morgan....The bandwagon Buc fans don't bother me at all...if I am the last Buc fan cheering on a winless team, it won't be the first time for me....as long as they all come back when they are ready, I have no issue and I can hold down the fort in the mean time....it won't be long anyway...
  • avatar

    This guy was a practice squad pick up. You geniuses act like we were going after a franchise guy. Man....fans are so ignorant about a game they profess to know more about than the coaches. Glennon is the guy for the rest of the year. If he doesn' t pan out we'll be drafting from a deep class of QB's. I love to see how easily the average fan throws in the towel. Life is tough when you're a quitter. I never quit oon a team I profess to support. Things have a way of taking care of themselves. The Glazers are billionaires. They aren't stupid. If Schiano can't turn things around without Freebow then he'll be gone. Until then, he's my coach. This team is soooo close. Any offense at all and we'd be 4-0. I still think Glennon will be fine. Go Bucs!!
  • avatar

    @gahtadreem...1) no "genius" proclaimed Rogers the starter...clear he is practice squad (although on our team he's not far from seeing the field this year)...the point was: why make a big deal out of signing a "ball guy"...any other team would make a practice squad move and barely announce it...our coach makes it sound like the guy is a steal...from the Jags scrap heap. 2) IMO the fans who keep coming to PR and trying to shake some sense into the organization are the ones who haven't thrown in the towel...it isn't quitting as a fan to express some disappointment with the team...especially when that disappointment (who won't be a Buc let alone a Bucs fan for much longer) keeps throwing ridiculous statements at fans like "You always use this time to add a few things that you didn't quite get to if there's something that's come up since you broke camp"..."didn't quite get to"?..are you F!@#$ing kidding me. 3) The Glazers are billionaires because of trailer parks (real estate) not football. and finally 4) I appreciate the optimism in your tone, but we are sooooo not sooooo close this year - the Saints are running away with the South and we would need to win at least one of at Seahawks, 49ers, or at Saints and all of the others (including Falcons twice) to expect a wildcard spot....but I will cheer them on loudly to try just that.
  • avatar

    It is much better to go golfing or fishing and tape the game, then I can watch it until my stomach turns sour and delete it. There is some satisfaction in the deletion process. I hope they do well on Sunday, but scoring many points is a huge hurdle with a rookie QB. Go Bucs
  • avatar

    So I took a few days off - Schiano has been fired by now right? I guess not, given this doozy of a quote "He’s a ball guy, he loves it, he’s a grinder, likes to study, likes to be around football, likes to be around the locker room."...that says it all right there - not "he's got immense talent, a winner at every level, proven success in this league"...okay I accept we aren't going to find such a guy, but why spout off about this JAX reject's "ball guy" attitude...who cares...even ahenneke can tell you the 5 guys behind him are "ball guys"...I want TDs and W's not "ball guys". And one other thought ahennke: yes we all can play arm-chair coach and GM a bit too much some times...but this isn't one of those times...there is not a single voice out there countering the FIRE SCHIANO movement.
  • avatar

    ahenneke: Now that was some funny stuff. I too typically have one self-proclaimed football expert and one football novice sitting behind me. Of course the "know it all" has to tell the "dummy" everything that's going on. The seats used to be owned by BBT bank; so they often were occupied by fans from the opponent who seemed to know much more about the Buccaneers than their own team. There used to be a show "Kids Say the Darnedest Things". There should be one now "Fans Say the Dumbest Things" on ESPN. That would be a hoot. How about a Coaches Say the Dumbest Things". Like this gem, "The Bucs were a laughing stock before I got here". That's like Rosanne saying, "I was ugly and fat until I got this tattoo". Or maybe Obama saying. "The country was in debt before I took over."
  • avatar

    So instead of getting an experienced and proven QB who can turn around a team with four losses, our Genius Coach picks up a low rated rookie QB because his last name is Rogers. This guy is a reject from the Jacksonville Jaguars, one of the worst teams in the league. He can't make it with them, but Schiano sounds just thrilled to pick him up. Please, please Glazers be prepared to fire this Clown of a Coach and his DC. The starting QB is going to be the same QB for Philly that pulled out a late win against the Bucs, also coached by Schiano and defended by our same DC last year. I bet he is just licking his chops to whip us this week. I must say I enjoyed watching the Dolphins play this past Sunday, who are coached by a real successful NFL Coach that the Glazers passed over to pick the Clown. They need to stop making bad decisions and get an interim Coach who has NFL experience and can quickly turn this team around.
  • avatar

    Our team should be fired up after losing to the Vultures last season. We should be fired up to score often; I am confident that our Defense will keep it under 24.
  • avatar

    @jshumaker- I think the Giants may have us beat..also Bucs have a way of winning out of position for the draft- we have missed out on serious talent winning meaningless late season games...Since I zero faith at this point with both our head coach and GM,I could care less if we win or lose- i just want to see some decent football.If that means watching college ball and other NFL teams,so be it...
  • avatar

    I also want to watch some decent football. My backup plan is to watch the Dolphins. I am so pissed about this season
  • avatar

  • avatar

    Who cares? They suck and the season is over. Might as well tank the entire season and get the highest pick in the draft possible.
  • avatar

    Don't get too excited about the fact that Mike Vick is out. Contrary to what it seems like on the surface, this is actually bad news for us. With the type of defense that we play, the probability of turnovers just went way down! Mike Vick and Cam Newton plays into the teeth of our defense.
  • avatar

    @macabee I seem to remember the Foles torched us last year, we thought we had it made going against a rookie QB, but.....NOT
  • avatar

    Don't worry about getting a new coach if Schiano gets fired. There are 5 guys that sit directly behind me at the BUCS games that know exactly what play to call on every down, how to handle the locker room, who to pick up (Tebow mostly), and how to solve Staph and staff problems. Any of those 5 guys, according to them would do great as head coach. Of course the competition from us Pewter Report experts would be fierce.
  • avatar

    I hope whatever they gameplanned for will be easily adjustable to the fact that Vick won't be in the game now.
  • avatar

    Hope Schiano is working on boxing up his office.
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