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October 8, 2013 @ 3:28 pm
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Bucs' Defense Preparing For Eagles, Foles

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers are hoping to be prepared for the Eagles second-ranked offense come Sunday when they square off at Raymond James Stadium. Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles is expected to start and his performance last season against Tampa Bay is one that many in Buccaneers circles hope can not be duplicated.
The Buccaneers will face yet another tough offense this Sunday when they host the Philadelphia Eagles at Raymond James Stadium. Head coach Chip Kelly’s squad is second in the league five weeks into the season and Tampa Bay’s defense has taken notice. 

Lead by running back LeSean McCoy, the Eagles are averaging just under 455 total yards per game. With 98 carries and 514 yards, McCoy is having himself a career season as he leads the league in rushing yards and is second in carries. 

Bucs linebacker Dekoda Watson acknowledges the weapons that the Philadelphia offense has.

"We're just going to make sure that we pick everything apart,” Watson said. “Like you said, it can be overwhelming, but at the same time, there are certain things that we can pick up. We're going to try to defend certain ways, as far as our game plan and just make sure that we are on top of our game. There's a lot of weapons back there, starting with [quarterback] Michael Vick. [Running back LeSean] McCoy [is] definitely another weapon, and their run game is something serious, so we're just going to definitely have to make sure that we be on our P's and Q's and make sure we tackle."

Because of the bye week, the Bucs have been given extra time to plan and prepare for the Eagles. However, one of their weapons on offense is most likely out for this week and that is quarterback Michael Vick. Vick’s absence for Sunday means that quarterback Nick Foles will be taking his place, and that’s a name that is fresh on the minds of many Buccaneers.

Last season, Foles orchestrated a 14-play drive with 2:44 remaining in the game that featured a one-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to beat the Bucs 23-21. There were a few different players on the field then, but it doesn’t take away the taste left in the mouth of many after the Bucs overcame a 10-0 deficit at halftime. 

Tampa Bay has given up late leads in three of their first four games that have resulted in losses. Buccaneers defensive end Da’Quan Bowers talks about the work they have put in to make sure something like that doesn’t happen again. Especially against Foles.

"It's definitely a challenge,” Bowers said. “They [have] a great team, they have excellent athletes at quarterback in [Michael] Vick and [Nick] Foles, and then that guy at running back [isn't] a slouch either. It's going to be a tough game for us, but this extra day and this bye week has given us a lot of chances to work on our offense and work on our defensive schemes, so hopefully, it can carry over.

"We definitely need a win. We can't erase the past; we're 0-4; there's no 'ifs,' 'ands' or 'buts' and no situation can make that better. We've just got to come in this week ready to play football. Our next task is the Eagles; we're going to go in with the mindset of starting this one-game season and the Eagles happen to be the first game. We're looking for a win, definitely try to get back in the win column."

The Bucs’ 13th rank defense will definitely have their hands full Sunday. Surely they will try to prevent Foles’ record from improving to 2-5 – where his only two victories would be courtesy of the Buccaneers.
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    I think it will be time that Bucs will show the NFL that they are not losers. They are WINNERS. I think it was a tough Decision to put Freeman out of the picture, and get the young QB ready. Last time Tampa was leading at half time I thought that Tampa would have score another 14 points in the second half of the Arizona game plan. I don't BUY the Eagles. Look at who they played, And look at the Bucs schedule. Tampa could have been easy 4 &0. I think this defense is better then Eagles Offensive side of the Ball with Barron, Revis , Golsstein and Young CB from Miss st. Our Defense Line is not Bad either. If Tampa can score Early in the First Half then the Eagles will have to change it Game Plan. GO Bucs I think If Tampa can beat Phila at our Stadium then we can certainly beat Atlanta at their Home COME ON 2 & 4 AND bucs.glh oh buy the way it is two college coaches coaching against each other,.
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    The Bucs need to start taking their opponents as personal challenges. I remember the days of Sapp, Lynch and Brooks and it was all about pride. Those guys played like they have been disrespected. That is what we need more of, acting and playing with chips on their shoulders for respect. After all, that is what Coach Schiano is trying to instill in these guys - RESPECT. Respect for the organization (and coaches), respect for the players that went before you, and respect for yourselves with the rest of the league. Players stop disrespecting the coaches and the fans and go out and bust your *ss.
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    Vick being out will be Schiano's excuse when they lose. Hey, we spent that off week preparing for him and he didn't show-up, we only had a week to adjust and that just isn't enough time. Also to the guy that thinks the Bucs will score 27 this week... perhaps if we get 2 defensive or special teams touchdowns. I'm guessing it's more like a 21-10 type game, maybe 21-14. Maybe Glennon comes out and doesn't play like a rookie - but he is a rookie so I wouldn't bet on it. Nothing against Glennon, I truly hope we didn't waste another high draft pick on a QB but you have to look at the success rate of rookie QBs playing in a high school offense. It's not good.
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    Hoping for losses? Come on man, thats being unnecessarily extreme. Eagles have a dynamic offense but nothing else. They wont have Vick and their DEF is pathetic. They lost at home to the Chargers and only have wins against subpar division rivals in Redskins and winless Giants. This is a game we have to win coming out of the bye. Our DEF is vastly improved from the one that gave up last sec TD to Foles last year and with an extra week of prep for Glennon and the offense hopefully we can get back on track. Go Bucs.
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    Our players are certainly capable of beating the Eagles, but can we overcome Schiano and our prevent defense minded DC, that is the question. I don't think so, but we will see. I am hopeful that Sapp's comment about our Clown Coach will at least push the Glazers to prepare a plan to dump Schiano if we dare go 0-5. Even if the players don't like playing for Schiano, the loss last year to Foles should allow our team leaders on the field to get our troops fired up. By the way, after the Jets beat the Falcons and Matty Ice, with their exceptional Rookie QB from W.Va., it should give our fans some hope that maybe we can find a QB that good in our draft next year that we can snag with a first round draft choice. However, we are missing the boat this year by not taking Tebo instead of a Jax cast off QB. However, at least Schiano won't ruin Tebo.
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    Bucs - 10 Eagles -27 Bucs starting a ROOKIE QB ....and not a good one.
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    Hoping for losses make no sense. I have no faith in NoMoSchiano, but the Bucs can win in spite of him, if they get a big enough lead. We just need solid defensive play and to be able to move the ball down the field consistently, even if we get no points, we get field position. 21-13 Bucs.
  • avatar

    Expecting a win is realistic given the state of the Eagles defense and what the Bucs offense is capable of. BUT as we all know whatever the expectations are Schiano has found a way to fall short of them so another close loss wouldnt shock me. Hoping for a win but realistic about the handicap we have at Head Coach. Let's see if we are capable of drawing up a screen or two to slow down the slew of blitzes that Glennon will face on Sunday or if we continue to run into them like morons. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    @stlbucsfan and @pinkstob...I am looking for any improvement over last year's Eagles debacle .... if we seriously let Foles beat us again in the 4th quarter - a repeat of 2012 (well not Gorrer dropping the INT on the horrible prevent D call, but let's say Tandy dropping the INT on a horrible prevent D call)...then surely that would be the last straw for this clown show....even the Glazers would have to admit their $15m they still owe Schiano isn't worth such a repeat performance....surely??????
  • avatar

    They have removed the best option to win now when we released Freeman so firing the coach will only make the problem worse. Schiano thinks he can win with Glennon so I think the Glazers are going to give him till the end of the season to show that. If it fails we will have a loaded roster and a high pick to attract the QB and coach of our choosing. As much as Schiano deserves to be fired he will walk the plank the remainder of the season with the mess he has created.
  • avatar

    I hope the Bucs win as I do every game, but I expect them to lose. The only chance I see the Bucs having of winning this game is the Eagles defense. The Bucs' first four losses have come against really good defenses, especially against the run. Those four teams didn't just stop us, they've stopped everybody they've played this year (except the Cardinals vs. Saints). The Eagles D ain't worth a damn. If we can exploit that and aim to pass a lot and trust the only QB we have, we may just pull out a win. But the data has shown that Schiano is stubborn, so I still think he'll run 2 out of the first 3 downs, which will allow for a close enough game for Foles to have a chance to win it at the end.
  • avatar

    I am definitely expecting a win, not a loss nor do I want anymore of them.
  • avatar

    I'm with macabee - our offense was our strength not long ago, and they seem to be in a complete state of disarray...or are roasting marshmallows....what have they been doing to find some of that 30+ppg we put up in the middle stretch of last year??? An entire two weeks to prepare, we need to see the offense back and a W against a subpar Eagles....anything less and it's goodnight coach S....
  • avatar

    At this point I'm hoping for losses. The more the better. Lets get rid of Schiano and try picking up a top QB prospect. This time spend some money on having a quality QB coach and keep the OC the same so we don't ruin another QB prospect. Josh may never have materialized but I think Schiano ruined him, and the team.
  • avatar

    Wow - hoping for losses. Guess Bucs fans deserve what they get.
  • avatar

    According to the PR machine the offense is sharpening the ax. Let's hope that translates to wins.
  • avatar

    What about the offense? What are they doing? Roasting marshmallows?
  • avatar

    These guys scored big points against the Giants. Not sure if that's saying much. But, if our defense does what it has been doing and our offense wakes the hell up we might get a W. Go Bucs!!
  • avatar

    I'm looking forward to seeing what our defense can do against the Eagles. I've been very proud of this defense - the strength of this team, no doubt. Go Bucs. Bucs 27 - Eagles 17.
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