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October 9, 2013 @ 6:19 pm
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Rookie Glennon Receiving Praise From Coaches And Teammates

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Quarterback Mike Glennon has yet to become a household name but that hasn't stopped the Buccaneers from believing in the young quarterback. On Wednesday, offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan and cornerback Darrelle Revis talked about what they see in their rookie quarterback while Glennon shared what has helped his preparation.
The Buccaneers coaching staff spent the bye week analyzing film and reviewing the performance of many players. One of those that had their play analyzed during the bye was rookie quarterback Mike Glennon after his first NFL start in Week 4.

Coming out of college, Glennon was known for his good size and ability to stand in the pocket and take a hit as he threw the football. It’s been said the the North Carolina State product studies the game hard and that is one trait the staff loves about him the most. The film from Week 4 against the Arizona Cardinals showed just that, and offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan talked about how Glennon’s impact to the team with just one game started under his belt.

"I think Mike [since] the day he got here has had a great work ethic and a maturity about him,” Sullivan said. “Talk about those rookies that are 22 going on 42 in terms of just really knowing when it's time to focus and bear down and put in the time. I think his teammates, through practice at least and even in the most recent ball game, have been able to see a guy that it's not too big for him, that he is willing to stay in there and put his face in the fan so to speak. In the pass plays, he doesn't get rattled in terms of his first time out the gate with the huddle calls. He's putting in the time, he's showing maturity, he's making some plays, there's been a level of execution and tempo that we've had that's been very, very good and that's a credit to Mike and all the hard work that he's doing and I think his teammates have responded to that.

“Despite how difficult things have been for everybody, certainly for us on offense, to see a guy get an opportunity and make the most of it and hit the ground running, I think the other offensive players and even some of the defensive players are taking note of that and now it's just a matter of trying to transfer that from what we've seen in practice and his one shot out the gate, so to speak, in this last game to getting some momentum and doing it on the field starting this Sunday against Philadelphia."

Sullivan mentions that players across the team have noticed Glennon’s approach and how he’s handled the starting role including defensive players. All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis is no exception.

“Like I said before, Mike (Glennon) has that demeanor,” Revis said. “Exactly like a quarterback is supposed to have. He comes in here, he works hard and he has a leadership role to him and he’s doing what he needs to do. He got the starting job. He's starting; there's really nothing much more to say.”

Players and coaches are rallying around the rookie and are focused on moving forward with him as their signal caller. More importantly, there has been nothing but support for Glennon in the locker room. Moments like defensive tackle Gerald McCoy going over to Glennon’s locker and talking to him for a while after practice on Monday further proves that statement and demonstrates the importance of the team’s  support for their young leader.

As for Glennon, he remained focused during the bye and he did what he does best, study film.

"I think the bye week came at a great time - just to be able to watch that film a few times, you get more comfortable and then get the extra practice in last week and then get a jumpstart on Philly [the Philadelphia Eagles],” Glennon said. “To be able to watch the film and kind of get the game plan ahead of time has helped my preparation and will help us have a better feel for things come the game."

To echo Sullivan’s assessment on Glennon and his approach to the game, the 23-year old has shown maturity far beyond his years as he acknowledged that watching the film makes him feel more comfortable. Not just once, but a “few times.”

Glennon will have an opportunity to show what he has gained from watching film Sunday when he and the Buccaneers play host to the Philadelphia Eagles. He will also have the opportunity to prove his coaches and teammates right. 
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    And what did we read in PR that all our players were saying about their faith in Glennon before the Arizona game? And how did that work out for them? He blew the ball game for us with two interceptions in the second half. The proof is in the pudding folks, not the quotes about how great Glennon is by the players who know Glennon is Schiano's pet and they are probably too intimidated to point the finger at Glennon in costing them their fourth loss, but that is the truth. I hope he doesn't blow it again in the fourth quarter when the pressure is on, like the Bucs did last year when Foley embarrassed them terribly, with the BUCS coached by the same LOSER COACH and with the same LOSER DC. We will never have a winning team again until those two Coaches are history along with some of the worst coaches in Buc's history.
  • avatar

    Don't drink the Kool-Aid!!!!!!!
  • avatar

    What else would you expect them to say about Glennon?
  • avatar

    I echo much of the sentiment shared here...it's not how I would have wanted this situation to play out, I haven't been convinced yet of Glennon (@stlbucsfan - I swear I began searching for the old "work ethic" quotes about Freeman too when I read that one), but I am a Buc fan through and through and could never cheer for anything but a big win from the team....GO BUCS!
  • avatar

    I wish the best for Glennon, but if the season is really over, then the best thing to do for the franchise is to take adavantage of opportunities to improve the team next year. One such opportunity would be to trade Penn to the Seahowks. The Seahawks have a terrible LT and Penn would be a huge upgrade for them. It may be the one piece they need to win the superbowl.
  • avatar

    I too will hope for the best for Glennon and the Bucs. It is the ideal scenario if Glennon somehow takes off with this opportunity and EARNS the starting job of the Bucs for now and the future. While I don't agree with how the QB situation was handled this year, that is in the past. Unfortunately, history is not on the side of 3rd round rookies becoming franchise QB's...
  • avatar

    I heard the same things about Freeman's work ethic when he was a Buc and we see how that ended so this really means nothing. He's the only QB we have so they have to say this. Two weeks ago Glennons' awful decision making cost us the game all I want to see is if he can produce a win against an awful defense and a number 2 QB(which IMO he is). Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    That is also where I draw the line. I will always support my Bucs and would never pull against them or wish that they didn't win. Mike Glennon is my QB and I will yell for him on Sunday as loud as I ever did. But being the ornery old dude that I am he gets my encouragement and well wishes now, but I will hold my praises until after the game!
  • avatar

    As I have done for 38 years, I'll root for whomever is wearing the team colors. Mike Glennon is our QB for at least the rest of this season. It appears he is doing the right things to find success. Let's hope he shows that he can be the long term solution and this team doesn't have to start over in 2014.
  • avatar

    Same here - and as far as Glennon - agree 100%. The guy might be a good long term QB for all we know. Give him a chance and lets see what he can do.
  • avatar

    As I have done for 38 years, I'll root for whomever is wearing the team colors. Mike Glennon is our QB for at least the rest of this season. It appears he is doing the right things to find success. Let's hope he shows that he can be the long term solution and this team doesn't have to start over in 2014.
  • avatar

    Catch the ball and be somebody... Drop the ball and you are not it...
  • avatar

    Gil, Thanks for the update on Mike Glennon. I look forward to seeing improvement as he gets more practice snaps with the first team, more game snaps. Timing is so important. I really like the fact Mike works hard, puts n the time and is smart, football smart. Thing is, if he works out the Buccaneers should be in really good shape by the end of the season. Go Bucs! Beating the eagles at home would be very very nice!
  • avatar

    Has anyone realized that Josh went to Fran Tarkenton's old team lmao!? I'll wish Josh the best there and hope for breaking some of Tarkenton's old records because of his remarks. Howz that for not motivation for somebody?? Man..somebody in the media will bring that up eventually, ESPECIALLY if Free makes starter. Sometime from now, that's gonna make for a few interesting moments.
  • avatar

    I think that this rookie this year will be the surprise in qb's in 2013. I think he will be better then the Jets QB. I think this week against the eagles he will eat them alive in short crisp passes and then the home rund ball. I don't care what kelley has done. Tampa defense will slow the eagles down and finally the Bucs will show the NFL that they are just waiting in the wings and spole some higher talent like the 1 win Falcons. Next week/Lets win this week GO BUCS.
  • avatar

    Sorry to be nonconformist, but I'm optimistic about Glennon. And I don't mean this Sundays game - anyone who judges a QB's pot'l based on his first few games after being pressed into service his rookie yr needs to take a breath and switch their brain back on. I would like to see him play next yr, after training camp, bulking up a little bit and with this yr's experience under his belt. Everyone needs to settle down, recognize where we are in the process of turning around the team and focus on the team demonstrating improvement on both sides of the ball as the rest of the season plays out. And, BE THANKFUL Josh is not going to torture this franchise for another half decade.
  • avatar

    Who cares about Freeman. He plays for another team!
  • avatar

    The Player's are going to have to dig deeper, play harder, faster, smarter to get this win. I believe we will win; we have too at this point.
  • avatar

    As I recall, they said the same about Freeman doing the extra time etc. We will see Sunday what we have after having two weeks to get ready. Two week study time should have him ready to go. Schiano has tied his job to Glennon and I also believe Dominiks job is also tied to this guy. We will see this Sunday.
  • avatar

    Josh Freeman wears #12 for the Vikings!!!!! Good Luck JF12!!!!!
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