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October 10, 2013 @ 5:57 pm
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Bucs News To Know 10-10: Nicks' MRSA Has Returned

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Just when it appeared the run of bad luck, controversy and negative reports were over for a while, it was revealed that guard Carl Nicks has MRSA once again. Get all the news of what happened at One Buc Place in the News To Know article.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place Thursday October 10:

• The Buccaneers began practice at 11:45 under partly cloudy skies and a light breeze on Thursday getting ready for their home game Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

• Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano said that sorely missed tight end Tom Crabtree, who has been nursing an ankle sprain since late August, hasn’t had any setbacks, which may be good news for the Bucs offense this week against the Eagles.

“No, I think he [Crabtree] looks more comfortable each day, which is good,” Schiano said. “We were encouraged in the preseason, the first three games, then he gets hurt in the beginning of that [Washington] Redskins game [preseason game four]. We thought things were progressing. He’s had, obviously, a long gap between then and now, but he’s practiced, he looks better each day, and I think he’s going to be a productive guy there, just another weapon in there.”

• The Buccaneers listed Carl Nicks and Mike Williams as limited in Thursday's practice. Corner back Michael Adams was still unable to participate on Thursday. Mark Barron, Gabe Carimi, Tom Crabtree, Dashon Goldson, Derek Landri, Steven Means, Rashaan Melvin were all listed as full participation on Thursday.

• Tampa Bay did not announce any roster moves Thursday, and still have an open spot on their 53-man roster after the release of quarterback Josh Freeman last week.

• Just when things started to appear to be calming down at One Buccaneer Place it was revealed that offensive guard Carl Nicks has had a recurrence of MRSA that sidelined him for part of the preseason and then the first two regular season games of 2013.

Late on Thursday afternoon Bucs general manager Mark Dominik confirmed a Twitter report from earlier in the day.

“Reports that you heard (of Nicks dealing with MRSA) are accurate, that this is a recurrence of the MRSA in the same place and location,” Dominik said. “From everything we have been told and understand, this does happen which is why MRSA is a bacteria that is hard to treat. But I would tell you that in talking to the infectious disease specialist that has been treating Carl and working with us and working with other professionals, he also confirms and believes strongly that this is obviously the same infection he is dealing with.”

Prior to the confirmation Thursday afternoon Schiano, who may have been waiting on test results, wasn’t clear what exactly was wrong with Nicks during his post-practice news conference.

“He was [limited] It’s his foot, and I’m going to leave it at that. We’re examining everything. I’m not sure. It just started to bother him, so he tells our trainers and we look into it. And now we’re doing all the tests you can do to make sure – MRI’s and everything.”
What that means for Sunday is unclear as Nicks replacement Gabe Carimi earlier this season, who missed three weeks with mononucleosis, may not be ready to go on Sunday, although Carimi did practice on Thursday.

• While it was already announced earlier this season that every home game would be seen on television, the Buccaneers did officially release that Sunday’s game against the Eagles was a sellout.

In a media release on Thursday the Buccaneers announced that in keeping with the day’s breast cancer awareness theme, Buccaneer players will don special pink accents on their uniforms to show support for the NFL’s “A Crucial Catch” campaign. Prior to the game, thousands of Bay Area residents will take to the streets surrounding Raymond James Stadium in the early morning hours as participants in the team’s first annual Treasure Chests 5k Run/Walk, a family-friendly race to support breast cancer patients and survivors.

The game versus Philadelphia last season was one of just two home sellouts in 2012.

“I think the only difference might be a little bit more passing, as corny and simple as that sounds, but they’ll still run the same rushing attack – or at least we’re anticipating that – and still with the ability for him to disconnect and run it himself. If you just avalanche down on the running back, they’re not going to foolishly hand it off to him. They’re going to run the same run concept, and if you do that, he’ll disconnect and he’ll run around the end. Even if he just slide-tackles himself, if you don’t defend it, it’s going to be a five, six, seven yard gain. But the other thing is – I don’t know, we’ll find out as the game proceeds – maybe they’ll have a little more of an idea to toss it around a little bit, because he can do that. You think about what a threat Vick is with his scrambling ability, but really – we played this guy last year – Nick is very athletic and has no problem getting out of pressure and running the ball and getting first downs by running the ball. He did it to us last year in our game. He’s still a pain in the neck that way, just like Vick would be.” – Bucs defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan on probable Eagles starter at quarterback Nick Foles
The Buccaneers will practice on Friday at 11:05 a.m. as they put their final touches on the game plan for Sunday’s game with the Eagles.

Last modified on Thursday, 10 October 2013 21:00

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  • avatar

    Now I hear on the radio that Jonathan Banks may have MRSA as well. What a debacle.
  • avatar

    Who is this MR. SA? Is he on the Bucs Staph?!!!!!
  • avatar

    As a physician who treats MRSA on an almost daily basis and has had a MRSA infection myself, it appears to me that they (including Tynes) have osteomyelitis (infection of the bone) which can require many weeks of daily intravenous antibiotic. In a few cases it causes chronic (non curable ) infections. Let's hope not. GO BUCS. LEAVE EVERYTHING ON THE FIELD!
  • avatar

    I think he goes on IR and we have seen the last of Carl Nicks. There's too much liability if our medical staff declares that he is able to play in 2014 and the MRSA reappears again. Just my opinion.
  • avatar

    Nicks has been hurt ever since he got here, I knew they should of signed Grubbs instead. Cut him already!! Schaino is about to walk the plank so we should have a top 5 pick next year. There are plenty of QB's in next years draft class to start over, depending on who the next head coach is of course.
  • avatar

    Aside from firing Schiano, and I am ready to see him leave, if the season is really over then the priority ought to be making the team better for next year. One move they should consider is trading Donald Penn to the Seahawks. Penn, though getting old in football years still has value and the LT for the Seahawks is terrible. Getting one of the better LTs should be attractive to the Seahawks. Getting a premium pick should be attractive to the Bucs.
  • avatar

    Also, since the season is basically over and our top corner back is getting past his prime. Maybe we could find some team stupid enough to give up a first round pick for an aging corner back coming off of major ACL surgery. Oh wait never mind
  • avatar

    If Schiano and Sheridan have any good ideas on how to beat Philly, they play dumb awfully well, don't you think? Of course the more you know about both, it really isn't an act! But Schiano intimidates the players to make sure they don't openly become critical of him and surrounds himself with subpar coaches in abundance who he knows will not complain about him when he tries to micromanage all their functions; so the Glazers have had to put out a bunch of money for all those yes men puppet coaches, instead of insisting on Schiano hiring top NFL experienced assistant coaches. Of course now there is no way any NFL position coach who is really good would probably ever consider working for such a Clown no matter how high the salary. The only way for the Glazers to improve this team is to fire Schiano and Sheridan.
  • avatar

    It's so hard not to say something negative about the Coach. How in the world does the Coach not value the TE spot especially when you are trying to power run? He is now just realizing that? I am just dumbfounded at times what comes out of the Coaches mouth. I mean when he came here I really supported him and defended him. Now I know that he is way over his head. Despite the Coach, the players can still beat the Eagles and now the injured Falcons.
  • avatar

    I had a really strange dream last night. I just kept hearing some guy named Roger repeating 'And with the first pick in the NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have selected...' Weird huh?
  • avatar

    Now they say that they "sorely missed" Crabtree. At the start of the season their offense didn't really need a TE. Now the coach needs a TE., what a CLown. Crabtree is below average at best. Can we get a real NFL coach PLEASE!
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