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October 13, 2013 @ 5:43 pm
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Eagles Swoop Down To Beat Bucs: Unit Game Grades

Written by Haley
Haley Cornish


Pewter Report Intern E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers dropped their fifth straight game and are now 1-10 in their last 11 games played. Which units performed well enough to win? And which units need to go back to the drawing board before the trip to Atlanta next week. Get the answers here in this weekly postgame feature.
Tampa Bay suffered their fifth loss in a row, falling to the Philadelphia Eagles 31-20 on Sunday in front of a sellout home crowd at Raymond James Stadium. The Buccaneers struggled on both offense and defense, although rookie quarterback Mike Glennon played considerably better than in his debut two weeks ago against the Cardinals. Here are PewterReport.com’s unit game grades for the game.

After a sub-par debut against Arizona, Mike Glennon had the bye week to prepare for his second game and it paid off. Glennon started off a little shaky, including yet another intentional grounding call. Glennon needs to learn to get outside the pocket to avoid the sack instead of backwards, and he did improve at that after the penalty call.

Glennon also continued to struggle with deep passes, and at times forcing the ball down the field and missing a few targets. But overall, Glennon had a solid game, which is something Tampa Bay fans haven’t been used to from the quarterback position this season. Glennon finished the game 26-43 (60.5 %), 273 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception.

Glennon looked much more accurate in this game and made some great throws, including a perfect fade pass to Vincent Jackson for one of his two touchdowns. What is even more impressive is how Glennon had almost no help from the run game, or his offensive line. Glennon even showed some mobility, which is something he is definitely not known for, running for 20 yards on two carries including a 16-yard dash for a first down. Glennon’s performance wasn’t perfect, and there were times when it was clear he is still a rookie, but overall it was an encouraging performance, even if it was against a dreadful Eagle’s defense. Imagine how much better Glennon would have looked with a little more help around him.

Doug Martin ran the ball 16 times for 67 yards (4.2 yards per carry) without much help from his offensive line, yet again. Martin actually had a few 10-yard plus carries in the game, but most were negated due to holding penalties on the offensive line. Martin did break loose for a 24-yarder, but other than that it was tough sledding for the star running back.

As has been the case all season, Martin was hit at or behind the line of scrimmage on almost every running play. But Martin did his best at keeping his legs moving and turned most plays into a positive gain. Martin also caught four passes for 24 yards, which is a good sign because he has had some issues catching the ball this season. Martin has also had an issue with fumbles, which was a non-factor last season, and had another one today on a handoff from Glennon. Luckily, Martin was able to fall on the ball for the recovery.

With Mike Williams a late scratch from the game, Vincent Jackson had to step up to help his rookie quarterback, and he did. Jackson had his best game of the season with nine receptions, 114 yards, and two touchdowns. Jackson and Glennon worked during the bye week and that extra time seems to have paid off, as they looked to have good chemistry against the Eagles. 

Tiquan Underwood made his season debut after being cut from the final roster, only to be re-signed after the Bucs cut Kevin Ogletree last week. Underwood had a bad game – he had a pass interference penalty called on him in Eagle’s territory, and appeared to give up on a route that resulted in Glennon’s only interception. That interception also came in Eagle’s territory, so the mistake likely cost the Bucs points. Underwood ended the game with no receptions on four targets.

Chris Owusu, who was activated from the practice squad during the bye week, played in a limited role but ended the game with three receptions for 28 yards. After Underwood’s poor performance, Owusu could see and increased role next week against the Falcons.

In the game that saw the return of Tom Crabtree, the Buccaneers seem to have finally found a third receiver, but his name is Tim Wright. Wright has looked increasingly impressive since switching positions from wide receiver to tight end, but had a breakout performance against Philadelphia on Sunday, catching seven passes for 91 yards and was Glennon’s go-to guy when Jackson wasn’t open. Wright’s only mistake came in the end zone when Glennon threw a nice pass to him in tight coverage, but Wright was unable to haul it in. Regardless of that lone mistake, Wright’s performance should excite the coaching staff.

Crabtree, who made his season debut after getting injured prior to the season, didn’t record a catch and was targeted just once.

The offensive line continued their sub-par season with poor run-blocking and uninspiring pass protection. Former Pro Bowler guard Davin Joseph had a particularly bad game, along with center Jeremy Zuttah, guard Ted Larsen (in for Carl Nicks) and former Pro Bowl tackle Donald Penn. In fact, the most impressive lineman in this game, and probably all season, was Demar Dotson.

Joseph missed a number of blocks, both in pass protection and in the run game. He just doesn’t look like the same player that he was before his knee injury in 2012. Zuttah had two costly holding calls, along with Larsen and Penn who each had a holding call of their own.

The pass protection was actually okay for the first three quarters of the game, but the line seemed to let fatigue catch up to them by the fourth quarter and Glennon seemed to be under pressure from the snap on almost every play. The offensive line has too much money invested in it to be performing at this level, even without Carl Nicks.

The defensive line failed to get any consistent pressure on the quarterback Nick Foles and finished the game with no sacks.

The line did put some pressure on Foles early in the game with quarterback pressures from defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and defensive ends Steven Means and Daniel Te’o-Nesheim. Defensive end Adrian Clayborn didn’t get to the quarterback, but did finish the game with four tackles and two tackles for a loss.

The defensive line has shown flashes of being good this season, but needs to find a way to consistently get pressure and stop giving opposing quarterbacks all day to throw the ball. As far as the run defense, they gave up 138 yards on the ground, but it was to the best rushing attack in the league. The Bucs actually held them to nearly 50 fewer yards than the Eagles have averaged so far this season.

The Buccaneers lone sack of the day came from stud weakside linebacker Lavonte David, who tackled Foles for a loss of nine. David almost had a second sack, but Foles was able to get rid of the ball before being called down. David finished the game with a team-leading nine tackles.

Middle linebacker Mason Foster, who is having the best season of his career, had five tackles and a pass broken up. Linebackers Dakota Watson and Adam Hayward both finished the game with two tackles.

The linebackers didn’t do a great job of containing McCoy, who broke out for a 44-yard catch-and-run to start the game, but played better after the opening drive. They were also the victim of zone coverage, creating terrible mismatches like the one where David was covering DeSean Jackson who ran right past him and safety Dashon Goldson for the easy touchdown catch.

The secondary played a lot like they did last year against Nick Foles, allowing him to throw for nearly 300 yards and three touchdowns. There wasn’t a single bright spot for the secondary, aside from a forced fumble by Darrelle Revis. But even the Pro Bowl cornerback didn’t have his best game, as he got beat easily on a touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson. It looked like Revis was expecting some safety help from Dashon Goldson, but didn’t get it.

Free safety Goldson didn’t have his best game either despite notching nine tackles. Along with that blown coverage, he allowed another easy touchdown to Jackson later in the game. A lot of fans have been complaining about how much the Bucs use zone defense, and after this game, rightfully so. Two of the three touchdown passes were to wide open targets in zone coverage. If Revis was playing man-to-man on Jackson all game, the results may have been different.

Rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks, who reportedly contracted MRSA, ended up playing, but had the worst game of his young NFL career. The most notable play would be the 47-yard touchdown pass to Riley Cooper who ran past Banks for the touchdown. Banks also had a couple costly missed tackles in the game.

The special teams unit was the only one that played consistently good the entire game. Punt returner Eric Page, who has been very close to breaking one loose at any time, finally did on a 40-yard return. Page also returned a kickoff for 30 yards.

Rian Lindell seems to have gotten some confidence back, as he made both of his field goals from 38 and 27 yards out. The special teams unit also did very well in kickoff and punt coverage.

Punter Michael Koenen was his usual dependable self averaging 46 yards on five punts and doing a good job on kickoffs.

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  • avatar

    Schiano needs to go immediately!!! i feel embarrassed just wearing a bucs hat this season ,lets just not go to the games and maybe the glazers will get the picture get rid of this joke of a coach and hire someone with some actual success in the nfl
  • avatar

    Honestly, how many losses in a row do we have to have before Schian Ofer5 is fired?
  • avatar

    scuB era sresol esuaceb fo onaihcS, erif mih won!
  • avatar

    OMG don't even know where to start. Never been so frustrated as a Bucs fan over 20 years. I agree with others coaching, scheming, and adjusting gets an F and they have earned that all year. I have no dobt at this point Shiano is clueless and in over his head! The defense was an F. This D line still struggles to produce pressure. They played the run horribly. The big plays given up were ridiculous! What kind of zone are they playing where guys like DeSean Jackson are not even covered period! Worst defense I have seen in some time! Glennon played decent considering the O line was complete garbage! Donal Penn is done. Get his lazy overwieght butt out of here. Zuttah horrible. Davin Joseph was horrible. Have never seen him play that poorly. Maybe the knee? Who knows. Penalties and play of O line was disgraceful. This team is in complete shambles. Couple bright spots for me were play of Paige and Wright. May have found our TE.
  • avatar

    There's only one grade and it's an F. There is no doubt in my mind that, in spite of our coach running off players who now have significant roles elsewhere, that there is (was) sufficient talent to win. A good chef can take anything and make a tasty meal. But this guy has taken quality ingredients and made something totally inedible. Yucs indeed. Yet instead of changing his recipe, he keeps feeding his players (and us) the same tainted garbage which they regurgitate on the field. No amount of arms flailing and screaming matches is going to change the outcome. The team has direction.....it's just headed the wrong way and our coach is too stubborn to know he's leading the Donner party into oblivion.
  • avatar

    God do we suck..
  • avatar

    Glennon played well, yet against the worst passing defense in the NFL the offense could only score 20 points with 10 of those points coming when the offense got the ball inside the 40 and they only scored 3 points in the second half. Again the issue is being out coached and being unable to make half-time adjustments. If you had coaching grades it would be a solid F-.
  • avatar

    I think it's only fitting that we lost the game bc of one of Schianos "guys" quitting on a route. When I saw the pick bc of Underwood stopping on the slant I knew that would be the pivotal play of the game. We were marching down for more points and that pick turned the tide. Glennon looked better but again another Sunday where if all things are equal our subpar coaching can't find a way to get it done. Losses like this show that our problems have always been much more than the QB position and it's painfully obvious Schiano isn't cut out for this job. Greg Schiano receives yet another postgame F. Teddy Bridgewater or Clowney are the only debates we should be having along with coaching options for next season. Go Bucs but this season is O V E R!
  • avatar

    I guess Wright just gets stone hands in the end zone. He looked amazingly improved otherwise in catching passes and holding on to them. Page should have been utilized at William's WR position ahead of Underwood who does not have good hands to go with his speed. Owusu looked pretty good but should improve as he gets more game time. Glennon played better than last week likely because of getting more study time with the bye week, but he won't have that time to prepare for the Falcons and will likely fall back next week, but in any event he always plays worse in the second half when he throws his interceptions. Given he was playing the 30th weakest defense in the NFL your grade for him was too inflated. If we had a smart Coach he would play Glennon only in the first half when he plays best and start the second half with our experienced QB who won two games with the very weak Colt Offense. If Schiano had done that he would have won this game and the last. At least Schiano gave Doogie some breathers in this game and saw his performance improve. OK Glazers, where is the hook for Schiano? We are 0-5!!! Don't tell me you thought the Clown would win this one so you were not prepared to fire him when he has lost ten of the last eleven games. That is like the old YUKS!
  • avatar

    Zuttah, Penn, and (especially) Joseph, were spanked today, once again. And NIcks is a lost cause. So let's add those positions to the list for draft day 2014. Our entire OL is in the bottom third of the league. We can argue about QB, but our OL is sinking the pirate ship just as fast.
  • avatar

    The offensive scores were too high. We were playing a team averaging giving up 32 points a game heading into the week, we scored 20. That is pretty bad. Glennon did all right, maybe a C. Martin deserved a B-. But why can't we make more plays?
  • avatar

    I concur with the grades & am REALLY concerned about the ENTIRE O-line. Both safeties played their worst game of the season...wonder if they are too concerned about illegal hits, thus playing too timidly. I was pleased with the play of Glennon, VJax, David, & Wright.
  • avatar

    Good job MC, I agree with the grades.
  • avatar

    So the addition of Revis, and Goldson were supposed to shore up the secondary? When you add talent like that and you have as Schiano says "balls going over our heads", I guess it means it's the scheme that sucks! Funny I was just watching the 49er's rookie safety playing like Goldson was last year. Actually he's making more plays because the scheme allows him to. Please fire coach college now!!
  • avatar

    Good grades. Our Offensive Line is incredibly concerning.
  • avatar

    PewterReportMC; good scores. What I am seeing is lack of tackling on defene and holding on offense. Dare I say that it could be a coaching problem?
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