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October 13, 2013 @ 6:22 pm
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Bucs Five Keys To Victory Vs. Eagles - Revisited

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Did Vincent Jackson and Mike Glennon get into a rhythm after their week of practice? Did the Buccaneers stop Philadelphia's LeSean McCoy? Did Nick Foles repeat last season's performance? Here are Week 6's Keys To Victory graded.
It’s becoming routine now. The Bucs get outcoached, wrong personnel decisions are made, wrong plays are called, the list goes on. And so do the losses. 

The Buccaneers are now 0-5 in 2013 and do not appear to have a winnable game in the near future on the schedule. 

Before every game each week beat writer Gil Arcia comes out with his Five Keys To Victory. Then after the game takes a look at how the team fared in meeting the objectives. The following is an analysis on how Tampa Bay did against the keys to victory as well as grades.

1. Don't Let History Repeat Itself
History did not repeat itself with Nick Foles starting in place of injured quarterback Michael Vick. Instead, he did a lot better and the Bucs could not do anything about it.

Foles threw three touchdowns on Tampa Bay’s defense, two of them to DeSean Jackson.  The first one to Jackson came in the second quarter where he was 5-for-5 on the drive. He also ran one in from four yards out for the first score of the game. 

Even though the Buccaneers hit him six times and sacked him once, Tampa Bay can only watch the clinic he put on offensively. Foles finished 22-for-31 for 296 yards, four total touchdowns and a rating of 133.3.

Foles now has two wins in his career, both courtesy of the Bucs.
Grade: F

2. Take Demps Out Of The Dumps
Speedster Jeff Demps saw action first by lining up as a wide receiver, motioned across the line, then fake a direct snap. He would add a 10-yard catch and run at the end of the first quarter and it would a three yard reception from out of the flat for three yards. 

Demps would get hurt on the three-yard reception and not return, making it an obvious blow to Tampa Bay who appeared to be set on having him a part of Sunday gameplan.
Grade: C

3. Has Help Arrived?
This was mind blowing to a degree. Tight end Tom Crabtree was active for the game after missing six weeks due to a high ankle injury. He has proven to be a big help in the run game and in pass protection. So what does the coaching staff do? Insert him into the game on (unofficial count) only three plays throughout the game before the final drive. 

No one can take anything away from Tim Wright’s performance. He obviously made a case for his potential. But instead of plugging in the versatile tight end that they acquired this offseason, they plug in offensive lineman Jamon Meredith as an “eligible receiver” instead. 

Certainly Meredith wasn’t going to run routes, but Crabtree could have lined up in the backfield, lined up on the line, and lineup as a wideout — just like he did in Green Bay and during preseason. 

This falls on the coaches, not on Crabtree.
Grade: F

4. Shady’s Back
LeSean McCoy looked like he was going to have his way on Sunday after he turned a screen pass into a 44-yard gain on the first play of the game. Things somewhat settled down for a short period of time as he would fumble later in the first quarter which turned into a field goal for the Bucs. 

McCoy still broke 100 yards though (116 yards on 25 carries) but didn’t reach the end zone. He found holes in the Buccaneers defense to run through and had a good performance quietly as it was all about the Eagles passing game. 

Overall, Tampa Bay did not have an answer to Shady’s play.
Grade: D

5. The Glennon And Jackson Connection
Vincent Jackson stated he and Mike Glennon worked on getting into a rhythm this past week. That was evident Sunday afternoon.

The two connected for nine completions for 114 yards and two touchdowns. Two of the completions came on their 90-yard drive that ended in field goal which included a designed roll out by Glennon on third-and-9 where Jackson ran an out towards the sideline.

One of the touchdowns was a fade in the end zone from a yard out. It was a great catch by Jackson and he did an excellent job getting both feet in but it was an even better throw by Glennon.
Grade: B
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  • avatar

    Hey Schian Ofer, here is my suggestion: Use the George Costanza method...whatever your instincts tell you to do...choose to do just the opposite of that and maybe you will win. For instance if your instincts tell you to show up on game day....don't...stay home.
  • avatar

    I was in Pittsburgh this weekend and didn't have a chance to do Scubog's Keys to Victory so here goes now. #1: Schiano uses the bye week to update his resume. That USC job is available. # 2: Schiano uses the bye week to take in a Rutgers game to prepare for the 2014 Draft. Too bad the team is doing better without him. # 3: Schiano uses bye week to prepare his assault of Mark Dominik. He already called Dominik's team a "laughing stock". # 4: Schiano uses bye week to see if any more street players are desperate enough to come here (Underwood) when the others abandon ship. # 5: Schiano uses bye week to copy-paste the previous 10 game plans.
  • avatar

    @scubog: you're on a roll! Good stuff!
  • avatar

    I don't know what's going to frustrate me more. The talk about how our offense is improving (vs the worst defense in the league) -- the complete lack of in game coaching adjustments or how our defensive calls get really soft as soon as the opposing team gets the lead. There's just soo much crap to chose from--I'll take the brown one. It just really feels like it's us vs the Jags for the worst record in the league, and we get to go through all this (Coach change/young team/no playoffs) yet again. If we're lucky?? Could we at least PLEASE figure out that this league wants you, demands you, makes rules so that you can--score 30 points a game? Can we please get a guy that can develop a QB, and run an offense that is at the very least, only 10 years outdated? You're Kill'n me Smalls.
  • avatar

    So the season is lost at this point, zero chance of the playoffs - PLAYOFFS! So in that case just leave Schiano in there for the year since he gives us our best chance at the first overall draft pick. No one in the history of the team has done so little with so much. If we fire him now sure we'll win some games, but so what? The hole is too deep, we might as well fight with Jacksonville for the worst record in the league and the right to draft Bridgewater.
  • avatar

    Again..God do we suck
  • avatar

    Great article. Our Genius Coach had two weeks to prepare for the Eagles but obviously has no clue how to prepare for any NFL team. And his DC still hasn't figured out you put Revis on their best receiver man for man for the whole game. Had he done so their QB wouldn't have been near as effective today. Instead he played way too many zone defenses and got picked apart. Schiano and Sheridan have to go now! On Offense our line has been awful. Bostad needs to switch his best lineman from RT to LT and make Carimi the RT and give him some intense training in pass blocking. Rogers can do just fine at Center just like he did last year. He needs to sit Joseph on the bench and give him a lot of time in the whirlpool with his bad knee to see if he can't get better. Meredith should start at RG just like he did well last year. Hopefully he can get Nix back but if not bring up a player from the Practice Squad to play LG. We have to have better play out of our OL.
  • avatar

    Do we really need to "revisit" these games? I suppose so. In any event, I've climbed into the attic and revived my 1991 Bucs paper bag with the eye holes in it. Now I'm ready for the Carolina game. Go Bucs.
  • avatar

    @bucterp: Hilarious...glad to see someone is still holding on to Bucs merchandise!
  • avatar

    PewterReportGA; you summed it all up perfectly in your first 3 lines. We are a mess! From the very top to the very bottom; a mess! As a 6th generation Floridian and born in Tampa; it was an embarrassment to hear what ABC on the 6:30 pm National News said about the Buccaneers and MRSA. Does the Glazer's have any clue how it effects the health concerns for the community and the tourist industry? The Glazer's need to get their act together!
  • avatar

    @ Horse: Glazers just flat out dont give a *censored* about what me, you, or any of us fans have to say. Isnt it appearent? Bucs have become a disgrace & the true laughing stock of the NFL.
  • avatar

    @kingbucc34: Agreed. And wasn't it Schiano who said the Bucs were a laughing stock BEFORE he got here?!
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