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October 17, 2013 @ 2:30 pm
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Bucs News To Know 10-17: Demps Surgery; Banks Stays Positive

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The injury buy hit the Bucs again this week as it was announced running back Jeff Demps has surgery on his injured groin. On Thursday Darrelle Revis and Johnthan Banks spoke to the media and Davin Joseph announced he will play on Sunday despite a knee injury.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place on Thursday October 17:

• The Buccaneers began practice at 11:30 under partly cloudy skies and a light breeze on Thursday. Temperatures were warm but not unbearable. The Buccaneers practiced for two hours and finished off the practice with the loud speakers blaring music (The Gap Band) to help simulate the noise expected in the Georgia Dome.

• Wide receiver Mike Williams, who missed Sunday’s game against the Eagles with a hamstring injury, practiced again on a limited basis Thursday head coach Greg Schiano said.

• Guard Davin Joseph was not at practice on Wednesday, was a go on Thursday and was back lined up at right guard. Joseph told the media that the knee injury actually happened early in the game, but he played through it. While Joseph hasn’t been very impressive this year, the early game injury explains a lot about his inability to hold his ground. Film review showed Joseph getting pushed back and losing leverage on a number of plays in Sunday’s 31-20 loss to the Eagles.

Joseph talked about the injury on Thursday, saying it shouldn't keep him out of Sunday’s game at Atlanta.

"No doubt at all. I’ll be fine,” Joseph said. “Nothing that a little ice and a little rest won’t take care of. I just got ran into, got rolled up in a pile. Left knee. Happened in the first quarter. I was able to play with it the rest of the day, but after the game and on Monday if swelled up, so we jut had to get the inflammation out.
• The Buccaneers did not announce any roster moves on Thursday.

• Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis spoke to the media on Thursday and while he seemed to acknowledge he has heard the outcry from fans about him not playing enough man coverage, Revis said he plays what is called.

“I don’t get into all of that,’’ Revis said. “I don’t get into the fans or press clippings or what people have to say. The only thing we can do is control what we’re doing here. I’ve got to do a better job as well as a number of my teammates of executing the plays better.’’

Revis also talked about the secondary and the fact that they are close to putting it all together.

“I think collectively we're doing a better job,” Revis said. “I think in this week’s game plan you’re going to see a lot of moving pieces on defense. The only thing we can do is all do our individual job, and play well. You have seen a glimpse of it in certain games, we just have to keep on doing what we’re doing and the plays will keep coming.”

• Rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks has played well for the most part this season, but two glaring errors on Sunday overshadowed what has been a solid rookie season through five games. Banks was beaten by Riley Cooper for a touchdown (replays showed Cooper pushed off) in the third quarter, and also missed an open field tackle later in the game that resulted in a long gain for the Eagles.

Banks knows that as a cornerback sometimes you are judged more on the errors you make as they are magnified, but the former Mississippi Sate star says those things will make him better.

“You just have to live and learn,” Banks said. “I am playing this game, I am a rookie, I am out there flying around and having fun making plays. But I made two mistakes that cost us. And cost our team some big yards and seven points. It is a big learning experience. If I don’t take anything from those games there is no use for me being out there. Every game I mistake, I learn from it."

Banks said his teammates helped him deal with the disappointment.

“My teammates are always supportive,” Banks said. “That is one thing about this team. I came from a great team at Mississippi State, but the family environment here is like totally different. I am so comfortable being around these guys. I enjoy coming to work and being with these guys. They knew I was kind of down about it and they kept talking me up. Revis he has been the biggest help. He has been through some of the things I have been through and gone through. He knows how it is being a rookie.”

Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan stood up for his rookie cornerback on Thursday.

“Really it’s just the two plays,” Sheridan said. “It’s so glaring like last year when the guys get hung up on big plays. It’s because you’re out there, and you’re exposed, so it’s glaring. Jonathan does an excellent job. There was the one that got thrown deep, the one big shot there, but he’s made that play, and he’ll make it again. It’s so glaring, but he’s played solid. He played a solid game the other day; it’s just those two out there for everyone to see.”

Banks also talked about the challenge of facing a wounded Falcons team who is also having a disappointing season, sitting at 1-4.

“We are desperate for win (also) we're just going to go out and not do anything special, just execute,” Banks said. “We are just going to try and execute, fly around and try and make plays. And try and go in there and get a win.”

“Those two guys are a big part of their offense, and the passing attack. I don’t know what they're going to do to tell you the truth. With those two on the field including (Tony) Gonzalez, it’s probably the best passing attack in the NFL. Losing those two guys, I don’t know what they’re game plan is I’m sure they are trying to stick with the guy they have right now.” – Darrelle Revis on the Falcons injury situation with Roddy White and Julio Jones

The Buccaneers will be back on the practice field on Friday at 11:05 a.m. for their final full practice before Sunday’s road trip to Atlanta.

Last modified on Thursday, 17 October 2013 14:57

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    Freeman likely will beat Giants, but he will never be better than average IMO. He just can't make reads and go through progressions. I am not a Freeman hater either and was in his corner until this season. I do think Shiano is horrible and handled whole thing poorly though.
  • avatar

    My bad Macabee. Thanks for info. I still wouldn't lock Reevis down on Gonzales though.
  • avatar

    I am expecting Josh Freeman to have a solid game and win on Monday Night Football and shut the mouths of all the Freeman haters out there. The kid is only 25 and got to play for some great coaches Raheem and Shiano. Josh had a different offence and quarterback coach almost every year. That is the blueprint for making it really hard to prosper in the NFL. Fire that bum Schiano.
  • avatar

    Pinkstob, I respectfully disagree. Putting Reevis on Gonzales not only not necessary Julio Jones will kill us. Gonzales still a great player but going into his last season is no where near as important or dominant to Falcons offense as Graham has been to the Saints. I'd put Reevis on Jones if I was going to shut someone down. Roddy White is manageable with too. I guess it's pick your poison because I have no faith that Foster can cover Gonzales either. His pass coverage skills leave a lot to be desired. I'd rather let Gonzales dink and dunk the hell out of us and maybe we get a turnover, than Julio streaking 80 yards for TD on big play. The big plays last week lost us a game that we otherwise could have easily won. Of course if pass rush is like last week it won't matter who Reevis covers....
  • avatar

    fredster, Gotta read up and stay current. Julio Jones had foot surgery last week and is out for the season.
  • avatar

    Billbyrne, In argumentation theory, an argumentum ad populum (Latin for "appeal to the people") is an argument that concludes a proposition to be true because many or most people believe it. In other words, the basic idea of the argument is: "If many believe so, it is so." Granted it is a fallacious argument, however it is one I choose to use to say we are right and you are wrong! lol
  • avatar

    Coaches are judged by wins and championships. So far, in spite of his excuses and appointed scapegoats, Schiano is a failure. Tick tick tick.
  • avatar

    sorry I did forget to include the paragraph. Demps had surgery today to repair his injured groin. Coach didn't give a timetable for a return or even if there is one.
  • avatar

    I am in complete disagreement with Mark Cook , Pewter Report staff, most bloggers on this site and the local media. Coach Schiano, Sullivan and Sheridan are the right men for the Buccaneers when you evaluate all the facts. With regards to personnel, over the two years with Schiano, he was correct on all of them, with the exception of Bennett. Josh Freeman will never be an impact QB in the NFL and would have demanded "big money" if he had stayed. The Falcons, Ravens and Packers have all paid big money to their QB's and not enough left over for support personnel and where are they in 2013? Seattle, SanFrancisco have surrounded their QB's with good personnel, because they can afford to and where are they today? There are those who are after Schiano by accusing him of taking the "C" away from Freeman and several players have come forward and offset that rumor. The same people have accused Schiano of releasing the Freeman drug program information to the media......Schiano denies it and I believe him. The coaching staff cannot play the game. They do not fumble the ball, throw interceptions, miss tackles or forget to block. However, all the expert bloggers and Mark Cook have all the answers....and the coach must go!!! Next year Tim Wright will be a fine TE, Joseph and Nicks will be healthy and the much improved defense will be better. Mike Glennon is for real and this year will prepare him for 2014. There is still plenty of time for the BUCS to impact the NFC South and I am still supporting the organization and rooting for the players on the field. Johnthan Banks said it best this week: "My teammates are always supportive and it is like a family environment here." Does that sound like a team that is quitting on it's head coach?
  • avatar

    Whats funny is that on any given play you all just think you know if the Bucs were playing zone or man. None of you know if they were playing 2, 3 or quarters. Man under, a match-up zone etc.... Then mix in the fact that we may be in Nickel or Dime at any given snap. Just as you all complain about the stunts and iso's the d-lineman run. Every team does it and everyteam plays the same defenses. Its about execution.... and sometimes you call the wrong defense at the wrong time. it happens......
  • avatar

    You are absolutely right pinkstob. But neither Shiano nor Sheridan are smart so we will see Revis not only not assigned to Gonzales but in a Sheridan Zone Coverage which we know is disfunctual as we all saw when the Eagles ate it up. We know the Falcons will see that too on film and will exploit it, so expect the Bucs to go 0-6. Also expect that to make no difference to the Glazers who are hoping for the first pick in the draft so they can get a super QB of the future and also hope to land a top Coach. The only trouble with that is all our free agents will jump ship and by the time the new QB takes five years to show top stats, your key offensive line and most of your Pro Bowlers will be too old. So if the Glazers want to increase the value of their Franchise and win another Superbowl, they best fire Schiano and Sheridan NOW.
  • avatar

    I was just going to ask about the Demps info myself...MC, did you lose a paragraph on the way to the press? ......... As far as Schiano's gameplan, I am sure it will be conservative and we'll do "enough to win" but then we won't. I think this is a very winnable game, and I hope this team finally gets things hooked up for 60 minutes. Though the playoffs seem like a distant dream we've woken from, at least we can finish this season with some respect for our team...GO BUCS!
  • avatar

    So what's up with Demps? It says in the title he had surgury but I don't see anything in the article about him.
  • avatar

    Last week Belichik had A. Talib cover J. Graham until he got hurt and Graham got zilch. A smart coach would look at the Falcons lineup this week and put Revis on Gonzalez the whole game. I think we all know what Schiano will do schematically this game...
  • avatar

    Go Bucs! Win a game.
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