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October 17, 2013 @ 3:17 pm
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Sheridan Jokingly Invites Fans To Help With Bucs' Game Plan

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The debate rages on about the scheme the Bucs are running defensively and if they are putting cornerback Darrelle Revis in the best position on Sundays. On Thursday, defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan defended Tampa Bay's scheme, and even as a joke, invited Bucs fans to come help with the game plan.
Buccaneers defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan and head coach Greg Schiano are polar opposites with regards to their personalities.

Sheridan laughs and cuts up with the media, and probably at times, says more than Schiano would prefer him to say.

Schiano, on the other hand, is fairly tight-lipped, and offers little more than he has to when addressing the media during his press conferences.

On Thursday, Sheridan was his usual, jovial self and joked with the media when asked whether the Buccaneers play too much zone coverage versus man coverage with star cornerback Darrelle Revis.

“What are [fans] chirping about?’’ Sheridan said with a laugh. “Tell me what they’re chirping about.’’

After getting clarification, Sheridan smiled and offered up an invite that most likely will make Schiano bristle.

“Well, what I want to do is to invite them to join us,” Sheridan said. “I get here about 5:20 a.m. every single morning and they’re more than welcome to hang around until about 11:00 a.m. for the first four nights of the week. And they can help us put the whole game plan together. We’ve got all the free Cokes you could want in the building and we’ll be happy to take their suggestions on how they can better use Darrelle. Trust me when I tell you that we painstakingly game plan how best to use all of our personnel – not just Darrelle. But I appreciate the chirping.’’

On Wednesday Schiano was asked about the zone vs. man debate, but stopped short of inviting the fans to help with the game plan in his answer.

“Well he is being used, often times, in man-to-man coverage,” Schiano said. “Whether the whole coverage is man-to-man or just him taking a guy out of the play man-to-man, most fans won’t be able to figure that out by watching it. We do use his skills differently than some other guys because he has the ability to cover one-on-one. Does he do it every snap? No, there are times where you give him a breather and let him play zone, but there aren’t very many. We position him in a way he plays a lot of one-on-one coverage and again we give him flexibility because of his experience, just like we do [safety] Dashon [Goldson], there’s flexibility there because these guys are experienced players.

“They know the personnel they’re playing against, they also know and anticipate what’s coming by all the down and distance, field position, formation, personnel group – all of those things that experienced players key off of.”

Revis himself sounded off on the debate Thursday in open locker room.

“I don’t get into all of that,’’ Revis said. “I don’t get into the fans or press clippings or what people have to say. The only thing we can do is control what we’re doing here. I’ve got to do a better job as well as a number of my teammates of executing the plays better.’’

In a perfect world, the Buccaneers would prefer to just line Revis up on the opposing team’s top receiver and blanket him all game. But with Revis still not 100 percent recovered from ACL reconstruction just over a year ago, those expectations may be unrealistic at this point.

And while the Bucs do play more man than zone over the course of the game, unfortunately for them, teams have hit their biggest passing plays while the Bucs are in zone, or do not have Revis in favorable matchups.

Sheridan commented on one of the two touchdown passes to DeSean Jackson last Sunday.

“Nothing really, that [is a] big secret," Sheridan said. "On the first one, they ran away from the zone leverage and [cornerback Darrelle Revis] would probably tell you himself he wishes he would have played it better. A lot of times when you’re isolated out there in the deep zone, a guy has a two-way cut on you so it’s easy to say ‘Well, you should’ve closed better on it,’ but his guy has a two-way go on it.

"On the second one, it was a fairly good route concept, it was a deep up-and-over we call ‘cross country mentality,’ same thing. We had back end people back there but it’s bending away from them so you’ve really got to run to catch to it. But it's same thing – those guys will tell you they should’ve, would’ve, could’ve played a little bit better and you’re counting on pressure even from your front four so the ball gets out a little earlier on the down. It’s not a real ‘heave-ho’ pass where they’re just laying it out there and letting the guy run to it.”

Until the Bucs get into the win column on a consistent basis, the criticism of Sheridan's scheme will continue, but the Bucs will have a better chance of success in Atlanta this Sunday with star receiver Julio Jones out for the season and fellow receiver Roddy White questionable with a hamstring and ankle injury.
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  • avatar

    Sheridan is a moron. No talent in secondary last year so play man and blitz and put them on an island a lot. Now have good players in secdondary and play this stupid zone too much and nobody seems to know where they are supposed to be. The leagues worst passing defense last year. After the money spent in free agency still horrible.
  • avatar

    Read this post on Bucsnation thought it was funny. The chirping Sheridan hears is his career warning light going off ! Need to fire this guy like yesterday.
  • avatar

    Maybe we could get a child who has never seen a football game, design our defence. Might as well do the offence too. She/he could have them line up to make a pretty pattern on the field. The sad thing is she/he couldn't have a worse record than our supposed professional coaches. CHIRP!!
  • avatar

    He's nowhere near serious!! He's so secure in his position he thinks he's too big to fail.
  • avatar

    Please Mr. Sheridan, quit your day job and become a comedian, maybe you'll have more success. What's really funny is how these coaches are so skilled and experienced yet they can't muster one win. ONE win. Hmmm. I feel sorry that the Glazier's invested all this money and are getting zero return on their investment. Please fire these losers!
  • avatar

    WOW - this must be a new low...can you imagine if an exec from Macy's or Coke came out and started ridiculing their customers for suggestions on improving their products (of course, they would actually thank their customers because they would realize that those customers are what is keeping them all employed - for the record, I don't mean that Sheridan needs to take fans' advice or direction, but to tell his customers that they should be quiet is inexcusable Mr Glazer!). This guy is as big an "censored" as Schiano! Sorry...I'm supposed to put this in Sheridan language....chirp, chirp, chirp, you chirping !@#$% chirp chirp!!!!! Why don't you go win an "censored" game and then tell me to stop chirping, you chirping chirp chirper!!!!!
  • avatar

    Sheridan takes the podium as a 0-5 defensive coordinator fresh off a year were his passing defense was the laughing stock of the league and this is the attitude he has. Schiano spends so much time finding the right players for his staff maybe the staff needs further evaluation. We "chirp" bc we saw several games lost down the stretch last year bc of the vanilla defensive approach in the last minutes of games and what do we see this year....more of the same. Then we "chirp" bc we had corners that we better suited for zone last year (which the Atlanta game verified) yet we ran mostly man sets. Now that it appears we have the corners to play this press man we have seen time after time receivers flying WIDE open while we sit idiotically in zones. So when you have the results you have then yes the fans will question you bc your coaching is ineffective when it counts the most. Schiano is a joke so its no coincidence this is the stance his DC would have. Hope you have fun as quality control assistant next year Sheridan then the chirps will all go away lol. Go Bucs! Fire these clowns already!!!
  • avatar

    I'm waiting for the article entitled, "Fans seriously invite Sheridan to find a new job!" - 3sk
  • avatar

    You gotta like their style. The team is 0-5 and now the coaches resort to ridiculing the fans....The question obviously touched a nerve and he probably sees the writing on the wall.
  • avatar

    Just looked like nine chirps to me Horse. The defense is clearly not as responsible for the losses as the offense's inability to score a few points. A few points would make the last minute defensive lapses moot. The defense is improved from 2012 but is not able to overcome the offensive shortcomings. Schiano has identified his scapegoat and cast him aside. Now the "chosen one" gets his opportunity. But as Gomer Pyle would say, "Surprise Surprise"; we have the same result. The long losing streak leading back to 2012 carries with it some stages in fan's attitudes. We first get disappointed, the disappointment turns to frustration, the frustration turns to anger and in the final stage we become apathetic. Right now we are angry and leaning toward becoming totally uncaring. That's why season ticket holders are so eager to sell their tickets to E-A-G-L-E-S fans. Three winnable games at home and Schiano's incompetence has made the in stadium experience more like running a gauntlet. Never missed a home game in 38 years. Never left before the game ended. As I get older I just might need to re-think my priorities.
  • avatar

    best game plan? fire schiano. why werent dallas clark and kellen winslow on the team? schiano. why did freeman suddenly turn to crap? schiano why are the bucs in the toilet? schiano is FAR over his head. go bucs !!! love this team..... but it's time to think about a coaching change.
  • avatar

    Nobody got my SOS in chirp's?
  • avatar

    @horse....got it now....nice one!
  • avatar

    Really, you were in the office at 520am and the best you can do is 0-5. My four year old can couch this team to an 0-5 record. I would recommend sleeping in at least you will be well rested for your next job interview. Think, next time before speaking about the fans... How's that for a CHIRP!!!
  • avatar

    The first few games the Defense was awsome. Hard hitting, side line to side line fast and furious play. But the players had $250,000 in fines.That was for hitting too hard or making even incidental contact to the head.by the time we went to NE it was a different team playing. When AC gets a flag and fine for a good tacke on one of the NFL queens (Drew Brees), it makes you wonder how any one would want to play defense at all in this sissified league. Or Lavonte David receiving a $17,000 fine for pushing a QB out of bounds who had previously chose to stay in bounds on a play which got a 1st down,the penalty lost the Bucs the game. The Offense was our biggest problem. lets hope we can get a win this week!
  • avatar

    You And This Team IS -A- Joke P.S. Are -U-Happy Now ? THIS SUCKS Sunday-After-Sunday ........................
  • avatar

    Whoa, Whoa, Getting REVIS was a blessing. I think we would have had a A LOT more competition come the Trade Deadline. Revis isn't the problem. Stick with the subject matter. The Defense is trying to find an identity and the league is asking them to play soft and nice pathetic. C'mon Man!
  • avatar

    chirp, chirp, chirp; chirp, chirp, chirp; chirp, chirp, chirp.
  • avatar

    I"m glad he thinks it"s a joke!
  • avatar

    @kinderrt....it's the only explanation for this year....
  • avatar

    When Revis is in man to man coverage he is by far the best CB we have. If he is going to be even better than that later we have a big bargain and definitely a better player and a far better deal than the two first rounders a different GM gave the jets for a tall big mouth WR back when Gruden was Coaching. However Gruden was a far better Coach than Schiano and he had a far better DC than Sheridan is. And remember DOM got Revis with no guaranteed money which showed some real smarts. We need to keep DOM and we have just as good players as the Chiefs do at this moment. The difference is they have a great NFL experienced Coach and we have a losing Coach with a big ego and no NFL experience as a head coach and the dregs of a DC with a stupid scheme that even a blogger here could do better than that with no NFL experience. The proof is in the pudding and our Coaches have deserved an F for their lack of production in the win column. Sheridan and Schiano are both JOKES.
  • avatar

    owlykat, gruden did not give up the 2 picks for Keshawn!! That was Dungy and Mckay in 2000.
  • avatar

    If I lived in Tampa, I would definitely take him on the offer.
  • avatar

    @schroepnuts...so would I....I hope 10,000 people showed up at 5:30am this morning....any one of them (randomly) would do a better job..
  • avatar

    @KINDERRT: spot on. i will add, that even with Revis 100%, there was/is not enough talent on this team. Like some said all off-season long, the re-building was not finished, but could have been complete by the next offseason.. now its the same storry, but a little harder, because we lost those picks and we dont have that great cap sitiuation anymore.. Like some said many many times before: there was a need for a new QB-checked; HC-hopefully soon; GM-same as HC.. the sooner the better. why are the glazers letting them running this team, when everyone knows, that they aren´t going to be long here anymore.... this is not good. FIRE SHIANOMIK - NOW, GoBucs
  • avatar

    Like I posted before we traded for Revis, "why trade for Revis when we could have picked him up before the trade deadline in OCT". We gave up a 1st and a third for a player that is not 100% in OCT ? Way to go Dominik and Schiano !
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