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October 20, 2013 @ 6:07 pm
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Familar Themes Continues; Bucs Lose Again: Unit Game Grades

Written by Haley
Haley Cornish


Pewter Report Intern E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Six losses in a row, 11 out of their last 12, the Bucs under Greg Schiano continues to free fall with no end in sight. On Sunday it was a collective effort of mistakes that doomed Tampa Bay, however there were a few bright spots. Check out PewterReport.com's units grades in this weekly feature.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to 0-6 when they lost to the Falcons 31-23 on Sunday. The Bucs continued to shoot themselves in the foot with unnecessary  penalties that consistently pushed the offense back and the Falcons offense forward. Here are PewterReport.com’s unit game grades.

Rookie Mike Glennon continued to improve his game against the Atlanta Falcons when he threw 26 for 44 (59 percent), 256 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions and one fumble, finishing with a 90.7 rating. Glennon had one big mistake at the start of the game when the Falcons came on a blitz; Glennon should have tucked the ball and took the sack, but instead didn’t protect the ball resulting in a costly fumble return for a touchdown.

Aside from that big mistake, Glennon played very well with little help from his teammates around him. There were five dropped passes and countless penalties on the offensive line, consistently pushing the offense back into impossible situations. Even on a first-and-goal on the 30-yard-line, Glennon somehow drove the ball down the field for a touchdown that was negated by a hands-to-the-face penalty that basically ended the Bucs’ game.

Glennon was also under a lot of pressure all afternoon but maintained immense poise uncommon in rookies starting just their third game (and first away game). Glennon also showed great anticipation with his receivers, throwing the ball before the receiver even makes their break.

Although Glennon’s performance was impressive, he does need to work on a few things, especially his deep ball. Every deep pass he has attempted has been off target. He has a big arm but doesn’t have much control over it. Even on the big touchdown pass to Vincent Jackson, Jackson had to adjust and make a spectacular catch on the pass. If Glennon can improve his deep ball, he can turn out to be a really good player for the Bucs.

Doug Martin continued to work for every yard he gained, as there wasn’t much running room created by the offensive line again. Martin left the game early due to a shoulder injury, so he had just 11 carries for 47 yards (4.3 average) and one catch for seven yards.

Rookie Mike James was Martin’s replacement and played very well, including a monster block allowing a big touchdown pass, and a fourth-and-one conversion when he plowed over the Falcon’s defender. James ended the game with 45 yards on 14 carries (3.2 average). Brian Leonard also added two carries for six yards, and had a couple big blocks as well. Overall the running backs did what they could, given the blocking by the offensive line.

Vincent Jackson had a terrific day numbers wise yet again with 10 catches for 138 yards and two touchdowns. Jackson was targeted a whopping 22 times as Glennon seemed very locked in on him all game. Jackson did have two costly drops early in the game, along with a personal foul in the Falcon’s end zone at the end of the game. But his spectacular one handed, 59-yard touchdown probably makes up for those mistakes.

Aside from Jackson, the rest of the receivers didn’t have much success. Mike Williams, who is coming off a hamstring injury, had four catches for 32 yards. Chris Owusu, who’s playing in just his second game this season, played sparingly but had three catches for 27 yards. Tiquan Underwood, who’s also playing in his second game, had just one catch for six yards. The Bucs are really going to need at least one of these receivers to step up because Jackson can’t do it all.

After having career day against the Eagles last week, tight end Tim Wright had a quiet game with just two receptions for 15 yards and one drop. Wright split a lot of playing time with Tom Crabtree, who returned from injury last week. Crabtree ended the game with just one catch for 14 yards and also had a drop.

The offensive line continued their extremely disappointing, sub-par season with poor run-blocking, pass-blocking, and extremely costly penalties. Right guard Davin Joseph clearly isn’t himself this season as he’s just not creating any push and continues to miss blocks. He also had the most costly penalty of the game with a hands-to-the-face call that negated a touchdown that would have put the Bucs within one score. Joseph also had a holding penalty in the game.

Other costly penalties include a holding and false start call on left tackle Donald Penn and a bonehead late-hit call on center Ted Larsen. Demar Dotson continues to be the only bright side on the line; in fact some believe he is playing at a Pro-Bowl level this season. Hopefully his play rubs off on the rest of the linemen, or else the Bucs will have trouble winning a single game this season. There’s only so much a rookie quarterback can do without the help of a running game and constantly being put in difficult situations due to penalties by the offensive line.

The defensive line also continued their struggles and showed no improvement in pass rush whatsoever. The defensive line hardly even came close to sacking Matt Ryan, with the only quarterback hurry coming from defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, who has more success than any other lineman on the team regardless of being double-teamed on a consistent basis. McCoy ended the game with two tackles and one tackle for loss. Defensive end Adrian Clayborn and tackle Akeem Spence also finished the game with two tackles each.

The defensive line did play very well against the run, as they have much of the season, holding the Falcons running backs to just 30 yards on 15 carries (2.0 yards per carry).

Weak-side linebacker Lavonte David continued his Pro-Bowl caliber year with a team-leading ten tackles, three tackles for loss, and a touchdown saving pass breakup. That big deflection made up for David’s lone mistake of the game, when he got beat by Jaquizz Rodgers for a touchdown. David also should have had a sack, but Ryan threw the ball away resulting in an intentional grounding call.

Strong-side linebacker Dakota Watson was replaced in the starting lineup this week as Jonathan Casillas who finished the game with a tackle for loss. Middle linebacker Mason Foster finished with four tackles and one quarterback hurry. Overall, the linebackers did a very good job against the run and a solid good job against the pass.

After getting torched last week against Nick Foles, the Bucs secondary continued the trend against Matt Ryan and his backup receivers. Most of Ryan’s yards came in the first half when the Bucs were shredded by Falcons receiver Harry Douglas, who ended the game with 148 yards and a touchdown. Douglas exploited both Johnthan Banks and Leonard Johnson in the first half. Many will argue Pro-Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis should have been covering Douglas all game, instead of putting inexperienced players against the Falcons best wide receiver in the game.

The secondary does deserve props for holding stud right end Tony Gonzalez to just two catches for 30 yards on the day. Gonzalez was being covered by linebackers and safeties for most of the game. Safeties Mark Barron and Dashon Goldson each had two tackles, and Goldson also had a big pass breakup in the end zone.

Regardless of holding Gonzalez to just two catches, head coach Greg Schiano even said himself they need to cover the other receivers and the Bucs failed to do that. Fans can blame it on Banks and Johnson’s inexperience, or they can blame it on the game plan and scheme. Either way it was a very poor defensive performance against a depleted Falcon’s offense.

Aside from a badly shanked punt by Michael Koenen that led to a Falcon touchdown, the Bucs special teams played well. Rian Lindell made both of his field goals from 36 and 41 yards out. Also, Brian Leonard caused a fumble on a punt return, which was recovered by Dakota Watson. This play led to one of the Bucs’ two touchdowns.

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  • avatar

    I wonder if the Falcons sent in the Hazmat team to disinfect the locker room when the Bucs left? I would!
  • avatar

    I am waiting for all the Schiano supporters to somehow blame this loss on Freeman.
  • avatar

    It was Freeman's fault man!
  • avatar

    If Freeman were QBing the Bucs wouldn't have scored anywhere near what Glennon was able to produce.
  • avatar

    Now at a loss for words...embarrassing (no passed that)....disappointing (way passed that)...frustrating (nope)....familiar (teams whipping us while we look forward to the #1 draft pick), yup that's what it is, sadly...CHIRP.
  • avatar

    dom must go too. he is a clown if he is just a puppet for schiano then he must go for having no backbone. goldson , martin , penn, Jackson, willams,clayborn,the rest of the online are all overrated I know none of these guys are top seven at their position maybe not even top ten . the team only has three real probowl players mccoy david and revis
  • avatar

    @stlbucsfan..... You said our SEC. is good when healthy. Who is missing that would help the SEC? You also said that Dominik gave Schiano everything he wanted which may be true BUT the talent the GM did not get is a TE, no third receiver and no back up players that could start. Having a few pro bowl players does not mean you have a 53 MAN roster. Only two Pro Bowl players came via the draft. Any GM can go out and spend money on FA's. What ever happened to build through the DRAFT? Oh, I know, we don't draft well. When the Buc's get a real GM + HC and rebuild their scout dept. thats when the Buc's will be on their way to a Super Bowl.
  • avatar

    @kinderrt- Either it's Goldson thats out or Barron is out and those are big problems considering we have no quality depth at safety. Granted there are a few big plays that have happened with them both on the field but the defense is better when both play. As for us not having a TE or 3rd WR that is squarely on Schiano, the theme of the offseason was we dont need TEs in this offense, thats not Dom thats Greg. If we shelled out 96 million to Revis you cant convince me we didnt have money for any other upgrades. Greg brings in Garrett as WR coach and then Ogletree follows him(from Dallas) over as our 3rd WR, yet another Greg move. My only complaint with Dom is that I thought Laron Landry would have been a much cheaper upgrade at safety than Goldston and would have given us money for other things but these are guys Schiano wanted and premium players cost top dollar. He couldnt use all the money avail bc at the time we THOUGHT Freeman was our franchise QB and he was going to require a big contract. The scouting dept has done fine IMO other than the Big East players we have drafted, which im sure Schiano had his finger prints all over. The year we wasted picks taking Goode and Tandy we could have had Dennard and Burfict players that had talent but weren't "Schiano's" type of players but look at them now. Schiano got his players and is ultimately losing with them Dom is responsible for nothing more than giving his coach the tools he asked for, now if they were not enough or correct then blame Greg. I can't justify blaming a man that spent roughly 150 million this summer bc the chef had no idea what he was cooking. After all we aren't sure if Dom is behind the Schiano hire or if the Glazers wanted him. Nicks, Jackson, Revis and Goldston all of which are/were Pro Bowl players and in their prime but Dom is the problem, I'm just not buying it.
  • avatar

    Dom has supplied Schiano with everything that he wanted from his assistant coaches down to the players. The focus of the offseason was upgrading the secondary and when healthy that appears to be solved but without Barron this has looked like a different defense. The GMs job is to acquire talent, last time I checked even though we dont have a win we have SEVERAL Pro Bowl players on this team and thats all Dom. Don't allow Schiano's shortcomings as a coach to cloud the fact that Dom did his job this summer. I still think our best course of action would be to sign Rivers this summer as it appears Glennon could be ok if given a year or two to sit and really perfect his craft which is what Rivers would allow him to do and then we take Clowney. A front four of Clowney McCoy Clayborn and Spence would be scary quick and would cause problems without blitzing. Good coaching will turn these close defeats into wins, just look at the Chiefs. Banks will always be prone to the deep ball bc of his speed issues but with better coaching he will make more than enough plays to cancel that out. Johnson simply isnt an NFL caliber corner and our awful staff have yet to realize that. Go Bucs! Take Clowney!
  • avatar

    Surferdudes, I disagree. A CB in man coverage or a deep zone with no help over the top shouldn't let a guy behind him no matter how much time the QB has to throw. Ever. I don't care if the QB sits back there for 10 seconds, you stay on top of that WR dammit. If the CB is slow, just give him more cushion and use your instincts. If he can't do that, that's a problem with the GM and the defensive coaches who matched him on that WR. We proved earlier this season against the Jets and Saints that you don't need a DL that gets instant pressure to play good pass defense. The vast majority of those sacks we got earlier in the year that came either from the DL or the LB's were coverage sacks. For whatever reason now the coverage has not been as good with the same secondary. My theory is that QB's are testing guys that look covered and our secondary isn't answering the bell.
  • avatar

    Curious why you don't issue grades for coaching - play calling, decision-making, etc etc etc.
  • avatar

    surferdudes is completely right. First fire GM and HC as soon as possible, because it doesn´t make sense to keep them here (we all know it´s just a matter of time) and i don´t want to see this combo getting rid of some players that we might need.. 2) Draft QB, the most important position in football and we have a chance to get a good one.. got to take that chance. 3) Yes, a good team starts up front. A good line makes sets the tone of the team; can make the other players better/worse. >>> to me, it also seems like A.Clayborne is not a 4-3 DE, because he is good, but Gerald McCoy is faster off the line than him. I think DE should be faster than the DT´s (in 4-3 at least). Maybe they should think about playing Dekoda Watson as DE (comparisson Simeon Rice) just let him go full speed all day long and Jonathan Casillas as LB (because he is the "smarter Player")..
  • avatar

    The secondary is not the problem, the D line got no pressure yet again. Sapp was right, you build your team from the front back. A secondary full of Revis's does you no good when a Q.B. has all day to throw. The Chiefs lead the NFL in sacks, by the way, they're undefeated. Yesterday with the game on the line, the Chiefs D came up with a sack fumble to seal a one point victory. How many times have we lost a close game at the end with a final drive? The reason we lost had more to do with not getting to the Q.B., then bad coverage. The new G.M., needs to draft a franchise Q.B. if we pick in the top three, then go about fixing both the O, and D, lines, because as of right now both units suck!
  • avatar

    If we get an early draft, draft a QB. Tampa has never had a great QB. Even the great ones were poor when they were in tampa. We need a great QB!
  • avatar

    The penalties were the biggest problem of all. Eleven of them for over a hundred yards. So much for our disciplined Coach who promised he was going to bring in Coaches who were good teachers! I even question what kind of a conditioning program Schiano brought in. His teams always fold in the fourth quarter. You can count on that like clockwork. Wake up Glazers I told you we would be 0-6 and you would have to make a change before we are embarrassed on National TV. Well that happens Thursday and our Bucs will get trounced for the Country to see. And it will no longer be Schiano's fault, it will be yours for falling asleep at the switch though I have been warning you about what was coming since this season started. You have no excuses! If you will do nothing sell the Bucs to someone who will. It is paper bag time if you don't, now!!!!!
  • avatar

    So much for a" NO FLY ZONE". Banks is way to slow. I can't believe we picked him in the 2nd round. Cowboys were right, Banks was about a 5th round pick. Johnson would not make another teams roster. This below average Sec. falls on the GM. Dominik does not know how to build a team and is POOR at picking players in the draft. When you look at this team going back ten years, we have had poor drafts for the most part and the person that has been involved in the process is Dominik. Five years a head of scouting and five as GM. Time for a clean sweep, Fire Dominik and Schiano NOW !
  • avatar

    Your right man. David, Barron, Foster, Martin, Williams, and McCpy were horrible pick
  • avatar

    I think Tampa has found its QB. Even some of this young QB.I think he will be 200% better then Freeman. Regardless of how many wins Tampa gets this year. I believe that Tampa should look at the positioning of where the bucs will draft in 2014. If Tampa gets a top 5 pick or better. I think Tampa should look at teams that want to move up to Tampa 1st round pick. With Tampa doesn't have a 3rd round pick. I say Tampa for their First pick it could be a combination of a #1 and a 2, A #1,#3 & #4or a 5. But Tampa must get another no#3 back. I think the following should occured a DE, or Ol in no#1, Rd-2 a QB or a TE. If they get a #3 back I'd say TE or QB, In Rd-4 a rb like James wilder Jr, and rest of draft selections should be needs. GO Bucs and can't wait to see this young QB battle Cam Newton on Thursday nite-GO BUCS.
  • avatar

    God do we suck..
  • avatar

    Excellent grades Haley, especially at QB and secondary. You can't tell me the problem wasn't addressed in the offseason....we brought in a lot of help in secondary. So it must be the scheme then huh?
  • avatar

    I think the WR's should be a C- at best. V. Jackson's mistakes were costly and stalled drives. No other WR did anything special. M. Williams is going to start catching some heat if he doesn't start earning his payday. On another note, at least we don't have to worry about losing Bostad to another team.
  • avatar

    I think Glennon played OK and should get a C- He is not going to improve his long throws anytime soon. He has had ten years to get that down and he still has problems. What makes anyone think that is going to change? He is a good quarterback that has an average long ball. I think he will get better. He played OK, not B+.
  • avatar

    They way Glennon is playing should allow the bucs to focus on other needs In the Draft This Year. If he can get some help he should be 2-0 as a starter. 2nd week in a row his teammates have let him down.
  • avatar

    Good grades. Leonard Johnson is a good story, but a huge liability.
  • avatar

    PewterReportMC; good grades, but I differ with the DL? There was no push thus, no sacks from the DL or LB's or CB's. I would give the DL a D not a C-. Coach Sheridan, chirp, chirp.
  • avatar

    Second week in a row Banks and Leonard alowed TD after TD Revis dis his job but he was the only cb out there!
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