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October 21, 2013 @ 10:26 am
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Schiano's Winning Percentage Falls Behind Morris, Perkins

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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With 11 losses in the past 12 games due to Sunday's 31-23 loss at Atlanta, Bucs head coach Greg Schiano now has a winning percentage of 31.8, which ranks behind Raheem Morris (35.4 percent) and Ray Perkins (33.2 percent) in Tampa Bay history. Schiano continues to say he'll fix the Bucs' problems, but it's becoming clear that he's not the right man for the job.
After nearly every loss this season – and there have been six of them – Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano says that he needs “to fix it” or “we’ll get it fixed.”

With Tampa Bay now losing 11 of the past 12 games under Schiano after Sunday’s 31-23 loss at Atlanta, it’s clear that he doesn’t know how “to fix it.” The Buccaneers are broken, and he’s proven that he’s not the man for the repair job.

“This situation needed Greg Schiano,” Schiano famously said in third person when addressing Bucs luxury suite holders at a recent breakfast.

No, this situation did not need Schiano, who is now 7-15 in his 22 games in Tampa Bay. It’s clear to see that the Bucs hired the wrong head coach.

Tampa Bay went overboard in looking for a disciplinarian who could corral the inmates who were running the asylum under the young and not-ready-for-primetime Raheem Morris, who was Schiano’s predecessor.

What the Bucs should have done was find a winner – a coach with a proven track record of success in the NFL.

Marty Schottenheimer, who had a record of 200-126-1 (61 percent) in the NFL, would have been a great choice. Perhaps Mike Sherman, who was 59-43 (57.8 percent) at Green Bay, would have been better than Schiano.

Schiano barely posted a winning record at Rutgers, finishing with a 68-67 career mark and a 5-1 record in bowl games with wins in the Texas Bowl, International Bowl, Papajohns.com Bowl, St. Petersburg Bowl and the Pinstripe Bowl. You know, the lesser bowls that teams that don’t win the Big East Conference go to.

Winning seven of 22 games is a winning percentage of 31.8 percent, which is below Morris’ 35.4 percent (17-31) mark in Tampa Bay. Schiano took a shot at Morris during that luxury suite holders breakfast, saying the Bucs were the “laughingstock of the NFL.”

Not much has changed with Schiano. He’s lost 11 games in a 12-game stretch – just like Morris did in 2011. And that was good enough to fire Morris.

Although Morris didn’t have a healthy defensive tackle Gerald McCoy in Pro Bowl form, nor did he have Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis, Pro Bowl free safety Dashon Goldson, Pro Bowl guard Carl Nicks, Pro Bowl wide receiver Vincent Jackson, Pro Bowl running back Doug Martin, star strong safety Mark Barron and star linebacker Lavonte David like Schiano does.

Instead, Morris had defensive tackle Frank Okam, cornerback E.J. Biggers, free safety Cody Grimm, guard Derek Hardman, wide receiver Arrelious Benn, running back LeGarrette Blount, strong safety Sean Jones and weakside linebacker Geno Hayes to work with, and still managed to win 19 games in three years and coach the Bucs to 10 wins in 2010. Morris didn’t have nearly as many assistant coaches as Schiano does, and didn’t even have a defensive coordinator – as he did both jobs from the midway point in 2009 through 2011.

Schiano is actually doing a worse job than Morris did because he’s never coached the Bucs to a winning season, nor will he with the way Tampa Bay is going. One can point to all of the blowouts at the end of Morris’ tenure, and they were some real bad ones, and make the argument that it’s actually better in 2013 than it was in 2011.

But there are no moral victories in the NFL, and a loss is a loss no matter what the margin is. A lot of those blowouts were because the Bucs were outcoached – and outmanned. The Bucs may be getting outcoached right now, but they aren’t outmanned under Schiano.

This is a poorly coached team that is stocked with Pro Bowlers. After loading the Bucs with talent over the past two years, general manager Mark Dominik has done his job, and has to beside himself, seeing this team being mismanaged, not coached up and the personnel not being used properly under Schiano.

Everyone had high expectations for Tampa Bay this year, from the fans to the media to the players to the coaches to the front office to the Glazers. To say the Bucs are underachieving is an understatement.

Morris, who is now the Redskins defensive backs coach, told me in the halls at Raymond James Stadium after the Redskins creamed the Bucs in the 2013 preseason finale, 30-12, that he wishes the Glazers would have opened the checkbook and signed some Pro Bowl talent when he was the head coach.

He also jokingly said, “I thought he was supposed to bring discipline?” referring of course to Schiano, and the fact that the Bucs were sloppy and undisciplined in generating just 146 yards of total offense and surrendering 311 yards and 30 points in the preseason loss to Washington.

Two months later, the Bucs still look sloppy, evidenced by 11 penalties for 103 yards at Atlanta on Sunday.

“Unfortunately penalties were a big issue again today,” Schiano said after the loss to the Falcons. “Certainly we’re very frustrated about that. It’s been a long time since a team that I have coached has had this kind of issue. Put it on me. We have to figure out a way to get that fixed. We had 11 penalties today, six of them in Atlanta territory and four of them in the red zone.

“I have to figure out a way with our staff … I think we do the right things and it’s worked over the years, yet it’s not working right now. So we have to examine everything we’re doing as far as that [goes]. We have four days to do it where you’re not going to be able to practice very much. It’s going to have to be between the ears more than it’s going to be physically. We have to get it resolved.”

While his optimism is admirable, it’s not going to get resolved – at least not with Schiano at the helm. This undisciplined style of play – with personal fouls galore – under a supposed disciplinarian is a clear sign of the disconnect between the players and Schiano and his coaching staff that PewterReport.com has been illustrating for weeks.

When team captains and leaders start committing penalties at crunch time you know you’re in trouble. Jackson, an offensive captain, had a 15-yard facemask penalty in the end zone in the fourth quarter, and guard Davin Joseph, the other offensive captain, had an illegal hands to the face penalty that wiped out a fourth quarter touchdown. Left tackle Donald Penn, a vocal leader on offense, had a critical holding penalty on that same fourth quarter drive in the red zone.

Tampa Bay has had at least 70 yards worth of penalties in five out of six games this year:

NY Jets – 13 for 102 yards
New Orleans – 10 for 118 yards
New England – 4 for 48 yards
Arizona – 8 for 73 yards
Philadelphia – 8 for 72 yards
Atlanta – 11 for 103 yards

Undisciplined play is one thing, but throw in the fact that Schiano’s 2013 drama season has been filled with episodes of MRSA, quarterback mismanagement, discontent and leaks, as well as six losses and no wins, and it’s time to cancel the show. We’ve seen enough.

But the Glazers don’t appear ready to end it just yet. Perhaps they will feel compelled to do so after a few nationally televised defeats against an improving Carolina team (3-3) on Thursday and a 3-3 Miami team on Monday Night Football in three weeks, although the fans prefer not to face the embarrassment of more penalties, sloppy play and losing football in front of the entire nation.

Don’t let the illusion of close losses fool you. The Bucs are playing competitive football because of the amount of talent on the team and the fact that the prideful players get along very well and are playing for each other. But the players aren’t necessarily playing for their coach because they know that he is getting outcoached on Sunday and not doing his part.

In successive weeks, Tampa Bay couldn’t find a way to beat an Arizona team that was missing five starters on defense, nor could it find a way to beat Philadelphia with backup quarterback and Bucs-killer Nick Foles, or an Atlanta team that was missing both starting wide receivers in Julio Jones and Roddy White, its starting left tackle in Sam Baker, and its starting running back in Steven Jackson, on Sunday.

Wonder what the Falcons will do to the Bucs later in the season with White, Baker and Jackson back in the starting lineup?

Some Bucs fans saw St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford go down on Sunday with a torn ACL in Carolina, and saw the upcoming Rams game as winnable. Savvy Bucs fans saw Bradford go down and forecasted a loss in St. Louis to backup QB Kellen Clemmons.

There is an uncomfortable layer of fear and distrust of the tightly wound head coach at One Buccaneer Place. This is not going to get fixed under Schiano.

When you are worse than the coach you replaced, it’s time to go, and that’s why PewterReport.com called for Schiano’s firing after last week’s loss to Philadelphia.

We’ll excuse Bucs Ring of Honor member John McKay’s 33.3 percent winning percentage in Tampa Bay because he started an expansion team that didn’t win a game for nearly two years, but ultimately took the Bucs to the postseason a couple of times, including a memorable 1979 campaign in which Tampa Bay won the NFC Central and nearly made the Super Bowl.

With Sunday’s loss in Atlanta, Schiano’s winning percentage is now below that of ultra-disciplinarian and taskmaster Ray Perkins – the original Schiano – who won just 33.2 percent of his games (19-41).

While Leeman Bennett’s feeble 12.5 percent winning percentage (4-28) is probably safe, Schiano could come close to passing Richard Williamson’s 21.1 percent mark (4-15) if he and the Bucs continue to lose in 2013. Yes, it’s that bad in Tampa Bay.

Last modified on Monday, 21 October 2013 10:41

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  • avatar

    If there lands an egg, on Greg his head, for every egg he´s laid, Greg would be dead. Death by eggs.
  • avatar

    I'll be pulling for the entire team, Bucs and their coaches....Hate the Panthers. Can't believe that so-called Buc fans are rooting for the Bucs to lose in order to get a better draft choice and get the HC fired. These aren't true Buc fans imo.
  • avatar

    Buccaneers need a coach, who understands the modern NFL. They should strongly go for Greg Roman OC 49ers. ALthough i think he doesn´t have HC experience, the players love this guy and his shemes are proven, versatile and he plays to his players strengh; realy puts them, regardless of their skill set, in a great position. (Bridgewater and Mariotta would be perfect fit) GoBucs!
  • avatar

    If it isn't "fixed" on Thursday night, I suspect the Glazer boys will start the repair job late Friday afternoon and demand that Schiano turn in his head coach costume.
  • avatar

    BucWild02: Freeman has been with the Vikings for about 2 weeks, so it was foolish of them to start him. As for what better coaching can do for players, you simply need to look at Kansas City and what they are doing under Andy Reid this year or what Harbaugh did in San Fran after taking over for Singletary. Players need to be held accountable, but they need to be held accountable by a coach who knows how to correct things and by a coach who is putting them in a position to be successfu in the first place.
  • avatar

    Freeman's line from mnf loss - 20 of 53 (38%) for 190 and 1 int. glad he is gone. Reynolds was wrong about freeman. He is a loser. The losses will fall on Schiano's shoulders, but no hc could have stopped mrsa. No hc could make revis heal faster. No hc could stop the uneven flags from zebras, many of which were game changers. Talent? Sure it's there, or at least it was before injuries caused rhose players to become free agents in the first place. Penalties and discipline are tough because you have to blame someone other than he dumb player committing them. Thry're only professional football players being paid millions to remain composed and do their jobs. they're not accountable. Just hire another coach. That should make these players much different players.
  • avatar

    How does a coach hold these veterans accountable for all the stupd penalties that have cost us games?
  • avatar

    Caption for the photo....I could have had a V8!
  • avatar

    Just remember...Toes on the Line (and head in the neutral zone)! I do feel a slight bit of empathy for Schian Ofer6, as he obviously wants to win badly, but he simply doesn't know how to do it. Too bad his mentor Belicheat didn't coach him up a little better. I think I am starting to see some cracks in his armor, he is nearly defeated. Maybe he will pull a Petrino.
  • avatar

    Raheem Morris official is a royal prick for bad-mouthing his successor. Very unprofessional to do. Did Gruden do that to Radio Raheem - I don't think so. How is he doing in his new gig? I see that his defense suck like he did here in Tampa. Or unprofessional by PR.com for publishing something said in confidence.
  • avatar

    That seems to be PR's mantra this year.
  • avatar

    "“Certainly we’re very frustrated about that. It’s been a long time since a team that I have coached has had this kind of issue" POINT ONE I have seen him mention his style winning games int he past and his teams not having these issues in the past. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE!?! WHERE DID THESE FICTITIOUS WINNING SEASONS TAKE PLACE!? At Rutgers when you were one game over 500? Come on man you are not fooling anyone. “I have to figure out a way with our staff … I think we do the right things and it’s worked over the years, yet it’s not working right now." POINT 2, HMMMMM MAYBE YOUR "STYLE THAT HAS WORKED OVER THE YEARS" IS NOT WORKING BECAUSE THIS IS PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL! NOT COLLEGE! THIS GUY IS AN IDIOT! SEND HIM PACKING!
  • avatar

    I agree with Mark. When you are getting out coached the coach is the problem. There is enough talent on this team to win. I am not say we are as good as KC, but look what a change in coaching did there.
  • avatar

    The Falcons game was ugly. Thursday night against the Panthers with one of the best front sevens in the NFL (ranked 3rd in total defense) and Doug Martin out, will be uglier. The Seahawks, with arguably the best secondary in the NFL (ranked 2nd in total defense), is going to be the ugliest. At that point, my best guess is that we will get some kind of an announcement following the Monday Night Football game against the Dolphins.The day long regurgitation of everything that has gone wrong with the Bucs on all of the major sports networks followed by the nationally-televised embarrassment of another Buc loss will be too much humiliation for the Glazers to bear. Anything longer than that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment!
  • avatar

    Oh God, pleas just make it end! I'm seriously dreading going to RayJay Thursday night to witness another humiliation, only this time, the entire nation gets to watch, and laugh at us. I wonder if the Pasta Nazi will start screaming @ Revis again? That'll be good to get it on national TV so the whole world can witness firsthand what this crackpot is putting the fans & players here in Tampa through. Do the Glazers even care anymore? I'm beginning to wonder....
  • avatar

    Good article Scott.....Have been a season ticket holder for twenty+ years. Have had four club seats since RJS opened. If they don't fire Dominik and Schiano this year I am done with this crap. You go to see the Buc's play, pay top dollar for food and 7.50 a beer to see a team that can't beat teams with their back up players starting. Just a poor excuse for a NFL FRANCHISE.
  • avatar

    Schian Ofer6 and counting. I no longer care when they fire him. It might be better to wait at this point. Thursday night's game could be a win, but I don't expect it to be, but still hope it is...Go Bucs.
  • avatar

    Keeping Schiano in place the only way to ensure we have a chance at the top pick -- any other coach will probably win at least a few games and drop us down in the draft. Look the season is lost but clearly there is a lot of talent on the team, so lets say Wannstedt is named the interim coach after our next loss on Thursday and he goes say 5-4 down the stretch - that now means most likely he's back next year as a head coach AND since we finish 5-11 we're also probably picking around 8th instead of 1st or 2nd. I personally don't want Wannstedt as our head coach next year and the drop in talent from the top 2 picks to the rest of the draft is pretty significant. Keep Schiano in place, lets play for the top spot.
  • avatar

    fire schiano yesterday. good luck, josh....you escaped.
  • avatar

    PR? Do you have a folder on your computer filled with pics of Schiano looking stressed? Lol
  • avatar

    @trueexile....LOL...too true!
  • avatar

    And to think Tampa Fans ran Jon Gruden out of town for going 9-7 which is now considered the "Glory yrs", lol
  • avatar

    You KNOW I agree with anything that backs Jon!!
  • avatar

    We are better off leaving Schiano as HC until the end of the season. We could land the number 2 pick in the draft and then become the Chiefs of 2014. If we change, we'll garner a top ten draft pick and miss out on superior talent. If you are going to be painfully bad, reap the benefits of it.
  • avatar

    I agree with most of the above. The only thing I do want to point out is that I saw a lot of degrading comments from the masses about the potential of hiring 'retread' coaches like Marty and Sherman. The Glazers made a bold choice for a college coach and it failed. Let's move on.
  • avatar

    The question since Schiano was hired was who had the real control, Schiano or Dominik? It's obviously Schiano. He was given a card blanc to get whoever/whatever he needed. He asked for advisors so he got who he wanted; he told them how he operates and that he is fully in charge and off he went. He is in so much control that Schiano has slowed up everything at OBP The Glazers are to blame for all of this. It's time now for the Glazer's to wake up! The alarm has been going off for weeks. For Gods sake Glazer's, shut this down and reboot. Most of us fans that are older have had it and you aren't winning any young ones either. Give the Thursday Night tickets away that you have committed too and credit your existing ticket holders towards tickets for next seasont. Glazer's just think Tea Party and see how that outcome came out. Your Team is being devalued right in front of you and you are the only ones that can stop it; your coach is incapable of winning because his scheme doesn't work.
  • avatar

    The only positive things I'll ever remember about Schiano is that he taught the RB's how to hold the ball and not fumble and he taught the defense to tackle. If we can retain those two things after he's gone somehow we'll be in business. That means we can't fire the entire staff. Somebody has to stay and let the new HC know what worked and what didn't. Basically, nothing worked except those two things :-)
  • avatar

    Great article SR. I agree on all points made. I could understand Morris being fired based on the way the team finished the 2011 season, but I always thought he deserved on more year since Morris showed the ability and willingness to make changes, both during and after games. It's just that sometimes the things he changed to didn't work either because the team didn't have much talent. I wondered if he would have gotten more disciplined and less friendly with the players after the 2011 season. I also wanted to see what he could do with FA's because I still believe we would have brought in V. Jackson and C. Nicks if Morris had been here. But I think your point SR is not that Morris was better and he should still be here, but Schiano is worse and should be fired and I agree.
  • avatar

    If the Bucs look bad Thursday night, I have no reason to think otherwise, I say Schiano gets the axe Friday morning. That will give the interim coach 9 days to get adjusted to the new title and the team adjusted to the new conditions. I have been a Dom supporter for the last four seasons. But, I have to say it's time for him to go also. Very disappointing.
  • avatar

    It's amazing how everyone was calling for the Raheem Morris's demise. The replacement isn't always the answer. "The devil you know, is better than the devil you don't know." Shiano=HELL!
  • avatar

    There is no defense for Morris’ coaching skills, but unlike most Buc coaches, he earned himself a spot amongst rare company. The Bucs have had 9 HCs, only 3 of them other than Morris have won 10 games in a season (McKay, Dungy, Gruden) and only 2 have done it more than once (Dungy, Gruden). And but for an NFL-acknowledged bad referee call, Morris would have made the playoffs in 2010. And as inept as Morris was, he did it with no free agency, no right guard (Davin Joseph on IR), a turnstile at RT (Jeremy Trueblood), a gimpy-kneed turntable-loving TE (Kellen Winslow), a Cadillac with two bad wheels, and the same inconsistent QB that has been banished from the Bucs. So what is Schiano’s excuse?
  • avatar

    Great Article Scott, and I agree with every word! As you know I have been saying the same thing over and over this year. And when Stupid Schiano cut Hollis I was livid that he was letting another thousand yard rusher go that we badly needed for short yardage and goal line work and you know we could have won some games if Schiano wasn't so intent on running Doogie right into the ground unlike the way Smart NFL Coaches platoon their running backs to keep fresh legs in games (which partly explains why Schiano has lost so many games in the fourth quarter of games, that and possibly not getting his athletes properly conditioned to play four quarters). Well the NFL Channel has just announced an hour ago that Doogie has a torn labrum and may be out for the rest of this season, and they don't think Mike James is going to be a suitable replacement for Doogie, and that we should be looking for a free agent RB to replace Doogie. Well, guess what--we had that 1,000 yard rusher who outplayed Mike James in the Preseason, but no matter, Mike James was the Clown Coaches' Pet so he cut Hollis. That guarantees now that we are going to be creamed the rest of this year, and he had the way to avoid it that DOM provided for him in signing Hollis, but he threw that talent away just like he has in the past with a lot of other talent that DOM brought him. And oh yea, the Dallas Cowboys using our old Defensive Coach used his Tampa 2 Zone Defense to shut down the high scoring Eagles and whip them yesterday handily--unlike Sheridan who doesn't have a clue how to run a zone defense, and he needs to go as well. But the NFL network is saying today that the Glazers still support Shiano and know what he is trying to do--So now I say the main blame falls to the Glazers themselves who have left this cancer of a loosing Coach in charge of all their talent and we will be embarrassed all the rest of this year if they do not wake up and smell the stench of their own decisions and do something about it ASAP--Fire Schiano and Sheridan Now and Right the Ship this year!
  • avatar

    Great article. I am not going to give my opinion of Dom here. But, I'll say this: when Schiano is fired, Dom will go as well. That is guaranteed. The fans are in an uproar now. Think of the situation after we finish with between 0 and 3 wins. Fans will be carrying pitchforks and torches. Nothing short of a total purge will be accepted. Plus, a veteran coaching hire will want his GM (or a new GM, in any event).
  • avatar

    Oh, and can we conclude that every player that has been shipped off has had some sort of fallout with Schiano? Let's see, since Schiano has been the coach, we've shipped off Josh Freeman, Kellen Winslow, Dallas Clark, Brian Price, Tanard Jackson, Aqib Talib, Legarrette Blount, Michael Bennett, Jeremy Trueblood, etc. In terms of our current personnel deficiencies, how can you fill the gaps and add depth when your coach is alienating most of your team that you had been building over the last several years? Granted some of the players had off the field issues, but certainly not all of them.
  • avatar

    Don't get me wrong I am no fan of Schiano and am ready for him to be gone, however to place all of these penalties on him is misguided. False starts for example are one where people complain and point at poor discipline. When a player has been in the league as long as Vincent Jackson has especially at a position like wide receiver that is on Jackson not the coaching staff when he jumps early. What are you supposed to do from a coaching stand point, Jackson is too crucial so you can't take playing time from him and he already knows how the game works and isn't a rookie so it isn't like this is new to him. Same goes for Mike yesterday false starts at the receiver position in my opinion always fall on the player. There is no reason that coaching should be necessary to change the penalties situation that falls on our offensive and defensive leaders. Not to say coaching doesn't help, but it should not be needed at this level players stepping up should be enough.
  • avatar

    I think its become obvious that the Bucs are nothing without Monte Kiffin. Notice how Kiffin shut down that same Eagles offense that scored 31 points on us? Granted, Foles was knocked out, but he played a full 3 quarters (scoreless). The offense has always looked the same regardless of what personnel/coaches we have. Gruden might have squeezed a small amount more out of his offenses, but not much. Monte Kiffin was a definite boost to a head coaches resume. Its incredible that no one has been able to consistently shut down opponents since Kiffin left. It would be interesting to see what good coaches could do with the talent level on this current team.
  • avatar

    The Bucs are doing just enough to lose....maybe to show that there is solid talent on our roster in hopes of luring a REAL NFL coach back to Tampa..They just don't seem to want to win for coach..An early first round pick,maybe even the first pick and a solid roster in need of real leadership could draw the attention of a Gruden or a Cowher..Hoping so,because this absolutely sucks..I actually hope we lose every game for the remainder of the season- this will force the Glazers to make a move...
  • avatar

    More Support for Raheem? And Dom? Geez I can't wait - if Josh 'force ball' Freeman plays well on MNF you'll be talking about what a mistake we made dumping him despite 4+ yrs, and a College career, of evidence. ----- I'm not supporting Schiano, but the fact is the team did need a disciplinarian to clean up the disheveled mess Raheem left behind. I actually expect a good 3-4 game burst from the Bucs this season, though I'm not sure wether to root for it or not. ----- What is going on inside PR, something's very different and I don't mean that in a good way?
  • avatar

    Shiano, is making Raheem Morris look like Vince Lombardi. Dude, sounds like you are supporting Shiano. Good luck with that!
  • avatar

    Scott, I think you do a disservice when you focus almost exclusively on Schiano and ignore the fact the Bucs have serious personnel deficits that are the responsibility of others. Let's talk about Tampa's "pro-bowlers": Nicks is out, Joseph is a shadow of his former self, Jackson has issues with separation and drops, Goldson does not appear to have any ball skills to speak of, Martin is playing hard behind an atrocious line. The only ones playing at a pro-bowl level are McCoy and David. Our offensive line cannot block and our defensive line cannot rush the passer. Schanio didn't sign or resign Nicks and Joseph. Schiano didn't let Michael Bennett walk. Schiano didn't draft Freeman, Price, Benn, Bowers and Clayborn. If you get your wish and we get a new coach, that coach isn't going to be winning either with people who can block and rush the passer.
  • avatar

    Dear Mr. Glazer, I understand that you do not want to be an employer who rushes to judgment, or one accused of not giving your employees a fair chance, or one who was pushed into a decision by the fan base...I respect all of those positions. But, if you could just let me know how bad it needs to get (0-16, 0-7, 0-10, another year, etc.) before you are willing to replace the head coach, then I could at least start planning for when I can get excited about my Bucs again. Thanks, EEB (a fan since inception)
  • avatar

    It' s the discipline that gets me. If you come in as the discipline coach, your players shouldn't be making the same mistakes over and over. Raheem will probably get his pick of jobs-he looks amazing compared to this circus. I will grant you I can't remember what it was like when we were an expansion team, but this is as embarrassed as I have ever been as a Bucs fan.
  • avatar

    Its apparent that Schiano is done here. Its just a matter of when. I find it hard to believe the Glazers will let this go on for ten more games even if an in season firing is frowned upon by them. Who in their right mind will pay to watch this guy coach this team any more? Dominik has his good and bad points but he needs to go too. His record speaks for itself. I have been a fan since 1976. I've seen bad. This is as bad as any I have seen here. Launch Schiano sooner rather than later. Good article Scott.
  • avatar

    Scott- Great article but this is an obvious and disgusting truth to be told about Schaino, he is a joke of a coach and he needs to be fired asap. his antics of taping players on the sidelines to observe their body language, to the qb kneel down assualt, and the Josh Freeman drama. The guy has a chip on his shoulder and bully with an ego to boot to be a coach in this league. I honestly don't know what the Glaziers are waiting for his record should speak for itself and the fact he is losing his players by the minute. This franchise needs to play "Luke McCown" I mean Mike Glennon haha the rest of the yr to show he is not the long term answer at qb then hire a new coach with a new qb from the draft and start over.
  • avatar

    I disagree that Dominik has done his job. Failure to address pass rush and built the team incorrectly by paying high dollar to guards, safties kickers, punters has been his biggest weakness. It is true that Dominik has been aggressive in upgrading CB and DE through the draft and trades. But he became complacent with what was done with DE. He assumed that Bowers and Clayborn would be enough but most NFL teams are 3-4 deep with pass rushers. Even assuming Bowers and Clayborn are enough the Bucs are still short 2 pass rushers. Cornerback is the same deal as the nickel is in essence a starter on most NFL teams now. Offensive tackle was left unaddressed and Penn is regressing with no guy that can step in now. Sure Dotson can be flipped but who comes in at RT? Dom doesn't know how to build a team and failed to bring in decent players at slot WR and TE. He and Schiano need to go.
  • avatar

    Embarrassing. I don't even wear my Bucs' gear. Disgraceful.
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