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October 22, 2013 @ 9:58 am
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After Further Review: 2 Impact Plays - Bucs At Falcons

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
What was the turning point in the Bucs and Falcons game on Sunday? What plays on offense and defense were major factors in the outcome or how did they effect Tampa Bay and Atlanta? Read it here in this sixth edition of "After Further Review."
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to give opportunities to the opposition week in and week out. For the second straight week there was a break down on both sides of the ball that led to points for their opponents.

In this sixth edition of “After Further Review,” beat writer Gil Arcia goes inside the two plays that impacted the Bucs and Falcons game from Week 7.

It was just the third play from scrimmage for the Buccaneers with just over two minutes in the first quarter. On third-and-10, Tampa Bay lined up in a shotgun formation with three receivers in Vincent Jackson wide to the right, Chris Owusu in the slot, and Mike Williams wide left. Tim Wright was the tight end to the left of the formation while running back Brian Leonard was to the left of Mike Glennon in the backfield.

The Atlanta Falcons defense came out in their base nickel defense with each Buccaneers receiver covered by their cornerbacks. They stacked the box with eight defenders including both safeties Thomas DeCoud and William Moore. 

Once the ball was snapped, Falcons’ linebacker Paul Worrilow was picked up by nicely by Leonard. But there was an overload on the left side of the offensive line which meant left tackle Donald Penn had to choose between defensive end Osi Umenyiora or Moore. Penn went wide to block Umenyiora which left Moore free to get after Glennon, which he did. The result was a sack-fumble that was picked up by DeCoud and taken in for a 30-yard touchdown.

Why This Was Relevant: It was just the third play for the Bucs’ offense and still early on in the game to overcome the early deficit. Unfortunately, Tampa Bay was never able to get something going consistently from that point on in the game.

What They Said:
"They brought more guys than we could block. Like I said (Sunday), that one is on me. I was trying to get it out hot but wasn't able to do so. That fumble is all on me.” – Quarterback Mike Glennon on the sack-fumble during his Monday press conference.

It was the second quarter with 5:40 left before the half and the ball was at the Tampa Bay 37-yard line after a bad 20-yard punt by Michael Koenen.

On first-and-10, the Falcons came out in a shotgun formation with five-wide and an empty backfield. From wide left, the Falcons had wide receiver Darius Johnson, fullback Patrick DiMarco, and in the slot was tight end Tony Gonzalez. To the right side of the line, wide receiver Harry Douglas was near the sideline while running back Jacquizz Rodgers was inside. 

The Buccaneers were in their base 4-3 defense with defenders in areas of the field, not directly in front on the receivers. In other words, they were showing zone well before the snap.

Once the play got underway, the Bucs’ linebackers and secondary dropped into their zones. As safety Dashon Goldson dropped back into the left deep half of the field, receiver Harry Douglas made a move inside after running upfield 10 yards which forced Goldson to bite on the move. Once Goldson bit, Douglas cut it back up the seam which made Leonard Johnson go back on Douglas in an attempt to make up for Goldson. But quarterback Matt Ryan saw that Douglas was about to be behind the defense and threw it downfield as his receiver made the cut back up. It resulted in Ryan hitting a wide open Douglas for a 37-yard touchdown.

Why This Was Relevant: The Buccaneers were down 17-7 before that touchdown and would have had an easier climb to catch up to Atlanta in the scoreboard with lots of time left in the game. But another defensive breakdown in coverage leads to another big touchdown which has been one of the biggest problems so far this season for the defense.

What They Said:
"We had several different matchup scenarios, some with [Atlanta tight end Tony] Gonzalez. I think, in some of the plays you watch Harry catch, they were late-developing plays. They weren't the kind of plays that we would have - I'm not saying we wouldn't have covered him anyway - but, when we broke down their passing game, and to the best of our knowledge, because the guys [Atlanta wide receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones] had gotten injured, we felt like the matchups that we had employed, and the different coverage combinations we had, were going to take away their main threats, Harry being one of them. As it turned out, he caught too many passes for too many yards, so, in retrospect, maybe you could do it differently, but, going into the game, we thought that we had to take Gonzalez away, and, for the most part, we did. When you do that, you do some different things with your corners and your safeties." – Head coach Greg Schiano on Harry Douglas’ performance of seven receptions for 149 yards and one touchdown.
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  • avatar

    @Morgan: I don´t understand. Like i´ve said, i guess we all want this team to win some - you play to win the game - i like that you are that passionate, that you will support the team, whatever happens - in the same context, sometimes that isn´t good. Indiens say "don´t ride a dead pony, it´s not good". Well, Shiano is a dead pony.. no need to let the players, the fans, the whole organization, hell even the whole league and the sport of football, suffer because of that clown who pretends to be little Godfather of Football. You want to support this team? - cheer for shiano to be fired (in my opinion even Dom..)
  • avatar

    I swear I've never seen so many fairweather fans in my entire football-following life. What ever happened to supporting your team, win or lose. Many of you deserve exactly what you're getting - you don't support the team unless they're winning. Anyone can do that. I'll be damn if I go to the games and boo the team like a lot of you dilwads.
  • avatar

    @Horse: I fully agree. Want to ad: It´s not negativity, it´s all constructive analyses. @Scubog: (great one reffering to an alcoholic, love it) You aren´t in the middle (if you are, there is a trend..). After all we all are Buc fans and we want this team to succeed or at least have a competitive team. Right? You also want HC gone and rightly so.. No hard feelings against the team, or the person Greg Shiano, but from a sports/business standpoint, he just isn´t the one.. Remember how much money he makes for all his boneheaded decissions. There is realy no reason to feel sorry. And you can cheer for the Bucs. Thats good. but just dont expect sth. that this team is not willing to do. Just facts.. like said many times before, Bucs needed new QB, HC, GM(even if QB is maybe good enough, but rest of team has to be lights out, in order to for him to play out). We are on a good, but rocky way.. It takes some will and fanatic love for the team, but i think we all will stick to the Buccaneers..GoBucs! Go(away)Shiano/Dominik, the Shianomik demon.. there are so many good players/persons on the team, its a real shame..
  • avatar

    I'm at every home game and there are at least 40,000 other Buc fans who cheer for the Bucs when they come on the field, when they score, when they make a good tackle or a good catch. Thankfully they're not like message board posters here who are down on the team. Go Bucs.
  • avatar

    @Morgan: I´m sorry, but cheering doesn´t make the team better. The best cheerleaders dont guarantee you anything. Simple as that.
  • avatar

    One guy loyal to the end, another ready to bail and my buddy Horse getting on and off the bus more than Ralph Kramden. Guess it takes all kinds. I suppose I am somewhere in the middle. I've never missed a home game in 38 years and will be there tonight so I guess that makes me pretty loyal. I'll "cheer my guts out" as Schiano might say about Buccaneer fans. I really try to look at the positive side and hope for the best. But I really don't like Greg Schiano and hope for the day he is on his way back to college. Wouldn't surprise me that if it looks bad enough tonight that by the end of the business day tomorrow he is nothing more than a ghost of Buccaneer coaches past. His remarks to NFL Network were just plain arrogant. He sounded like an alcoholic coming home drunk for the 11th Saturday night in a row and once again promising his beloved wife he'll sober up and take her to dinner and dancing next weekend.
  • avatar

    Scubog; I am trying my best not to be negative on everything about the Bucs. I've got to say that this season goes down as the most distrusting a coaching staff and OBP that I can ever remember. I got slammed for saying we were a 8-8 team and maybe could get to 9-7. Never did I believe that we would be this bad. From the start of pre season games you could see that something was wrong. Maybe Schiano spent all his time pre paring for last years schedule because he sure hasn't done it for this year. I am starting to believe that Schiano himself was surprised that he got the Bucs to 7-9 in his first year and actually believed if he just sticks to the same plan then all would be okay; ignoring the fact that other teams now had a years worth of tape on us. Now I fully understand why he went out and got Revis and paid so much for him; he actually believed that he had the last piece of the puzzle. What it did was to expose him that he was a fraud and has no business coaching in the NFL. There now I feel better.
  • avatar

    PewterReportGA; thank you for the analysis. I think it's time that we try more man to man and see what we got and not got. This is still a winnable game. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Morgan, nice that you keep being loyal - but in order to get a winning team, there is no other solution than to fire the HC (or letting him go in offseason). I realy need to keep myself back, in order to not use bad language, but Shianos coaching is realy poor. As is Mark Dominiks "team building" skills. What the hell did they do? Cap hell and lack of talent, because they wanted to go all in - going win now.. aha. mission accomplished. To all the fans saying "there is soooo much talent on this team" - yeah, there is talent, but not nearly enough. I hate to say i told you so, but all off-season i kept saying: 3rd WR; TE; D-line.. and this were just the biggest holes.. So now, we either start to realy re-build this team (long long years, cuz it starts with both lines), or we at least try to compete (and there is a chance to get it done) with a dynamic QB (like Kapernick, Russel Wilson, they make up for not so great lines); and a good offensive mind. Enough said, have a nice day Bucs fans, think about it.. GoBucs!!
  • avatar

    I'll be pulling for the entire team, Bucs and their coaches.... Can't believe that so-called Buc fans are rooting for the Bucs to lose in order to get a better draft choice and get the HC fired. These aren't true Buc fans imo.
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