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October 22, 2013 @ 2:35 pm
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Bucs News To Know 10-22: McCoy Doesn't Like The Panthers

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers are welcoming the Panthers to Raymond James Stadium on Thursday night as they try and get their first win of the season. On Tuesday Gerald McCoy, Bill Sheridan, Greg Schiano and Adrian Clayborn all spoke in regards to last week's loss and Thursday night's game.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place on Tuesday October 22:

• The Buccaneers walked out on the practice field at 1:40 p.m. Tuesday under partly cloudy skies are temperatures in the mid-80’s, as they cram their game plan game plan into a short week with Thursday night’s home game against Carolina looming. Former Bucs defensive coordinator and Lions head coach Wayne Fontes was a guest at Tuesday’s practice.

• Head coach Greg Schiano was asked about running back Doug Martin (shoulder) and safety Dashon Goldson (knee) during his afternoon press conference but only said they are receiving treatment. Schiano didn’t comment on their status for Thursday night’s game.

• Nose tackle Akeem Spence was seen in the locker room with what appeared to be soft cast around his left wrist. Spence was listed on Monday’s injury report with a wrist injury but at full participation.

Spence talked about his injury.

“It’s doing good,” Spence said. “I’m just trying to get some of the swelling down. I’m just rehabbing and getting it ready for Thursday. It’s sprained. I just had by body weight fall on it. I think it’s sprained a little bit. Right now we’re just working on getting the swelling down.”

• The Buccaneers did not announce any roster moves on Tuesday but late Monday afternoon added former Browns running back Bobby Rainey to the roster off of waivers. Rainey was a former star running back at Western Kentucky and spent time in Baltimore with the Ravens before joining the Browns. Rainey is expected to provide depth for the Buccaneers who had just Brian Leonard as Mike James at running back.

•  Last week defensive coordinator tongue in cheekily extended an invitation to Bucs fans to come meet him at 5:20 a.m. to help game plan for the Panthers.

“Well, what I want to do is to invite them to join us,” Sheridan said. “I get here about 5:20 a.m. every single morning and they’re more than welcome to hang around until about 11:00 a.m. for the first four nights of the week. And they can help us put the whole game plan together. We’ve got all the free Cokes you could want in the building and we’ll be happy to take their suggestions on how they can better use Darrelle.”

On Tuesday Sheridan was asked if he had any takers on his invite.

“Yes,” Sheridan said.

Did you invite them in he was asked?

“No,” was his response smiling.

Later in the press conference Sheridan was asked by PewterReport.com how Falcons’ receiver Harry Douglas, the teams No. 3 pass receiver, could exploit the Buccaneers secondary for 140 yards in the first half alone.

“They do a good job of moving their receivers around,” Sheridan said. “They don’t put them all in one spot, because if you did you could plan off it and rotate your coverage that way, or make a man-matchup that way. What happens when you move guys around in different spots on the offense and you’re playing, even though you might be playing double coverages on certain receivers, you have guys moving around and you may be a half to one side and quarters to the other and he may be on either side.

“So you go in saying we’re going to always try to have two guys to his side or we’re going to roll to his side, but when he switches his alignment it maybe puts you on the thinner side of coverage so they did a good job moving him around and he had some big catches. And then when we kind of felt like that was happening, as the game was developing, we modified our coverages. Very little but at least enough to make sure we were playing two-deep to his side as well.

• Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy spoke to the media on Tuesday and said he isn’t a fan of the Panthers.

“Hopefully our fans are out there,” McCoy said. “We need them. This is a divisional opponent that we don’t like. And I’m not afraid to say that; we don’t like the Carolina Panthers and they don’t like us. I’m not saying anything that they aren’t saying.”

McCoy also talked about the inability to get to the qaurterback and how the Falcons schemed to protect Matt Ryan.

“Atlanta definitely did it (game planned McCoy),” McCoy said. “One thing Atlanta did a great job of is they clamped off the “B” gap, and wherever I was at they had some extra protectors there. They did a lot of scheming to get the ball out and not let Matt Ryan didn’t sit in the pocket. And a lot of that to make sure they didn’t give me a lot of 1-on-1’s. But I have to find a way around that.”

McCoy knows he will continue to see double team sent his way but said he has to overcome it.

“It needs to be better,” McCoy said. “We have to rush better collectively as a group and as a unit, you see sprinkles here and there of guy getting there but it needs to be better. Me personally though, I have to, with me being a leader, one of the leaders of the team and definitely leaders of the defense, I am taking it on my self to get something done. We do have to rush as unit and that is all well and good, but there comes a point and time when you are 0-5 or 0-6 and somebody has to do something. So I am just taking it upon myself to make something happen.

“We only had 40-some plays, but we didn’t get to him enough. That’s definitely an emphasis this week. Last week we hit the quarterback once in 40-some plays. That’s definitely not where we want to be. We didn’t give them enough third-and-longs and we didn’t dictate the situation. He pretty much picked and chose when he wanted to pass.” – Bucs DE Adrian Clayborn on the struggling pass rush against the Falcons

The Buccaneers will conduct a walk-through on Wednesday as they put the final touches on their game plan for the Panthers Thursday night

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  • avatar

    @skanji65.....instead of the long drawn out explanation sheridan offered for douglas' monster day, he just needed to say 4 words: "i got outcoached...again"
  • avatar

    @jcastillo: ? you mean, they (GM and HC) activate "win now" mode. Therefore, they sign big prized FreeAgents, yet, they leave too many open holes on the roster: lack of 3rd WR, CB´s, D-liner, TE, depth at several positons - and then they even decide, at a pretty uncommon time, to get rid of their "clear cut" No 1 QB, in such a muddy way, that the bucs dont even get a compensatory pick. Not to mention all the bonehead play-calls - still it is the players fault? -okay- then there is cap hell because Revis (oh yeah, our Rockstar GM made it without guaranteed money; but we still would have lost NEEDED draft picks when letting him go).. and so on and so on....
  • avatar

    I did not understand why the Bucs didn't trade him and provide monetary compensation to the team they traded him to...is that not legal? Even if they paid them $4 million to take him they would come out ahead money wise and get a compensatory pick?
  • avatar

    not sure if they would have got a compensatory pick, because they have signed Goldson last offseason. money-wise, i think you are right, but it wouldn´t had help us big time anyway. But a draft pick is always good :-)
  • avatar

    The funny thing is, if the Bucs start winning, everyone will say "the players are buying into Shiano's system" and then Schiano becomes a genius. It's not the coaches, it's the players. Stop drinking the cool aid that the local sports talk media is feeding you. It's just a convenient excuse for the players not to play at their highest level. The best thing that happens to this team is that the Glazers come out at the end of the year and give a vote of confidence to the coaching staff. Then Schiano can get rid of the players who are not "buying in" because obviously there are plenty. Go Buc Nation!
  • avatar

    I'll be pulling for the entire team, Bucs and their coaches....Hate the Panthers. Can't believe that so-called Buc fans are rooting for the Bucs to lose in order to get a better draft choice and get the HC fired. These aren't true Buc fans imo.
  • avatar

    With these paper bags. Do we have to cut out eye holes? I can't bear to watch this anymore.
  • avatar

    @scubog: I realy feel with you.. Just try to focus on the players performance (scouting). Just imagine, what could be done different (instead of questioning the calls). Think about, what the Bucs could do in the future, with some extra pieces.. This season and wins? - Just let it go.. its all good, for a brighter future ;) accept it :)
  • avatar

    owlykat is so right, with his idea, of bucs fans wearing brown bags and holding up signs (especially this thursday). I for one would love to have Greg with help from Lovie Smith, to coach the Bucs next season. Greg Roman OC 49ers. Modern era creative play caller and loved by players. Exactly the opposite of Shiano. Like perfect fit for Bucs next season.. Let´s have a fresh start (sheme wise) and actually put this players in position to win. Go Bucs.
  • avatar

    I have the solution! We know Schian Ofer6 can't coach his way out of a paper bag, so we steal all of the paper bags at OneBuc and put them on our heads, then he'll be able to unleash his true genius, that now lies dormant, due to being imprisoned within the bag. The Bucs will become dominant, win all of their games and change their name to The Rutgers South Privateers. Schian Ofer6 will instantly be a transformed man and get coach of the year honors, after a stunning SuperBowl win and all of us fans will grovel in supplication to his awesomeness, that we foolishly doubted, because what do fans know anyway!
  • avatar

    Buctebow, you are an idiot!
  • avatar

    I hate to see season ticket holders talking about boycotting games because the Glazers already have your money and they won't care you aren't there. My suggestion is you do something the Glazers will care about. Show up at a nationally televised game with bags on your heads and waive signs saying Fire Schiano and Sheridan or If The Glazers Cared For Their Fans They Would Fire The Clown Coach. Be creative and be part of the solution and enjoy your right to free speech but make sure our quality players know they have your support so please don't boo our players. Look what happened in Detroit when the fans had enough and started wearing bags on TV! They got Wayne Fontes now and a decent team worth watching (I always liked him as a Buc Coach!). On another note I watched highlights today of Freeman's start for the Vikings. He over threw his receivers one after another and threw an interception and was awful. The Vikes only score the whole game was a run back for seven points, so I am glad we are rid of Freeman. But Hillis gained more yardage than the Vikes Superstar RB, so I knew Schiano was nuts when he let him go!
  • avatar

    It's a ship of fools - a lot of good players are wasting their years and talent in Tampa,especially since it seems this organization has little desire to fix the things needed to really send us in a positive direction..The front office needs fumigation and should be cleared out from GM down...but that's a pipe dream- when was the last time this club really do what it NEEDED to do? Even though its crap- I can't turn away from this car wreck...it's become exciting to see what bumble they will think up next-hopefully they are trying to out suck the Jags who look like they own the one spot in next years draft.
  • avatar

    Why wouldn't you want to watch these games, stop talking boycotting the Bucs. I'm happy to watch the games, after all they're only games. Thanks Glazer boys for lifting the blackouts. Good,and bad, I'm just a Buc fan.
  • avatar

    Gerald PLEASE PLEASE SHUT your underperforming mouth , you are slighty below avg d tackle with great get off and THAT IS IT,THATS IT , THE REST of YOUR GAME IS JUST PLAIN TERRIBLE.DUDE the bucs have not a win and you are supposed to be the top talent by far,by far (Gerald) and you are not even in the top five on Defense.I have never witnessed a guy bloat about himself that really has no idea he sucks.When is the last time big mouth 10 million dollar McCoy took over a game, well never!!.Gerald you have 13 tackles, 10 solos, hell Roy Miller has 9, SUE has well over twenty and three sacks, Sheldon Richardson( ROOKIE) who is the player you should be has over thirty and more sacks than you big mouth.........are you kidding me ,HE'S a ROOKIE but HE IS WHAT THIS BIG MOUTH thinks he is !!! All you guys that accept this guy for a leader and a Pro Bowler have been sold a used car, he is a salesman and a dam good one!!! Stats don't LIE he is terrible. I think Ian Beckles wholeheartedly agrees and he should know.When this fake self promotor of a leader and D Tackle out performs Sue and Richardson ( a rookie) for two weeks straight, then we will talk.He's the Defensive leader, well they are 0-6 and he has yet to make an impact play late in a game which should be more common than not.SHUT UP GERALD and DOMINATE LIKE YOU SHOULD!!!
  • avatar

    Listen everyone knew Sheridan was a bad hire and Melvin is not a D LIne coach and nor is B Cox. Sheridan is delusional at best, ya really just gotta laugh.Ya just gotta !!
  • avatar

    I think the worst thing we as fans could do is stop supporting our players simply because we feel the leadership stinks. Our players are trying and need us to show we believe in them . Turning our backs on our players would be like cutting off your nose to despite your face.
  • avatar

    I thought I could get by watching the Broncos out here instead of the Bucs, but the Denver team is slowly going downhill, too!
  • avatar

    This coaching staff is the biggest joke in the nfl.And I for one have seen enough and have joined our growing fanbase in boycotting watching this embarrassment .I truly feel sorry for our players because they are the worst prepared team ive watched.Can you fellow fans please join us in asking the glazers to please bring back the blackout rule.
  • avatar

    Sheridan is a prime example of someone trying to coach himself out of town. What a total Buffoon! You Don't make fun of your fans and lose games then make statements that make your defensive strategy cartoonish.
  • avatar

    Sheridans Statements are a clear example why this coaching staff is a joke and this team needs to over haul the whole staff, how embarrassing to even read this qoutes anymore.I will not watch another Bucs Game untill the Glaziers fire these jokers and bring a better product to the table, I'm tired of eating S**t for dinner let me have a steak once in awhile
  • avatar

    Well said @jongruden. I purposely did not watch this weekend's game and it felt great actually to not be thoroughly ripsht angry on a Sunday for once. First time in 20+ years have I missed a game. Sadly, being a club season ticket holder for 15+ years I do not have a desire to attend anymore home games either. I plan on letting my seats sit empty before I subject myself or anyone to the debacle on the field. This lifelong Bucs fan is in full on boycott mode until the coaching staff is gone and we get to the 2014 draft. I just cant take this crap anymore.
  • avatar

    I am still baffled that the Coach thinks that Nicks, Demps, and Martin, have a shot in the last two games at best to help us. Martin needs shoulder surgery and the sooner the better; Nicks is recovering from bone surgery and Demps is recovering from groin surgery; nobody in their right mind should think that they would be ready to play in 8 weeks.
  • avatar

    @horse....I wish I could say anything this coach does baffles me, but at this point there really is nothing he could do or say that would shock me...nothing, not even if he made Dom release Revis and McCoy, not if he showed up to the next game wearing nothing but a Rutgers jock strap, not if he was video taped spreading MRSA throughout the building (maybe to toughen up the players), not if he admitted to leaking Free's info, not if he claimed to be the new owner of the Bucs and just gave himself a contract for life, not if he said all of the players were now being converted to some obscure religion for their own good, not if he launched his bid for the 2016 presidential campaign, not if said he was dressing his pet dog at QB for the remainder of the season....NOTHING.
  • avatar

    @Horse, I agree, Martin should have surgery now. This is not a season where he should consider taking one for the team, let him get healthy for next year. These players are done for the year, Schain Ofer6 needs to move on and put them on regular IR.
  • avatar

    @skanji65...I was rolling in laughter at Sheridan's comment - I totally agree with you, Revis couldn't move across an imaginary line or something (it must have been 1980's Atari football). MC - I think it was just a typo on your part, but I was also totally laughing at "Rainey is expected to..." should I fill in the blank? How about "Rainey is expected to fill the water bottles with gatorade", or "Rainey is expected to be run out of town by Schiano within 2 weeks", or "Rainey is expected to reduce our yards per carry from 3.2 to under 3, making us officially the worst rushing team in the NFL"...priceless.
  • avatar

    Sheridan's comments are priceless. Just because a team has their WR shift around doesnt explain why your shutdown CB cant follow him wherever he lines up pre snap! Thats the whole f'n point! My goodness. So notice to NFL, whenever your WR goes in motion, our DC throws his hands up in the air and says "I have no earthly idea of how to get my best cover corner on that guy." Mind boggling! Glazers please come in and get these amateurs out of here. I can call up better schemes on Madden.
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