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October 28, 2013 @ 2:03 pm
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Williams 2013 Season Over; Schiano Says Next Man Up

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers, who are currently 0-7, will have to get into the win column without their second-leading receiver from a year ago, as the Buccaneers announced they have placed the fourth-year receiver in injured reserve.
The Buccaneers struggling offense took another hit on Monday when it was announced that wide receiver Mike Williams was placed on injured reserve, putting an end to his 2013 season.

Williams played in six games this season, catching 22 passes for 216 yards and two touchdowns, after signing a six-year, $40.25 million extension on July 24, just prior to the start of training camp.

Head coach Greg Schiano talked about the decision to shelve Williams for the remainder of the year.

“Mike had a hamstring injury that he tried to play through,” Schiano said. “He just wasn’t effective doing it. He’ll have surgery now, and get it repaired, and it will be fine. But it’s going to be a little bit of a recovery and so after getting all the information from the doctors, he was allowed to try, and he did for two weeks. But he wasn’t really himself, and he couldn’t do the things he needs to do to be effective so it’s time to get surgery.”

Williams was a fourth-round draft pick in 2010 and has started 52-of-54 career games. In his fourth season from Syracuse, Williams has 215 catches for 2,947 yards and 25 touchdowns. His 25 receiving touchdowns are the fifth-most in Buccaneers history, and his 2,947 receiving yards are the eighth-most. Of receivers chosen in the 2010 draft, he has the second-most receiving yards and is tied for the second-most receiving touchdowns.

Schiano talked about how it affects the offense going forward.

“Well, Mike’s been banged up for the better part of the year so I don’t think it’s going to be that much of a change,” Schiano said. “Now relative to what could have been, sure. Mike is a very fine player, but that’s part of life in the NFL. Next man gets the opportunity and we’ll go with that.”

Schiano was asked on Monday who that next man up may be.

“I think Ti (Tiquan) has played in games,” Schiano said. “So forget practice, Ti has played in games at a higher level. Has he been perfect? No. If he would have, (been perfect), he would have been starting. So he’s the next guy up as far as experience. So then you start talking about, ‘Well, who’s the third receiver in the game?’ Chris (Owusu) certainly showed great promise. He’s got a nagging injury (foot) that’s keeping him from practicing, kept him from being active last week. How well will he be by Wednesday? How well will he be by Sunday? He’s going to be up, but by what percentage?

“You saw Skye Dawson get in there. We brought him up to the active roster, and we activated him on game day. He’s got some things that I think we can play upon. Again, hasn’t played a lot of football. So we need to make sure we don’t go overboard with it. The quickest way to take a fast guy and make him slow is to overload him mentally. He’s a fast guy. We’ve got to keep him fast.”

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    Sorry to hear that Mike. Hopefully the surgery goes well and you're back in full effect next year. This would hurt worse if we were in the middle of a playoff run but well, you know...
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    @buctebow: for a 2nd rounder and Glennon? do it. otherwise.. @all: i got to correct myself, Shiano does not have a great eye for talent and their coaching does not bring out the best of the players (the second was obvious, wasn´t it?). More and more articles (on other news sites also) indicate, that Revis wasn´t 100% (still we traded for him, with 2 high draft picks, because of win-now-mode). A article on "joe bucs fan" says, that Dom did provide a lot of good players to the team, but it simply seems like the coaching staff failed (again, the second seems obvious).. I realy think the GM decision will be very interesting.. i am not convinced of keeping him; but not 100% sure of firing him.. like about 89% to get rid of him, how about you BucsFans??
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    Go get Larry Fitzgerald today before the trade deadline!
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    Team trainers gave him the go-ahead to play. Some of you hate Greg Schiano so much that you'll try to peg every issue that comes up with this team on him. The thing that most of you miss is that a player actually sacrificed himself to stay in the game for a team seemingly going nowhere - coached by a dead-man walking head coach. Many of you have said that the players have given up on their head coach.
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    Hamstring and groin injuries always seem to linger unless they have time to fully heal. Williams should have missed practices and games until it was at least mostly healed. The NFL needs to have larger rosters so teams can afford to sit players while they heal up or they could have a three week IR so they don't have to waste a roster spot waiting for guys to heal ie..Crabtree & Nicks
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    Sorry Williams season is over and hats off to him to try to play hurt. In my book the next man up should have been Page who has, speed, good hands, and quickness, as well as willingness to catch over the middle. So far he has shown good durability too. T'quan has bounced around four or five teams because his hands are average or less, and he shows fear of getting hit over the middle. He does not come anywhere close to Williams in his prime. And when Williams comes back next year Page should be the third down back! Jackson normally is a stud receiver for us but ever since he got bruised ribs he'll drop a pass or two trying to delay the pain of playing with sore ribs. But as the game wears on he just sucks up the pain and fights his hardest to win despite the pain and he manages to make great catches. But if a team puts its best DB on Jackson and its other DB is not fast, Page could exploit him just like Philly's number two WR got behind our secondary too often in our Philly. And Tim Wright has good hands every where except the end zone. So give Jackson pain shots for his ribs at the start of games and work up the red zone plays without Wright and we can still be effective.
  • avatar

    that's too bad. it definitely helps explain some of the really easy drops and his complete inability to get separation in the falcon game. while this is bad news, at least the injury means it's not attitude or effort that brought his performance to michael clayton levels after the new contract, and at least it didn't happen in a playoff year...............only 10 months til kickoff of the 2014 season!
  • avatar

    This just in V-Jax and Revis fell down at practice and say they won't return for the rest of the yr with a unspecified injury or unless Schiano is fired
  • avatar

    At least they shut him down. Hopefully Dougie follows shortly as this season seems to be lost already anyways and theres no reason to risk further damage to him
  • avatar

    I say Skye's the limit. I am hoping he does well.
  • avatar

    Coach comes across so cold and non caring. When he is fired he will still make many many millions; not necessarily our injured players who are not protected enough from this Coach Why is Martin and Demps not on IR?
  • avatar

    Morgan; so what do you have to say now? According to you Morgan we aren't real fans because we have spoken out about putting Williams, Martin, Demps, and protect these guys from lunacy from the Coach. Dominik, please protect our players; find more healthy players out their off of other teams practice squads.
  • avatar

    Looks like my first response to you, Horse, was deleted by the writers of PR.com. You'd think they'd have more important things to do.
  • avatar

    Sorry to hear Mike and Doug went down. The upside is our team gets to develope the depth chart. The downside is the first 7 games were hard to watch due to my wanting to see wins. I guess now I watch to see how well the next guys up develope. Go Bucs!!!
  • avatar

    Mike Will is a no limit soldier. He tried to play the last two games on the bad hammy and it showed. I'm glad they decided to sit him down to prevent any further damage. I also hope they take a long hard look at Doug Martin before they rush him back too early. Now about that next man up! If it's that dude on the end of the bench with the compression hairdo, then all bets are off! lol. Oh, I kid, but the next 9 games are going to be hard to watch!
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