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October 28, 2013 @ 5:26 pm
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Bucs News To Know 10-28: James And Foster Talk Seahawks

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
What did head coach Greg Schiano say regarding a FOX Sports report from Sunday? What is rookie running back Mike James impressions of the Seahawks defense? How tough is it to play in Seattle according to Mason Foster? Get the latest here from inside the halls of One Buc.

Here is what you need to know about what happened at One Buc Place on Monday October 28:

• The Buccaneers took to the practice field at 10:45 on Monday to sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-70’s and low humidity. Tampa Bay practice for almost two hours and got a head start on their preparation for Sunday’s game at Seattle.

• The big injury news of the day came early on Monday when it was announced the Buccaneers placed wide receiver Mike Williams on injured reserve with a hamstring issue.

“Mike had a hamstring injury that he tried to play through,” head coach Greg Schiano said. “He just wasn’t effective doing it. He’ll have surgery now and get it repaired an it will be fine but it’s going to be a little bit of a recover and so after getting all the information from the doctors he was allowed to try and he did for two weeks, but he wasn’t really himself and he couldn’t do the things he needs to do to be effective so it’s time to get surgery.”
• Tampa Bay missed safety Dashon Goldson in last week’s loss to the Panthers but Schiano said on Monday Tampa Bay is hoping to have him back for the Seattle game on Sunday, along with linebacker Dekoda Watson who injured his shoulder last Thursday night.

“They’re all bumped still, but I’m encouraged,” Schiano said. “They’re going to be day to day but I’m encouraged. I think they’ll all be able to play come Sunday and I think what happens is they kind of get back into action individually here during the week at different times.”

• Other than Williams to injured reserve, the Buccaneers did not announce any roster moves on Monday.

• On Sunday FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer said the Glazer family met with Schiano following Thursday night’s loss to the Panthers, and then Glazer said Schiano addressed the team the next day and told them they are “stuck with him.”

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times asked Schiano about the report on Monday.

“I meet with the Glazers. I meet with them often, whether it be telephone or in person. Since I’ve been here, what I say to our team is private. What we’ve all seen, I hope you’ve seen, there’s been a lot of things said that aren’t true, and there’s been a lot things said that might be true and there’s a lot of things true. I’m not going to get in all that stuff.”

• Schiano on Monday also said the coaching staff did a lot of evaluation and came to some conclusions including that rookie Mike Glennon was being asked to do to much at this point.

“I’m impressed with Mike,” Schiano said. “I’m impressed as I said many time with his work ethic, his preparation, the way he reads things out in games, his cool demeanor. I think we’ve put Mike in a bad spot. He’s throwing too many passes. Even the last game you say the end we had to throw, but within the first three quarters we should have run the ball more. And I’m disappointed in myself not making sure that happened. I can see how it happens. I’m not being judgmental on anybody because you get behind the sticks or you have an opportunity but we shouldn’t put him in that spot as coaches.

“So we’ve reevaluated that and we’re going to try to play a little more balanced. I think what happens is we are so comfortable with the way Mike reads things out, so it gets you excited and you want to do things and it’s kind of like having a new toy, but it’s not the best thing for us winning football games.”
• Both running back Mike James and linebacker Mason Foster spoke to the media in open locker room on Monday and talked about the challenges the Seahawks pose.

PewterReport.com asked James about his early impressions of the Seahawks defense.

“Fast, physical, great front four – great front seven,” James said. “The DBs are even better. Looking forward to the challenge. They are coached well with great players and I am looking forward to playing against them.”

James also assessed his play from last Thursday night, saying overall he was pleased.

“Yeah, I mean like my old coach used to tell me, everyone is Walter Payton with the clicker in their hand," James said. "So it is easy to look at things and say I could have do this or I could have done that, but I went with my gut and trusted my eyes. Of course there are going to be things after you felt, ‘I could have done that, if I had done this,’ things may have been different. There are a few things I saw and a few things where I got the most I could out of that.”

Foster, who played his college football at Washington for the Huskies knows how loud it is for opposing teams coming to Seattle to face the Seahawks.

“Man it is tough, I went to one of the games probably my sophomore year or junior year, and it was crazy,” Foster said. “The fans are crazy up there. I know that first hand. But it is going to be a great game and I am excited to be up there in a great environment to play in.”

“But one thing I don’t worry about at all is Gerald McCoy. He is through and through a team player. I know he’s got my back, I’ve got his back and he’s playing at a very high level. And I really do believe that as we do a better job around him, his stats are going to show. But I can tell you, every coach that we play against, they game plan for him because he’s that good.” – Schiano on Gerald McCoy

The Buccaneers will have their regularly scheduled players day off on Tuesday then be back on the practice field Wednesday as they continue to prepare for Sunday’s road trip to Seattle.

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    I too share the incredulity of others on this message board - we can't run so let's run the ball more (with our 2nd string RB and sub-par O-line) since our QB can't really threaten a defense with anything other than short passes. Doesn't sound like winning football to me but, what the hell, we aren't winning now. Let's see what Schiano's "vision" is of a balanced attack. I've resigned to having him plague the team for the remainder of the season. Apparently 0 - 16 doesn't make the Glazer's stomach turn like mine so we'll get another nine games to accumulate ample evidence regarding Schiano's incompetence. To fools who interpret criticism of Schiano as a lack of team loyalty I say that your interpretation is idiotic (andd that's being generous). We all know it comes down to wins and losses. If Schiano can get more W's than L's (a hell of a lot more, like 8 out of the next 9 minimum),then I think an argument can be reasonable made for him remaining as HC. That's a lot of games but it would show that the Bucs are no longer badly regressing. However, does anyone really think that will happen? Listening to the player's comments, THEY don't seem to believe in this guy! And it's got to start with them. Screw the "coaching carousel/laughing stock" argument for keeping him. I'd rather have a fresh start and be laughed at than let this disgrace continue into 2014. With a new HC (and staff) we can win with the talent on this team. Winning will stop all the laughter - except for ours.
  • avatar

    Why is there always one? I used to think the Pewter Report boys and girls actually were impersonating as some of these on-line personas whose objective seemed to be that of an agitator. So the latest is Morgan, who claims to have been a fan since 1981. If he started being a fan as he exited the womb he would be only as young as 32. Why then does he seem to be much more naive than that with his remarks and insults? I suspect nearly every fan here was willing to give Schiano a chance. Even with the collapse the second half of last season we fans could easily see the problem was primarily the secondary. Voila! Problem solved with Revis and Goldson. We fans were encouraged (Morgan says unrealistic) and again willing to give Schiano more time. But we have now lost 7 games in a row and 12 out of 13. So Morgan, just who is responsible? I know, the culprit is us fans who simply enjoy going to the games and getting chided by the opponent. That's great fun. I'm going to dig out my 1976 "Go for O" tee shirt. I forgot, that was before your time.
  • avatar

    @Morgan I think you are confusing the fact the we supported the TEAM not Schiano. I guarantee you can't find one person that thought we got our guy when Schiano got the job. We knew very little about him other than the fact that Belicheck vouched for him so in the eyes of most that was enough to give him a fair shake. He has been given more talent than any coach since Gruden won the SuperBowl yet we sit here winless and a team capable of winning. I personally love the fans that voice their anger with this team we deserve better and this team is capable of more. This isn't Raheems bunch that was a borderline college team playing in the pros we have several Pro Bowl players. Meredith played well at guard last year why have we played everyone except him at that position? TEs are critical to any offense especially if you dont have a legit 3rd WR, how did he address that? You beg and complain for more CB depth, we get Revis and he sits in Cover 2 defense with games on the line. Im fairly convinced this is Greg himself bc looking at our gameplans this season he should certainly have enough time to blog with the fans. If so Im sure Rutgers will take you back, a place where micro management and average production are acceptable. If you're beloved Schiano is such a good coach he should have no problem finding another job in the NFL. LOL now we all know thats a joke.
  • avatar

    well that helpless offensive showing last night should give the bucs some sliver of hope for Sunday, but the Seahawks are a much better team at home and the rams have a vastly more effective front 4 than the bucs. especially with seattle playing with backup OTs, it's a shame that our DEs as a unit are as far below average as they are. that's a major potential mismatch we aren't talented enough to exploit
  • avatar

    We will never win again with Schiano at the helm. It has grown from a dislike to a sheer hatred of the way he game plans. Having Glennon throw a lot was the only thing I thought he was doing right over the last two weeks. Until defenses respect our ability to complete a deep pass we'll never be able to run the ball. Glennon can only complete those passes with more attempts so he can practice it with live bullets. If he can't complete deep passes with 8 in the box when can he complete them? Schiano, we can't run the ball well this year! Teams are loading the box and even if they weren't our O-line stinks this year. So your plan is to run more??? Let's put Glennon in 3rd and 9 all game...that will lead to more wins. *censored*.
  • avatar

    Some of the same Buc fans were all up in Schiano's nutz when he first got here. They said that he was a decent guy with the Eric LeGrande deal. They were all for his bringing in ex-Rutgers players to show the rest of the team how things are supposed to be done "the Rutgers Way". How things have changed......now they want to run the guy out of town in disgrace and bring in some other retread and do this all over again.
  • avatar

    I never thought I'd find a Schiano supporter well unfortunately I found one congrats to you Morgan for being the "Last of the Mohicans"
  • avatar

    Jongruden; don't make comments to the child as you encourage him to throw out more childish words. He is a young kid and doesn't understand what is expected from a NFL PLAYER. Give him time; he'll grow up.
  • avatar

    I've supported the franchise win or lose since '81. I'm used to watching bad football. No sense and losing your cool about it.
  • avatar

    @Morgan - guess your broken record will keep playing on and on and on. Your love for Schiano is blinding the fact we are losing games because of scheme and coaching. Players havent been 100% consistent, I agree there, but that alone doesnt have us a 0-7 and laughing stock in the league. At a min, we should be 3-4/4-3 with all to play for down the stretch. Instead the season is over. No one respects HC (except you). Whether he is right or wrong at this point is irrelevant. Once you lose the locker room and the fans, its virtually impossible to get it back. We are not getting better as a team, thats a fact.
  • avatar

    @skanji65....broken record? I can say the same for you that are constantly slamming the Bucs' HC over everything - blame game.
  • avatar

    @Morgan - so exactly what is the reason for our 0-7 record if its not the coach and the scheme? Is it the poor Bucs fans attitude on these msg boards? Is it the Bucs fans being tired of this organization being directionless since the Dungy/Gruden era? Is it Bucs fans not understanding "the plan" which clearly isnt working if you even believe there is one? What is it? Enlighten me as to why we are a laughing stock circa 1976 again yet somehow it has nothing to do with your beloved HC idol? All you have offered is that its us fans who had unrealistic expectations on what the team could do so that only a true super fan as yourself would understand what is happening to our beloved team. Please, share the wealth. I would love to hear it.
  • avatar

    Morgan has got to be an employee of the BUCS or receives income from them. It's the coaching and thank goodness the majority of the fans seed this.
  • avatar

    Bucs fans, before i give you sth. to tick off about Shiano again, i will defend him a little before and give you a little hope, that we could be a little better on offense in the next game - i am actually surprised MarkCook didn´t mentioned it. 1) Shiano has a realy good sense in identifying players with very good Character/talent combo - hat off to that (but lacks a dozen other things great coaches have). 2) Maybe "to tick off" is too much, but it seriously makes you wonder to another level. In the same PresConference - i don´t remember the exact words - but Shiano said sth. in the meaning of: We start to change on offense, because we can´t run the regular sheme.. Are you freaking kidding me???? Basicaly he could have said: The sheme doesn´t fit the players, so we gonna adjust to the players we have. Although he might have said it because of the injurys, but isn´t that exactly what fans are complaining about all season long (on Off and Def side). Especaily: they closed last season pretty bad, after the other teams figured out their shemes. All offseason long, at least some of the fans, understood, that there is no reason to stop the re-building that we were on, because there were and still are too many missing pieces(and stengh of shedule got little tougher). The Bucs would have had, to have perfect coaching and no injurys and players to perform at their peake of skills, in order to have a successfull season. It all falls down on Mr. Shiano again and the GM, who wanted to go Win-Now, even though the team just wasn´t ready - and if the team has holes, you need very good coaching, and even with great talent everywhere, you got to sheme around the players skills, especially in the NFL, where the talent level is on such a high level. Now, excluding the Falcons game, after 12 straight losses, Shiano seems to understand that. Again, how stubborn can you be? I understand he can win with his sheme, with his 5 year contract, after he got all the players that he needs. Again: They wanted to go Win-Now-mode THIS season. Total BS by the GM HC combo. No matter what (and there are lots of other reasons too) just with this fact alone and seeing the results and where the whole Bucs-Organizations stands now, it´s more than enough to fire GM and HC as soon as the final game is played. Unacceptable..
  • avatar

    @louden: Some very valid points. The team was going in the right direction had they hired a big-time NFL coach. Instead, the team (GM & HC) went all-in with a horrendous trade for 1 CB @ $16m a year when that money could have been used to fill 3 or 4 holes...& not give up a 1st & 3rd round pick. So many fans were excited to see Revis come in, but many of us posters stated that one CB is not gonna win a SuperBowl. Further, how is it that we bring in a man-to-man coverage CB, & then have him play mostly zone??? Makes no sense...are the GM, HC & DC on the same page??? Did they all agree they were going to try to make the players fit the schemes rather than the other way around??? louden is right...GM & HC must go.
  • avatar

    @warren: seems you understand :-) yes, these are Fail-points and the reason why the trade was smelly. But: Revis, when staying healthy, could help this team big time next year. If the ( hopefully new) GM and HC can figure out a good "plan" the Bucs have a shot, at a playoff race, as soon as next season. That´s why they shouldn´t over use him now. Still, you got a very legitimate point in calling this trade horrendous by now (and again: it was part of the big "win-now" -strategy.
  • avatar

    Also a talented player like Kenny Britt is available and with the loss of Mike Williams it would make some sense to add another target with loads of talent on a team in dire need of more talent at that position. My guess is we sit on our thumbs and run Underwood and his box on the field for more clutch drops. Dom dont stop managing bc there is talent available that mite be able to help us next year when this ship gets righted.
  • avatar

    There are a lot of players on the other side of the ball with an axe to grind. Michael Bennett for the obvious reasons and Richard Sherman will be motivated bc Revis will be there. The worst part will be watching Sherman excel in his scheme while Revis, the better player, is more than likely beat sitting in zone coverages. The Seahawks arent that explosive on offense but they will look great playing our High School defensive coordinator who'd rather make fun of the fans than change his schemes and become a better coach. We chose to model ourselves after the Giants and ironically our play has been as undisciplined and the results have been as bad. Perhaps we should have chose a more consistent model of success to follow. Either way Bucs lose and hopefully in embarrasing fashion bc im tired of Greg Schiano.
  • avatar

    Glennon looks just fine throwing those two yard passes and punting on 4th down. When he starts completing passes down field and scoring a few points he'll get my attention.
  • avatar

    Three NFL games under his belt with a crappy line and backup RBs. Some of you need to get a clue.
  • avatar

    4, not 3
  • avatar

    I'm looking forward to seeing how mike james plays at RB; he's got good potential. The O-line has to pick it up or this year is toast. Idk whats up with davin joseph but I hope he gets his nasty demeanor back in a hurry; it's been awhile since I've seen him maul an opponent. Mike glennon is somehow keeping it together pretty well given the circumstances. I hope tiquan underwood brings a mouthpiece for his hairdo b/c he's gonna get outmuscled all game; someone other than Vjax has to catch some passes. The defense has some real potential. I love the intensity lavonte david, GMC, and goldson bring. I'm hoping for Barron to keep getting better in coverage but he's as good as a LB in the box. If Revis keeps improving it will be well worth our draft picks. If we could snag jadaveon clowney in the draft we would have stellar talent at every level and hope glennon works out
  • avatar

    Carroll is far to good of a coach for Schiano to try to steal a game from; so don't expect the Seahawks to be playing down to Shiano's level. This will be a blowout again. What is going to be needed to make a repectable game at least for the first half will be for the Buc's line to block like they did last year. The problem is both all pro linemen are not playing anywhere like they did last year. Joseph needs to be on IR until he fully heals up and is in good football shape and has his full strength back. Meredith can play that position well like he did last year and needs to start. Our LT needs to be tried at LG. He may be losing his athleticism because of age but he can keep a starting position at left Guard and he has the power to be good there. We have a former first string Tackle from the Bears who needs to be put at right tackle to show what he can do. He hasn't been that powerful at guard, but he may blossom in a tackle role which is what he played at Wisconsin and Bostad can get the most out of him. Rogers can handle center until Zutah gets back but needs to work on his centering in the shotgun. Its worth a try because the present set up is not working to protect Glennon good enough.
  • avatar

    Please someone pointe out the impact plays that GMC has had, I just don't see him get doubled as much as everyone claims. I also don't see much fight to defeat split a double when he does get doubled ................ I wish I was wrong, at least A Clay fights but he def isn't that fast off the ball, maybe they can lend a skill to each other? Please just let Bowers play the entire game and his stat line will be better than GMS and AC.
  • avatar

    I would keep Goldson and Watson out of this game and get them healthy; same for any other players that are questionable. I actually thought it was positive that Glennon got to throw more than previously. I think the dink and dunk pass is the answer, especially if we could use the TE's. It really does open up other options. Again, I hope the team goes out there Friday and get use to the weather. Pete Carroll is an excellent coach and that is a big handicap for us.
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